Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 10

Somewhere in the world :
Third person's POV:

"It's been 11 days, why the portrait on the wall hasn't been replaced by a new one?" The guy with the green t-shirt yells at one of his house helpers. He didn't even turn to look at whom he was yelling.

Rhea's picture on his bedroom wall hasn't been changed for 11 days whereas it should have been replaced at an interval of every 4 days.

The man quietly bowed down his head and said, "We didn't get a fresh picture of her, sir… I don't know but there is no news on Miss. Rhea Black. "

That made him more furious.

"No news?" His angry voice echoed in the room and now he is panting hard because of anger.

"Woah! Calm down, Man. What happened? Why are you mad? Another guy asked him, entering the room. Who was wearing a white long coat? But that house helper didn't dare to look at him.

It is a strict rule for everyone who works here that no one would dare to look at these boy's faces. Not that they could see their faces as they are always covered with masks.

The only way to differentiate between these two guys is one always wears long coats or jackets while another one mostly wears a hoodie or sweatshirt.

"No news on her… It's the 11th day for God's sake.! How can these people be so careless?" The first guy forced those words from gritted teeth.

The second guy made him sit on a chair and took a man out of his room. "What's the matter?" He asked in a low voice. So his voice couldn't get through the closed door of the room.

"We don't know Sir. But there is strict instruction from Master Black that no one dares to utter a word about Miss. Black. "

"He is hiding something." That first Guy said from the other side of the door in a threatening tone. The house helper got scared and ran away from there.

They both were glaring at each other for some time. Finally, the second guy gave up and sighed loudly.

"OK I got it that you are worried but if you are thinking about it then my answer is 'NO'. We will find other solutions besides that one." the second guy warned the first one.

"And what solutions do you have?"

"You know what? Let's visit Mr. Black. We are going to Black Palace." The second guy suggested and the first one nodded.

"Mr. Jones, I want detailed information on Miss. Black." The old man said from the chair which was placed in the darkest corner of the room.

Few people in the world have seen this man's real face. After all, Mr. Aaron Black is the most dangerous man on the planet.

"Miss Black got injured while saving Master Alex and Miss Bella. They should not be at home at the time of the attack. But they are unharmed. Just Miss Black got injured. There is nothing to worry about. She is Fine now." Mr. Jones gave a summary of the situation.

" What about her security? " The old Aaron black asked.

" Master Victor has arranged it. Miss Black will cooperate with them. That issue has been sorted. "Mr. Jones answered curtly.

" Inform us if something goes wrong. You are dismissed." Mr. Aaron Black ordered him.

" Don't tell me you believe in what he just said?" The guy with the green t-shirt asked him.

"I also don't like him but his loyalty lies towards Victor and Rhea. He can cheat on his wife but not on Rhea. He knows her importance. Besides, he respects and loves Rhea a lot, like his own daughter." Mr. Aaron Black told him.

After all, Mr. Jones has proved it by solemnly swearing his loyalty only to Rhea. But Aaron did not want to tell anyone about it.

The guy with the green shirt looked at Aaron. He never trusted this man. But he can get information on Rhea only through this man. That is why he has been acting like this for years. He did everything he could to earn his trust so he could get information on her.

'Only for you, I am putting up with these people Rhea. Only for You.' The guy in the green t-shirt thought.

Two weeks later :

Rhea's POV :

This is the first time he hasn't blindfolded me but I still can’t see him. He is standing far away in the dark whereas I am in the light.

“You don’t have any questions about why I am kidnapping you again and again.” He asked in an amused tone.

“It is not like you are going to give me an answer then why waste energy?” I replied in a dead tone.

“You know me better than any other woman in my life and that includes my mother also. I can’t help but admire that thing about you.” He sounds happy about that.

”You know Rhea, I always wanted someone like that in my life but then again you were not present at that time. I just wish if your mom hadn’t chosen that d*****ad Black, I would be your father today.”

“I doubt you have that thing in your DNA that could produce a child like me. It takes a man like Matthew Black to have an intelligent plus beautiful kid not a bloody criminal like you. I am my father’s copy. I am so glad that my mother chose him, not you.” I retorted.

"I doubt that love. All you have that special essence that only Snow Family Girls possess and you, my dear, have perfectly inherited that.

You are just something unusual and a rare combination. I like to collect rare things but again you are not cooperating with me. You know what? Just get on terms with each other. I can give you a better life than Matthew Black. Look at you now, bloodied and bruised on the dirty floor. ” He said calmly.

'I don't want to talk to him. Please, somebody, chop off his tongue.' I screamed in my mind.

“I never understand why your mother left me without any signs. Everything was so good between us.

Yes, Rhea! Once upon a time, I had dated your mother. It is not like that I was in love with her... but she was… OK. What was that she saw in your father? He was not even rich, you know.” He added.

“Maybe she sensed a monster behind your handsome face. Girls have extra sense in that field.” I suggested it to him.

It was so unlike him to chat with me and give me information about himself. He particularly avoids me as I am usually unclean and bruised.

“How can you say I am handsome one?” he asked curiously.

"I know my mother’s choice very well. Besides, there must be something in your face that attracts females. You can usually control her well with less effort.” I scoffed at him.

”Rhea! If I release you now, would you marry my son?” He asked out of the blue.

“I don’t think I can get out alive from here this time. The last time was just luck. I don’t even think that you have a son. And last but not least I don’t have a thing for monsters.” I replied calmly.

“My My! This attitude! Love, I do have a son and I know he will fall for you the moment he first laid his eye on you. It is our family thing.

My dad had fallen for your grandpa’s sister. He is just like his grandpa. He had a thing for green-eyed girls. It is a sad thing that the Neel girl died. Do you know about her?” he asked me.

”I am not Neel Snow. In case you have forgotten then I am Rhea… Rhea Black. Blacks do not give a shit to people like you. If you are thinking that I will fall for these tricks then this is going to be a long day.” I glare at the dark figure in front of me.

"No wonder if one day he would fall for you. You have got a fire girl. You are exactly his kind of girl."
He started to laugh hysterically.

“Wake up Di! Please wake up. Can you hear me? Please come back to me.” Alex yelled in my ear and I shot up in bed. I am drenched in a cold sweat again. No one is in bed with me. Alex is standing near my bed.

“What did I do this time?” I asked him.

“Nothing. But you were having a nightmare again. I can feel it from your body posture. Do you finish your medicine?” he asked me.

I nodded at him. He changed my pillow and asked me to change the top.

It’s been 3 weeks since I came to Bellwood. They remove my cast today or yesterday if it's past midnight and I finished my medicine course a day before that.

I was half expecting my freak show tonight. Thank heaven! Alex woke me up before that.

“Do you want me to sleep beside you?” he asked me.

“Why are you awake at this time?” I asked him and checked the clock from the study table. It’s 3 am. He didn’t answer me.

“Are you missing my Ma & Pa?” I asked him. He just nodded and looked at the wall.

“Come. Sleep with me. I will need you if I get another episode.” I told him. He lay down near me.

I was caressing his hair for about 5-10 mins and he went into a deep sleep. It has been 3 weeks since he hasn't gotten a call from his parents. I have to message Mr. Sharma to do something.

He is a child after all. He must be missing them. I don’t think I can fall asleep after that dream.

It was a memory from my past when I was kidnapped a second time. Yeah! I was 7 years old at that time and still recovering from my first kidnapping trauma. I was just 5 years old when I got kidnapped the first time.

They have tortured me so much that I am suffering from partial memory loss. There is hardly anything left as a memory from childhood. I still got a glimpse of those past days in my dreams. Mostly painful ones… I haven't had a happy Dream in 10-12 years.

That kidnapper never gave me any reason to trust him but the way he was talking that day, I can’t help but think about it. Is he hiding with his son somewhere?

If that’s true, Can I use his son as a weak link to him? But I never saw him and according to his records, not a single person is alive from his family.

Even if those records are misplaced or wrong, what is the percentage of chances that his son will fall into my trap? Or I would find his son in the first place.

His so-called love of life also didn’t know about his son. I should ask someone about Neel. All things from the start always stop at Neel Snow.

What is so mysterious about her? My other siblings don’t even know about her. I am even forbidden to tell my middle name to everyone. It was the first thing I learned that 'never tell your middle name to anyone no matter what happens'.

“Mumma, can I ask you something?” I asked my mother while she was getting ready for work this morning. I closed and locked the door behind me.

“Please don’t get angry. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can simply tell me that you won’t answer my question.” I hurriedly said to her. She just nodded while looking at me through the mirror.

“Do you know anything about Neel Snow?” I whispered.

My mother froze for a minute and then turned towards me.

“Yes,” she said to me.

“Can you tell me about her?” I asked tentatively.

“Yes. Neel Snow is, as you know, my aunt and my father’s Sister. She was beautiful, brave, and stubborn. She also likes you had inherited your Nana’s green eyes.

As you know Snow’s are quite rich so she was a spoiled brat also. It is said that her beauty was a curse to her.

But if you asked me it’s her bratty nature that got her into all problems. She got kidnapped and raped or that's what I was informed. As I remember there were no signs on her body that can prove that she had been raped.

She was able to escape from that place and get into an accident and die on the spot. Your, grandpa, can’t save her. She died in front of his eyes.

That regret is eating him alive. No one had found the kidnapper and driver of that truck. I think both were the same man.

As per my knowledge, your Nana or grandpa never had any enemy in their life; they didn’t even receive a call for money after the kidnapping. Maybe it was only her that person wanted.” She turned around and started her work again.

“Is there any reason you asked me this?” She was staring at me through the mirror. I kept my face neutral.

“I was curious because no one talked about her,” I said the first thing that came to mind.

“Everyone just doesn’t want to hurt your grandpa that’s why.” She said curtly. I actually can sense there is also something about her that no one wants to remember.

“Why is there no picture of her in Ninny’s house?” I asked and she shrugged in answer.

I stand there looking everywhere but her. As my mother didn’t answer that question, I know that the discussion is close.

I turned around and walked to the door when my mother said, “Rhea! I know everybody says that you are just like her but you are not.

You did inherit your Nana’s eyes but yours are prettier than her.

She didn’t have that kindness, love, and blue flicks in her eyes that you have inherited from your paternal grandfather or should I say from a Black family.

Just because you have the same eyes doesn’t mean you are the same person.

You have also inherited your grandma’s hair, her skin, and grandpa’s nose.

You have more Black family genes than Snow family genes. You are more like your dead grandma & alive grandma of Black Family than Neel Snow.

Always remember who brought you up and who you are. You are the granddaughter of Alexander Black, the man who has a heart of gold.” She said and walked out of the room.

I always knew there was a cold war between my mother and her father, but they never let us see it. There must be something that they won’t want any kids to know.
Alex and Bella will be at Sharma’s today and I have to complete my admission process. I decided to join Bellwood College.

I am not sure about it, but it is the best among all the other options I have. I already informed Mr. Sharma that he should make a call to Pa or Ma so Alex can speak with them.
For my safety purpose, he should not suffer.

It has been three weeks and; ‘HE’ (my kidnapper) hasn't made a single move. More time he would take fewer chances are there for me make through his torture this time.

Is he waiting for something? I hope he hadn’t noticed Alex or Bella or Rishi.

He already had used my relationship against me in the past and even though Alex is my strength there is no way I want to make his face what I had faced in the past.

He is already so sensitive. Even my nightmares give him stress. I want to give him a normal childhood which I never had.

It took a lot from me to convince him to go to Sharma’s. I haven’t told him why I can’t go there.

I am not ready to tell him that, not that I ever will be but it is not an issue right now.

Going to college is the main issue for me. There will be a lot of people and each of them wants to talk.

I already had my share of talking in the morning with my mother.

In all my thoughts, I was heading towards my room. I must say, Rishi and Mumma gave me the best room.

Everything was perfect including that wind chime they hung above my bed’s window, fairy lights, lilac room freshener, and small cozy library corner.

They even decorated the balcony with flower plants, a small lawn, a love seat, candles, and my favorite swing chair.

My room has become everybody’s favorite, even my father sometimes spends his evening with a coffee mug watching the sunset with me.

I am glad I am spending time with them. It is my way to say ‘I love you to them before facing disaster in my life.

As soon as I left my walk-in closet some movement at the window caught my eyes. I looked out of the window and froze at my place for a moment or two.

A person was standing near the window opposite mine, speaking on the phone, none other than that Ethan guy; the same one who I met on the train three weeks ago.

I ran out of my room. Shit! I have been living here for three weeks. What if he had already seen me?

'Congrats Rhea Black! You are doomed.' My mind mocked me. 'What am I going to do now? Oh, God! Help me!' It continued. Sometimes my mind talks to me like we both are different people. I got an idiot's mind.

“Rhea we are going to be late for your admission.” Papa howled for me from downstairs. I took my folder and got down.

“Before you say anything, I am coming with you and I am not taking ‘NO’ as an answer. This topic is not up for discussion. You owe me an ice cream party also. Thank You!” Papa said and walked out of the room.

Is it just me or every other child who gives their father an ice cream party for no reason? I should find out.

If my mother found out about our party then she, Rishi, and Bella are going to throw a fit. There would be lots of drama.

My father drives me to college. It has quite a big campus which I hadn’t expected. Even good dorm rooms which I am not allowed to visit.

It nearly took 2-3 hours for the whole process. I am quite capable of doing it alone but my father was following me everywhere like a lost kid and telling everyone with pride that I am his daughter.

I wish I could keep that happiness for enough time but with my luck, I am not sure.

It was generous of my parents that they never enforced anything on me but they did suffer because of me.

After my college admission, papa took me to Alex’s school. I like that one. He also told me that one of his close friend’s kids studies in the same grade as Alex.

I hope they will become friends. Like me, Alex also has problems making friends. It would not hurt to make at least one, right?

It seems like I have to pursue Alex to give it a try. When I will be no more in their lives, friends will accompany him. It is the least I could do for him.

As my father promised, he did take the ice cream party from me. We did take ice cream for everyone but he insisted that we keep our party a secret.

To keep our party secret, he even made me buy ice cream for ourselves and some more also.

Only my father can demand such things.
After collecting extra glasses of Alex & Rishi, we were heading back home.

Dad was looking like he was in deep thought. He even allowed me to drive.

“I was meaning to ask you something if you don’t mind.” He asked tentatively.

“Go ahead.” I encouraged him.

“You accepted to move-in here and even changed your mobile number also. Is that ok with you? I mean you did have a life back there in Berkley. You must have friends and all, didn’t they complain or something?” He asked.

“I changed my mobile number because I lost my SIM card after I accidentally broke my mobile. I never had any friends or a Boyfriend for that matter.

You can directly ask me if I am dating anyone or not.

No papa, I am not dating anyone. Do you want to ask anything else?” I asked, smiling at him.

He is not good at these things. It must be hard to be a father of teenagers.

“Not dating at a moment or never dated at all?” he inquired further.

“Never dated at all.”

“Was that rule by Victor? I mean no dating rule or something.” He was getting awkward now.

“I have been allowed to date since age 14. I had not dated anyone because neither I met anyone nor I was interested. Being single is my choice, Papa.

I have never been forced to do anything I don’t want. Even a part-time job was my choice, not my grandpas.

I emotionally blackmailed him. I wanted to know how normal people live with limited money, limited choices.

It was indeed a good experience Papa, quite educational in fact. There are a lot of people in this world who live like that, even you and mum have experienced that phase in life.

Was it wrong to know how you had started your new life? I wanted to know, even if that was not going to happen to me.

I know I am loaded with money but it is good to know what it takes to earn them, right?
I kind of inherited that thing from you, don’t take it wrong. I loved it.”

I always knew my father wanted to ask why I insisted on a part-time job. I am glad he brought that subject.

“What do you mean by no friends? No close friends or not a single friend” he asked with a wide eye.

I should have known that, being so extroverted as both of my parents are; having no friend must be shocking to them.

“Papa, you know I have had issues since my childhood. For me and Alex, making friends is quite difficult. I never had a single friend and I was always so close to family members that I never thought I needed anyone.

As you know, I have been an introvert since I was a child. I never need anyone to share anything. I like to be on my own.

Ma & Pa did try to get me along with some other kids but it was so awkward for me. I am quite weird about that thing.

I enjoy my company besides Rishi and Alex was always there for me. I never thought I would need someone.” I tried to explain to him.

Indeed it took a whole ride for him to process that information.

I picked up Alex & Bella on my way home. Dad asked him the same question about me & him.

He found out it is quite normal as Ma did try to consult a psychiatrist when I didn’t get along with others quite well.

When we reached home, it was so noisy. How could two people make that much noise? I for one don’t recall that we had invited anyone.

I mean my parents might have told me if they had planned something, right?

Ohh Yes! They are not used to our antique behavior. I am not in the mood to meet anyone right now. I already talked with my parents.

On top of that, I was out all day with the admission process that made me exhausted. I have no issue with the admission process but all those people who were so nosy.

I wanted to kick their ass but that would have ruined my father’s pride. I just want to get in my room and have a peaceful time.

”Dad, why is there so much noise in our house? Did you forget to tell us about your party or something?” I asked him.

“Oh, some of the neighbors must have been visiting us, your mother’s and Rishi’s friends. It is quite normal. We hadn’t met someone in three weeks, therefore, they must have visited us.

Come, you would like them. Some of them are our college friends. They even babysat for you when you were a baby. You were everyone’s favorite.” Papa was so happy with that entire thing.

I let him lead our way. Bella was also excited to meet them. I mean girl, why are you happy about meeting strangers?

I look at Alex for help; he just holds my hand so I would not run away. I stood on the porch taking deep breaths to calm down and suddenly all noise from the house stopped.

Please god! No surprise at all.


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