The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 2

Ethan POV

The meeting with my dad was short and brief. He wanted to inform me about the rogue attacks we have been facing this past few weeks, and how it has risen. He wanted to make sure I am aware of this threat and I am always alert especially when I am on patrol duty. Apparently everyone else was informed in the morning, when my dad and I were on skype meeting with the Alpha of Zion pack. After leaving my dad’s office I didn’t bother going to Lisa’s room. I went out to meet the guys at the assembly point. Beta Evans and Theta Presley where giving everyone todays patrol plan and partner for the patrol duty tonight. I was partnered with Muzi as usual. We were on the west part of the woods from 12 midnight to 5 am.

“You can go for dinner now.” Beta Evans informed us and dismissed the meeting. William, Bonga and Muzi followed behind my track back to the pack house to eat, before retrieving to our rooms. Dinner was loud as usual, most of the pack members were eating dinner together. Everyone was sitting next to their mate or girlfriend including me. Muzi and Emelda were busy kissing, I even thought they had forgotten that they were supposed to eat their dinner. Bonga and William were eating and having a conversation with their mates. I on the other hand was struggling to eat because Lisa decided it was the best time to stroke my dick and make eating difficult. After 5 minutes of attempting to eat and failing, I dragged Lisa to her room and fucked her brains out for 3 hours straight. I left her room at 11pm to go take a shower before going for my patrolling shift.


‘It’s quiet today hey.’ Muzi mind-linked me as we were patrolling the boarders on the west side to the woods in our wolf form. ‘Yeah,’ I responded not sure what I should say to him. It had been 3 hours since we started our shift and all I wanted to do was to go back to my bed and sleep. Muzi shifted back to his human form and collected his clothes at the west boarder resting station. He then decided to go to the east walking on his feet. I followed his action without talking. As we were walking, Muzi started hamming a song I used to like when I was a kid, ‘humpty dumpty sat on the wall.’ All I could think about was the time we were young. We used to get in trouble a lot. Sneaking out at night going to the woods because we wanted to help with patrolling. Messing up the kitchen thinking we were helping with cooking and well playing pranks on the worriers after training. Muzi was my best friend and partner in crime. We had been through so much together, from wearing diapers to fucking every skirt that was interested in us. I smiled and started hamming the song with him.

At 4 am we decided to walk back to the assembly point, which will take us 1 hour on our human form. As we were walking not far from the boarder resting station, Muzi tripped and fell tearing his trousers exposing his left thigh which landed on a broken glass containing silver powder fragments. The cut was very deep and the silver was going to make it hard for the wound to heal. I helped him sit on his ass and took the broken glass out. I removed my top and bandaged the wound with it, to stop him from losing a lot of blood. Normally silver does not affect alpha bloodline wolf, but it does affect Betas, Gammas, Omegas and Thetas. They do heal taking 24 to 72 hours while omegas can take to a week to overcome the silver if the quantity is small. Large quantities lead to death. The alpha’s blood could be used to help heal a wolf faster especially in a war.

I tried to lift Muzi and walk with him to the doctor but we were too far and I was also tired. At the rate we were moving, we were going to get there at 7 am. We were both tired and the only option I had was to mind-link someone to come help. But the amount of blood Muzi was losing was a bit too much. The fact that the wound was healing slowly, it did not help. I laid him down by tree, made him lean on the tree. I then removed the shirt I used to cover his hip. I used my canine tooth to cut my hand allowing my blood to spill out. I instantly gave him my blood to help him heal faster. This act I had done it a number of times when we were young and it helped.

After a few seconds I stopped giving him my blood. I noticed he had stopped bleeding. I bend down to lick the wound to help it close up quickly, which took me about 15 min to successfully get the required results. I looked up to Muzi, to find him sleeping. I placed a kiss on his forehead, remaining in that position for a few minutes. He opened his eyes to my action. I placed my forehead against his looking him straight in the eyes for a few seconds. My eyes moved down to his redish brownish lips and stopped there. I could feel my eyes darkened /hanging colour (red) as I was suddenly filled with lust. My cock harden and I could feel Muzi’s cock also poking my left forearm. Without thinking I crashed my lips against his and kissed him. It was not a soft kiss by a rough kiss. Muzi also kissed me back and one of his hand moved to my neck, caressing the spot were my mate will mark me when the time came. The kiss took what seems like hours while it was just minutes. Muzi pulled out of the kiss and we looked at each other with lust. I kissed him again, this time the kiss was soft and and deep. We started caressing each other as we deepened the kiss further. I could feel myself loosing it. My hands moved to Muzi’s cock and I started stroking it slowly. We both moaned at the sensual feeling, but it was swallowed by the kiss. In no time we reached our orgasm, and came at the same time. We stared at each other trying to catch our breath, but he quickly looked away from each other leaving away from each others embrace when we realized what just happened. There was awkward silence for a few minutes, and then I broke it. “How are you feeling? Do you think you will be able to shift and we run back to the pack house?” Muzi nodded and moved from where he was sitting, shifted to his brownish-black wolf and started running. I shifted to a pure white wolf and followed behind him.

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