The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 8

Open POV

“How is my son doing dear,” Ethan’s mother asked Muzi concerned. “He is fine, sleeping in his room” Muzi replied trying to keep calm so that no one will suspect anything was going between the two of them. A sigh of relief was heard from Ethan’s mom. “Ethan is now ready to take over as the Alpha of the pack, his wolf has fully accumulated its power and has to learn how to control it.” The alpha informed everyone in the room. “This means that Muzi, Bonga and William will soon start their post as Ethan’s beta, gamma and theta. But will only be official once all wolves embrace and release their powers and know how to control them. Well as for you Muzi, we have to wait till you turn 18, only then will your wolf emit its strength.” Everyone was quiet and thinking, not sure what to make of this new information. “Today Muzi, you showed that you will be able to handle your position as Ethan’s beta well. But tell me when did Ethan’s wolf become so powerful and do you know what might have triggered it?” The alpha paused and looked at Muzi, then continued.

“Normally the Alpha gets his full power at 18 or 19 only if he found his mate, otherwise they come at the age of 21 for unmated alphas. Since Ethan has not find his mate yet, something else might have caused his wolf to unleash it, taking a risk of self-destruction. You see the power is unleash only if you have a mate to help you calm down or when you are matured enough to handle it yourself, normally around 21 years.” Everyone turned to look at Muzi expecting him to say something. “Well Alpha, Ethan and I had a fall out and have not been on speaking terms for almost 4 weeks. I only helped him yesterday night to his room because he was drunk. I meet up with him today for a run around 5 pm. Of which his wolf was playful and surprisingly faster than usual.” Muzi, ran his hand over his hair and sighed frustrated that he could not say anything. Not yet anyways. “Maybe you can ask Lisa, Bonga or William, they might be more helpful than me.” My father smiled and said, “It’s alright son, you have given us enough information to work with for now. It is clear that he missed his friend dearly that he felt Emelda was taking all your attention and friendship. You and Ethan share a special bond which Ethan created without knowledge, the first time he gave you his blood to help you heal faster when you guys where kids. So in his eyes you are his friend and brother.” Muzi smiled at the mention of bond, recalling the event which happened last night and early in the morning.

Ethan suddenly budged into his father’s office following Muzi”s scent there. He run directly to Muzi giving him a hug to calm his wolf down. “Why did you leave me alone? I was worried sick about you when I woke up and I did not find you next to me,” Ethan asked Muzi, completely ignoring everyone else in the room. “I had to come and meet your father, he had something important to discuss with me and with the elders.” Ethan looked at him and smiled whole heartedly. “Okay, we can go now, I am hungry, what do you want to eat. I will ask Zee to prepare it for us, on second though I will prepare us dinner myself, let’s go.” Everyone looked at Ethan in disbelieve, it was clear that he did not remember what happened about an hour ago. When he was about to reach for Muzi’s hand, his father stood in front of him trying to get his attention. That action landed his father on the floor, as Ethan pushed him away from his ‘boyfriend’, earning a loud and murderous growl for trying to come in between them. And for the second time Muzi had to come him down today.

But this time Ethan’s mom Rebecca noticed the similar hickies on their necks and how they were looking at each other like two people who were starving and wanted to devour each other in the room, even though everyone was there. Suddenly everything started making sense to her. “Maybe we should let the kids go get something to eat, I will cook you dinner today, just like when you and Muzi were kids.” Rebacca intervened. She thought she finally understood what was going on, while everyone was oblivious to the situation in front of them. They all simply thought Ethan’s wolf was trying to create a safe haven in the past where Muzi and Ethan were bothers and best friend, because it was easier than solving the problem at hand.

Rebecca made the spaghetti and meat balls for the boys and watch them eat as they talk about football. She could help but smile at how grown up his son had become. Ethan excused himself to go to the bathroom leaving his mom and boyfriend together. Seconds after he left, Rebecca asked Muzi a question which had been on her mind since she saw their necks. “Your scent is mixed with my son’s scent, and I notice that he also smells like you.” Muzi looked at her with a surprise look. “Did he give you those hickies on your neck?” Muzi laughed nervously and looked at her. “No mam’, my girlfriend Emelda gave me the hickies. Before you ask about the ones Ethan have, well I don’t know who gave him those hickies, he has been sleeping with every skirt that passes his way.” Rebecca nodded to what he was saying, and actually believing him. She also observed his son behaviour this past month. He was practically a man whore. She then realised that her assumption about them being together was wrong, and relief settled in. She smiled, as another thought came to light. Instead of keeping it to herself he asked Muzi. “Did he recently give you his blood to help you heal faster.” She prayed that he will say yes, because it will mean his infatuation with him will fade in a couple of days. It will also explain why their scents were mixed together. “Yes he did, a bottle containing silver powder traces lodged deep in my thigh and Ethan well gave me his blood. He further licked it so it will close faster. I am grateful because I would have possible died from the bleeding.” She hugged him and said, “well dear, his infatuation and over protective nature will fade off in a few days. Normally, when an alpha gives someone their blood to help someone heal, they will lust over each because of the temporary bond created. In you case it might be a bit longer because of the number of times Ethan gave you his blood to heal throughout your life. I will inform my husband about this. Goodnight dear. I will check up on Ethan later.”

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