Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 14

Inside café Stalker No-1:

I was watching her through the glass door of the private room of the cafe; it has been years since I saw this green-eyed beauty last face to face. She has changed a lot. I can no longer predict what she can do. And I was so right.

It’s just 5mins in the café and she already hacked my hidden cameras in that private room. I tried to use Café’s CCTV cameras.

As I know she wouldn’t risk hacking them. She doesn’t want any trouble and may need this footage.

Her work ethics are beyond our understanding. It seems like today is not my day as she has perfectly blocked the view of the table with her handbag and her handsome bodyguard.

I don’t know why she needs a bodyguard as half of the time he also doesn’t know where she is?

'Well that's Rhea Black… ladies and gentlemen' my soul taunted. I was amused by its outburst. Normally it goes crazy with just a glimpse of her.

'Are you alright dude?' I asked my soul.

'She is not the Rhea I fell in love with.' my soul answered in a sad tone.

'Well, good for you. At least now you can get over her. It's not like we could have her. You know I can't lose my only friend and only family for her. We are just here so we could give him proof that she is all right.' I was glad my stubborn soul was trying to get over her.

' Do you think we can get over her? ' My soul questioned me.

' Don't know, man. But It's either her or him. And you know that he hadn't given up on me even though I wasn't worthy of all that care. So choosing him is the only option for us. You know she is his whole universe.' I answered.
My inner voice got silent after that.

All files are laid on a table with 2 untouched black coffees and 1 cup of cappuccino. They were just passing a notepad, only writing and no talking I guess.

After 30 mins, she took a file and started to read it. Within 15 mins she gave them instructions and walked out of the café with her bodyguard in tow. I decided not to follow her. I have to report back as soon as possible.

Rhea’s POV:

Today seems like one of the worst days in Bellwood, well whom am I kidding? Yesterday was also worse.

I don’t want any more people getting involved in my life but with my luck, I can’t expect things in my life the way I want.

It is already bad that I have been lying to the whole family except my paternal grandpa and now all these people. Well, I don't tell him anything so I practically am not lying to him.

I know it is difficult for people to find out that I am already living a well-structured false life but involving more people is not going to help it.

I mean I am living 2 lives at a time. One is the daughter of Helen and Matthew Black. Another one is a mysterious businesswoman. About whom no one knows except for some of my staff.

I hate lying and it is one of the best things I can do. I just hope that I don’t have to put up with all those people often.

It’s just 10 am and I have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. I wore a peach-colored blouse, black jeans, and a white jacket. I paired it with a white bag with a laptop in it, brown leather shoes, and a white scarf.

My whole team and I have a dress code for every meeting so that they know what to discuss.

I like to keep it in that way. We have most of the talking in codes but still, precautions are always high. Especially when I am taking meetings for family-oriented things.

This dress code is fixed for family-related discussions. I wear all black when I want to discuss business.

I hopped in my car and started to drive to my destination. Within 1 min or so a bike started to follow me. It’s just my second day out in Bellwood and I am already being followed.

“Just great!” I muttered in annoyance. After 5 mins a pizza boy started to follow me. And here I thought, I own the best security company. If my clients found out about this I would have to face great loss.

I started this security company at the age of 14 by hacking some secrets of one of the best businessmen in Russia. Used that money to build this company. Ironically he was my first client.

I even provide security to all my family members. But they don't know I own that company. I built this company when I got to know that my siblings aren't going to inherit a single penny from the Black family fortune.

I was shocked when I got to know that and so furious with my grandparents. Later I found out that my parents were doing these jobs so they could leave some money for them.

But I don't trust anyone when it comes to money. So I started this company and worked so hard that it's listed in the world's top 10 security agencies.

I entered a café with these thoughts and was led to a private room by the staff. I must say I am impressed with my stalkers. They just found out where I would sit. I accidentally traced a little camera in a vase full of roses on the table.

“Excuse me, my fellow guests are allergic to roses and room fresheners. Would you be kind and take it out?” I asked my server. He took them out.

I took out my laptop and hacked all hidden cameras in the room. My bodyguard joined me in a meeting room with my manager.

“I am craving Black coffee. 2 black coffees and 1 cappuccino.” I smiled politely at my server and both of them stiffened.

“I own the best Security Company and the best bodyguard and both of those are clueless. Does anyone want to explain to me?” I muttered to them.

Black coffee is a code of being stalked and followed.

“Sorry Miss.” both of them answered in unison.

“You know what happens when I say sorry, don’t you?” I asked them in a threatening tone.

'Calm down Rhea. They had already proved their loyalty towards you.' My mind instructed me.

Most importantly, they could handle things when I am not around. If I mess up something I know they will take care of it. I don't even need to tell them that I messed up.

I turned the laptop to the bodyguard so that he would take care of it. The manager laid down all the business files and some paper to sign.

Does he think that stalker will be an idiot? I glared at him and was about to talk when the server came in with our order.

I rearranged our position and took a notepad for talking as I was not sure whether there were microphones or not.

‘I want a full update’ I wrote down.

“Those guys from Berkeley had been taken care of though they could not tell who had hired them.” I raised my eyebrow at him when he signaled that there are no microphones. I nodded and asked him to continue.

"But you know who did it, '' Mr. Jones said tentatively.

"Your Ninny," Seth said through gritted teeth.

I had my doubts about her but I thought she would not risk Alex or Bella's life. I think I should be more careful from now on.

"Don't take any actions against her. I still don't know what's her problem with me?" I instructed them sternly. I can kill her whenever I want. But I won't as my Mumma loves her grandmother.

“Master Rishab has been followed by some girls. Some of them asked him out but he refused them. He is doing well at school and he still hasn’t found out that you are funding his secret fashion brand ‘Martha’.

He has been struggling for some time but the designs got a good response. I think master Rishab should focus on studies rather than earning.” He added hesitantly at last.

May it be our blood thing but Rishi also started working early. He spends all that money on Alex and Bella.

I never wanted him to work early but that guy is so stubborn like Mumma. So I thought maybe I could help him a little.

‘I know, but I never thought his design would do anything in the market. Just take care of things for the time being; no one in the family should find out about it.

And look into his grades. If he is A+ then bribe the person or better hack the system to get down his grades. He should not get into focus.’ I wrote it down as I knew I was being watched.

“There is something wrong with your parent’s bank account. There are some money transfers to unknown accounts. I tracked them but there is not so much progress. I will inform you later on it as it progresses.

But the good news is they brought your story. Master Matthew does ask Chief Brown to look into this matter. We also found out that he was on meds because of kidney stones till last month but has recovered; nothing to worry about him and Lady Helen.” He muttered and I nodded at him.

‘You need to be more careful as your parents do visit your room regularly. I think you should inform them that you are helping your uncle in his business.

There is something wrong with Sharma and Snow. I think they have some crucial information which they are hiding from you but we will break it soon.’ He said and gulped down water.

‘Is that all?’ I wrote again.

“We got a situation.” This time my bodyguard spoke. I got furious when I heard that statement.

I am lying to my parents about my situation, about business stuff and whatnot. And here they are getting paid for doing nothing.

I am doubtful about my company’s reviews from customers. I mean not a single problem in my life is getting solved and customers are giving us 5 stars in review, exactly on what basis?

“It’s from an unexpected source. Technically not so important but I thought Miss wanted to know about it.” He hurriedly filled me in as he sensed my anger and I nodded at them to continue.

“Those kids who you have given your secretary’s number. They had called us to inform us about you. They were kind of worried about you when you left that train. So we dig in about them. That girl is getting tortured by her aunt and no one knows about it. She is.. she is... ” My manager stuttered. He is never so nervous about anything.

“Say it already,” I whisper yelled at him.

“She is your mother’s goddaughter and her legal guardians are Smith and Lily.” He said and released his breath. That was unexpected.

“What do you need then?” I asked calmly. I think I am getting another workload.

“We found real paper but only you could get them. It has something to do with your past.” He said in a low voice.

No wonder he was stuttering; my past is a very sensitive subject. Very few know about it and most importantly I only get a glimpse of my forgotten past only in dreams.

I have never had any pleasant dreams in more than 11 years. I never told anyone that I have partial memory loss after the second kidnapping incident.

I don't recall anything before my second kidnapping incident. Whatever I remember is that dreadful incident. I do get treated for that but the doctor already told me that it may or may not return.

“I will see what I can do. For some time ‘threatening aunt’ could get us results. Anything else?” I do have the feeling that there is something more.

“Those boys may dig in to know more about you.

And one of them is related to ‘Maximus Reyes’.

They have a blood relationship but this one is not involved in that world.”

A famous assassin was the only exception in my troubled life but fate does have some other plans, I guess.

“What does it have to do with us?” I asked him.

“Well that day, you accidentally saved his life and now Maximus Reyes wants to know all about you.

Your grandpa’s elder brother had some business relationship with him. He has a bad reputation with girls and..” he trailed off.

“Are you worried about me?” I asked them.

“My apologies to Miss Black as I am talking out of turn. But you have zero knowledge about men and those related things.

He is known for getting the woman he wants. Only if you know to what extent he can go.

We just don’t want any more trouble for our highness.” Both of them have gone into silent mode.

I can see worry visible on their face. It is hard to scare both of them.

“I will keep myself low-key.” I tried to assure them.

“I think we should implement security in that area for preventive measures of course.” My manager said,

“Mr. Jones, No one knows about me. I can take care of myself.”

“I am sorry Miss Black, I agree with Mr. Jones.” My bodyguard Seth said this time.

“We will discuss it later. I want you to trace Ma & Pa as soon as possible. Look out for those boys if they cause us any trouble.

And most important keep a constant eye on every Snow & Sharma and report back to me. I will look for clues about that girl but if the situation gets out of hand before it then sends her to my home.

You can collect as much information as you can on Maximus Reyes. We can always use his brother’s safety for our benefit.”

“You have to look at these files later but this blue one is kind of important. If you take a look, we can get it done early.” Mr. Jones said. I took files and read them.

They do fill me in about some other stuff related to my family when I was unconscious in hospital.

They had planned everything about security around my house but it will take a week, which was fine by me. I signed those documents and bid him goodbye.

“What is it, Seth?” I asked him as he hopped in the car.

“I will accompany you from now onwards. As you hardly informed me about your whereabouts I have to keep an eye on you too.” He glared at me.

Seth is the son of Mr. Jones and 3 years older than me. As my previous bodyguard on different duty; he made himself one.

“Anything you want to share?” I asked him.
“I think you have got yourself an admirer but I don’t approve of him so I am not telling you his name,” he grumbled.

“Not that I am asking you. What is wrong with you anyway?” I asked him. He was indeed acting odd.

“You have the whole security system and you face all those guys alone. I saw that long gash on your arm.

Why are you paying us if you are doing it all by yourself? Lady Helen nearly had a panic attack that night.

Your brother Rishab is not used to these types of things. Please think before acting recklessly again. He is just thirteen for god sake!

Do you want him to live life like you? At least for his sake, be careful.” He sighed in annoyance.

“I got what you want to say but it will be really hard to explain to them why I have a guy in the passenger seat in my car. So be a gentleman and get out. I will be fine from here” I said as soon as the last turn was visible. He nodded and got out of the car.

As soon as I stopped the car, I found many cars in our driveway. What the hell is going on?

Somewhere near Bellwood at the same time (Stalker No-2):

“She was in a café for 45 mins with that manager and another man. I found out he is her bodyguard. They talked about some business and went separate ways.

These are some pictures of today’s event. There are also details of that bodyguard and manager.” A man gave today’s update and handed details to them.

I don’t know what I am doing here? I thought I would get to meet her often but I haven't seen her since she was in ICU. It's been freaking 1 month, where is she?

“Puberty has done a great job to you, Miss Black. I am impressed," he said looking at the photo. The woman glared at him and he handed her pictures to me.

I peeked at them. She was no longer the girl I knew and I hated the way she had turned.

There is no twinkling in her eyes, no dimpled smile, and no more bubbly nature.

But I do agree with him that she has turned more beautiful than I imagined and I still can’t take my eyes off her.

“You know what your job is? I want you to get it done at any cost.” His voice broke my chain of thoughts. I just nodded at him.

“Today I gave you my first surprise Miss Black; I hope you like it.” He said to picture of young Miss Black on the wall and started to laugh hysterically. He threw those documents in the fireplace without looking at them.


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