The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 4

Ethan POV

I woke up with a hangover on Thursday afternoon. I really wished I did not drink this much last night. My room my filled with beer bottles and takeaway boxes. I haven’t left my room in 3 days, and Zee organized all the beer and takeaways for me. Although she was also not allowed in my room the past three days, she still brought me food and clean towels.

I got off the bed, took a shower and went downstairs to get painkillers and food. The kitchen was empty; I wondered where everyone was as I made myself a sandwich with coffee. My mom came down while I was eating. “You look terrible son, you better go fix yourself because your party starts in 1 hour, our guest from other packs have arrived. And I sent Zee to clean that pig style of yours you call a bedroom.” She moved closer to me and continued talking. “You don’t want to be late for your own party or look ridiculous for that matter. Remember today is the most important day of your life.” “Yes mom, I know.” I responded rolling my eyes. “I doubt you do, the impression you leave today will be the one the alphas from other packs and our pack members will judge you on. You are going to be an alpha in a few months and your poor mate will be embarrassed by you.” I sighed in boredom and stood up, “Okay mom I will go fix myself.” I said with a tone of sarcasms. She shook her head as she watched me walk away.


10 pm Thursday

The party was in full swing, everyone was dancing, eating, drinking and talking. All the ceremonies were done and it was safe to say that my mate was not among this crowed of people. That brought some relief, it meant I could still fuck around. I looked at the people sitting on the same table with me, they were all happy and having a good time except me. The chair meant for my mate was now occupied by Lisa, who miraculously decided to forgive me. I did not give a damn about her forgiveness, it was not like she would ever be my mate. She kept going on and on about something, which I didn’t catch. William even pitied me. He tried to get her to leave me alone but his action was in vain. Bonga was too caught up with his mate to notice anything.

My wolf on the other hand was wrestles as usual, but today it was worse. In fact he has been all over the place since the day I allowed Muzi to run off and I stopped talking to him. I guess he missed our friend as much as I did. I was hoping Muzi would be here today because I wanted to apologize, but he decided not to come. That made me sad, even though I kept the fake smile the whole time. Lisa disturbed my thoughts once again, honestly this girl doesn’t give up. I was thinking I will call it a night since I was bored and tired. It’s not like anyone would notice if I left. All the elderly people left at 8 pm leaving my peers to party in peice. “Here drink some more, you have been mopping on your birthday it’s killing the whole party mood.” “No!” was my respond to her. She started whining only god what she was saying, gosh women. “Drink this one and I will leave you alone.” I took the cup from her hand and when I was about to drink, I smelled Muzi’s scent. It was not strong but it was there and I am sure it was in close proximity. I looked around hoping to spot him with no luck. I put the cup on the table and moved around trying to look for him. It was hard because I was feeling tipsy, which was odd since I only drank 2 cups of beer.

I spotted him holding Emelda next to the food stand. They were talking and laughing, and I could feel jealousy brewing in me. My own friend couldn’t wish me a happy birthday, yet he was busy with his girlfriend. When our eyes meet, he quickly looked away and continued talking to Melda. They started kissing passionately. My wolf urged me to go and break them apart and drag Muzi out of here but I disagreed with him. Muzi and I’s friendship was over and we had to find a way to get over it. “Babes, you left your drink. Come on drink up. Lisa instructed me. I downed it at one go and gave her back the cup. I took another cup from the maid serving drinks. I was feeling tipsy, tired, sad and disappointed. I thought if I drink one more I will be able to take Lisa to my bed today. I have not enjoyed sex in a while even with all the random women I fucked. Lately it felt forced and disgusting, but I did it anyways it it helped release some tension. My wolf would telling me to wait for our mate, we will meet her soon, but I couldn’t, I needed a distraction from my thoughts.

Muzi grabbed the cup from me and gave it to Lisa. For a few seconds I saw a hint of concern from his face, but he hide it fast. “Come on let’s take you to bed, you’ve had a little too much to drink.” Immediately when Muzi but his hand on my waist, my wolf settled down. It was good to feel him at piece inside me. We walked to my room in silence leaving everyone at the venue. He opened the door to my room and stood by the door motioning for me to go in. But I refused to go in, so he walked in with me and closed the door behind us. He sat me on the bed and let go of me. “Happy birthday Ethan!” Muzi said removing a small box from his pocket tossing it on the table. “Goodnight Ethan, you really need to rest. You had a bit of too much fun today.” He walked towards the door not looking back to see if I was sleeping or not.

I stood up quickly, grabbed his wrist and spinned him around to face me. I pinned him to the door, locked it and threw the key, only god knows where. I wanted to talk to him to clear the air so we could be friends again.

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