Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 18

Rhea’s POV:

“Alex, we need to leave, now,” I whispered to him.

“But what are we going to tell Ma & Pa? They are not going to allow us.” Alex answered calmly.

“Theo and Ava are in trouble,” I told him. Not that he is so close to Theo but we had always been taught to help others.

“What happened to them?” Rishi yelled from my behind. All I wanted to do is to sneak out from here. But No… with my luck… I can't even sneak out of the house.

“Shut the hell up, would you? We will tell you afterward. Just take care of both of you. And remember, do not… I repeat don’t allow Mumma and Papa to step out from here.” I ordered him.

“But I can’t let you walk into trouble. It’s just not me. You both are not going anywhere; not after what happened today.” Rishi argued with us.

His worries are not baseless but no one is going to get hurt under my watch. Ava is Mumma's Goddaughter so I will do everything to keep her safe.

“Does it look to you that I am asking for permission? Do as I said to you.” I glared at him.

In the last thirteen years I never even got annoyed at him and today I practically yelled at my brother. I was feeling so guilty.

One day… Those people who tried to scare my brother and put everybody's life in danger are going to pay for it. I am not going to forgive those assholes.

“Fine. But 1 scratch on anyone of your body, you have to face me.”Rishi grumbled.

Alex and I just ran out of our house and I for one surely know that we are going to face a hell of inquiry from my parents.

I just hope my parents won't discover that I have been lying to them for the last 5 years. Because if they found out then I will be locked up in the house for the rest of my life.

Lisa was waiting outside with a car and Ian, Xavier, Ryan, Paul, and Ethan were talking outside of their house.

“Where the hell are you going?” Ethan the player yelled at me.

Did he forget he is not my father? I glared at him. Why can't this guy keep his mouth shut?

“Ryan, get Ian safely home and don’t leave him alone. Paul, please keep an eye on Rishi and Papa for me. You can follow me, I may need you.” I looked at Xavier & Ethan.

If anything bad has happened to her already then she will need her friends. They are my best bet at the moment.

We got inside the car where Lisa and Seth were seated; Xavier and Ethan were following us in their car.

“It was getting out of hand that’s why we called you. Yelling had just started when we messaged you. I think she will be beaten down to a pulp.” Seth said from the Passenger seat.

“Ava?” Alex asked horrified.

“Alex will take Theo and all their important things to the car. Seth will cover them. Hand me that gun Seth.

Lisa, you will be ready to get them home safely. I have Xavier with me. If anything goes out of hand, call the police. Am I clear?” I instructed them as we parked near the house.

And as Seth had predicted we can hear yelling and smashing things from the house.

“Hey, that's Ava’s house. Did they get attacked by someone?” Ethan tried to mask his worry.

“Ethan, please wait outside for backup. Xavier and others will follow me.” I told him.

“No, I can’t leave Ava on her own. I need to be there for her.” Ethan argued with me.

I wanted to slap him but I controlled my anger for Ava.

“Wait a minute, that’s Ava’s screaming. Stop discussing and get inside already. ” Xavier yelled at us.

“You bitch, All I told you is stay fucking far away from that girl and you spend a day with her.

Did you forget what happened when you disobeyed me?" We can hear a threatening tone from outside the locked door.

Seth signaled me to step away. He pulled another gun from his pocket and Alex pulled 2 pocket knives from his socks.

“Remember, just take Theo & things and run.” I hissed at Alex and he gave a single nod in answer.

Ethan wants to say something but before he can utter a word Seth unlocked the door with a key which he fetched from the pot.

Ava was lying on the floor bloodied and bruised; Theo was standing in a corner with teary eyes begging for Ava.

Ethan gaped at the situation and Xavier pushed him out of the room hurriedly. The lady had a whip in her hand. I walked ahead and pointed a gun at her head before she could turn towards us.

“OH! You are quite late to get here Miss Black. But I must say quite earlier than your idiot mother.” Mrs. Wright said mockingly.

“Drop that whip or I will shoot,” I said in my threatening tone.

“Xavier, get Ava to my house, now.” He picked up Ava and ran out of the house with Ethan in tow.

I usually make sure that I won't use a gun in front of my siblings. But I think I can make an exception for this situation.

Thank god! Rishi didn't follow us. He doesn't know that I can use a gun.

Seth was standing with me while Alex took Theo upstairs to fetch their things.

“You can always try, but I can guarantee your failure. Why you both mother and daughter poke your noses in someone else’s business is beyond me.

I am her legal guardian and she is stuck up with me for her entire life.” She said rather too sweetly.

“That’s where you are wrong. You should have taken my threat seriously. I am not like my mother.” I replied to her with the same tone.

“Do you think you would get away with this so easily? I think you forget what happened to you 11 years ago.

But don’t worry, I will make sure that this time you won’t find a way out.” She now smiled at me.

“Trust me; I am waiting for that day.” I glared at her.

I wouldn't be shocked to know if she was also involved in my kidnapping 11 years ago. She is a cruel woman and she hates my guts.

“See you in the morning; I will come to take back my loving daughter.” She said in a dismissive tone.

“No, you are not,” Lisa answered from behind.
All I told her was to get away with kids, why is she still here?

“Cops will arrive shortly and this time we have evidence.” Lisa pointed her gun at Mrs. Wright's forehead. That's when I noticed Seth was pulling out a small camera from one large frame in the living room.

Alex and Theo ran down with two heavy trolley bags. Alex puts them near the door and gets themselves locked in our car.

Within a minute or two, we heard the cops' car’s siren. And as if I didn’t have enough bad luck for a day, so to sum up, Robert Brown entered the house.

'So much for a well-structured false life.' my mind mocked me.
'If you can't help me then just shut the fuck up' I yelled at my noncooperative mind.

“Chief Brown, This lady has committed a crime and Miss Black wants to file a report against her. We even had evidence. Please arrest her.” Lisa said and put her hand on her back to relax.

She was signaling me to snap out from my anger and pulled back my gun. But Ava's face was constantly flashing in my mind. And no matter how much I try… I just can't find it in me to let that lady walk away from me without punishment.

"I swear you on your Father. Please put down that gun ma'am. I beg you… please " Lisa whispered into my ear.

I put down the gun and Mrs. Wright started to snicker at me.

That’s it! She is gone now.

I punched her hard on her face more specifically on her long nose and slapped her hard on both of her cheeks.

“Enough ma’am, Please try to contain your anger,” Lisa whispered and pulled me away from her forcefully.

It took me a while to figure out that Seth was helping her to pull me back from that woman.

“We will follow you,” Lisa answered from my side as I was not paying attention to Chief Brown. I was so angry at her that I want to torture her to death.

“I had already called a doctor for Ava. She must be getting treated now. Don’t worry.” Lisa said to us as soon as we started to follow police cars.

Alex wanted to accompany us but I convinced him that he should be with Theo now.

She had already constructed a perfect story for this incident which even gives a justification for Seth’s presence.

Sometimes they do work efficiently, as most of the time. But with my luck they can’t always help, you know.

After filing a complaint we head back to the house.

Like this morning 3 cars were parked in my driveway. It feels like Déjà vu.

Rishi was standing at the door with Bella in his arms.

“We had informed Smith and Lily this afternoon without consulting you but I thought it would be best.

Mr. Jones asked you to find something that was related to your past. You can ask Mrs. Black.

We need it for those papers which will give us the name of Ava’s true guardian. The earlier we can get it, the better it will be for her.

We would have one plus point in this case. Guards have been doubled. Take care, Miss Black.” Lisa took out bags from the car and walked me to the house.

“Don’t you dare to walk out on us like that?” Rishi said get me into a hug. Bella started to cry.

Oh, my poor baby! She had a long day and she is not getting any sleep at all.

“I am so proud of you. You have done a great job!” Smith said and kissed my forehead.

“Rhea!!!” Mumma ran towards me and started to kiss all over my face. As if I was fighting world war-3.

Please, somebody, stop her already…. Which mother kisses her 18 years old daughter like this.

Smith took Bella from my hand so I can comfort my mother. I pulled her in a comforting hug.

It was a hell of a day for her. I can't even give her a normal life. Everything was fine before I showed up here.

'You are really the Queen of bad luck! ' My smart mind taunted me.
But I ignored it.

'You are the biggest curse to Black Family. One day… Matthew Black will kill himself because of you' My kidnapper's words were ringing in my mind.

With all the power I had, I pushed all those thoughts aside.

“Doctor is treating her. We decide it will be safe if she will get treated here, not in the hospital.” Lily filled me in as mom was not talking at all.

“Ian?” I asked Rita who had Bella on her lap. She was putting Bella to sleep.

“He is outside of the room. They all are there.”

I walked in that direction so that I could see their condition. But before I could reach them, someone pulled me into the common bathroom on the first floor.

It was Ethan the player.

Now, what does he want at midnight?
I had a long day but he decided to act like a moron just now.

He held me both hands in one large hand and he covered my mouth with another.

My back was pressed against the bathroom door. What’s wrong with this guy? Can he not see what the situation is here?

And which sane person exactly chooses the bathroom for chit-chat?

“Are you all right?” He asked me.

OK! Tell me, how am I supposed to answer when he had a hand on my mouth? But he seems so oblivious to that fact.

He was standing too close for my liking. His piercing blue eyes were looking straight at my eyes. As if eyes are going to answer him instead of the mouth.

Did he even know the basic anatomy of the human body? The mouth is used for talking and eyes are used for watching?

“Do you know how worried I was? What’s wrong with you? How could you do this to me?”

First thing first, if you don’t want answers why the hell are you asking questions?

Besides, how am I supposed to know he was worried? By the way, why the hell was he worried for me instead of Ava? It’s not his job.

And most importantly exactly what have I done to him?

“And why are you behaving like I don’t even exist? Don’t you dare to deny it, I can see it.” He is glaring at me.

I haven’t even said a word Dude. Stop assuming. I was about to kick him when he put his one leg between my two and leaned more close.

“Rhea, why can’t you understand? Do you even know how dangerous that woman is?” he said, concern started to fill his eyes with something else.

Ok, now he is suffocating me, and well... confusing also.

“Don’t ever do that to me again…” he said huskily and put his forehead on mine.
His nose was just an inch away from me. His eyes were closed now as if he was trying to get hold of himself.

When he opened his eyes, I looked down at his hand and he removed it.

I took that chance and pushed him away.

“Do not suffocate me like that again. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am more dangerous than that woman. Stay freaking far far far away from me.” I said in my most threatening tone and walked out of that bathroom.

I got myself in the first empty room I could find and slide down to the door as soon as it’s locked.

I tried to calm my racing heart.
I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my breathing but I couldn't.

All those nightmares started to flash in my mind whenever somebody tried to corner me.

'Pull yourself together, you idiot. You have a situation to handle.' my mind yelled at me.

I could still hear my pounding heartbeats, still could smell his cologne, his warm touch on my wrist, and my face.

I could perfectly see his brilliant blue eyes staring at me as soon as I closed my eyes.
What the fuck was that? Who the hell converse with someone like that?

I will kill him if he touches me again.
And it suddenly clicked with me; it was Ethan who hugged me when the microwave oven exploded in the dining room.

What was he doing there again?

I calmed myself down so I can be presentable again.

Then suddenly my phone started to vibrate in my pocket.

Now What?

“Miss Black, Mrs. Black has to attend some emergency at the hospital. Leo and I will be with her. Lisa will be with you.” Seth said to me and cut the call.

I went back to check on Ava. The scene there was not pleasant.

Ian was looking like he would pass out at any moment now. Ryan was holding him.

Rishi and Paul were standing on each side of a door where the doctor was treating Ava.

Kate was crying on Ethan’s shoulder.
Xavier was seated with the kids. Mia was at one side of Theo while Alex was on his other side. He had buried his face in Alex’s chest; Mia was crying and rubbing his back.

It was a heart-wrenching scene.

“Rishi, get all of them in your room. We will need the doctor’s permission to visit Ava till then just wait there.” I said to him,

He was about to argue when I glared at him.

“Ian, I think you should inform your family.” When I said family, I meant his brother Reyes.

I think that his brother should know about the attack on him.

“Ryan, Give him some time to be alone. He may need it.” I said and Ethan scowled at me. But I ignored him.

With some begging, I finally sent all of them to rest.

“You should sleep,” Papa said when he found me waiting outside of the patient room.

“I can say the same for you,” I replied to him.

“How did you find out about Ava?” He asked me.

“Lisa was on her way home when she heard some voices. She decided to check up but when she found out that it was Ava. She called me.” I answered him shortly.

“That’s it?” he asked again.

“It’s quite a long story and I am in no condition to talk. But I do have questions to ask you. May I?” I asked him.

I was not sure that he would answer but it was safer to ask him than my mother.

I want to know about my connection with Ava. Because no matter how hard I try, I didn't recall any single female friend in my childhood. Not that I can recall much of it.

Even Pa never mentioned any incident from my childhood that contained any girl. Then how could she be related to me?

“Go ahead.” He said.

“Are there any jewelry pieces that are related to both me and Ava?” I asked him.

“Yes, but why do you want to know? I mean why now?” He got suspicious. Having a father whose brain works like Sherlock is not a good thing.

“I thought if we give it to her then maybe she will accept us as a family and will agree to live with us.” I lied smoothly.

“We are not her legal guardian.” He answered half-heartedly.

“Mom is her godmother, isn’t she?” I asked again. He just nodded at that. He was in deep thought.

After an hour or so, The doctor came out. He started to talk with my father about her situation and I got in that room.

There she was sleeping with all tubes attached and her body covered with bandages. She was looking pale, with chapped lips and bruised cheek.

She had cast on one hand and her whole mid-body was covered in bandages. All those memories started flashed in my head when I took in her condition.

I didn’t miss her whimpering; that too when she was in deep sleep.

I suddenly started to feel suffocated. I couldn’t breathe; as if it was me, not her, who was in deep pain.

All those glimpses of my nightmare started to cloud my vision.

“Are you OK Miss Black?” Lisa shook and asked me.

“Yeah, what’s it?” I asked her.

“Are you sure ma’am? You are breathing hard, and covered in sweat.” Concern started to fill in Lisa’s eyes.

Only Alex and Rishi had witnessed this situation. The Queen can't afford to break down in front of her staff.

“Ask the doctor to give her more sedatives. She is in pain.” I said and dashed out of the room. I can’t afford to break down there. Not in front of my father at least… He isn't strong enough to see me like that…


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