Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 21

Rhea's POV:

"What did you find out about Smith's past? "

He gave me documents which had his information.

"We even searched for Mrs. Wright's house to get any clue about Ava and Smith's relationship.

But we will still need a medical file that we can get from Mrs. Black's hospital and one legal document from that locker.

Did you find out about that jewelry?" Zeb asked me.

"I think Mumma has it. But we have to wait till they return. I will ask Papa if I can borrow it for some time. Find a good excuse for me. And I need to check those documents from a lawyer. Where is our lawyer? " I asked him.

"I think you should consult Mr. King for this. Master Matthew is already getting suspicious. If he finds out that you had done this much on your own then it will be difficult to hide it." Leo, who was silently hearing the conversation till now, gave his opinion.

"Wouldn't he get suspicious about these documents? " I asked him.

"We had Mr. Jones's order. We have his signed order papers. I think you should keep a low profile for the time being." Leo explained.

"I want you to get DNA test results of Smith, Ava, and Theo. I don't care how you collect those samples. I want to keep this confidential.

If I have to talk to Smith, I should have solid proof for that. I will read these documents but the earlier I can get these test results, the sooner we will sort out this matter. I have so much to deal with." I ordered Zeb.

"What about those goons? I told you to dig up all the information you could get. " I snapped at Leo. Leo always completes his work before time and informs me but this time he hadn't.

He got tense as soon as I asked. He lowered his head and cursed under his breath. He thought I couldn't hear but I did.

"I took care of all the things for you Master." He answered formally.

"What were your instructions?" I asked him.

I wanted to beat the shit out of those people who threatened my brother. I wanted to torture them and Leo took action without informing me. How dare he?

"I tortured them and found out that they got a package with money and instructions that they didn't know about the other party. So I killed them." He said in a serious tone.

If we weren't sitting in front of my house, I would have slapped him hard on his face. Who the hell does he think he is? They were mine to kill. I clenched my jaw and closed my eyes to contain my anger.

"Calm down Ma'am. We did what was best for you. You have a team to handle dirty work. Don't taint your hand with blood.

If Master Matthew got to know that you killed somebody, he would not forgive you.

You know this is not the life he had chosen for you." Zeb tried to console me.

"It's my life and I get to choose. Those should have been punished by me, not by you. They tried to threaten my brother. Why do you interfere in my business? " I fired at him.

"You are our Queen. Everything you do is our business. We must not let you make any mistakes. We are doing our duty ma'am.

Besides, according to our company policy, only we can punish guilty ones, not our contractors. " Leo stated as if it's a universal fact.

"Don't try to be smart. You have disobeyed your boss." I glared at him.

"I am sorry, Boss. But you are not allowed to kill anybody. Not till you take a throne. Otherwise, you won't be qualified for that. I don't think you want Miss Bella to face this side of our world." Leo said, looking at Bella.

I don't want any of my siblings to face this side of the family. I wanted to keep them secure and safe. But here I am… failing in every single duty.

'Do you know, you are the most incompetent older sister anyone could get?' my mind taunted me.

As much as I hate its comment. This was true. I was feeling ashamed of myself.

"Reee Reee… " Bella patted my hand. I looked at her. She threw her soft toy on the table and took my face in her small hands.

"I am not upset Bella and I am not angry also… " I tried to soothe. I still don't know how she can tell when I am angry.

But Bella ignored what I said and gave an open mouth kiss on both of my cheeks.

"Geez… Bella… Stop licking my cheeks... If Alex saw it he would brush those small two teeth At Least three times..." I scolded her mildly.

But Bella being Bella didn't pay any heed to me. She took her sweet time in licking my cheeks.

"Enough Riddhima… This is a bad habit. " I tried my best to glare at her. And my fearless little queen gave me a naughty smile in return.

Leo Pulled Bella towards him so I won't get annoyed anymore. He has a clear idea about my anger issue. After all, he was my first bodyguard. But currently, he is on Rishi's duty.

Not that I could get angry with Bella, but surely they can be targets to face my wrath of anger.

"At 2 o'clock, a guy is spying on us," Leo said.

"They don't know anything." I rolled my eyes.

"I think he is interested in you, my lady. " Zeb said

"He is interested in everyone with the vagina. Ignore him and focus on your duties, not on hormonal college kids. " I snapped at them.
No matter how much I tried I just couldn't make it normal for Rishi.

He was keeping an eye on me continuously. Even though he didn't say anything I noticed a change in his behavior.

It's been 3days and Alex is still sleeping in Rishi's room. I would not have minded it any other time. But this time, I know it's because he is scared of losing Alex.

I have been through this phase when I was 5 and Rishi was born. I had become an insomniac at that time. So I know what he is going through.

What I didn't know is how to handle this situation. First time in my life I was feeling lost. I just don't know what to do?

Only if Pa or Uncle Vincent was here. They would have helped me.

'Give him a break, girl. He had just gone through some traumatic situations. It's already hard to be a teenager.' my mind pointed out.

'Oh yeah! I never was a teenager so how would I know? Right.' I fired back at it.

'Not everyone has the knack to face trauma like you. Just because he is your brother doesn't mean he is psycho like you.' my mind mocked me.

'Now I understand why I hear voices in my head. Being psycho is a mental illness. In short, you are ill.' I replied sarcastically.

'You bitch… ' my mind cursed me. And like all other times, I ignored it.

Everybody in the house is in a deep slumber except me and Bella. She was sitting between sleeping Rishi and Alex.

I took her in my arms before she would wake them up. It's 3 am and they need to rest. I took a picture of Mumma papa from Alex's room and took Bella to my room.

"This is your Pa and this is your Ma, " I said by pointing at each one of them.

I was teaching Bella to call them Ma and Pa.

But as soon as I started Bella was giving me a look that said, 'Are you crazy? I know who they are. '

"Ree Ree," Bella said.

"Come on Bella… Try at least once. Say MA… " I tried again and she shook her head.

"OK... Try to say PA… " I tried again. But Bella didn't say anything.

"Say, Rhea… " Rishi said, standing near bed with Alex, who was rubbing his eyes.

"Rhea…" Bella said clearly.

And I shot up on Bed with surprise. Happy tears started to fill in my eyes.

"What did you say, honey? " I asked her.

"Rhea... " Bella said. She had an expression like 'Are you deaf?'

"She called my name…" I cooed looking at her.

"Of course she did! We heard it so many times before. " Alex said, rolling his eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me? " I asked annoyingly.

"She used to say your name when you were not around. And why are you surprised? Mine and Alex's first words were also your name. That's a family thing." Rishi said in a duh tone.

"Now if you are done, sleep and let us sleep," Alex said. And both of them crawled on my bed.

Bella quickly went to sleep on the back of Rishi who was sleeping on his stomach. I also tried to get some. I already had my share of nightmares. I hope I will also get some sleep.

I closed my eyes. And I heard the screeching sound of car tires somewhere. As if somebody had pulled on their car in the driveway. But I was too tired to see whose car was that.

Third person's POV:

"He is perfectly fine, not poisoned or beaten. " Matthew Black's voice boomed through a mobile speaker in the empty office of Mr. Aaron Black.

"Send him to me. I want to see him personally. My men are there, they will take them to me." Aaron's anxious state was detected in his voice.

"Helen had put him under observation for 3days. It took a lot of us to convince him.

He didn't even want to talk to you or anyone else. I just don't understand why he is behaving like Bella?" Matthew singed in annoyance.

"He was always like that. Now he must be adamant about going back home, right? " Aaron confirmed his suspicions.

"Rhea suggested to Mr. Jones that we must send him to New York. Leo will be there with him. He is one of Victor's trusted guards from that security agency.

He was on Rhea's duty when she was in her teenage years. Mr. Jones has full faith that he can handle Dad." Matthew said to Aaron.

His whole attention was on his father who was looking at the pictures of his grandkids. He was getting elated more and more with each passing picture.

"Are you hurt, Matt? "Aaron asked his nephew.

"I am good and so is Helen. Don't worry about us."

"Is Rhea alright?" Aaron asked tentatively. He doesn't want to touch that sensitive topic but he couldn't hold back.

"I don't know, pops… She is always calm and quiet. Hardly speaks, mostly keeps to herself. Sometimes behaves like she is my mother and other times as if I am no one important.

I am trying hard, pops… we both are… but it feels like she doesn't want us anymore." Matthew got emotional.

"It will take time, Matt. Being a parent is the hardest job for anyone, especially when your child is in their teenage years. And you should know by now that Rhea was always a difficult child to handle.

Give her and yourself some time. I am not going to lie to you. It won't get easier but you would find a solution to get to know her. Trust me, parents can become superheroes when it comes to their child." Aaron tried to console him.

He knows exactly what Matt is going through. He has 2 teenagers at his home. And he is pushing every limit to get along with them. But they are not accepting him as a family. It's been ages since Aaron had one. Aaron Black is craving for family's love.

Will and Mike were standing there and watching the scene unfolding in front of their eyes. They had perfectly hidden their real identity and were acting like Aaron's team members.

"I think you should leave now, Sir. You have a plane to catch." Liam, their trusted man mumbled in Will's ear.

He looked at those 4 people who were engrossed in each other. He didn't want to walk away from them. But he has no other options.

"Until… we meet again…" Will mumbled mostly to himself and turned around to walk away. Mike followed him closely.

Matthew looked at the back of two strangers. One had shoulder-length, slightly wavy red hair tied in a half ponytail and the other one had straight, platinum blond hair of neck length.

"What happened?" Helen asked.

"It felt like one of them called for me. " Matthew said. He kept watching retreating figures in hope that one of them would turn around and he would get a glimpse of their appearance.

He didn't like the ache in the chest when they didn't turn around.

"Do we know them? " Helen asked softly.

"I felt as if somebody tore a piece of my heart and took it away. " Matthew said, looking at her.

"Call Rhea… You will feel better after hearing her voice… You always do…" Helen consoled him.

But she also felt something weird by seeing those two retreating figures.

"Aaron… It's not right. For God's sake! She is just 18 years old." Rose yelled at her husband. But Aaron didn't pay any heed to her.

He had already proposed his idea in front of board members. Not all of them were present but he knows who would be in his favor.

They all were discussing in another corner of the room.

"What are you going to tell boys? Did they know about this? " Rose asked.

"No. They don't have to know. I am keeping my faith in you that you also won't tell them. And if you broke that promise, that would be the last time you were seeing me." Aaron said in the final tone. Rose silently walks away from the meeting.

'I know what I am doing, Rose. This is to keep her alive. She has Matthew, he will guide her. After all, he is the uncrowned king of the Black family.' Aaron thought.

'Please cut some slack for her. How much pressure are you all going to put on her?

Why her? What is so special about Rhea that you are even ready to go back on your words?' Rose thought.

'We are coming back to you, Rhea. I hope you won't get angry with us.' Mike thought. He was looking at red-haired friend Will.

"Finally… " Will smiled taking the last glance at Rhea's photo. All of them started their journey to Bellwood.


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