The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 6

Ethan POV

When I woke up, Muzi was lying next to me, with his hand on my waist. I slept like a baby last night, after weeks of struggling to sleep. I looked at the man next to me and I still could not believe he was mine to love and keep. That thought made my dick hard, fuck I will be keeping him in my room the whole day today. We have to make up for all the whole time we were apart. I kissed him slowly from his neck down to his torso and finally landed on his hard cock. I took it in my mouth and nibbled the tip slowly while my hand stoke the rest of his huge cock. I even wondered how he fitted in me. “Yes baby just like that, I love it just like that……… Uhhhh….. Fuck your mouth feels so good on my cock……. come on now take all of daddy’s cook in your mouth while stroking my balls,” Muzi commanded in his half-conscious state. I did exactly what he told me. Not long after Muzi twinged and he started making loud moaning sounds. I knew he was about to cum. So I sucked him harder. “ Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethan, fuck I love you.”

I danced in my mind at those words, because it’s what I wanted to hear. “Baby, I need you to be on all 4 (doggy position), I want to take you from behind.” Muzi complied and positioned himself accordingly. I popped the lube opened, spread his ass cheeks and poured the lube and smeared it around with my figured. And without a warning a pushed two of my figures inside his hole. “Fuck Ethan, you could have been gently and also warned me.” “Sorry love but I can’t wait, I really need my cock inside you. I will be gently I promise,” I kissed is neck and sucked it hard leaving dark read love bites which will last for a long time, similar to the ones he left on my neck. At least now everyone will know he is spoken for. I really wanted to mark him but I knew it was not the right time, so I just gave him love bite. The kiss on the neck was accompanied by my hands moving in and out of Muzi’s hole. My dick could not take it anymore, I rubbed the lube on my cock and moved it inside Muzi’s slowly. He took it like a man. He didn’t flinch like I did. but his moan made it obvious he felt the pain. I did not give him time to adjust, I thrusted in and out when my cock was fully in his hole. I pounded inside of him with fast and hard strokes reaching deep inside of him, Muzi moaned with every thrust. I took his dick on my hand and stroked it with the similar pace as my thrust preparing him for his release. We came at the same time, filling my, no our room with screams. “Fuck I love you Muzi, and I can see us doing this for the rest of our lives.” I stated those words as I moaned from the release. The load I released was just too much, it knocked me dead next to Muzi.


When we woke up it was 3 pm Friday afternoon. We were drained, tired and hungry. I asked Zee to bring food for two people and clean the room while we took a shower. We took 40 min in the shower. By the time we came out Zee was gone, the room was clean and smelling fresh, with food on the coffee table. I was so happy to see that she brought double the number of clean towels, it didn’t occur to me that she might have seen something. We didn’t bother wearing clothes, we ate wearing towels because the hunger was just too much to handle. When we were eating it occurred to me that Muzi does not have clothes to wear because they are in his room. I mind-linked Zee to bring his clothes to my room. I asked her to be discreet, and she agreed. I trust Zee, she has been loyal and never gave me a reason not to trust her. Ten minutes later she knocked and I told her to come in via mind-link. She actually came with half of Muzi’s wardrobe. “I did not know what you will want to wear so I took a lot of clothes.” She looked at Muzi smiling. I realized then that she knew what was happening, but didn’t bother to confirm. One of the many reasons I liked her. “Put the clothes in my closet, at least now you will have enough clothes to change with. I think tomorrow we must go shopping, you need new clothes Muzi.” Muzi nodded and smiled at me. A part of me wanted to spoil him, I guess I forgot he was a man like me and did not really care much about being spoiled. “Okay that is settled, Zee, tomorrow we are going shopping with you.” She smiled and nodded. Before she left I reminded her not to share any information about Muzi and I with anyone and she agreed.

5 pm

“Muzi, let’s go for a run, before dinner, my wolf is begging me to release him and he wants to see your wolf.” Muzi agreed and stood up leaving my room. We actually spent the whole day in my room. Thank God we were not on patrol duty till next week Tuesday. The run was great. Our wolves played with other, like they used to play when we were young. I could tell that my wolf really loved Muzi’s wolf. I guess I have known this since we were 16 years. He always wanted to run with him and train with him since, I thought it was because of our friendship bond. Now I wonder if Muzi was my mate, the way my wolf was behaving, I was beginning to think that. But I knew it was impossible. My mate must be from an alpha line. If by some miracle Muzi was my mate, I couldn’t see my father the Alpha and his father the Beta accepting our relationship, let along the pack or other packs.

They always taught us that only opposite mate attract, the moon goddess doesn’t mate people of the same gender and different ranking. If that was true, then I don’t know why I feel such a strong pull towards Muzi. I will find out once he turns 18 in 5 months’ time. Damn that is just too far, I don’t think I will survive without marking him that long. Flip I’m whooped, doubt I will be able to mate with anyone else. I have made up my mind, I will have to reject my mate, I don’t think my wolf and I will be able to live nor sleep without them. I was lost in my thoughts I heard Muzi’s voice telling me to shift. Looking up I realised we were standing in front of the pack house.

We entered the kitchen to find everyone seated and eating. Muzi went to scoop next to Emelda, and that pissed me and my wolf off. The fact that he hugged and sat next to her instead of us messed up my mood, killing the mood of the entire room. For 15 min I watched them talk and eat as if it was just the two of them in the room. I could not even touch my food. Bonga noticed my hands curled to a fist and my eyes where fiery red. He tried talking to me but I was beyond the listening point. I growled and threw the table to the end of the room. Everyone jumped to the feet moving backwards, away from me. They looked at me with fear evident in everyone’s eye except Muzi. His face was shocked due my action. I quickly moved to where Emelda was standing, grasped her neck on my hand and choked her. Anger was evident in my face and no one dared to say anything for some time.

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