Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 20

Ava’s POV :

"And I and E brought you here. This setup was already there when we put you here. Theo came with Alex. " Xav told me how they rescued me that day.

It's been 3 days since I was here in Black’s house. Rhea is checking up on me from time to time. I even got to know that her grandparents got kidnapped.

I was thankful to her for saving me but still, nobody could tell how she got to know that I was in trouble.

She is taking care of me like I am her child. But isn't giving us any answers. She is always in deep thought.

A nurse who was appointed by Aunt Helen is terrified by Rhea. She accidentally spilled some soup on me and Rhea gave her an earful scolding.

Even though she was not on talking terms with any of us she was taking good care of me. She even spends every night with me in this room.

"Is she all right?" Ian asked Lily about Rhea.

"No, I don't think she is alright. But she will be soon. She must be worried about her grandparents. She is close to them." Lily sighed.

"Wouldn't it be better if she told us what we can do for her? I mean, it was not our fault about what happened with her family. We are here to help her. Why is she acting like this? " Ethan asked.

This is the first time Ethan is making an effort for someone. It was always the other way around.

"Wait a minute! This isn't about you all. This is how she is. She never speaks with anyone. This is normal Rhea Black. She had always been like this." Lily smiled at him.

"You mean, she was always rude," Ethan said.

"She is not rude. She lacks socializing skills. So she doesn't know what to do sometimes." Lily defended her.

"So you are telling us that this is not because of that dreadful day? Is she not at all worried about her grandparents? " Xav asked

"You are confused about her reaction and behavior. She is worried about them but that doesn't mean she will tell you or show you. Her behavior with you has nothing to do with her situation.

She just is not used to these many people in her life. Friendship is a foreign concept to her. And she is not ready to let you in her life. It's too early for her to be comfortable with you all. " Lily said

"We are not forcing ourselves on her. But she could be at least polite with us." Ethan snapped at her.

"This is her being polite. Mind your tone. Rhea ma'am can't stand with disrespect. Lily is important to her." Lisa said from the doorway. And as on cue, Rhea entered the room. But I don't think she heard them. She was looking furious and was on the phone.

"I said I want to change that nurse and I am not taking NO for an answer," Rhea yelled at the person on the other end of the phone. She hung up just like that.

She took an injection from the side table, filled it with medicine, and injected the content of it in a drip. She took a board where nurses put down those details and filled it. Made me drink water. She wasn't looking at any of my friends.

I was slightly angry with her for treating them like this. They were here for me. And she was acting like there was no one.

"Are you even authorized to do all this? Shouldn't we wait for another doctor or nurse?" Ethan asked her. But she ignored him.

"He is asking you something. " I yelled at her when she didn't answer him. And she just walked out of the room.

"Ava ma'am, please calm down. Rhea ma'am has appointed a new doctor and nurse for you. He is on his way. But we can't afford to miss your medication timing for that.

Rhea ma'am is trained for this. That's why she did it. She doesn't mean to disrespect you or your friend. There's just a lot going on. She is under a lot of stress. That's why she is so silent. I apologize for her behavior if you are hurt." Lisa said.

Rhea again walked in with steaming hot soup. And was going to feed me when a new good-looking guy walked in. We knew about Seth and Lisa but this one is new. He was wearing the same clothes as Seth. Maybe they are colleagues.

"I need to talk to you, ma'am. It's urgent." He said.

She nodded at him.

"It would be better if we talked in private." He said.

"Get Alex," She instructed him.

"Feed Ava. Then gave her medicine. I had already set the drip. Don't wait for me. Have lunch on time, all of you. I will take Bella with me. Don't let anyone get near Ava. You will find me at Pergola if you need me." Rhea said to Alex and went with that guy.

"Be a good girl and take a rest. " Alex said, smiling at me. He then looked at my friends and said, "Rishi, Kate, Paul, Mia, Theo, and I will have our lunch first. Then we will give her company and you go downstairs to have lunch. Is that OK? "

Xav nodded at him. Lily and Alex went downstairs.

"I am telling you she just had a problem with us. Look at her now. Being cozy with that guy." Ethan said to us. Xav, Ryan, and Ian went near the window to see what he was talking about.

"I also want to see," I said.

Ryan made a video call from his phone, handed it to Xav, and came to receive it from my phone. So I can see what Rhea is doing?

Rhea and 2 guys were seated at a round coffee table in Pergola. Bella was sitting on a coffee table and playing with her new soft toy. They were talking about something which was of course not audible to us.

We can't even guess what it could be as she had a neutral expression on her face. A good-looking guy leaned in and said something in her ear.

"See… I told you. She is being cozy with that guy. I bet they are even dating." Ethan said to me and was glaring at both of them.

"Even if they are dating, it's not our concern E. And they are not being cozy. " Ryan said in a duh tone.

"See… the way he is looking at her. And why the hell is he checking her injury? He does not look like a doctor." Ethan got annoyed at that good-looking guy.

What is wrong with E? Why does he care? And they don't look cozy. He was just looking at the long gash on her left hand. Which is still not healed completely.

"You are acting like a jealous ex-boyfriend. " Xav said and Ian snorted at that comment.

"No! He is acting like a one-sided lover," Ian said and we all chuckled at his comment.

Xav was about to cut the video call when E snatched Ry's phone from him.

"I will prove that something is going on between them," E said. Xav and Ian retreated near my bed. Now four of us were looking at the phone.

"It seems something serious is going on in her life," Xav said slowly and Ryan nodded at him.

"Dad is also worried about her. All he asked Mr. Smith was about Rhea. Mom even suggested to Rhea that she should shift to our house till her parents come back but she declined and said she needed to be here with Ava. " Ryan said.

"Mia told me that Rishi and Paul were talking about a note or something. He even sneaked into Rhea's room. But they couldn't find it. Do you know anything about it? " Xav asked Ryan. He shook his head in no.

"I heard Rhea instructing that bulky guy not to let kids wander around. She even asked to raise security around the house. Those guys had guns with them." Ian said pointing at another guy in a video call. That bulky guy was playing with Bella.

"I think someone is trying to kill Rishi or Alex. Maybe just Alex. Do you remember? They came from his city. Those goons on the train were searching for 2 babies with a girl. She was injured. Alex's whole appearance was masked and he was not with her on the station.

That day the way Van tried to hit him. It all fits in. She had restricted him from going outside of the house too." Xav put his view on the situation.

"What about the car blast of Uncle Matthew and Rishi's accident? Not to forget about her grandparents?" Ryan asked.

"Maybe they were distractions so she could not save him. I mean look at him. So well-groomed and intelligent. Maybe his father is richer.

His lifestyle proves that he is from a rich family. He has the latest iPhone. I didn't even see Rhea's cell phone, " Xav pointed out.

"Look at Rhea, who will say that she is from a rich family? If her uncle is rich, why does she dress like a lower-class family?" Ian said and I nodded.

"Her fashion sense is limited to hoodies and jeans. But they all are branded. She gave Ava a brand new dress that day, remember?" Ryan argued.

"Besides, it's her uncle who is rich, Alex's father. It has nothing to do with her." Ryan said.

"But if her uncle is rich then she is also rich. Why would those goons be after Alex and not her? " I asked.

"It's not the same. Whose uncle gave his property to his niece and not his son? And the main thing is Alex is a boy and young. He could be an easy target. After all, everybody considers a boy as the next heir. No matter how talented your girl is, right? " Ian explained.

"Black's are not like that. You don't know how much they value girls. Mom just bought a new pendant for her which cost more than fifty thousand dollars just for her first day at college.

I even heard that her uncle had booked an Audi car for her. I heard dad telling mom that she is more to her uncle and Aunt than her parents. She is everything for them. " Ryan said.

"But look at the facts. She was not the target that day, Alex and Rishi were. Rishi was never in danger before that day. It must be something to do with Alex and his father. " Xav pointed out.

And I agreed with his point.

"But then why is she so stressed? " I asked.

"Her uncle sent his son with her. Of course, he will be her responsibility. Not to forget, he is maybe the next heir. Who wouldn't be stressed? And Lily just mentioned that she is close to her grandparents. " Ian said.

"Look at him… " Ethan said from the window side. And we took a look at the video.

That good-looking guy just gave his hand to Rhea and she placed her hand in his. They got down from the stairs. He said something in her ear and she smiled faintly at him.
He then straight looked at the Window where Ethan was standing and smirked at him.

"I told you she just has issues with us. She likes that guy who is quite older than her. " Ethan said and cut that video call.

"I bet he had many girlfriends before her. He looks like a player. What is wrong with her? Can't she find a decent guy of her age? " Ethan continued.

"If I remember correctly, you are also a Player. So stop judging others. It's her life, so her choice. Stop talking nonsense. " Ryan snapped angrily at him.

Xav, Ian, and I were shocked by Ryan's outburst. He is not the one who loses his temper.

Ethan looked hurt by Ryan's statement.

"Guys… Relax! Why are you fighting over nothing? " Ian got between Ethan and Ryan. Both were glaring at each other.

"Enough guys! It is the first time we are seeing that guy. If he was her boyfriend he would have been here when she was hurt. And both of you, stop fighting when you don't even know about them. " Xav pointed out.

That made both of them shut up. Does Ryan also have a crush on her? I think Ethan is attracted to her. But he doesn't know about his feelings. Don't tell me, God! It would be a love triangle. Because it will be a disaster for us. I looked at Ian and Xav. It looked like both of them had the same thoughts as me.

My sweet slumber got broken by indiscreet noise. I opened my eyes and the scene was quite unexpected.

Rhea was sleeping in a chair near my bed, holding my hand firmly in one hand and Bella in her other arm. Her eyes closed but she looked like she was in pain. Her face was covered with sweat.

Bella was crying and saying Ree Reee. Lily was also calling her name but Rhea was not responding. Bella bit down to her forearm and slid down from her lap and started to cry louder. But still, Rhea did not wake up.

Alex ran into the room. Lisa and the Seth guy were behind him. Seth quickly took Bella in his arms and tried to soothe her. Lily was about to shake her when Alex stopped her.

"Don't touch Rhea," Alex said. He took a jug full of water and emptied it on the top of her head. But she just started to mumble something incoherently.

"Lisa… Call Rishi." Alex instructed and before any of them could move Rishi got into the room. His eyes landed on Bella first but Seth pointed to Rhea.

"Did anybody touch her? " He asked Alex. He shook his head in no. He forcefully took out my hand from her.

"Everybody, get outside the room, now," Rishi said in a serious tone. Lily, Xav, Ian went outside.

Seth and Lisa were standing near the door but inside the room. Seth gave Bella to Lily. Alex was standing near my bed.

"Don't be scared. It's fine." Alex said, looking at me. Shouldn't it be me consoling him?

Rishi started to shake her but no response from her side.

"Call her. " Alex suggested.

"Rhea Di! Come back to me. Please… Di! I need you. Come on! Please come back to me. Rhea di…. Rhea di… '' Rishi yelled at her.

Tears started to flow from her closed eyes but she didn't wake up.

"Bella and Rishi hurt… Di! Come back… we need you. " Alex yelled in her ear.

As if by miracle, her eyes shot open, jumped on her feet and she pulled a pocket knife out of nowhere.

"Don't you dare to touch my siblings… " Rhea roared in anger. And pointed her knife towards Alex. He didn't get scared of her. He just kept looking at her.

Slowly she pulled down the knife.

"Shush!!! Calm down… Everybody is fine… Everybody is safe." Rishi said, hugging her.

She quickly scanned the room. As soon as her eyes landed on Bella she gave her toothless grin with teary eyes to Rhea.

"What happened to her? " She asked Alex.

"You… You got lost in… She couldn't pull you out… got scared for you… " Alex stuttered

She quickly checked both of her brothers, then me, and then took Bella in her arms.

"Don't worry darling!!! I am not leaving you alone. See… I am here." Rhea wiped her tears.

Bella also wiped her face with tiny little hands. Rhea smiled lovingly at her.

"I think you should change ma'am." Lisa interrupted their sweet moment. She took Bella with her.

"What was that? " Ian asked Lily.

"Nothing… She has been worried about Rishi since the accident. Maybe she had a nightmare because of that. She is fine. But Bella started to cry, that's why we yelled at her. " Alex said quickly.

We were not convinced by his statement but we kept our mouths shut.

Rhea's POV:

I didn't expect that Zeb would be here. We settled ourselves into Pergola as he wanted to talk privately.

"Congratulations Ma'am. Your parents successfully rescued your grandparents. They got help from Mr. Aaron Black’s team also. No one is injured severely. Just one young guy from their team got shot in one arm. But that's it.

Mr. Alexander Black was kept under observation for 3 days. So Mr. and Mrs. Black would return after that.

I arranged 3 teams for their security and Mr. Jones would be with them. Mr. Aaron Black also arranged 2 teams for them.

But we could not find the main culprit behind this act as they had hired a third-party team to kidnap them. But I think Mr. Aaron would not leave this case easily. He has strong connections in the underworld also."

"Any news on Ma & Pa? " I asked him.

"No news Ma'am but I think your father has an idea about their whereabouts. I think he is well informed about their reasons for eloping." Zeb answered.

"Do you think he will tell me? " I asked him.

"I don't think so, ma'am. Because if Victor sir hasn't informed you then he must have told sir not to tell you. Master Matthew and you have the same working style." Zeb answered.

"Anything else? "

"Mr. Smith is Ava's mother's half brother. He is the only living relative of Ava at the moment." Zeb answered with caution.

"I don't have a whole day to chit chat. Come straight to the point." I asked. I knew when he explained something in so much detail he had bad news for me.

"Mrs. Wright is also Ava's blood relative. Ava and Theo have the same parents. He is not Mrs. Wright's son. We could not find anything about her parents. We just got to know that Smith was supposed to be their guardian. And… And… he doesn't know about that. We find out something about his past. " Zeb answered.

It seems like I would be the one who will give them this news.

Why is it always me to be the bearer of bad news?


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