Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 19

Rhea’s POV:

Pain, Pain, and endless pain is the only thing my brain could register while I was gaining consciousness.

It is even difficult to breathe. As I opened my eyes darkness again welcomed me with wide-open arms.

I took my surroundings and instantly got alerted as it was not the same.

I can’t smell that dust or disgusting smell I used to get from my surroundings. It’s clean and that caught me by shock. I wasn’t laid on the cold floor either.

Something is wrong. I am getting that much royal treatment from my kidnappers and it is not a good sign.

OH God! They might have seriously fucked up something this time. There is no other way I could guess.

I am just hoping that they haven’t guessed or tortured out ‘the thing’ that we were hiding from them.

Please, God! Anything but that; I am even ready to face my death. It will spoil everything that I had done up till now; not to mention the consequences.

“I don’t think it is possible. She can’t fool me.” She said in a hushed tone.

For the first time, I was thankful for the pain that I can’t move. Otherwise, I would be unable to listen to their plan.

“She is the granddaughter of Aaron Black. The man who had fooled everybody including his brother.” He said to her,

“You are forgetting the main thing. She is not directly related to him. Aaron Black is Alexander’s elder brother.

She is technically Alexander’s granddaughter. I still don’t get why we are not killing her. She is of no use.” She yelled at him.

“She is not going to die. She will get to live her life.” He said to her calmly.

“Just answer me why?” She asked him.

“We can use her afterward. She is a weak link to both Snow’s and Black’s.” He said to her more confidently.

“How?” she asked.

“I just have a hutch.” He said. He didn't sound convincing enough even to me.

“We have already lost the half battle and I am not going to waste my time on that bitch.

Just clean the mess by killing her and move on. We will plan out something else to get back to them.” She said too sternly to him.

“No, you are not doing anything stupid. Just trust me on this.” He answered in the same tone.

“I trusted you and see, what happened?” She said to him,

“See… I think you need to cool down a bit. I will get us lunch then we will discuss. OK,” He said and left.

I slipped into darkness again.

After some time when I got conscious fully, I tried to move but it’s all in vain.

“Now now… What do we have here? A bitch? who fucked up all of my plans.

Awww… What made you think that you could get away with that?

Since the day I got you, all I am facing is a failure. I mean how much bad luck a person could have.

Are you the ‘Queen of Bad Luck’?” She asked me as soon as I could find enough energy to move and get her attention.

“Yes,” I answered her calmly. I had decided at that moment, I am not going to be a weak link to my family. I will rather face my death than this.

“You dared to talk back fucking bitch. Someone got courage. You still remember what I could do to you, right?” She mocked me.

“The worst comes, the worse you will kill me. I had already lost my will to live.” I answered in a duh tone.

“So you decide to get your lesson the hard way, don’t you?” She again asked mockingly.

“Technically, I have decided to defeat you. Awww… such a poor thing you are! You have done everything you could and what you got in return?

As I am going to die today, tell me one thing: what does failure taste like? You know what? It's a shame that a merely 5 years old kid defeated two mature adults.

If I were you, I would have died out of shame.

Am I ‘The Queen of Bad Luck’?or you are? doesn’t that title suit you more than me?

I swear to my siblings that if I don't die today, you will die out of my hands one day. I promise!” I said with every ounce of courage I had.

As soon as those words left my mouth she started to hit me by the hunter and I once again surrendered myself to the pain with the hope that this would be the last time I am facing the pain.


I opened my eyes as someone started to pound on my bathroom door. I was sitting under a cold shower hugging my knees.

“Rhea… Rhea… Are you there? God damn it, woman, answer me.” Someone yelled from outside.

“Go away. Let me have my shower peacefully.” I answered.

Nevertheless, I switched off the shower and dried myself. This was the first time in so many years I was getting flashes without sleeping.

I could still feel that pain in my body as if I just got that much beating. I could not breathe. My legs were not even supporting me to stand up.

‘This is not good Rhea’ my Pa’s voice rang in my ears.

As if by any miracle he and Ma can sense that I am in deep shit.

Where are you Pa? I need you. Your princess again got herself at a position where she could either keep herself alive or her family.

I closed my eyes in the hope that the pain would go away or ease at least. But then again I forget that it’s my constant companion.

‘Just remember darling, when you feel like you are stuck somewhere; don’t lose your hope and courage. You have promised your mother that you would return to her. Just keep that promise.’ My Ma’s voice rang in my ears.

My pregnant mother's face started to flash in front of my eyes. Her condition 13 years ago was horrible. I can't let her go through it again.

'Pull yourself together Black. You are born as the queen. Start acting like one.' my non-cooperative mind yelled at me. And this time I was thankful for its yelling.

Thankfully… I haven’t lost it yet. I can’t give up now. Not when all of them are facing this situation because of me.

' Come on Rhea! You just have to face death once again. How difficult can it be to get yourself killed?' I motivated myself mentally.

With a teaspoon of courage I had left with, I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom.

Xavier was standing at the closet door.

“Your mom had a panic attack.” He said and I felt a cold chilling wave of fear run down my spine. I quickly ran downstairs.

I should have warned someone not to let Mumma visit Ava.

The situation had gone out of my father’s hand when I reached their room.

Mumma was breathing hard in the corner of her room or should I say a destroyed room.

All things were scattered, vases were broken and my father was looking helplessly at my mother. She was not herself. She was looking like a lost woman who couldn't identify her loving husband.

Only Smith, Lily, and Xavier were present there. I hope Alex won't wake up. He should not witness this.

Mumma was not letting anyone get close to her. I walked into the room with minimum sound. I don’t want to startle her.
She was mumbling something to herself.

“What happened, honey?” I asked softly by stroking her messy hair.

“She.. she said she won’t-” is all I could get from her mumbling. My mother must take Ava as me. No wonder she had a panic attack.

She had seen me like that 2 times in the past. Only Ava's condition is much better than mine. Doctors had told my parents that my chances of being alive were only 2%.

“Hey.. Look at me. She is all right. You just relax and breathe.

Guess what? Let’s do it together.” I suggested it to her and to my surprise she obliged immediately.

I made her sit cross-legged on the floor itself with me and asked her to close her eyes.

“OK now! Breathe in… Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out…” I started to whisper.

She was shivering and it pained me to see my mother in that state. There are people out there who are scared to face Mrs. Helen Black. And look at her now. So vulnerable!

Do you know what’s the worst part? I am the reason for all this and the good part is that she will not remember any of it tomorrow and that will give her more stress.

I continued to whisper and signed Lily to clean that stuff. I can’t let mom see what she had done in that state.

When I felt that she had relaxed, I pulled her into my arms and said,” Open your eyes, Mumma.” She instantly did as I say.

“I am home Mumma; safe and sound in your arms. Just the way I promised you. I will not leave you; I promise.

Just go to sleep. And when you open your eyes, you will see my face first.” I whisper to her.

She just looked at me for some time. As if she was scared that if she closed her eyes I would disappear. After a while, she dozed off in my arms.
" Does she still get those panic attacks?” I asked my father who was looking at us. My mother had buried her face in my neck and cuddled with me.

“No. She got them after 9-10 years.” He answered softly. He was looking like he had lost the most important battle of his life.

Carefully he took her in his arms so he could put her to bed.

“Rhea???” He called me and I looked up to him.

“Are you not scared, honey?” he asked.

“If you are asking about ‘scared to lose you all’ then ‘Yes, I am.

But if you are asking about today’s case then ‘No’.” I answered honestly.

“Why?” he mumbled.

“I have you Papa; I know you won’t let anything happen to us. Besides It’s not the first time for me.” I said the last line quietly.

Tears started to flow from his eyes as he looked at me. The pain was visible in his eyes. I wish I could ease it, but I can’t.

"I am sorry," he mumbled.

"Don't be. It was my fate. It should be me who has to apologize. Your life has changed since I came here. Because of me, she is in this state." I replied.

"You are right. Our life has changed since we got you. We found love and family we never thought we would get.

You gave meaning to our lives, Rhea. Never apologized for being you. We would be dead by now if it were not for you. I don't even want to imagine our life without you.

You are worth all the pain we had gone through and much more. Just don't give up on your life, because if you did then we have no reason to live for. " He said, taking my hand in his.

He was searching for something in my expressionless face. He patted my head as if he was proud of me. But I can still feel his inspecting touch. He was making sure I was not injured.

" I am not harmed. She can't harm me even in that state. She is my mother." I tried to assure him.

"Does Rishi know about this?" I asked him.

"Everybody knows about this Di." Alex's voice caught me by surprise.

"We witnessed her like this when you were in the hospital," Rishi answered.

He had masked his expression but I know he is hurt and worried.

All I wanted is to give Alex and Rishi a normal life. But see… I am failing in that also.

'Let's add normal life to the list of things which Rhea Black can't afford. You know, for the youngest billionaire you are lacking in so many things.' my so smart mind taunted me.

And like so many times, it's right. Thus I ignored it.
“Come on Mr. Black. You can do better than that.” I said to encourage and comfort Papa after a while.

I was trying to make him feel better but he was still looking at me like he was expecting a breakdown moment of mine.

But I won't be breaking down in front of them.

He chuckled at my line and replied in the same tone,
“What? Dance? Or spend the whole day in a mall to choose a new Vase with your Mumma.”

“I like the second option.” I mocked him.

“What kind of daughter are you?” He looked horrified.

“The one you would love most,” I said winking at him. He looked at my sleeping mother.

“Don’t worry Papa! She will be alright. And if you are worried about Vase, you can always blame Bella.” I tried to ease his worry. He just nodded at me.
It’s 2.00 am. Everyone was asleep and I was sitting in my closet with two letters. One was from Seth and the other was from Rishi’s jeans pocket.

I decided to read Rishi’s first.

Dear Jr. Black,
I am giving you a chance to choose one from the following:

Rhea Black.
Entire family and FRIENDS (excluding Rhea BLACK).

Let’s see what Jr. Black can do.

Whomsoever that person is, that one should not have included my brother in that game. They are going to pay for this.

How dare they threaten my brother?

I should go out and meet Seth and watch that CCTV footage. So I can take appropriate actions against them.

I opened another envelope. It had 2 letters.

First Letter:

Your guess was right. The person who got arrested 10 years ago was not your real kidnapper.

The first one was just confirmation of my doubt. I always knew that he can't be the same person. He was too smart to get caught.

Second letter:

Your grandfather and grandmother got missing.

So this was a planned attack? I am not even surprised. If he thinks that I will get panicked and make a mistake then they are wrong.

I am not 5 or 7 years old now. I am much more prepared this time.

About my grandparents, well they should not have messed with them.
No one can get away easily after messing up with my grandparents.

I quickly informed Lisa to arrange a security team for my parents. I know they both will go to find my grandparents.

And those kidnappers, well let’s just say that somebody dug a grave from them. There is no way grandpa Aaron is going to forgive those bastards.

When it comes to my grandpa, Mr. Aaron Black can go to any extent to save his brother. All I have to do is send him information.

I quickly informed Mr. Jones that he was going with my parents and ordered him to inform Grandpa Aaron.

I was on a chair beside my parent’s bed just for my peace of mind. I mean if mom decides to wake up in the middle of the night.

After a lot of thinking, I decided to do 2 things
The first one was to keep distance from those boys and Ava. Avoid them at any cost I can. They should not get involved in this mess.

And the second one is searching for the person who dared to make Rishi choose one from the options and threaten him.

No one gets away easily by messing with the Black family. I messaged Leo to dig in for all the information he could get.

Brilliant blue eyes flashed in front of my eyes as soon as I closed them.
What’s wrong with me? I don’t even know him. I found myself walking towards the room where they all were resting.

The door was half opened, so I peeked inside. Xavier was sleeping on the couch and Ian, Ryan & Ethan were sleeping on the bed in a guest room.

I don’t know why but my eyes wandered on one face. I just could not tear my gaze from that face.

Ethan, the player was sleeping peacefully.
Peaceful sleep was a luxury I never got to experience.
He is one good-looking son-of-b****. I never noticed that before.

Those brilliant blue eyes, messy hairs that were making him look sexy, the lean but still muscular body, and a typical signature smirk that every player of high school or college has.

No wonder he turns out as a player. He may not even have to try for it. Girls must be throwing themselves to him. Some charm he got!

I recalled our conversation a few hours ago. I found myself scowling at that memory. What exactly did he want to say? It was not making any sense.

Wait a minute! Am I checking out Ethan the player? What’s wrong with me? What the hell am I doing here again?

With those thoughts, I walk inside the patient room. I decided to spend the rest of the night there. I held Ava’s hand and closed my eyes in the hope that maybe I was tired enough to sleep.

It's 5 a.m. Now everybody is sleeping peacefully except me. I just put Bella to sleep and come back to my room.

I took another shower and was thinking about what to wear when I saw Alex's bag in the corner. It's been about 1 month since we got here and why has nobody put a bag in his room?

I pulled out a bag that had a note stuck to it.

'Only Rhea is allowed to open this bag.
-Victor. '

Why the hell nobody told me about this. I quickly closed the closet door and checked the lock. Somebody had tried to open it twice. It must be my mother because Papa and Rishi won't do it. And Alex knows his boundaries.

I tried the code and it opened. It had 2 sealed packages. 1 million dollars hard cash and an envelope.

I opened the secret locker and first kept those packages and an envelope. Suddenly someone started to bang on my closet door.

I opened it and Theo was standing there. I quickly put all the cash in the locker and locked it.


"Your parents got a call and they are yelling at each other out of nowhere. Alex got scared. " Theo said.

Oh, God! When are my parents going to grow up?

Alex thinks that if couples started to fight then they would get divorced. That's why he must be scared.

I quickly got dressed and ran out of the room.

"Enough" I yelled at my parents. Alex was looking at them with teary eyes. And Rishi was scowling at them.

"Go, get ready. I will pack your bags. I will take care of everything here. You go and get grandpa and grandma from those people."

"Did you know about that?" Papa asked.

"I made all the arrangements. I even asked Mr. Jones to inform him. Rishi, go make breakfast for them. And Alex go get some snacks to pack up." I answered.

Papa knew when I said 'him', I was talking about Mr. Aaron Black.

"Why are you both talking like we don't exist? Are any of you going to tell us what happened?" Alex yelled and Mumma nodded her head.

"Grandpa and grandma got kidnapped yesterday," I answered.

And at that moment, I knew I blew up my covers. My father was looking at me suspiciously. Soon he is going to find out about my security business.

God! Please! Do something.


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