The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 17

Ethan POV

When my mother regained consciousness, she looked pale and frightened as if she was about to faint again. I knew exactly how she felt. She had no idea how she was going to protect her pup. I knew this because I would also do anything to protect my daughter. “Ethan! Muzi!” My mom called out loud. She was lying on the couch. “Yes.” We responded simultaneously. “You can’t tell anyone about this, ever. If you wish to protect her, you will keep Astrid and your relationship a secret. No one can know it, because it will cause division in our peak making. This will result in our pack being weak We will become an easy target for the nearby park. If word goes out, it will be the end of our pack.” “But how will we hide a baby from the pack?” Muzi asked my mom. I was disappointed that Muzi was entertaining my mother’s suggestion, even though everything she said was true. “The same way you are hiding your relationship. Zee will take care of her at Muzi’s house. Mark will come there to check her.”

I was not going to hide my daughter. I would gladly give up my title and leave the pack if needs be. I wanted her to have a good childhood and parents who loved each other dearly. Parents who were not ashamed of her existence. Mark walked in the room ceasing the conversation we were having. “I see you are looking better Alpha.” I smiled at him and nodded. “I came to tell you that you are free to go home. I will come after 5 days to check on the little one.” We all looked at him and he knew that leaving in broad daylight was out. “You will use the back exit. Muzi can bring the car there. I will make sure the coast is clear.” I thought about it for a second and I agreed. Astrid could use the fresh air and an open space.


Two weeks later

Three days after I cam back from the hospital I resumed my Alpha duties. Zee took care of Astrid when we were away or busy. My mom would come to the cottage to assist when she could. I made it known to my father that I will be moving in with Muzi because I needed a less crowded place. He and Muzi parents agreed, but my father would have preferred me building my own house. I told him it was just a temporal arrangement I will move back in the packhouse in no time.

Today was like any other day busy. The issue with rogues was still a major problem my pack. My father, Muzi’s father, Muzi, my gamma, my theta and I spent the whole day trying to come up with the solution to the problem. We had to check the whole premises and try to make a few changes to keep our pack safe especially the children. Last week four pups were found dead closer to the south boarder (on different days). It was clear that someone or the rogues are now targeting the kids. They killed the kids and drag them to the south boarded. The worst part was they were undetected. This was a big problem which needed a solution ASAP.

Around 5pm Zee mind-linked me, informing me that Astrid was fussy, crying non stop and refusing to eat the whole day. After talking to her, I released Muzi early so he could relieve her from her duties. I remained with my dad and his dad working on the same problem. At 7:30 pm we called it a night and everyone retired to their places. When I got home, I found Muzi sitting on the couch with Astrid on her hands and looking tired. Muzi managed to calm her down and feed her, but failed to make her sleep. “Love, you look tired,” I said giving him kiss. “She is refusing to sleep.” I took her from Muzi and sat next to him. “At least you manage to stop her from crying.” Was my responds to Muzi statement. “Hey baby daddy is home ok. Now I need you to show daddy that you are a good girl and drink all your milk ok dear.” I spoke to Astrid in a playful manner while giving her the bottle. She drank it all. I burped her and sang for her till she fell asleep. “Well look at that, she is sleeping.” Muzi said lazily. I smiled at him and responded, “She just missed her mommy.” I winked at him while walking towards the bedroom. “You mean her daddy?” I ignored Muzi’s comment.

After putting her in the cot, I made my way to the kitchen. Before I could enter the kitchen, the doorbell rang. I ran to open it fast so it would not wake Astrid. Muzi’s mom was at the door with food and boy was I happy to see her because I was hungry. “Evening Alpha! I came bearing food and I also missed my son who has not visited me in two months. I thought a surprise visit with dinner will remind him of his mother.” Muzi’s mother Nandi laughed walking to the sitting room where Muzi was sitting. She was loud but I refrained from telling her to keep it down. I did not want to explain why she should keep it down.

When Muzi saw his mom walking in he stood up fast. “Mom! What are you doing here?” Muzi asked clearly shaken by her presence. “Can’t a mother see his son? It’s ok I will leave since you don’t want me here.” Muzi held her wrist and stopped her from leaving. “No mom that is not what I meant. I am sorry. Please sit!” She took a sit and handed him the container with food. “Wow thanks mom for the food,” he said looking in the container. I set the cutlery and plates on the table and we all started dishing and eating in silence. Halfway through my food, Astrid decided to cry. I went to pick her up and tried to put her to sleep but she resisted. She just stopped crying and kept her eyes wide open. A good 30 min passed and I eventually made my way to the sitting room with Astrid.

I walked in the sitting room and I could see that they were done eating. Only my plate remained and it was covered. “Ooh look at this cute angel.” Muzi’s mom stood up and took her from me. “Mom!” Muzi started, “Her name is Astrid and she is my daughter.” Her mom looked at him with disbelieve in her eyes. “How is that possible Muzi? You have not found your mate yet. Did you get some random girl pregnant?” Nandi asked Muzi looking at him in disbelieve. “He meant our daughter,” I added. “I am sorry Alpha but what do you mean by ‘our’?” She asked at this point she seemed lost. Muzi decided it was time to tell her everything starting from the day we found out we were mates and about pregnancy. He also told her that my mother knew. She did not say anything for a good hour playing with Astrid. She also spoke to my mom and she confirmed everything. When Astrid finally went to sleep, she asked us to sit down.

“Alpha, Muzi I honestly do not understand how any of this is possible but I am ok with it. I think you should tell your fathers and the pack about this. It’s good news. You both found your mates. I mean you are mates and have a baby. This means we have our Luna, my son and a new addition to pack with Alpha bloodline.” We shook our heads in disagreement with what she was saying. I explained to her that others will not be as accepting as her and my mom. My dad will possibly make sure that I lose the Alpha title and banish us from the pack. She thought about what I said and then said, “I will stand by your side. I will fight to death for you guys and I know Rebecca and others will join you. So, you can count on me.” We told her we will think about and decide on the way forward.

Before I fell asleep I realized that she was right. The only way to know who will be on our side is by telling everyone the truth. If Muzi’s mom, Zee, Mark and my mom can side with us, it means there are many more who will side with us. The thought of diving the pack into 2 made me uncomfortable. I decided that it was best if we solve the current problem the pack was having then Muzi and I would leave with Astrid without causing any problems.

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