The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 18

Muzi POV

“Alpha you requested my presence?” Ethan smiled at me. “Yes I did. I have received reports stating that my beta is not doing his job.” He grinned. “Is that so Alpha, I thought you were satisfied with my performance. I can clearly remember you saying ‘faster! Please don’t stop!’ After you were knocked dead for 6 hours. So Alpha I believe I deserve a reward for the job well down.” Ethan shifted to my side and started sucking my neck. “So I have been getting false feedback. It’s time to fire people.” He pulled my pants down and started stroking me dick slowly and leaving marks on my neck. He then kissed me with so much passion. The kiss started slowly but it intensified with every stroke. I could feel his hardon pocking the side of my abdomen. “I want to be inside of you right now.” He whispered in my ears and sucked my earlobe. “Oh god Ethan that feels good.” I pulled his trousers down and tried to touch his dick by he stopped me. He stopped stroking me and turned me around and bend me over his office desk.

He opened the drawer and removed the lube. He poured a generous amount on his hand. He then massaged my ass crack and teased it while licking and sucking my mark. “No teasing please. Just take me.” I pleaded with Ethan feeling as though I will shoot any second. He rubbed his dick with the lube and slowly inserted it. When he was finally buried deep inside of me he whispered in my ears. “I want to take you rough. Is that ok with you?” I nodded. That was permission enough. He pulled out to the point where only the tip of his dick remained inside, and slammed back inside of me causing me to scream. His hands were holding my waist keeping me in place. He continued slamming inside of me with increasing pace. My noise level increased with every trust. “Oh! Muzi this feels fantastic I could go like this the whole day.” He moaned each word and he continued fucking me hard.

“Alpha we found another dead body at the north b-,” my father said after budging in Ethan’s office with Ethan’s dad, but was cut off by the site he saw in front of him. “Why are you stopping?” Ralph asked James (my dad) but also halted once he came face to face with his son Ethan buried deep inside of me. Ethan pulled out of me slowly, and we quickly pulled pack our trousers up. “You know normal people knock before entering the Alpha’s office.” Ethan spoke with his voice sounding annoyed.

“Ethan what is this nonsense you are doing?” His father asked with rage radiating from his voice. Ethan calmly answered his father, “I am fucking my mate to oblivion, but thanks to some people it was cut short.” I was beyond shock by Ethan’s response, so was his and my father. His faster moved swiftly and pinned him to the wall with a crash sound. I quickly moved to try and stop him but Ethan shook his head for me to stop. I halted in place. “Whether you beat me on not, it will not change that Muzi is my mate.” He said with a playful voice. “Shut the fuck up!” his father shouted. “Oh! dear father, you forget that I am stronger than you. I can take you down like an ant. But I am choosing not to.” He laughed like nothing was happening, then continued talking to his dad with a huge smile on his face. “Look at your friend he is too shock to move and the rest of the warriors are not here to help you. So, I will suggest you step away before I get angry.” “Enough! We do not have time for this. We have a serious matter on our hand.” We all turned to look at my dad who had snapped out of his shock and was now dead serious. “Fighting and arguing with each other will not help if we have a perpetrator living amongst us and killing our people especially the kids. I suggest the two of you suck it up till we fix this problem. After you can kill each other.” And then he turned to look at me with so much hate in his eyes. “And you!” James pointed at me. My whole body was filled with fear. “You are not off the ho-” Before father could finish Zee came budging in the office with puffy red eyes and bloody clothes. “Alpha Astrid gone.” “Zee where is our daughter and who is the he you keep referring to?” I asked her worried. “Someone came to the house and attacked me, he tried to take her but I fought him off. Another wolf came and was stronger. Before he could take me down, Mark showed up and killed it. He then gave me an injection that knocked me off. When I woke up Astrid and him were gone. I checked the hospital and he was not there.” Zee informed us speaking very fast and at the same time crying. “Zee, when did this happen?” Ethan asked her. “About 3 hours ago.” I tried to mind-link Mark but nothing. The was no link, it was link he broke the connection to our pack. “Fuck, I can’t reach him. He broke the link to our pack. Dammit!” Ethan roared hitting the table with his fist breaking it into two.

We all left for the cottage in our wolf form without explaining to our dads who Astrid was. They still followed and worry showed in their eyes. When we arrived at the cottage and Ethan and I started searching the house and looking for clues. While Ralph and my dad were questioning Zee, trying to figure out who the hell Astrid was and what she could remember about the whole incident. “What!” My father screamed. “We do not have time for jokes young girl you better start telling us the truth. Who is Astrid and why where you looking after her? Are you helping the rogues to invade our pack and kill our kids?” Ralph shouted at the top of his voice. refusing to believe what Zee was telling him. “I am telling the truth. Please ask Alpha he will tell you Astrid is his daughter.” Ethan and I stopped doing what we were doing and looked at his dad choking Zee. Ethan charged forward and pushed his dad off Zee. He then shouted in frustration. “Astrid is my damn daughter and she is also Muzi’s daughter. Dammit dad I already told you Muzi is my mate.” He broke down crying and falling to the ground. I rushed to his side to hold him to soothe his pain. The pain I was also feeling because we were worried about our daughter. “Please dad, we have to find her. I can’t lose her. Muzi Please find our daughter.” He sobbed hard breaking my heart. For the first time Ethan showed us how helpless he was. He looked defeated sitting on the floor crying on my chest. The look I saw in my father’s face and Ralph face was nothing short of heartbreak.

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