Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 16

Rhea’s POV:

I turned and looked at the people behind me. Xavier and Ian had followed me here. There were a few gangsters behind Ian and one of them had pointed a gun at Ian’s head.

Xavier’s hands were up in surrender but he was backing up his way to the wall.

“Look look... What did we get here? The beauty queen herself or should I say most wanted woman?” He asked mockingly at me.

So he does know about me. But how??

'Never mind… Focus Rhea…' my mind yelled at me.

Bella had calmed down when she got in my arms but I don’t think she will be quiet for a long time. I think I should start with compromise.

I untied my scarf from my handbags and used it to strap Bella against me. If by any chance I had to fight with them then I must be prepared. I quickly closed 2-3 buttons of my jacket. I neither want to suffocate Bella nor want to get her hurt.

“What do you want from us?” I said in a nonsense tone.

I am already short of time. I have a father to save and Bella to feed. Mother to calm down and brothers to handle their traumatic experience.

“Us? Why do you want him? Who is he to you?” a bulky one scowled at me.

“The better one, you don’t want the man coming after you if we get hurt, do you? So give me the amount and leave us alone.” I snapped at their leader.

“Who are you talking about?” He asked me.

“God of death,” I answered curtly.

Every businessman knows about Maximus Reyes as a threat and every gangster knows him with the name ‘God of death’.

I think they don’t know the person they are about to kill is kind of important to Reyes. Ian Hill is Maximus Reyes's little brother. But no one knows that. I think even his friends don't know that.

“Don’t pay any heed to this rich brat. Everybody knows everything about him. She is just buying time. Shoot both of them and let’s leave already.” One with a scar said to them.

I got my mobile out from the jeans pocket, unlocked it, and placed it between Bella and me while I was talking with them.

I have only the call logo on my screen so I know Bella would call the last person I had called.

It’s the only thing she can do on mobile and I am glad for her curious nature. She did call Mr. Jones.

“I don’t have all day to bargain with you in this mall. I will give you double the amount if you will let us go unharmed.” I yelled at him.

All of them were looking at their leader and I peeked at Xavier from the corner of my eyes. He had successfully fetched mop from someone’s shopping cart.

I for sure know Seth will be somewhere nearby. I tucked my mobile in my jacket and pulled two pocket knives.

“Bella, hold on tight,” I mumbled in her ear and walked to them. I threw 1 knife at Ian and kicked the nearest one.

Xavier also started to beat the nearest one. It was 3 against 10 but still, we were on the winning side as some from the crowd lent us a helping hand.

Not that it would be a tough fight as Xavier and Ian both seem good at fighting. But someone from the gangster team fired a gun in the air and all helping hands backed away.

Xavier stood in front of me to block Bella from their view. Their leader again pulled Ian to him but suddenly Froze as Seth pointed his gun to the leader's head.

"Leave him or I will call Maximus Reyes right now. And trust me he won't say no to me." Seth used his threatening tone to warn their leader.

They all ran away when they realized they were outnumbered as some other from our security agency also joined us.

" How do you know Maximus Reyes?" Xavier asked me.

I was contemplating what to tell him when Seth answered for me, "Mrs. Black's father is quite rich. He knows him. "

I saw Ian relaxing a little bit.

Seth helped me to strap Bella and I don’t know how but he did manage to get a bottle filled with baby formula for her.

“Get both of them safely at my home and I will go to get my father. Make sure everyone is safe. Do you get that?” I asked Seth.

“We are coming with you,” Xavier snapped at me.

“No, you are not. It is not safe for both of you now. Most importantly there is no one at home to look at all those ladies and kids.” I snapped back at him.

“Please, Ian. Don’t get offended but you are not leaving alone.” I said looking at him. He must have got the situation. It was he who was in danger rather than me.

“You are not going alone.” Ian shot back at me.

“She is not alone. I am going with her. Others will follow you back at home. No, I am not listening to anyone. Get inside the car.” Seth said authoritatively to all three of us.

I think I need to remind him who is boss here. But before I could say anything he went to get my car.

We all got back to our cars and headed to our destination. Seth was looking around for trouble while I was driving.

"I want you to check the CCTV footage of Rishi's school and Mr. King's house. I don't care how you get that. I want them within an hour.

I want one smart personal bodyguard for each one in the family. And none of them should get a hint that they are being followed.

If any of them fail then fire them from their job. I don't care.

I also want you to keep an eye on Ninny, Sharma, and Snow families.

Ask Zeb to update me about Uncle Vincent and Uncle Victor asap. " I instructed him while driving fast.

Papa just walked out of the elevator when I got in the parking lot.

“Papa” I yelled at the top of my voice.

“Rhea!! What are you doing here?” he asked me. Thank god Seth got out of the car just a minute ago.

“I am here to take you home. Get inside the car.” I said hurriedly.

“But I have got the car, honey! Why is Bella strapped to you? What’s going on Rhea? You looked so worn out.” He bombarded me with so many questions.

“Leave the car here. Now I want you home as soon as possible. I got into a situation. Just get inside the car.” I yelled at him.

I know I was wrong but I was scared to lose him.

As soon as He got inside the car, we drove back to the house with Seth and Mr. Jones followed us.

"Are you going to tell me what happened? " Papa asked me with a worried expression.

"I don't know. I just know Mumma is crying and both of the boys are hurt." I informed him.

He closed his eyes tightly and cursed lowly but I heard it anyway.

Rishi was standing at the door with a worried expression.

When he spots us, relief flooded in his eyes for a moment before annoyance.

‘I know I should not have left you alone but it was necessary’ I said mostly to myself.

My father looked at my mother and Rishi and got horrified by their state.

“Is someone going to tell me what is going on?” Papa yelled at us.

Rishi got Bella in his arms as soon as we entered and Alex looked relieved by seeing us unharmed.

“Matt, Our babies… Th… they got hurt. We failed again." Mumma said to Papa and started to sob in his arms. Papa just froze in his place.

The ‘again’ word didn’t get unnoticed by Ethan and his friends.

But I am thankful for Bella’s yelling that Rishi and Alex weren’t able to pay attention to us. It would be difficult to answer them.

When everyone got settled I signaled Paul to follow me.

“You have 1 minute to explain Rishi’s situation,” I said as soon as we got ourselves settled on a chair in the garden.

“Well. Somebody trashed Rishi’s locker today after the lunch break. He tried to follow that person but there was a trap.

His foot got caught in something and he was dragged by a van from the parking lot to the school entrance.

Thankfully he was able to free his foot from that thing. He didn’t let any of us call at your home or you so I… I called Xavier. He picked us up from college.

He lied to Rishi that Alex lost his keys so Mia invited him to our house. So he came to pick him up as Alex didn't want to stay at their house. I had already explained the situation on the phone to Xavier.

When we were getting out of his car, somebody tried to hit Alex. Thankfully Xavier was able to save him from that. But I don't know how Alex jumped out of Ethan's arm and tried to chase that vehicle with Xavier

Ethan and We both were running behind Alex.
When Alex tripped in the middle of the road and we saw a car was running towards Alex

For a split second, we both thought that it would hit Alex.” Paul gulped down visibly. He shivered down by just thinking of it.

“Thankfully Ethan saved him. After seeing, Alex was unconscious in Ethan’s arm; We... I mean he finally lost it. He just passed out on the spot.

I think when Alex tripped in the middle of the road his head hit pretty hard and he got unconscious.

We all got so scared that we didn't know what to do. It was Theo who tried to sprinkle some water on both of them.

Alex was the first one to gain his consciousness. I think he is blaming himself for Rishi’s state as he saw his wounds.

They both are blaming themselves for each other’s state. But I swear, it was neither of them faults.

They both just got silent and all. We didn’t know what to do, so Mr. and Mrs. King brought us all here.” Paul finished his explanation

I didn't say anything as I was picturizing the whole scenario in my mind.

“Please, Don’t be mad at them. They didn’t do anything wrong. I swear. I was present at both times. You can ask anyone. Please say something..”. Paul urged me when I didn’t reply to his story.

He had even started to cry. I have never been good to console anyone. So I did only one thing I saw while growing up. I tried to hug him. I don't think I did a good job but he surely did not complain about it.

He just nicely reciprocated my action and did not make fun of my failed attempt to hug.

“Ssshhhh! Relax! I am not at all mad at anyone. I know it was not their fault.
I am sorry that you all have to face all of that alone. I was not there when you all needed it.

It is OK to be scared dear but I am here to handle it. I will take care of everything and everything will be back to normal soon. So don’t worry, everything is under control” I said while hugging him.

Pa used to do this when Ma freaked out. It always worked on her. I hope it will work for him.

He hugged me back and said, “Do you promise that?” He asked in a hoarse voice.

“Well, I may not be able to keep them away from unpredictable situations but I can surely promise you that I won’t let them get harmed.

You will not lose your only friend and that's a promise from Rhea Black. And just to be clear, I always keep my promises.” I said to him,

“Will he be all right? I can’t see them like this.” He asked hopefully.

“It will take time but they will get over it eventually. We both will try to cheer them on.” I said to him and we both released our hold on each other.

Somebody just cleared their throat to get our attention. Xavier, Ian, Ethan, Ava, Ryan, and Kate all were watching us.

“Is there any problem?” I asked by looking at them. What is wrong with them? Why don’t they leave me alone?

“Are you all right?” Kate asked me. I smiled at her and nodded.

“Wait a minute! Why is it Paul crying and not you?” Ava asked me.

“Well… He just witnessed 2 accidents in a day and his friend’s fallout. It was a long day for him too and for crying out loud, he is just 13. That’s so much emotional stress for that young person.” I answered her.

“What about you then? I think you also witnessed some troubling situations today, that too more than him.” Ethan asked me, raising one eyebrow.

I think Xavier told him about the mall incident and he surely misinterpreted the situation that those goons were there for me.

Well. The fact is they were there for Ian and I was coincidentally there. I am not 'Queen of bad luck' for no reason. It takes a lot to maintain that position for this long.

“I can handle myself very well Mr. Clark. But thank you very much for your concern.” I snapped at him. I just hate it when he is right.

“What is your problem with me? You are good with others.” He snapped back at me.

“Ok, that’s enough! Find another time for bickering, not today. Who was that guy?” Ian asked me.

Why are these people so nosy?

“Is someone interested in me?” Seth spoke from our back.

“When did you get here?” Xavier asked him.

“Awww... I can’t leave her alone.” He said to Xavier and put his hand on my back. He didn't touch me, he just pretended that his hand was on my lower back.

“If I remember correctly, you said you are single, Miss Black,” Ethan demanded of me.

Woah! What the hell is going on? Rather why am I the one being questioned?

“We are not dating but it’s none of your business to question her.” Seth shoots back at him.

“I didn’t know that you are also known as Miss Black.” Ethan bit back to Seth.

“That is enough for today. We are thankful that you saved our lives today.” Xavier said to Seth.

“You are what? You were capable enough to save yourself. Why are you thanking him? ” Ethan asked Xavier.

This Ethan is a jerk.

“Why don’t we take a walk, Seth?” I asked Seth.

“We can’t. You all should get inside, Please don’t ask any questions. I think you have enough for today.” He said to me,

One of these days, I am going to shoot him for ordering me around.

Exactly how many times do I need to remind him who is boss here? Just then my previous bodyguard walked in and said, “I could use some help from you.” He mumbled near my ear.

And I got that something was up. I walked inside the home with all of them. I still have a situation to handle and I don't know why but I have a feeling that 'this day is not ending anytime soon.'

Somewhere in the world:
Third Person's POV:

Four heads turned to the TV channel where breaking news was going on.

"There is a bomb blast near the Snow industry at Bellwood. The bomb was planted in a car. We got to know that the car belongs to none other than Mr. Matthew Black."

As soon as the reporter stopped there was a loud sound of crashing glass echoing in the room.

As guessed by Mr. Aaron Black, the dining table made up of glass worth a few thousand dollars has been flipped on the floor.

Everything that was placed on it got smashed with it. The whole room is covered with broken pieces of glasses.

Both guys were fuming with anger. Aaron was so shocked by hearing that news that he didn't even react to their outburst.

Nobody moved from their places since they got the news. Mrs. Rose Black was sobbing uncontrollably but none of them tried to comfort her.

It's been more than one hour but there was no change in the dining room scene except everybody was sitting now. The phone was ringing continuously but nobody answered it. Everybody was feeling numb.

Hurriedly an old man entered a room with a phone in his hand. But when he saw the condition of the room he didn't know to whom he should hand the phone.

So he put it on speaker and went to stand in a corner.

"My King, your beloved nephew Mr. Matthew Black is alive, unharmed, and fine in his house. Thankfully! Young Miss Rhea Black had saved her father.

You don't need to worry about Master Matthew Black.
I am sending you a proof." Mr. Jones' voice rang in the room.

Mrs. Rose Black was quick to react. She quickly checked the photos. They were some pictures of Matthew and Helen hugging each other.

Everybody got relaxed after seeing him alive. After 11years Rose saw fear in Aaron's eyes. She has known him since they both were 13. Aaron didn't even break down when his parents died or when his only son left him or when he was at gunpoint at age of 7.

But when it comes to Matthew or Rhea, he behaves like a maniac. She never really understood why Aaron always loved his nephew Matthew more than his son Vincent.

Only 3 people in this world are important to him. Rhea, his nephew Matthew and his brother Alexander.

"I don't trust Mr. Jones." a guy with a green sweater muttered.

"Neither do I." His friend piped in his opinion.

"I am going there-" the first guy uttered but was cut by none other than Mr. Aaron Black.

"We all are going to Bellwood. It's not safe for my baby anymore."

"Are you kidding me, Aaron? This could be dangerous. What if somebody found out about it." Mrs. Rose tried to put some sense into her husband.

"I fuck don't care about anyone. I am the king of this whole world. And You, my queen, will do as I say.

Both of you guys, go and change your appearance. From today onwards your names are Will and Mike. And we are Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Rose Scott. I am not taking no for an answer. " Mr. Aaron Black said calmly.

Both guys were shocked by his calmness. Calm Aaron Black is the most dangerous man in the world. And everybody knows that.

"Do you think your nephew won't recognize us? He was 10 years old when he met us last time. And don't even get me started with Rhea. She pointed a gun at your forehead when you went to see Reyhan. It's just 8 years ago. For God's sake! Aaron. Try to understand. " Rose tried again.

" We will go and that's final." Aaron didn't pay any heed to his wife's plea.

" You had sworn to your brother that you will keep yourself away from your family. Are you going back down on that too? " Rose used her last weapon. Aaron Black does not just love his brother, he is obsessed with him. And she knows that well.

"I swore on him and this is me keeping my words. Mrs. Rose Black, my decision is final. Either you are supporting me or we are parting our ways from each other forever. The choice is yours. " Mr. Aaron Black said in his final tone and walked out of the room.

" He was just worried about them. He did not mean that Rose. Trust me, he loves you a lot."The guy with the green sweater was comforting Mrs. Rose Black.

"I did everything I could but I never became his priority. Why am I not important to him?? Will" she said, sobbing in his arms.

He looked at his friend for help. But he was looking worried. Mike was in deep thoughts. Will was trying his best to soothe Rose. Finally, she calmed down after sobbing for half an hour.

"Mike?? What's wrong?" Rose asked another boy.

"Will, What if she finds out who we are? Do you think just a change in appearance can fool her?" Mike asked.

Will was thinking the same thing since Aaron ordered them.

"Ohh don't worry. I had thought about a perfect makeover. And most importantly we are going there but not approaching them. That will get us in trouble. We will wait for them to come to us." Rose said, consoling them.

"You know she is Rhea, right? She can identify people with their approaching footsteps. Her senses are sharp. It took her 2 mins that day to find the cameras in the restaurant's private room." Mike said annoyingly.

"Don't worry, we will figure out something till then. We are leaving for Bellwood tomorrow evening. And yes… Don't take that cat with you. Rishi is allergic to cats." Aaron said while leaning at the door frame.

And just like that, they started to plan about how they would live in Bellwood.

'I am coming there, our future queen. I will not let anything happen to you this time.' Aaron thought in his mind.


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