Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 17

Rhea’s POV:

When I entered my room Rishi and Bella were asleep cuddlings each other. Thank God! At least both of them are resting.

Alex was seated on the bed with his back pressed against the headboard and eyes zeroed at the ceiling of the room.

Mia was sleeping on the couch covered with one of my shawls. Theo was sitting alone on the balcony.

“You should not have said that to Ma.” Alex was first to break the silence.

“I had to do something to make her stop crying,” I answered him.

“You just opened her half-healed wound. That's an unacceptable reason. You can do better than that.” He shouted back angrily at me.

“I was not thinking straight. I had other things on my mind. And she needed to hear that.” I clarified to him.

“It was still the wrong thing to do and it made her cry more. I will not forgive you next time.”Alex said sternly to me.

Of course, he won’t. His Ma is everything to him but he didn’t know that she is more than just a helpless mother.

She is known as the bravest woman in our world. I don’t understand what’s wrong with her today.

“Are you alright?” I asked tentatively.

“Are you not going to shout at me?” He spoke for the first time while looking at me.

“Should I?” I asked back.

“Yes. You should. I lost chase. I failed you.”He added with self-hatred.

“I am happier for the fact that you make it through with fewer injuries. I will take care of the rest of the things. You have done a great job.” I answered with a smile.

“I wouldn’t say that,” He said looking at Rish first and then to Mia and Theo.

“They both were worried and scared for you. You should thank them and assure them that you are all right.” I suggested it to him.

“And what about my other mistake?” He asked, looking at Rishi.

“It’s mine, not yours,” I replied curtly.

Rishi’s and Bella’s safety is always my responsibility, not his. He should know that. I have always made it clear.

“He is in this state because of me and you are acting like ‘It’s not a big deal.

For god Sake Di! I can take responsibility for my own mistakes. Stop treating me like a child.” He yelled at me.

“Stop yelling. You will wake them up and if they do. Then you have to face consequences because it will be your mistake now. ”I said calmly.

“Are you alright Alex?” Theo got in as he heard Alex’s yelling.

“Post-traumatic stress is making him angry, nothing more,” I answer for him.

“By the way, no one introduced us. I am Rhea.” I tried to converse with him. It’s the proper way, right? I hope it is.

“I am Theo,” he said with a shy smile.

“Are you ok, Theo?” I asked him.

“Well, I should be the one to ask you. Are you ok, Miss Black?” He said and blushed. I think he is a shy one.

“I am perfectly fine. Why don’t you go to Alex's Room and take a rest? You both should rest actually.” I said to them,

I walked into one of the guest rooms, locked it, and called Seth.

"What is the status?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"Zeb confirmed Master Vincent's location but we couldn't track the location of Master Victor. Master Vincent is safe.

We have arranged security guards around the house and three bodyguards for each one. They will take turns to protect family members.

We got CCTV footage from the school. I will show it to you personally.

We have one good news that this attack was not planned by your Ninny. I confirmed this thrice from sources. But we are keeping our eyes on those people. " Seth gave me details.

" You have time till tomorrow at 10.00 a.m. I want that Van with a driver and a person who planted a bomb in my father's car. I want every person involved in this mess.

I will punish them for what they did to my brother and parents. And before you open your mouth to defy me. I would like to remind you that I am your boss.

So spare me from all of your lectures…" I snapped at Seth.

" I will try to find them asap, Ma'am," he said and I hung up the call.

It was just 16.00 and I was already drained out. I just had breakfast this morning. So I headed out to the dining room in the hope that I would find something in the fridge there.

I saw my father’s phone vibrating on the dining table so I received a call.

“Hello, where are you, Matt? Are you alright? Matt, please answer me. ” A person on the other side asked hurriedly.

“Hello, he is all right and safe at his home. Who are you?” I asked him.

“Who are you? Helen? Is that you?” He asked again.

“No. It’s his daughter Rhea. What’s going on?” I asked him.

“I am coming home.” He said and cut the call. The name on the screen says, Robert Brown.

“Papa you got a call -” I started and turned in midway to give him his mobile phone back. That's when the sound of blasting something hit us hard like a BOOM!!! Someone pulled me out of the room.

“Rhea” My father howled for me.

“I got her.” I heard a familiar voice and everyone started to shout. It took me a moment or two to realize I was in someone’s arm more specifically a boy’s arm and his heart was racing fast.

He had held me so tight that I can’t even peek up to see in whose arms I am right now? I don’t know why but I wasn't repealed by the touch of that person. But that doesn't mean I like to be touched.

“OH, GOD! Leave me already.” I yelled. I was passed from his arms to my father’s arm then my mother’s and so on.

After every one of them hugged me as their life depended upon me, Rishi got both Alex and me in his arms.

“What is going on today? First me, then Alex, and now you why can’t people leave us alone? ” Rishi yelled in frustration.

“Rishi, I am fine. Don’t worry.” I tried to assure him. My mother was looking at me with concern in her eyes.

“I will die out of suffocation rather than blast if you won’t release me now.” I tried to joke for which everyone in the room glared at me except Bella.

Bella was looking at me like a lost puppy. I think I can’t even drink water peacefully today.

I guess that trap was for my mother, which leaves me and my father.

Wait a minute! Where is Mrs. Wright? Something is fishy about that woman.

This chaos must be a declaration of war from my kidnapper. That means he tracked me down again. Why am I not surprised?

'Uhhh Ohhh! You are trailing in a game.' my mind mocked me.

Sometimes I think my mind is my biggest enemy. It always discouraged me.

I handed a mobile to my father and walked into another corner of the room when I felt my cell phone’s vibration.

“Are you alright Boss?” Seth asked me. His voice was laced with concern and alertness.

“Yes. I am fine. No damage to any living person. But you don't dare to step inside the house. " I warned him. To which he didn't answer.

" What happened?” I asked him in a hushed voice.

“Master Matthew’s car got a blast. Police will arrive shortly at the house. We have to hide.” He informed me and cut the call.

On the cue police car pulled into our driveway.

I am going to have one of the worst days in my life.

“Matt, Where are you?” A man’s voice boomed in the room before he entered. Papa got in front of him and he pulled him in a bone-crushing hug.

“Thank God! You are all right. I thought I had lost you forever.” That man said.

“Robert, what happened?” Papa asked.

“We got to know that there was a blast near your office. When I reached my destination, I found out that it was your car, but you were nowhere to be found.

So I tried to call you 4-5 times and someone else received a call. I came to make sure that you are all right.”

He was talking to dad but looking at me. His eyes started filled with concern, so much adoration, and lastly with unshaded tears as he walked towards me.

He was looking at me like he finally found lost treasure. I have seen that face somewhere but I just can’t recall it.

He stood in front of me and tears started to fill his eyes.

It pained me to see him like that. He must be important to me in my past life, more specifically my childhood.

First time in my life I was angry about my partial memory loss.

Oh Shit! What if my mother noticed it?

No… No... No... You can’t fucked up at this point.

If anyone finds out about your memory loss then there will be so much drama. At this time I can't afford it.

'Rhea. Get a grip woman! Don’t blow up your cover. You are already in big trouble.' I scolded myself.

“Luna!!!” he said softly.

“GF?” I blurted out even before I registered those words.

“My little moon, my pie, my baby, my sweetie. You have grown up so fast. Oh! How much I missed you, my little queen.” He said and got me in a gentle hug. He was kissing the top of my head.

Isn’t he too emotional to be a policeman?

“My baby? Dad, what are you saying?” Ryan’s voice got him from his trance. He had a horrified expression on his face.

“How could you forget her, Ryan? She is Rhea, your only best friend from childhood. Don't act like a spoiled bratty child now. I am her Godfather. Of course, she is my baby too, isn’t she Helen?” Mr. Brown said.

My mother nodded at that.

That’s when I realized, Ryan looks so much like his father, and most importantly I won’t be going to get in trouble if I don’t remember him.
As Ryan had already forgotten me.

“Ryan used to hate it that I loved Rhea more than him.” Mr. Brown said to others.

“We got a situation here Robert,” Rita said sternly to him and that got his attention. She explained the whole fiasco while Rishi was grumbling about something. I couldn’t get the exact word.

My mother was still looking at me with concerned filled eyes.

“Are you still angry with me?” I asked her.

“No. I just realized that I don’t know my girl at all. I am the worst mother anyone could get.” She was looking more miserable while speaking.

“I am sorry but I am totally against your opinion Mrs. Helen Black. I used to get that I inherited a fighting spirit from my mother.

Besides, I really can’t stand a person who criticizes my parents. You better watch out before commenting on my mother. I also got a temper issue from my mother.” I smirked at her for which she just shook her head.

“Jokes apart, but are you alright? Please I just want to hear the truth, don't give me all that ‘Fine’ crap.” She was searching for something on my face.

“I am starving,” I confessed to her much to my embarrassment and my mother's dismay.

'Rhea Black… Your dear mother is getting suspicious about you. Don't you dare to mess up otherwise all efforts of all these years will be wasted. ' my mind informed.

'As if I didn't get it… I am the one who is talking to her right now. So shut up!' I retorted in my mind.

“We haven’t finished this discussion, young lady. Don’t even think for one second that I don’t know how you behaved with your Mrs. Sharma? You have an explanation and answers to give me. ” She rather added too sternly.

' Good going Black. At this rate, you won't be able to complete your goals.' My mind gave its opinion about my situation.

'If you won't stop now then I will shoot myself. Shut fuck up… will you?' I yelled at my mind.

“Can I speak to Miss Black?” Lisa asked.

Oh, God! What sins have I committed exactly? Why are you punishing me? Why did these people suddenly start to behave like idiots?

What the hell is she doing here now? Are they planning to expose my well-structured false life to my parents?

Exactly from which side they are playing? Do these people want me dead today itself? How the hell did I get these many brainless people around me?

“Who are you, Miss?” my father asked. And here I am on my way to hell.

“I am the secretary of Miss Black.” Lisa smiled at my father and ignored my glaring. Just because I am younger than all the people working under me, that doesn’t give them the right to defy me.

You all fools are going to pay for this. Papa led us both to a room then asked me,

“Care to explain?” The first time my father raised his voice at me.

“Papa, As Pa is out on a tour. I have the responsibility to sign some urgent documents if and only if Pa’s not available.

She is Pa’s secretary, not mine. You can call anyone at the office and ask about it.
Everybody knows that.” I lied smoothly to my father, not that I had any other options.

On the other hand, Lisa is scanning me from head to toe. This woman is going to be the death of me today.

“Hello, Mr. Jones Matthew Black is here.” My father called Pa's manager and put the phone on speaker.

Well, the acting manager. He is in my Uncle's office to keep an eye on him for me. I stalk all my family members and I am not ashamed of it. I have my reasons for that.

“Yes Sir, How may I help you?” Mr. Jones asked.

“I heard that Rhea joined Victor’s business recently. How is she doing?” my father twisted his question.

Somebody, please give him the Nobel prize already…

“Oh! I think Miss Black got it, wrong Sir.

Victor sir had told us if we can’t reach him then Miss Black has authority to sign documents and only those documents which are already verified by all authorities.

As she is next-in-line in the family, we all have to treat her as a boss. Maybe that's why she had told you that. You know how youngsters got thrilled by signing papers.

But I must say Sir; she never signed any document without reading it and if she has some queries regarding some topic she never hesitates to ask questions also.

She has a thirst for knowledge. I think she will give 100% in whatever field she chooses.” Mr. Jones said.

“It’s OK Mr. Jones; I will sign from now onwards.” My dad said in his reserved business tone.

“I am sorry Mr. Black but you are not authorized for that. Only Mrs. Mili Black and Miss Rhea Black have that authority, not even your father. I am just following my orders Sir; I mean no disrespect.” He said politely.

“Ok.” Dad was now looking at me.

“What?” I asked him.

“Look, dad! If you are about to give me a lecture on ‘don’t let this thing get in your head’ then I would like to inform you that I won’t.

I am not at all thrilled about it. I have seen what disaster a sign can do; so I am aware that this is the responsibility and not showing off.” I said it all in one breath.

“You are not going to join any business, that’s it,” Dad said and walked out of the room. I think he is too late to say that.

“Are you alright ma’am? Why was there the sound of a blast?” Lisa asked worriedly.

“I was perfectly alright before you showed up and made me face already anxious parents.

Thanks to you that I might be sentenced to death now or worse getting enquired by my parents. It’s better to be important.” I whisper yelled at her.

“But I was following orders, Miss Black.” Lisa tried to reason.

“I don't fucking care what you were doing. All I know is you made a serious mistake. I have to face consequences now. Do you know that I am on their radar now?” I glared at her. She just bowed down her head.

“Why are you here anyway?” I hissed at her when she didn't answer.

She handed me a letter, it may be from Seth or Mr. Jones.

“We want your signature as we revised some terms. Mr. Jones already had checked it; he mailed you previous terms and new terms.

He told me to tell you that he will be available on the phone if you need anything. Here, these are the documents.” Lisa said in a business tone. I nodded at her.

“Do you need any help, Miss Black?”Lisa asked me as we walked out to the living room.

“Yes Lisa, It will be so nice of you if you can arrange dinner for all these people. Please discuss with mom before ordering.” I said as soon as I reached the dining room.

“And Yes! Check all damage in this room and inform me. We have to replace everything today itself.

Mom will choose furniture and other things. Do you get that?” I asked in a no-nonsense tone and she nodded at me.

I handed all the files to Alex and signaled him that he had to hide them.
And now all I want to do is go to my bed as everyone went to their house after dinner. But I think fate had other plans. I received a text message from Seth.

"We got into a serious situation, Miss Black. Please meet Lisa outside within five minutes…"

'It took only one day for those bastards to destroy peace in my life…
Shame on you, our Future Queen. You can't even keep your family safe! Now get your ass out of the mess asap.' my mind yelled at me.


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