The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 19

Ralphs POV

The Ethan crying in front of me was not my son. No son of mine was this weak and no alpha should act like this regardless of the situation. We were taught that an Alpha keeps it together and even in his weakness state, but today Ethan failed to show that. Not only that, he took a male as his mate and went as far as having a kid with him. How was it even possible for him to have a kid. No no this is not my son it can’t be. I looked at him again and the site was just too heart breaking. “It is ok baby we will find her even if it means turning the whole country upside down.” Beta Muzi tried to comfort him. James kneeled down and hugged Ethan and his son who was now also crying. “We will find her Alpha don’t worry. I will inform everyone to look for Mark and call a meeting with the team to see what we can do.” I wanted to walk away, I wanted to leave because what was happening was not natural. But I could not walk away not when Ethan looked as if he just lost everything and his reason for living and I did not want to risk showing the pack that we are at our weakest. If there are people in the pack working with other outside people to destroy the pack, they will inform them that we are divided and it will give them a better chance to destroy or takeover the pack.

I mind-link my wife. ‘Rebecca you need to come to the cottage with Nandi. We have a situation here.’ She kept quiet for a while then responded. ‘We are coming right now, please do not kill Ethan.’ I knew then that she knew about Ethan and Muzi and their so-called child. What I did not understand was why my own mate kept it from me. I shared everything with her and she was keeping secrets from me.

“What happened here?” Rebecca asked walking in the door. She stopped to look at Ethan and Muzi then rushed to them. “Baby talk to mommy what is wrong?” James pulled her to the side with Nandi to tell them everything. To both our surprise Nandi and Rebecca knew about their relationship and the baby. “What are we still doing here? We need to go find Astrid instead of wasting time talking.” Nandi spoke up. “I already called Gamma Bonga and theta William to come here with their parents ASAP. I also called 10 warriors and 15 trackers to meet us in the training center in 20 min. We can’t just scatter around without a plan.” James responded. There was a knock on the door and I knew it was gamma Bonga and his family. After they entered, Theta William and his father walked in.

Ethan had been moved to the bedroom and was given sleeping tablet before the gamma and theta arrived. Her mother and Nandi did not want anyone else to see him in that state. “Thank you everyone for coming. I will not waste time I will get to the reason why everyone is here.” James was the one to speak to everyone while we all sat in the tiny sitting room. “As we all know that someone has been targeting our pack killing our members and most recently kids, we might have a clue who is actually assisting them from our pack. Dr Mark.” Every mumble in disbelieve. “He took a baby girl today and Zee witness it. We need to find her before they kill her.” Stone decided to ask a question. “Beta James, what makes you think that the baby is still alive if the other kids were killed instantly?” I could see James tense and I knew I had to take over. I honestly did not want them to know. “Because there is no body, plus this baby is special. I doubt they will kill her. They are most likely going to try and use her as leverage.” I said leaving out the actual details. “Who is this special baby that we knew nothing about?” stone’s wife enquired. “All in due time will be revealed. Right now we need to find the baby. Her name is Astrid. Muzi will hand out his clothes so everyone will know her scent.”

“Does anyone know anything about Dr Mark? His family, friends and who he might be working with?” Muzi asked everyone a question. Gamma stone answered. “We actually found him at the boarders when he was 5 years old. He was tiny and look as if he was about to die. He was a rouge. We decided to take him in and make him part of our pack. Alpha Ralph suggested that Dr Maggie and his husband Ben adopt him since they had no kids.” He finished up and looked at Alpha Ralph. “I will contact Maggie, Ralph contact Ben. And the rest will try to look at the map and see how we can start the hunt.” Rebecca informed. When I tried to mind-link Ben, there was no connection it was as if he was no longer with us. “I can’t get a hold of Maggie and nurse Samantha is saying she has not been to work in 2 weeks. Mark told them she was sick.” At that point I had a bad feeling. What if they are also part of the people destroying our pack? But what reason would they have to destroy their own pack? Shit, what if they knew about Ethan and Muzi, and they were trying to weaken us by taking us out one by one. But who where they collaborating with? Was it one of the nearby packs or the rouges? I was brought out of my thoughts when James spoke. “Our head warrior is informing me that Maggie and Ben are no more. They found them dead in their house and they have started to decay.” Shit this is bad. It means we do not have enough time to save Astrid. I will never meet my grand daughter now. “William go to the training ground and give them Astrid clothes so they can know her smell and tell them to form four groups and search the entire pack lands. If need be let them get the man power they need. Alpha Ralph Call the Zion Pack and find out if they know anything and request for their assistance. Dad contact the Blue pack and make enquiries. I will make contact the Gold pack. Zee think of anything that could help us track Mark. Everyone else search for the packs which might have a motive to attack us and narrow it down.” Muzi gave everyone commands.

We all scrabbled and did our given tasks. I made a call to the Zion pack and the Alpha answered. “Ralph, to what do I owe this call?” The Alpha and my old friend Zach answered. “A baby was kidnapped by Dr Mark, the doctor we sent to assist you a year ago when your pack needed more doctors. We were wondering if you might have head anything or anyone in your pack might have seen him?” I answered. “Ralph no one informed me of anyone from your pack entering our lands nor do I remember a doctor called Mark. I am willing to assist in any way I can. Send me a picture of this Mark and the baby and I will spread the word around.” He responded. I heard Mark in the background requesting to see the Alpha. “Thank you, my friend I will send the pictures right now.” I hanged up.

“Call everyone back to the training center. We must stop the search. Mark is at the Zion pack and Alpha Zach just lied to me and told me he is not there.” I informed. Ethan walked in the sitting room and we all turned to look at him. His eyes were swollen but they were also glowing red like fire. I knew at once that war was about to break. “We are going to get my daughter right now. After we take her, we burn the Zion pack to the ground. Inform everyone that we are going to war and we need 100 warriors and 20 trackers. Rebecca and Nandi will stay behind with the rest of the pack.” Those were the words which came out of my son’s mouth. He then mind-linked the warriors and the trackers to meet him at the training center in 5 min. At that point I knew that all the wolf going with him to the Zion pack were just accessories. Ethan was going to take the Zion pack down single handily.

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