The Beta and the Alpha

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4 months later

“Ethan, the Elders decided to let Mark go,” said Elizabeth as she entered the house with Astrid on her hands. “No, they can’t let him go just like that. He fucken stole my daughter. He and that bloody mate of his must die.” My mom looked at me like I said something wrong. “She is mentally unstable Ethan, it’s not her fault she was born like that. And Mark really had no choice. He was forced to do what he did.” I was angered by my mother’s response. What the hell did she mean by ‘had no choice’. “Mother leave, you are making me angry right now,” I said standing up taking Astrid from her. “They told him that your father killed his real parents. They told him that we only kept him alive because we knew he will be beneficial to our pack with his brilliant mind. And when he still refused to assist them take down our pack, they threatened to kill his mate. He did not kill his adoptive parent they were killed by the rouges when they tried to protect him. Alpha Zack wanted our packland and the only way to get it was to get someone from inside. Mark was the only person he knew he can manipulate and the fact that his sickly daughter was his mate made it easy. He used Mark to get information. And he used the information from Mark to infiltrate our territory using rouges. He promised the rouges a space in his pack once he expanded to our packland. Or should I say once he took back his forefather’s lands.” She paused and looked at me. It was as if she was looking for something in my eyes. Probably pity for Mark and his mate.

“He had no choice Ethan he just wanted to protect his mate and adoptive parents. Little did he know that his parents were already dead. Astrid was the only way for Alpha Zack to destroy our pack. A grieving and distracted Alpha and Beta are useless and that would have made it easy for them to destroy us.” She paused again. “Ethan tell me that you will not try to save Muzi at any cost.” I looked down and refused to answer her. How could she expect me to forgive someone who put my child in harms way? I agree she was taken care off by him, but what if they had killed them all when he showed up with her? No, I can’t, she is asking too much. I don’t want them in my pack, he will betray the pack again. “Ethan, they killed their unborn child and removed his mate’s womb as a threat. Another reason he compiled to their request to betray his pack. The reason she thought Astrid was her child is because she does not know that her baby is gone and Mark did not have the heart to tell her. She still doesn’t know,” Muzi informed me. My heart dropped at the thought of someone killing my child. I am lucky that my baby is still alive, but Mark on the other hand lost everything, his child, adoptive parents and pack. “He lost everything honey. They even lied to him that your father killed his parents. Please Ethan look at it from his side,” my mom pleaded for him. “Baby he was stripped off his title. He can no longer practice as a doctor. He is an omega now and he and his wife will be isolated from the pack, they will stay next to the west boarder till they die.” My mom informed me. For some reason I felt like it was a harsh punishment. If we can look past the fatal mistake which took a lot of lives, Mark was a good doctor, kind to everyone and was always ready to help anyone who needed help. One mistake changed everything, I am sure everyone in the pack hates him especially those who lost their kids. They will definitely mistreat him and the wife, I guess staying far from everyone is better. To be honest I will feel better if he is far from Astrid and my family.

The children we took from Zack’s pack did help calm the pack down. My dad and Muzi’s father decided to allow the pack members who couldn’t have kids and elders who wished to adopt or take care of kids to be allowed to adopt. I know that this act will not reserve all the unfortunate events that happened. Parents lost their children and children lost their parents. This was the only way to correct the wrong that was caused by Mark, Alpha Zack and myself added. I feel bad for destroying the pack and killing them all, but it was the best solution. If we had allowed them to live, they would have wanted revenge for their deceases Alpha. Children will never know that their adoptive parents are not their real parents.

A total of 50 children were available for adoption. Muzi’s parents decided to adopt twin boys from the children. Muzi was not happy about it, but has accepted that there is nothing he could do to change their minds. About 35 children had already been adopted, and 15 remained. It was hard to assign the children families given the large number of people who wanted to adopt. My mom and Nandi were doing a great job in assigning them good homes.

My mother left after our conversation. She was not happy because she could not change my mind about Mark and his mate. Muzi went to prepare food while I bathed Astrid and prepared her for bed. My mother always fed her dinner before bringing her home and my father always spoiled her rotten with candy and unnecessary toys. When she was fast asleep I went to the kitchen to join Muzi for dinner. “Thank you for allowing Mark and his mate to stay. I know how hard it is for you to forgive them and I understand.” Muzi leaned over the counter and kissed me passionately. He pulled off allowing us to catch our breath and we continued talking. “We have a pile of letters and welcome gift for Astrid that we still need to open. The pack members are still sending gifts. Some have started sending the unborn baby gifts too.” Muzi informed me. Since most of the gift were sent directly to the Alpha’s office (my office). I hardly went there. Muzi, our father and the others took care of the office work. I only assisted in matters that really needed my input and signature. I preferred spending my time on the training field and socializing with the pack.

The day I mind linked the pack and apologized for the secrets, everything changed. The pack would send food, clothes etc. for Astrid and congratulatory gift for my mating with Muzi. Muzi organized a welcome party for Astrid and the whole pack was invited (a month after the mind-link). To my surprise, the pack showed up in numbers. Everyone was happy to meet Astrid and they accepted Muzi and I as mates. Well those who did not like the fact that Muzi and I were mates, had a full month to digest it and that there was nothing they could do about it. All the elderly people wanted to hold Astrid and give her blessings. They also wanted to bless our unborn baby but I refused for anyone to touch my stomach, a hand shake was enough. All in all the day was a success and I created a new bond with my pack that was not there before.

Muzi distracted me from my thoughts. “I was thinking about baby names. I think we should name him Sibusiso (Gift). It’s a perfect name for the next Alpha.” “What makes you think that the baby is a boy? And to correct you, Astrid is the first born and She will be the Alpha,” I responded to my mate with a smile on my face. “Well you get to decide who the next Alpha will be. If you think it’s Astrid then okay. How I know it’s a boy, Mmm! I can feel it.” Muzi said with confidence that the baby is a boy. “You want a boy hey. Well I want another girl,” I smiled at Muzi. “We will have 20 children my love, enough to start our own pack,” Muzi responded laughing. “I like the sound of that, as long as you will carry the remaining 18 children.” We laughed and ate our dinner talking about the future of the pack and the children we were not going to have. Number two was definitely the last born.

I am sure Astrid would be happy to have a sibling to play with. The thought of my family made me happy. The very same family I feared will reject me, accepted me. The pack, my parents and in laws were happy and trouble free. My mate was forever smiling and our little angle Astrid was growing well. The second pregnancy was had well no side effects like when I was carrying Astrid. But the doctor who was assisting us with the pregnancy was sloppy and boring. I have to admit that I miss Mark as my doctor. He made the whole pregnancy journey exciting. Mark was really a great doctor and very knowledgeable in the medical field. He made us worry free and was there every step of the way. I suddenly felt bad for his predicament. I guess my mom was right I was being unreasonable and selfish for not trying to look at it from his side. I mean the man lost everything and worse he had only his mate to talk to in the middle of nowhere. I also did not know what was really wrong with his mate.

“Muzi, add Mark to the list of families who will be adopting.” Muzi looked at me in disbelief. He could not believe my words. I could not believe them also. “Yes, Alpha I will do that,” my lovely mate responded. If Mark was ok with raising Astrid with her, it meant she was ok to be around children. Children were going to light up their lives and fill the void of their lost child. It was the least I could do for all the good he did for the pack and my family before he betrayed us. We continued eating desert in silence and we were content. I could tell Muzi was pleased with my decision of adding Mark to the list. All I could hope for was that I was not making a mistake and wronging the poor child by giving him or her to them.


Story is not edited and I also did not read through it after writing.

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