The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 7

Open POV

Bonga and William tried to stop Ethan from chocking Emelda to death, but he hitted both of them with his left hand and they flew across the room like the table. Beta Evans also tried to intervene, but also find himself being shoved across the room. Theta Presley was also tossed across the room like he was a piece of paper. Muzi remained still in the same position. He could not move, fear more than shock was now radiating in his face. He could not even see what was happening around him, except Ethan’s red glowing eyes filled with rage which invaded the whole room making it tense and dense.

Ethan’s mom tried to reason with him but with no luck, fortunately he just pushed her away but not hard as to hurt her. Ethan’s Dad was pissed at Ethan’s action on his wife-mate. He lodged at Ethan, with so much force that it made the whole house shake, but it was all in vain. Ethan pushed him with one stroke and he also flew across the room. His father quickly stood up and tried to attach him again, this time using all his alpha strength but it did not work. Ethan was unshaken. No one could move close to him, everyone was afraid of getting hurt. The power he exuded was something none of them have ever felt before, at this point no one was able to move or talk. Emelda on the other hand was unconscious and was pale. If Ethan did not put her down, she was going to die any minutes.

Muzi suddenly snapped out of his shocked and fear and noticed the woman Ethan was strangling. It was Emelda and she was turning blue. Muzi walked slowly towards Ethan. His father and Alpha tried to warn him not to get close to Ethan, but he did not listen. He placed his hand on his shoulder, and softly said. “Ethan, put her down now. It’s over okay, we can go to sleep now. I’m sure you are tired, it’s been a long day.” He smiled and looked at Ethan directly in the eyes. Muzi’s smell infiltrated his nose, making his anger to subside. His voice and touch washed away his anger. He turned to look at him, he could see the concern, worry and love written all over his face. He also fear seemed like he was about to cry. He dropped her and hugged Muzi like he had not seen him in ages. They walked away together holding hands like they use to when they were kids, leaving everyone still shocked at what had happened.

They got into Ethan’s room locked the door behind and went to lie on the bed. Muzi spooned Ethan until he fell asleep. Thirty minutes later he went to the Alpha Ralph’s office where his mother, father, the Alpha and his wife, the gamma Stone and theta Presley were waiting for him.

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