Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 13

Rhea’s POV:

“This is my room and that's the balcony.” I walk towards it and open it.

“Did you decorate it?” Ethan asked softly. He is kind of weird and intense.

“No Mumma and Rishi. I decorated Bella’s room.” I answered him.

“Have a seat.” I offered them and took a study table chair for myself.

Ava and Ryan sat on my bed, Xavier was on the library chair, Ian and Ethan took chairs near the couch and angled them towards us.

“You have quite a big and beautiful room, Rhea.” Ava broke the awkward silence.

“Yeah! It was unexpected. But Rishi insisted that I should have this one.” I replied to her.

“Can I use the restroom?” she asked.
“Through the door and right.” I directed her.

“Does Bella sleep here?” Ryan asked.

“She took a tour at night. Everyone's room has a crib. ” I replied.

“Do you own all these books?” Xavier asked.
He had an anger management book in his hand.

“Some were gifts from relatives and Some were already here from my father’s collection,” I answered him.

“Who is Victor?” Ethan demanded.

And I raised my brow in a question.

“Well, Alex said in the living room that you are Victor’s girl.” He explained further.

“Victor & Mili are my uncle and aunt. They are Alex & Bella’s parents and I call them Pa & Ma. My parents love Alex & Bella most whereas Rishi and I are their favorites.” I explained.

“You and Alex don’t act like cousins. I mean that day, you both were so coordinated and all” Ryan asked tentatively.

“I was there before he was born. He was always close to me. We both are socially awkward so we just keep each other company.” I reason with them.

“Aren’t you going to show me your room?” Mia asked him as soon as they both entered. Alex ignored her question.

“Hey, beautiful! What’s wrong?” I asked Mia.

“Well, we will be going to be in the same class so I asked him to hang out with me. He didn’t even show me his room.” Mia complained about him. I raised my eyebrow at him.

“I didn’t know, I mean it must be dull for her to be in the boy's room. I don’t even know whether I am allowed to let girls in my room. No one ever got in my room except you. So..” he trailed off.

“Of course she is allowed in the room. She is Xavier’s sister and you know Xavier, right? Besides, friends are allowed to enter our room. That's quite normal. No one is going to question you. Go ahead, show her.” I encourage him.

“Wait. Why don’t you get a drink for the girl from that fridge? You both can sit on the balcony afterward.” I suggested it to him.

“What can I give you all?” Alex asked and passed drinks. As usual, he handed me a bottle of water and asked permission to drink coke silently.

“He is something. Was he here to ask you permission about letting Mia in or not?” Xavier asked amused.

“Yes. It is the first time for both of us to have some unknown people in our personal space. Boys have strict rules in our family.” I replied to him.

“Do you guys discuss everything? I mean there is a huge age gap between you two. Things change after a certain age.” Ethan asked me.

“Well, we had one family rule back at home there and here also in fact. Everything was discussed at dinner.

We are quite free to discuss anything with Ma & Pa. They even asked our opinion about the second child. We both tell everything to each other. Age has never been an issue in our bonding. He is quite mature for his age.”

“Did you misbehave with her Alex? Why is she so silent?” I asked as soon as they both got in the room.

“I don’t know. I answered everything she asked me.” He shrugged and sat on a coffee table near the couch.
“What happened honey?” I asked Mia.

“Well, he lied to me. He didn’t show me his room. I am so mad at him. What kind of friend does that to you?” Mia snapped at him.

“Come, I will show you.” I took her and got in the room next to me.
His room is designed with a grey-white theme.
His room has one French window that opens to the balcony and one above the headboard on the west side.

His bed is placed on the west side and opposite to it has a PlayStation, walk-in closet, and bathroom.
There were huge pictures on that wall; one has me and Bella and the other has Rishi and him.

The study table with a bookstand at the south wall and north wall has French window half of the side and the other half was covered with photo frames. There were some bean bags and a coffee table also.

“This is Alex's room.” I show her. Everybody entered the room including him.
“Does he live all the time in your room? This room looks inhabitant.” Ava asked.

“No. He has OCD. He cleans his room 2-3 times. He gets irritated if something is out of place. He hardly let anyone in this room.” I explained.

“I showed her this room but she didn’t trust me because my laundry basket was empty. She didn’t even let me explain that I was out all day and I didn’t get time to freshen up after I returned home. Do you mind waiting in Di’s room? So I could freshen up.” He asked her politely.

We get in my room. “Why did he ask me to wait in your room?” Mia asked.

“He is quite reserved actually. I am quite surprised he let you sit on the bed. No one sits on his bed.” I told her.

Then they asked me what happened after I left them at the station. I told them all valid things.

I spent all evening answering their questions. After dinner, I was so exhausted that I changed and joined my siblings in bed. All three were sleeping peacefully. Bella didn't get any sleep today.

I think she isn’t going to wake up. I saw out of the window, there was him, shirtless Ethan, the player Clark was glaring at me but I was too tired to react.

Helen's POV:

We were in our room and I was trying to explain to Matt but he was not even looking at me. I was feeling helpless so I kept quiet. After a while, he spoke.

"Why?" Matt asked me finally.

"I… I found it in Rhea's luggage. It's just Victor was trying to help us. You know she was not living with us. It's been 13 years, Matt, even if she is our daughter we practically know nothing about her." I tried to reason him

He had a small diary in which his brother gave us some pointers about Rhea's behavior. I had already read it twice. But I didn't show it to Matt. I don't know how but he found it.

" You know I am not talking about it. I am asking you clearly, 'Why did you hide it from me?' "

I had no explanation for that. Rhea is quite different from us in so many ways. She was mature, responsible and a lone wolf type of person. I just want her to enjoy her life fully but if he had read this dairy then he would not have agreed to my plans.

He opened it and started to read it loudly so that I will keep those things in mind and won't force Rhea to do something.

~ Rhea doesn't like to socialize. Even if she came with you, it's just out of courtesy. In that case, don't expect that she will behave normally.

~ Always tell her where you are going and when you will be home. She gets anxious if she doesn't know about your whereabouts.

~ If you will be late to home then inform her otherwise she will file a complaint to the police right away. She had done it twice in the past.

~ I had given you a chart about her eating habits. She is choosy about food. Please check the chart for more details.

~ Most importantly, don't waste food, at least not in front of her. She can't stand it.

~ She has a habit of starving herself. Make sure you check it regularly that she had her all meals.

~ Never, I repeat 'NEVER', get into her room while she is not at home or she is sleeping. She hates it. Kiss her goodnight before she gets into the bed.

~ Don't touch her wallet, laptop, or mobile. And don't let Bella touch it. She likes to break Rhea's things. She thinks you don't trust her if you even accidentally answered her calls.

~ In her early teenage years, her anger issue was impossible to handle. So I used to take her to the office to divert her attention. She likes to learn things about business. Her area of interest is Business.

~ Tell her about your day. She and Alex love to hear that. That will help both of them to bond with you and communicate. Remember, Rhea doesn't strike communication.

~ Whenever she calls you, always answer it, no matter what. She never calls unless it's too urgent.

~ Never scold her siblings in front of her. She gets so angry that she will not let you talk to them again for at least 1 week. And if she is scolding them then royally ignore it. Alex and Bella both are devils. They just put on masks of being innocent.

~ Bear with her fashion sense. It will take a while to change it.

~ If you think she is hiding something from you. Then don't worry. She can solve any problem. Just trust her.

~ Rhea sometimes can't sleep. But Don't worry about it. And don't show that you know about it. It makes her feel like she is a freak.

~ If Bella gets scared of Rhea then it's your cue to shut up. Because Bella can sense her anger more precisely than Alex.

~ Don't make her angry. She will walk away from you and won't come home for a while.

~ Rhea has a trust issue. Just because you trust a person doesn't mean she will. Everyone has to earn her trust.

~ Don't even dare to lie to her. She can see right through you.

~ Rhea can't hug. If you hug her she just pats your back. So if you hug her, ignore her awkwardness.

~ Alex can't sleep if Rhea is not at home. So if she is not home then don't pester him to go to bed.

~ Like both of you, Bella also likes to see Rhea sleeping. It's her favorite thing. But you don't do that. She can sense someone's eye even if she is sleeping. Bella is an exception to that rule.

~ Bella is so adventurous and isn't scared about anything or anyone except Rhea. Rhea knows how to control her.

~ If you are deciding about her sibling's future then ask her. Because she thinks it's her right to know. Even both boys think the same.

~ I know Alex's OCD must be giving you a headache. If you can't handle it. Ask Rhea to control it. Only she knows how to control it.

~ Alex and Rhea would never agree to have a pet. Don't even think about it.

~ She won't say love you and misses you. But she does. She just can't express it. It's not her cup of tea.

PS: There will be times when you feel that she is distinct and pushing you away from herself. but you don't lose hope. She is just scared of love and bonding. But she can't keep herself away from her siblings for more than 2days.

"So you knew that she would be angry even though you planned a get-together," Matt stated.

"I am her mother. I have the right to decide what is right and wrong for her." I yelled at him

"You are forcing her to be like us. Which is wrong. She is different and just accepts it. You are doing the same thing that your mother was trying to do with you years ago." Matt said calmly.

"You think so?" I was petrified to hear that.

Matt took me in his arms as tears started to roll down from my eyes.

"Every person is different, Love. And you know she had a horrible past. Of course, that would have affected her. If we also won't accept her for who she is then how we can expect that from people.

We always knew she would not be like us. She had shown it when she was a baby itself. Stop freaking out and controlling her life. We should be happy that she accepted to live with us. So let's enjoy the time we have with her." Matt tried to soothe me.

" I don't know, Matt. But I am scared for her. Sometimes it feels like one day I will wake up and Rhea will disappear from the face of the earth. "I sobbed louder in his arms.

" I am scared too. But I know, no matter what happens, Rhea won't break her promise. She will never leave us. I have full confidence in our daughter. " Matt said.

No matter how many times I have heard that I know that she will leave me alone one day. I just get that feeling whenever I look at my daughter.

That's the only thing I feared most.

Somewhere in the world :
Third Person's POV:

He saw his friend watching Rhea's new portrait on the wall. He also knew there was a time when his friend even had a crush on her. But he always ignored that thing.

Because his friend is the only person right now whom he considers as a family. It's been years since when they both have been a constant support for each other and trying to adjust in this world. The only person he can trust.

"You know that she can never be yours, right?" He finally asked him.

A boy with a white coat looked at his best friend.
"She has changed a lot. Besides, I know I am a playboy. Commitment is not my thing." he tried to cover up. And he still knew that his friend could see through his lies.

"She deserves to be treated like a queen and loved unconditionally. And she would get it." A boy with a green sweater whispered while looking at the portrait.

"Come on Minnie, Get down. How many times do I have to tell you that Rhea doesn't like cats? Stay fucking far away from her portrait." A boy with a green sweater yelled at his white fluffy cat.

"Stop yelling at your pet. I told you many times that I am not interested in her. I would rather die than be with her. Please… trust me…."A guy with a white coat pleaded to him.

He knew what she was for him. And honestly speaking, quite jealous of her. No matter what he does, he can't get to the place where Rhea is in his friend's life. Rhea is his friend's everything. She is a goddess for them. What she did for them is something no one can do.

A guy in a green sweater hugged his friend tightly and said, "You know me, dude… I just can't take it anymore. I want to go there. Meet her, hug her. But I can't. I want to take away all of her pain but I can't. I feel so helpless and useless all the time. I… I.. "

The guy couldn't even finish his sentence. He was emotionally so overwhelmed. But he knew he didn't need to finish his sentence. His friend knows what he is feeling.

" Shush…!! Everything is alright. She is safe and that's what matters. When the time will be right, I will not stop you. I will come with you. But for now, please hold yourself together. She would not tolerate it if she got to know that you were in pain. You know how she is! " A guy with a white coat tried to soothe his friend.

He kept holding him until he dozed off in his arms. He then marched towards the cat which was licking Rhea's face in the portrait.
"Minnie! Stop before he kills you." He scolded the cat lightly and put it down on the floor. Cat quickly gets in bed with the owner.

"I don't think I can keep him away from you anymore. His patience level is thinning. Do something before it's too late Rhea. He can't live without you anymore. He... We just can't…. Not everyone has good pain tolerance like you, Miss Black."

Next day :

It was evening and all of them were having dinner together. Mr. Aaron Black is as usual listening, instructing 2 guys about business deals and they were responding at the correct places.

Suddenly A phone started to ring. A man answered it.
"Sir, it's urgent." He said in a somewhat scared voice.
Aaron black got up to answer the call while that man quickly switched on a TV, got to the news channel, and retreated to his place.

Four heads turned to the TV channel where breaking news was going on.

"There is a bomb blast near the Snow industry at Bellwood. The bomb was planted in a car. We got to know that the car belongs to none other than Mr. Matthew Black."


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