The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 5

Muzi POV

I looked at Ethan as he stood in front of me after tossing the keys away. I wondered what he was thinking and why he did that after ignoring me for almost a whole month. My wolf who had been wrestles was actually at peace as I inhaled Ethan’s scent. Ethan leaned over so that our forehead touched. Instead of moving away I stood still looking straight in his eyes hoping to see what he was thinking. When I saw his eyes change colour (pale red from brown) and his hard cock hitting my abdomen, I knew what was going to happen next. His eyes fell from my eyes to my lips and to my neck with his canines coming out. My cock became harden as well.

“I have missed you Zi. You have no idea how much.” He paused and looked at my eyes. My heart melted at those words and a smile appeared on my face. I had no idea why I was reacting that way. Then he continued, “I am sorry for what I am about to do my friend, but I have been longing for it since that day at the woods.” He crushed his lips on mine and kissed me passionately. I kissed him back with the same eagerness. To be honest, I myself have been longing for him since that day, I just kept denying the feeling. He ripped my clothes off, leaving my boxers and I also removed his clothes. He then kneeled in front of me pulling my boxers down (I was still standing against the door). He stroked my cock with his hand and after pushed it to his mouth, and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow.

“Aah, Ethan, fuck that feels good.” I moaned so aloud, I’m sure if the room was not sound proof the whole pack house would have heard me. I grabbed his hair with my hand to his head and used it to push my dick deep in his throat. I initially moved my hips slowly, as the pressure started to build up I pumped my hips forward and backwards. I should comment, Ethan was taking my cock like a pro. “I’m going to cum, Ethan.” The statement came out with as a loud moan. I tried to pull out but Ethan pushed me deep in his throat. I felt my liquid shoot inside him, while I screamed his name like a bitch. I pulled out allowing him to stand up then I placed a kiss on his mouth to taste myself on him.

He guided us to the bed and removed his boxers. He pushed me to lay on the bed facing up and climbed on top of me. After he crashed his lips on mine. He moved his mouth to my neck and to the edge of my neck and shoulder. That made my dick to be hard again. He pulled away, looked at me and said, “I want you to fuck me hard that I will not be able to walk for days.” I smiled at those words and flipped him over so that I was on top. He used his right hand to get the lube and handed it to me. I see he was fully prepared, who would have thought that he kept such in his room. I will ask him about it tomorrow morning. I kissed Ethan on his lips, moving down to his torso, v-line and finally took his dick on my mouth. “Oh Muzi.” Ethan moaned as he enjoyed the pleasure I was bringing to his body. I was sucking his dick while preparing his hole for my dick. I dipped one finger in his hole and I felt him flitch a bit. After a few seconds I started moving my hand in and out of his ass while sucking his cock. I inserted another finger and picked up the pace, I never stop sucking his cock. “Move you figures faster baby! …….. Yes Just like that Muzi! ……..Oh Gosh that feels good.” Ethan moaned so loud it made me proud of the work I was doing. Without a warning, Ethan pushed his hips up, making his big cock to go deep in my throat, that one stroke was accompanied by his release. “Ooooooooooooh Muuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiii, fuck that was good.” He moaned.

I removed my fingers from his hole, moved my mouth to his lips and started kissing him while applying the lube on my dick and his ass. I positioned my cock on the entrance of his, moved my lips to his neck where one is usually marked, I let my canines rub them on that spot, causing Ethan to moan and distracting him from my action. I moved my cock in his ass slowly until it was fully in. Ethan let out scream of pain. Remained still inside him, while kissing his neck. When he started moving his hips against my cock, I followed the rhythm slowly moving in and out his ass. “Faster baby, the feeling of you inside me makes me feel whole. Fuck me harder Zi.” I took that as my queue to move faster. I placed Ethan right leg on my shoulder to allow my cock to go deep. I then pounded my cock in and out, faster, deeper and harder. Earning myself a hissing sound from him which was replaced by a moan of pleasure from Ethan. Ethan’s moan sounded like music to my ears. As my orgasm was building up, I started matching Ethan screams of moans, moaning his name. After 3 hard and deep strokes I cum inside Ethan, releasing a flood of my seeds inside him. He also came at the same time on his stomach. Fuck I have never came like that in my whole entire life.

I felt drained and I could see Ethan was also exhausted. I laid next to him for a few minutes trying to catch my breath. After catching my breath, I took the boxers next to me and wiped Ethan’s stomach. Went to the bathroom, wiped myself with a warm wet cloth and came with another cloth to wipe Ethan who was already sound asleep. I slept next to him cuddling him with the sheet covering our naked bodies.

I took one look at him before closing my eyes and falling asleep. The last thought that filled my mind before sleep consumed me was, “We are screwed.’

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