The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 21

For 3 weeks Ethan stayed in the cottage refusing to leave Astrid’s side. He neglected his Alpha duties and did not want to be disturbed. Mark and his mate were locked in the cells awaiting their trial which was to be decided by Ethan when he decided to snap out of whatever he was going through. The pack was waiting for Ethan to explain what happened, why they went to war and they wanted to know who was this Astrid that made Ethan risk so many warrior’s lives. There were too many rumors running around, the pack did not know what was true and what was false. This included:

1. Ethan had a child with a person who was not his mate thus hid it from them because of shame.

2. Ethan slept with Mark’s mate and gave him a daughter, which caused Mark to lose his mind.

3. He had lost him mind thus he mistaken Mark’s child as his.

4. His mate was a rogue, which made Ethan to killed her after giving birth.

Well I never said anything nor did I dispute all the rumors. It was not my place to tell the pack. On the other hand, I took care of all Ethan’s responsibilities while he stayed at home with Astrid. I tried kept everyone calm by telling them that when alpha is ready he will call the meeting to talk to them. My parents and his parents also spent all their time at the cottage with him and Astrid. Although he will chase them away from time to time.

My father was not happy about the fact that we were mates but he accepted it as it was beyond everyone’s power. Ethan’s dad was finding it harder to accept. He was not talking to Ethan and me, but he seemed to like Astrid a lot. His wife said he just needs time, there is nothing time can’t fix and she claimed Astrid was the key. Bonga and William were angry at us because we hid this from them. I understood, we were friends and we shared everything. I tried talking to Ethan about talking to the pack and introducing Astrid but he was not in a listening mood then. Today I was going to try again. When I arrived home, I notice there was no one at the cottage today since there was no movement. I could smell Astrid and my mate and I am sure they were asleep. I decided to prepare dinner and after went to take a shower. When I returned to the kitchen I found Ethan sitting and eating without waiting for me. I kissed him on the forehead and joined him.

“How was your day?” he asked me without looking at me. “It was ok, busy as usual, I could use your help with other matters you know?” he sighed and looked at me. “I know and I am sorry for neglecting my duties. I guess I am scared that if I leave her she will be taken again and this time we won’t be as lucky.” I understood where he was coming from, I was also scared and having Ethan at home with her made me to feel at ease. “We can have our mothers look after her with the help of Zee. I know they can protect her. Please Ethan I really need you to take back your Alpha responsibility. Its too much for me to handle alone. The pack also deserve an explanation and an apology. I can call a meeting and we can tell them everything.” He sighed again. “You are right, I will explain to everyone and introduce Astrid to the pack. I will also apologize for all the secretes and for neglecting my duties as Alpha.” I smiled at my mate. The room went silent for a while. The Ethan spoke again. “Muzi, I have something to tell you.” I looked at him hoping it was not bad news. I was too tired for bad news. “If its bad news lets talk about it tomorrow.” I said. “Astrid is going to have a little brother or a sister soon.” I stopped eating and looked at Ethan with a surprise look. “Are you telling me we are expecting again?” Ethan nodded. Took him in a breath stopping hug. This was the best news I’ve heard in a while. Hopefully this time he will be carrying the next Alpha. “Okay, that is enough,” said Ethan and we heard Astrid cry in the background. I stopped Ethan from going to her and went myself.

One hour later

I was playing with Astrid when I heard a mind-link from alpha Ethan. ‘Good evening everyone. I know this is not the right time to be disturbing everyone nor is it the right way of doing things but it’s been long overdue. And I hope that when I and done talking everyone will find it in their hearts to forgive me. I will get straight to the point.’ Ethan was mind-linking the whole pack and this required a lot of energy. Gosh what is he thinking. Calling a meeting would have been easier. I guess this is better than waiting. He continued talking. ‘I found my mate when I turned 18 and I could not tell anyone because I was worried no one will accept us. And I also had to wait for my mate to turn 18 to also figure it out without me telling them. Anyway, Beta Muzi is my mate and we have known this since we were 18. I apologize for keeping this a secrete from the whole pack. Astrid is our daughter. I carried him and Dr Mark delivered him. I know this all seem unrealistic but its all true. As I am speaking now, Beta Muzi and I are expecting our second child. I would love for everyone to official meet beta Muzi as my mate and the beta-Luna of the pack and also Astrid. I will organize a date to official introduce them and there will be a feast on that day. Dr Mark’s trial will be conducted by the elders because I will be bias.” Ethan paused a bit then continued talking, “I apologize for waiting this long to inform everyone about my mate and daughter. I also apologize for using mind-link instead of face to face at this ungodly hour but it had to be done sooner rather than later. Beta Muzi will inform everyone the date and time of the meeting tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.’

I steeped in the kitchen and kissed my mate on the forehead. I was happy he still told the whole pack the truth. It’s sad we could not see their reaction, at least they now know the truth no more speculations. “I love you Ethan.” He smiled and me and responded, “I love you too Luna.” I knew that we still had a long way to go but I was sure that we were going to be okay.

The end!

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