The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 9 Part 1

Open POV

It has been 5 months since the incident in the kitchen happened. Ethan had gotten even more over protective and very possessive of Muzi. They were now sharing his room on full time bases. Their relationship had gotten stronger, almost impossible to break it. They managed to hide their intimate relationship from everyone else including their parents and friends. Ethan had learned to control his anger and jealousy only because he trusted Muzi with every cell in his body. His father tried to help him meet as many women from different packs so that he can find his mate, but was unsuccessful. He was beginning to be frustrated because it was becoming hard to control Ethan due to his massive strength and dominating ego. They could no longer keep him from taking over the alpha position of the pack. He was now more involve in all the decision making, planning and everything was now reported to him. Once Muzi turns 18 tomorrow, on the day of the full moon in 3 days, Ethan would be sworn in as the new alpha. His wife and the other women from the pack were making preparation for the ceremony to hand over the Alpha, beta and gamma position.

The major worry was: once he is the Alpha, then he will be able to mate with anyone who is not his made. Werewolves can only fully mate with their mates; they are not able to mark anyone who is not their mate. Unless they turn 35 years without meeting their mates, then you could mate with anyone who has not been mated and is also 35 years and above. But for Alphas the mating with anyone is possible after the completion of the rituals during the ceremony. He slept many a nights hoping his son will find his mate and feel how great and unbreakable the mating bond was. If you mate with a person who is not your soulmate, you eventually fall out of love. An alpha who does not mate with his soulmate is irrational and dangerous to his own pack. That though alone made his father more eager to find his son’s mate.


-Time skip to Muzi’s Birthday

“Morning birthday boy! Are you planning to sleep all day or are we going to celebrate your birthday?” Ethan asked Muzi as he was getting off bed fetching a small box from his closet. Muzi opened his eyes to try and figure out who the fuck was waking him up at this ungodly hour. He opened his eyes becoming fully awake, he was hit by the sweetest smell ever. He rose up from the bed and followed the smell passing the breakfast laid on the table with a rose and a note from Ethan. The smell led him to the closet where Ethan was busy throwing everything out of the closet shelves definitely looking for something. Ethan turned when he felt arms wrapping him around his torso and kissing him. “You know I love you right.” Ethan turned and looked directly into Muzi eyes with one hand on his waist and their hand caressing his forehead. Muzi kissed him passionately instead of replaying with words. “That should be a good enough replied.” Was all Muzi said pulling him out of the closet to the couch next to the bed where breakfast was laid down for them.

“Since I refused for my parents to throw me a party, they wanted me to go home for a birthday lunch with them. After I am all yours Alpha Ethan. You can take me the whole night till we fall unconscious.” Ethan looked at him with a grin on his face and said, “As much as I love the sound of that, I prefer to take you out, and when we come back, I will definitely fuck my beta till he begs me to stop.” Muzi laughed at his words. “Will see about that. Honestly I don’t want to go out, I rather we stay indoors. We can play video games, have a drink with Bonga and William, and dinner indoors. That will make me happy. I really don’t want to be in crowded spaces. I want to be able to smell your intoxicating scent the whole of today and I don’t want you to leave my side.’ He learned over and kissed Ethan on the lips. A knock on the do disturbed them.

“I thought I will find you here.” William spoke peeping from the door, then pushing it fully and coming in. “This is for you, Happy birthday Muzi.” He handed him a small box. “Thank you Will. So are you going to be joining us tonight?” Muzi asked. “What is happening tonight?” he asked. “Well Muzi wanted us – me, you and Bonga to chill at the cottage and have a boys night out for his birth day, since today the cottage is officially his.” “Okay, I’m in, I will come with Bonga I am sure he won’t refuse.” William moved towards the doors and then said his goodbyes.

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