Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 15

Rhea’s POV:

I don’t know why but fear started to creep in my mind as I entered the house. 3 extra cars in a driveway were the last thing I would have expected.

As I entered I found Ava, a gang of boys with two kids, other Clark’s, Mr & Mrs. King and Rita Brown in our house. Mrs. Wright was sitting in the corner.

Wasn’t it just last night we had dinner? Why are they here again?

“Rishi, what’s going on?” I asked the back that was facing me. He didn’t turn around but I did hear the sound of someone crying.

Wait a minute! These weren't the clothes Rishi was wearing when he left the house in the morning.

Whose clothes is he wearing? And Why?

“Alex!!!! Bella!! Where are you guys?” I howled as I was getting near the seating area.

"Rhea… " Rita pointed a finger at me and my mother was looking at me as if she didn't recognize me.

What the hell is going on here?

"Mumma…" I stood in front of her and looked into her tear-filled eyes.

When she didn't reply to me, I took her hand bit down to her pinky finger.

When I was a baby, I used to do that to my parents when I was mad at them. That broke her from whatever trans she was in.

“Rhea!! Are you alright my baby? Where were you? I was so scared that..'' Mumma scanned me from head to toe. She gets in my arms sobbing and yelling at me.

“Mumma!!! What happened to you? Why are you crying?” I tried to look at her face but she buried her head in my chest.

Oh No! This is not right. She is crying like a baby. Is she hurt? Is something wrong?

“Now you are scaring the shit out of me. I want you to answer me, Mumma.

Are you hurt? Has anything happened to Papa?

Where the hell are you guys?” I again yelled at the back that was facing me.

I pulled my mother with me as I walked towards my brother Rishi. Someone pulled my mother from my arms as I reached for him.

I walked and stood where he was standing.

I looked at his familiar face which was pale as a ghost, eyes zeroed at the figure seated in front of him, breathing hard, red nose and pained expression. What’s wrong with him?

I turned to look at the person he was staring at. It was Alex and he was sitting on the couch looking downwards, his 1 knee is injured and bleeding.

Shit!! Alex is hurt. My heart just squeezed in pain at the sight of it. I kneeled in front of him.

I put my finger under his chin and spoke softly, “Alex, Hey… look at me, sweetheart. I found you, man. Look, I am here. You are home and so am I. I got you, Al. Hey! Look at me.”

I lifted his chin, he had a small wound on his forehead also. As soon as his eyes landed on my face, he jumped into my arms.

He hugged me tightly as if he was scared that I would vanish in the air. I rubbed his back in comfort.

He was not crying or saying anything or not even wincing in pain. He has a calm heartbeat and that is scaring me more. Something is wrong.

I got up and turned to look at Rishi. He was looking at us and tears started to fill his eyes.

He was opening and closing his mouth like a fish. He wanted to ask or tell me something but was just unable to form a word.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” I asked him softly. He looked at Alex and then me in turns. I extended my free arm in his direction and pulled him also in my arms.

“That’s all right! See I got both of you in my arms. Now give me my favorite hug. Will you?” I asked him softly.

He put one arm around me and another around Alex and pulled us in his arms. He was so cold and shivering.

He didn’t let a single tear fall from his eyes nor did a word from his lips. He was trying hard to take relaxing breaths but was failing in it.

I put my forehead on his and said softly, “Relax baby! I got everything under control. I am here so nothing wrong will happen. You trust your sister, don’t you?

I promise you that he is safe and sound; you both are. So just stop being so hard on yourself and calm yourself down.”

He rubbed Alex’s back and I rubbed the back of his neck. Rishi is in shock and calming him down is my priority.

I looked around and my mother was sobbing in Rita’s arms. Mia and another boy around Alex’s age are in tears. Both of them were holding hands. Ian was comforting them.

Kate was about the same as Rishi but just scared, not shocked. Paul was gritting his teeth. I think he can give me more insight into the situation than any other.

Mr. King just nodded in the direction of the stairs and I understood to take them in a room.

“Guys! Go into your rooms. I think it's a long day for all of you.” Xavier spoke and Rishi & Alex held me more tightly.

“Where is Bella, Mumma?” I asked.

“She is at Sharma’s,” Mumma answered while wiping her tears.

“I will call dad to get her home instantly. Is that ok, guys?” I asked both of them. They nodded at me but didn’t look at me.

”You go on. I will call Matthew.” Mr. Clark said and pulled out his phone from coat to call.

With much difficulty, I led them to my room. I don’t know for how much time but we three sat on a couch holding each other.

I am sure something had happened. There is no way Alex would be this silent for just a small wound on the forehead and knee.

It takes a lot to scare Alex. The last time he was this calm and silent was when I was being threatened by some random dude in a mall at Berkeley.

Suddenly I saw a page folded in the back pocket of Rishi’s jeans. I made them lie down on my bed and pulled my mobile.

‘I want Bella and my father home safely within 30mins. Do whatever it takes.’ I quickly typed and sent messages to Seth and Mr. Jones.

I pulled out a note from his pocket and hid it in my jacket’s inner pocket.

Just then I saw 2 kids at my bedroom door. I nodded at them. They entered the room with worried expressions.

I signaled them to sit in the chaise lounge. Alex’s eyes were closed but Rishi was still looking at him worriedly. Alex was holding Rishi's arm.

“Why don't both of you change from those clothes?” I asked Rishi and Alex.

I can sense Mia wants to say something. I signaled that young boy to follow Alex out in his room.

I led Rishi to my bathroom just then Paul entered the room.

“I will take it from here,” Paul said to me.

I gave him fresh clothes and a towel and went to Mia to get the details.

“We were playing basketball in front of our house. Ethan gave us a bathroom break as Theo wants to pee.

Ethan went to fetch water bottles for us and Rayhan (Alex) and I were passing the ball to each other.

I just missed it and he went to fetch it from the pavement when suddenly out of nowhere Car came in his direction.

Xav pulled him in time and threw it in Ethan’s arm as he started to chase down a car. But Rayhan also followed Xav and tripped and got injured. We are sorry.” Mia told me the whole incident about Alex.

I kind of like that she called him Rayhan and not Alex.

Alex and I both liked to be only called by the first name. It was Rishi who started to call both of them by their middle name as every kid in a family has a name starting with R and it was confusing to others.

“What is with Rishi then?” I asked her.

“Actually when Alex tripped; he was in the middle of the road. Ethan pulled him out on time and I think Rishi saw it.” She explained further. I nodded at the explanation.

No wonder Rishi was shocked by the stunt Alex pulled out. But then why is he scared?

Paul and Rishi were looking slightly tense and I think they found that note was missing. That means Paul knows what is written in that note.

While explaining all those boys and Ava had entered my room. Alex and that boy whose name is Theo also joined us shortly.

“Where is the first aid box?” Ethan was first to break the silence.

“In the 2nd drawer of the nightstand. Get me water from the fridge, will you?” I answered Ethan and asked Theo for water.

After some efforts I made both Rishi and Alex drink water and tend their wounds.

Alex’s were small but Rishi had big scratches on his left leg and hand as if somebody had tied his leg to a vehicle and dragged him around the city.

So something happened to him also. Is he hiding something from me?

After giving painkillers to them I made them lie on my bed and turn to those people.

“Let me treat your wound, Xavier.” I think in all chaos he didn’t even notice that he was also bleeding.

“Thank you so much. This is the second time. I owe you two big favors. You can even ask for my life in return.” I mumbled to him.

“You would have done the same for Mia. I hadn’t done that for your favors anyways. It was the right thing to do.” He snapped at me.

‘Of course, I owe you favors and I will return it. That's a promise from Alex’s sister’ I thought of it in my mind but did not say it aloud.

It was near about an hour and I still didn’t get Bella back. I am getting tense and furious now.

Where the hell is Seth? He should be back with Bella by now. One task… All he has to do is one task and he can't even do it on time. Why the hell am I paying for it?

I asked Paul and Theo to watch them over while I went downstairs. My mother was still crying. I can’t believe she is the same woman everyone praised for bravery.

“Am I dead, Mumma?” I asked her mockingly. She stood up and slapped hard across my cheek.

Everyone in the room gasped at her reaction. I am 18 years old and this is the first time my Mumma has slapped me.

“Watch your tongue young lady,” Mumma yelled at me.

“Then stop mourning about nothing. They both are fine, just slightly injured. Pull yourself together.

I am still alive and I have already promised you that nothing will happen to them. Rhea Black is known for keeping her word.” I said in a stern tone.

I looked at her for a moment and wiped down all her tears. I made her sit and drink some water.

"I will be back shortly. I promise." I mumbled to her and kissed her forehead.

“Mr. and Mrs. King, would you be kind and watch all of them for some time? I will be back soon.” I asked politely.

“Of course dear. No issue, but just a suggestion, why don’t you take Xavier and Ethan with you?” he asked me.

I technically can’t involve them in my mess.

“Oh! There will be no need. I will be nearby. Thanks” I answered him, took my bag from the floor, and walked out.

“Where the hell is my father and Bella?” I asked Mr. Jones.

“Master Matthew is in the meeting. I am waiting outside the room and Bella was with Sharma’s in the grocery store in the mall near your house.

But they..they kind of lost..lost her and Seth is searching for her.” He statured while answering.

“She is what?” I yelled at him.

“Calm down Miss. We will get her.” He tried to assure me.

“Can you even hear yourself? Do you have any idea what you have lost?” I screamed at him while driving my car.

“I beg your pardon ma’am but young miss Bella was lost before we received your message.” Mr. Jones tried to reason with me.

“If anything happened to any one of them you all are dead. Do you get that? And get damn security guards around my house 24*7.

No one should be able to trace them otherwise you will face hell.” I screamed at him.

“Call me as soon as Papa steps out of the room. I will take him home. Do not; I repeat do not let him out of your sight at any cost.”

When I reached the mall Seth had Bella in his arms and he was talking to Mrs. Sharma.

“Please madam, you can trust me. Just let me drop you at your home safely.” He was telling her and rocking Bella in his arms. She was crying her heart out.

My baby!!!

“What the hell is going on?” I asked them and took Bella in my arms.

“This man tried to steal her from us.” Mrs. Sharma said bluntly.

“Madam, that’s not what happened. Actually..” Seth tried to tell me but I just cut him and said,

“Enough. Thanks for your assistance sir. I will take care of my sister. You can carry on with your work please.”

“OK. Hand me, Bella. What are you doing here anyway, Rhea?” Mrs. Sharma asked me.

“I am here to take my sister back before you lose her again,” I said curtly to her.

“What nonsense! Do you know who you are talking with? I am her grandma. How can you accuse me like that?” She screamed at me.

“I think she is better with me. I never lost my sister. Besides, you do remember what happened 11 years ago when you lost kids in a crowd right? We don’t want to repeat history, do we?” I turned around to walk out.

But I froze at my place as I took in the scene in front of me.

Somewhere in the world

Third person's POV :

"Dad… why are we here??" A boy with big grey eyes asked his father.

"Because I want to talk to you. You know… 'Man to Man talking'." His father answered him with a small smile.

They both got in a wooden cabin. If anyone from outside sees that they would think it's probably a haunted place. But for that man. It's the most important place. It's his hideout.

The little boy got excited as his father finally realized that he is grown up now. After all, he just turned 4 years old last week.

His big grey eyes landed on a picture frame. His father was standing with a girl who had green eyes.

"Who is she? My real mother?" the boy asked with excitement.

"Rathi, Eliza is your real mother. Why did you think that she isn't your mother?" He asked his son.

"Vincent, she is your wife not my mother. I don't feel like she is my mother. And I am here so we would have a man-to-man talk." his son snapped at him.

Vincent never understood why his son hates his mother. He is just 4 years old but acts like he is already 10. He is exactly like his sister Rhea. If she doesn't like someone at first sight then she would never like that person at all. The same goes with his kid. But she at least treats that person with respect, he doesn't.

She was easier to handle than this boy. Rathi is quite a handful. He has a weird perception of all things. He only likes plants that can give you flowers, not fruits. But he never let anyone touch or smell those flowers.

"Are you going to answer me?" Rathi asked, crossing his hands over his chest. For a moment, baby Rhea flashed in front of Vincent's eyes. He shook his head to clear thoughts.

"She is Rhea Black. Your elder sister." Vincent answered his son.

"Wow. I have a sister and you never told me, why? Where is she? Why did she leave me alone with your wife? Why does she have green eyes and I don't? Does that mean now I have to learn how to use a gun so that I can protect her? But I don't know how to use a gun." Rathi started freaking out.

On the other hand, Vincent was shocked by his little boy's outbursts. He always knew his son was so intelligent and matured for his age and that always scared him. Seeing him acting like a big grown-up guy was sending chills to spin.

"Ok... Easy their tiger… I want you to listen to me very carefully. I won't be home for a while. If you get in a situation then there is a secret door in your walk-in closet. Which led you here. Look at this. Here is a bag. All you have to do is wear this chain. I have saved Rhea's number as an emergency. You just have to press 7. Ok? " Vincent explained to him carefully.

" And she will come to get me, right? " Rathi asked.

" Yes. But till then you are not going to tell anyone your real name. You are using your middle NAME. What are you going to tell other people? " Vincent asked.

" I am Issac… Issac Jones." Rathi answered.

" But how would I know if she is the real Rhea or not?" Rathi asked his father.

" She had 3 bullet marks like this on the back of her left leg below the knee and 4 above the knee on the right thigh from the front. She normally covers those with makeup."Vincent answered his son.

" Is there anything else I should know? " Rathi asked.

" Yes. You have so many cousins and you may get to live with them. But you will do as Rhea asked you. The main rule you should know is keeping your siblings' secrets safe. In our family, all cousins are treated as siblings. You need to learn to respect your elder siblings. Understood?" Vincent asked.

"I am not going anywhere with your wife. I will go alone." Rathi said and went ahead to examine Rhea's picture.

Vincent looked sadly at his son. He also never got accosted by his mother and now his son has the same problem.

'I think I should have sent you to Matt's. Only he can understand you. I just don't understand where I failed? I did all I could to give you a normal childhood. But it seems like the undefeated King of the Black family finally got defeated by his son.'

Vincent chuckled at the irony. Once upon a time, He also defeated his father by his behavior. He finally understood what his father Mr. Aaron Black must have been feeling all these years.

' Please, God! Give my brother enough patience and wisdom to handle this kid.' Vincent begged God.


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