The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 20

We made our way to the Zion pack in wolf form, Alpha Ethan was leading the way. When we were about to enter their territory, he reminded us of the plan. The plan was simple, find Astrid and Dr Mark then we burn the pack to the ground. We entered the Zion pack land and the warriors who were on patrol tried to stop us, but it did not work. The first warrior in human form tried to stop Ethan but he tackled him to the ground and dug his canine in his throat ripping his head off. The second warrior turned to his wolf form and jumped on Ethan’s wolf, but Ethen flipped them over and ripped his stomach open. One wolf ran away while the other joined the fight. Again, Ethan simple tossed the wolves away like they were nothing and we continued walking to the main lands with no further attacks. It was clear that we were going to be meet by several wolves there.

When we emerged to the main land with several houses surrounding the main pack house, we were welcomed by the Alpha, his beta, gamma and warriors standing behind him. “Alpha Ethan what madness is this?” Alpha Zack asked but the answer he got was Ethan attacking him aggravating the other Zion pack members to attack. To help their alpha several wolves attached Ethan left right and center and he tossed them away like babies. This gave their alpha enough strength to push Alpha Ethan away and changed to his wolf form. ‘Muzi go look for Astrid, take your father and a few trackers. Leave the fighting ground right now.’ Ethan mind-linked me. Informed a few people of Ethan’s command and we made our way to the pack house. It was not a smooth walk, numerous wolves tried to stop us but they did not managed. Before I went inside the packhouse, I looked at Ethan one last time. Alpha Zack’s wolf had jumped on him wolf, pinning it on the ground. Ethan turned them over so that he was on top, but before he could attack the beta bit Ethan on his right thigh and the alpha dug his teeth in his neck.

“No!” I screamed making my way to the battle field. ‘Go look for Astrid NOW!’ Ethan screamed on the mind-link. Without a warning he dug his claws on alpha Zack causing him to howl in pain and took that moment to rip him open and ate is heart. The fighting stopped. The Zion pack wolves howled in union to mourn their Alpha’s death and also informing the others who where not in the battle field. All but two wolves submitted to Ethan. The Beta and the Alpha Zack’s son.

At that instant I decided to go look for Astrid without wasting time. Whoever had her might run or kill her now that alpha Zack was no more. I went inside the packhouse and I was instantly welcomed by Mark and Astrid scent. I followed it to the living room to only find the Luna and 4 warriors. “Where are they?” I asked the Luna bitterly. She did not ask but instructed the warriors to attack, but they did not. “What are you waiting for attack him now?” she shouted at them. The warriors submitted to me and that took me by surprised because I was no Alpha just a beta and an Alpha’s mate.

She decided to attack me herself, but I did not give her a chance to do that. I instantly throw her across the room. She hit the wall hard and fell down. When her had touch the ground it split open and blood was splash the whole entire room. I looked at the warriors who were frighten and looking at their dead Luna. One of them pointed at a vase. I picked it up and the bookshelf separated into two, revealing a passage. The passage leads to an exit. Outside was a secret garden and a garden cottage. I burst opened the door of the cottage and there he was Dr Mark. He was topless with Astrid on his bare chest drinking milk and there was a young lady cooking. I could tell by their blended scent that they were mates or at least the mated. “Hand me my daughter Mark and surrender by yourself.” The lady came in front of me to block me from reaching Mark. Mark just sat there ignoring my present. He continued feeding Astrid and talking to her, calling her his daughter. The lady kneeled down and begged me with tear rolling down her checks. “Please don’t take her from us. She is the only child I have please Sir.” I moved her from my way and went to Mark. I took Astrid from him and he did not resist. I looked behind me and the were two trackers. “Take them.” I instructed them Mark and his mate were dragged back to the main house.

When I existed the main house, there were a million bodies on the ground. He killed all of them even though they submitted to him. When he saw us, Ethan turned to his human form and came to take Astrid. He kissed me and then turned his attention to Astrid. “James, burn this place to the ground. We are claiming it as our extended pack land from today. Kill all the people who are over 3 years old. The toddlers and babies, bring them back to the pack. Make sure no one knows about the children. Only take the men you trust with you.” Ethan whispered to my dad who was standing next to him, so that only the three of us could hear him. “Bonga, take Mark and his mate are coming with us. Place him in the cell when we arrive back home.” Ethan commanded and then turned to leave with Astrid.

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