Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 22

Ethan’s POV:

If anyone hasn’t already figured it out yet then take my words seriously, ‘Girls are impossible to understand’.

Sometimes I think God saw all males were living their life happily and he wanted some spice and drama that’s why he had created them.

At least that must be the reason that he had sent Rhea Black in my life.

Man! She is one hell of a beautiful, intelligent, hot, and a tough nut to crack. I just recalled the incident that happened the next day to that dreadful day.


Mr. & Mrs. Black just got the news that Rhea’s grandparents went missing and within a moment everything just turned upside down.
Brown’s and Black's got panicked.

Well literally everyone but her. I mean her whole family got attacked one day and the next day she found out that her grandparents went missing and all she was doing was making arrangements for her parents' departure that too calmly.

As if it was a daily routine for her grandparents to go on missing. I would have freaked out and messed up like any other normal person.

Yeah, that’s right! A normal person, that word is just not for her.

She is special or way more than special.
I mean just one look at her and all you could see was something mesmerizing in those deep green eyes.

To be honest I never knew green color gives you some peaceful feeling & vibes or maybe it's just her eyes.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” A woman named Lily asked me. She is warm, sweet, and kind. She had a motherly aura around her.

“Who are you talking about?” I tried to feign an innocent expression. She chuckled at me.

“I am not blind Ethan. You and I both know that I am talking about Rhea.” She got straight to the point.

“I would rather go with the word ‘mysterious’,” I said, giving my charming smile to her.

“And here I thought players have a unique sense about girls. They can easily pick the best ones.” She said looking at her.

“I think it’s just the mother in you who is talking. Miss Black is anything but beautiful.” I said and looked at Rhea.

Beautiful isn't the word to describe her or even doing justice to her beauty. It is like everything around her just fades away.

That and her ‘mysterious calmness’ has some sort of magical pull. You can’t just avoid her.

It’s like danger is screaming from every cell around her and that excites you to another level.

“Aren’t you going to contradict my statement?” I asked turning toward Lily when she didn’t reply to me.

“Well, I got my answer from the way you look at her.” She said not even tearing her gaze from Miss Black.

“She intrigues me,” I answered her honestly.

“Keep your distance from her. It will be difficult to walk away from her afterward. Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’?” She said and walked out on me.

Flashback ends

I wish I would have taken her words seriously. It’s been 7 days since I had seen those beautiful emerald green eyes.

Fucking 7 days! Not a single hour had passed in those days that I hadn’t yelled at anyone without a reason.

I am literally at the point of getting bat shit crazy. I just don’t know what the hell is happening to me?

All I want is just a moment to look in those deep emerald green eyes. I am a hell of sure that she is a witch or something now.
“How’s Rhea?” I asked as soon as Mr. and Mrs. Brown entered the house.

“Oh, dear! It’s Ava who got injured. What’s up with you?” Mrs. Brown asked.

“Oh! Yeah, how is she?” I asked again.

“Rhea was feeding her when we went there. That girl is taking care of Ava as if she is her daughter. It amazes me sometimes how responsible this girl is!” Rita started to babble.

Responsible? Who will call her responsible? She is nothing but an arrogant, rich brat who thinks lowly of others.

I got aggravated just by merely thinking of her so I skipped into Ryan’s room and locked it.

It’s been 2 days since I hadn’t left this house. It is all because of her.

“Dinner is ready Ethan.” Xavier’s voice brought me from her thoughts.

Didn’t I lock the door? How the hell does he get in?

“Did you meet her?” I could help but sound hopeful.

“I saw her at Ava’s room but she didn’t spare a glance at any of us. But we are thankful for what she is doing for Ava, right?” Xav said in a consoling tone.

“Yeah,” I answered curtly to him.

“What’s going on E?” Ryan asked me. I didn't notice him until he spoke.

“I seriously don’t know man! I just-” I shook my head and went to have dinner.

I don’t know what is happening to me. It feels like all I could think of is about that green eye girl.

So I decided to do the only thing I could do. Visit Black’s House. I know she spends every night in Ava’s room.

Even if she would not speak, I could at least see her once. Maybe I could get over this crazy thought of her once I see her.

“I will stay with Ava tonight.” I declared as soon as we finished our dinner.

“Are you sure? You have barely slept these days.” Ryan asked me.

“You could visit her first thing in the morning,” Xav suggested.

Hell No! Why should we wait till morning? So that she would dissipate from us. Not at all!

“I want to visit now,” I said firmly and they both nodded at me. I know they think otherwise but they wisely kept their mouth shut and I can’t be enough grateful for that.

As soon as Black’s house started to get into our sight my heart started to thud loudly in my chest, out of excitement or nervousness I don’t know.

I still tried to keep myself calm and composed. But it didn’t last long, as soon as my eyes landed on that pretty, small face; I could hear my racing heartbeats in my ear.

She was asleep with her back pressed against the headboard, legs extended in front with heads on her lap.

One head belongs to Ava who had Mia tucked in beside her. The other head belonged to Rishi who had to sleep Theo in his arms.

All of them looked so peaceful except Rhea of course.

My little brother had dozed off on a couch and Bella was playing in the crib.

That tiny bundle of joy had wrapped every one of us around her tiny finger.

I think there is some charm in those Black daughters.

Look at Rhea for an instance; there was a cute little frown on her face that was making her look more adorable.

An involuntary smile appeared on my lips as my eyes landed on that particular face; calmness started to settle in my mind.

What are you doing to me, Miss Black?

“Feeling good?” Ian asked me.

Whoa! I didn’t see him here. Where did he come from?

“What do you mean?” I asked as I didn’t get that.

“Nothing… I missed you E.” Ian said and hugged me. Truth to be told I also missed him, not only him but all of them.

Xav joined us in to hug and Ryan & Bella were pouting looking at us.

They all left after putting Bella to sleep. They forcefully took Ian to my house so he could rest.

This was the first time Alex was out and not with Rhea which was unsettling.

I walked to his room and found him seated on the floor with his head in his palms, elbows resting on knees, and slumped shoulders.

He looked like a defeated soldier. Comforting someone is not my forte actually; Ryan is always good at that and as he was always there, none of us have ever tried to do that. This is my first!

“Heyy” I mumbled. He just gave a curt node to me.

“Is there something I can do for you?” I hesitantly asked.

‘Way to go smooth man’ my brain taunted me. For which I just rolled my eyes mentally.

When he didn’t reply I just sat beside him. I was unable to sleep anyway with my heart still thudding in there without any reason.

“It is going out of my hands” Alex mumbled as if he was confessing a crime. I just looked at him to gesture to him to continue.

“All I had was one job and I messed it up. I am neither doing any good job in taking care of Bella nor in helping Theo to get back to normal.

I just feel frustrated all the time. I am so useless. I can’t help her at all.

Not that she is complaining; but there are already lots of responsibilities on her shoulder. And here I am sitting ideally.

On top of that Mia is also shutting me out without telling me a reason. Man! Why are girls so difficult to understand?” He banged his head to bed.

Yeah! Tell me about it. And how can he complain about it? Isn’t his sister doing the same with us

Even though she is taking care of Ava, she never utters a word except it's necessary.

“How is Rishi?” I asked him. I tried to change the subject before I said my thoughts aloud.

“Still not on speaking terms. Thank god Lily and Smith are here otherwise I wasn't able to feed him also. I just don’t know what to do?” He replied in a soft voice.

I didn’t know what to say. Never in my life had I taken responsibility for my siblings.

God! We still barely talk to each other. I was as clueless as him.

What bothered me was that for 8 years he was more responsible than me?

Those tear-filled grey eyes looked at me hopefully. And for the first time in my life, I was running out of words.

This brother-sister duo should get an award to make anyone speechless. Just one look from her and my brain stops cooperating with me.

“You are doing quite a good job young man!” A voice startled us.

There stood a green-eyed girl leaning casually against the door frame with a wide-awake Bella in her arms.

Alex hurriedly wiped all his tears with the back of his hands and got on his feet, “I will take her, and you go and rest.”

“Rayhan, you are doing all you can.” She said seating on a floor near his door with Bella on her lap.

“It was the first time for Rishi; it will take time to get back to normal.
So as for Theo, Ava is the only family he had. He is scared to lose her.

Please be patient with them. Try to cheer them on or talk with them.

Some things take their own time. With every person that period is different.
Let them be for a time being.” She said, looking directly at him.

She is looking tired. Her eyes were swallowed because of less sleep and if I am not wrong tension is also taking a toll on her health as she is barely eating nowadays, but still looking gorgeous as ever.

“Look at me, Al.” She spoke, getting me out of my thoughts and he obliged.

“I am here for you and I promise I will make everything right. Don’t you trust me?” She asked.

“I just wanted to help you. You are doing everything alone.

Look at you, working all day for my Papa’s business and tracking grandpa with all this chaos.

I am worried about you Ree. If anything happened to you, I … I” with that he broke down into tears.

She pulled him in her arms and let him cry. That sight made my vision blurry.

Exactly what is going on in her life? Why is everyone trying to hurt her?

As if the whole world is hell-bent to break her down mentally and physically and this stubborn girl is not ready to give up.

I walked out of the room to give them privacy. She was uncomfortable with me around. I think she wants to talk with him alone.
“Have it, you will feel better,” Lily said, giving me a cup of hot coffee. She settled down with her in front of me.

“What do you mean by staying away from her? That day, you know when you arrived here.” I asked her.

“I mean it literally. Not that I hate you all, but for the fact, I knew that Rhea will shut you out of her life.

Her life had always revolved around her family and she had quite a difficult life.
She would not like it if you all get involved in her life.

It is not a hidden fact that you all are intrigued by her sudden appearance.

Trust me when I say this, It is for your safety. If you keep your distance from her, that will be helpful for you all and to her also.” Lily said, sipping her coffee.

“Exactly what had happened to her?” Ava’s voice surprised me. I didn’t know she had woken up.

“First I also don’t know the whole story and second it’s not my place to tell you,” Lily answered.

“But we are trying to help her,” I said softly.

“That’s the problem; she doesn’t want your help nor does she need it,” Lily answered.

“If she didn’t want our help then why did she help us? It was not her place to get involved in my matter also.” Ava snapped at Lily.

“Ava, trust me. As much as I approve of all of you, it’s her life. So ultimately the decisions will hers.” Lily answered.

“Is it something dangerous?” Mia asked this time.

“Yes, honey,” Lily said, looking lovingly at her.

“Then don’t you think that we should know so that we can help Rayhan,” Theo asked her.

“The more the merrier,” Paul said from the couch.

“I think you faced enough pain for a lifetime Ava. As for helping Rayhan, you are going to help him when the time is right.

I will suggest you all should go back to sleep. It’s past midnight.” Rhea’s voice rang in the room.

How she even managed to sneak upon us.

“You too Lily. I think they already know more than enough.” Our eyes accidentally met each other and I felt warm in my heart. She quickly averted her eyes and walked out.

That night Paul, Ava, and I got to know more about Rhea through Lily off course.

How she helped Lily to pay all the rent with her pocket money when she was just 9 years old and all the other things she had done for Lily that included her marriage with Smith.

How she helped lily to build her small bakery business and gave her love to her daughter.

All about Rhea’s caring nature, responsible sister & granddaughter, social awkwardness, introverted nature, and her lonely school life because she couldn’t make a friend.

She even told us about her ‘Save Ava mission’ and planning to transfer custody to her mother.

From all that information, we got to know that she had a trust issue and she is lying to everyone about something.

We just have to find out what it is. After all, we have a favor to return. All night I thought about her and concluded that

1. For some unknown reason I care for her a lot more than I care for Xav or Ava. It hurts me to see her in pain.

2. I cannot avoid Rhea Black forever. The more I tried to avoid her, the more it bothered me. So, no more hiding or ignoring her.

3. She is in some messed-up situation and she is hiding a big secret. Not that I care but I am intrigued by her and her little secret.

For all of that, I found a solution. I was planning to return a favor for what she had done for Ava that too in our unique way.
Get ready Miss Black, ‘Handsome Bad Boys and a girl are on a mission.

‘Rescue the Queen’ Mission…

Third person's pov:

"Any update? Will asked Mike.

Mike shook his head and that platinum blond-haired on one side of his face. No matter how much he wanted to cover it up, he could not hide his distress.

"What is it?" Will asked Mike.

"I still think it's a bad idea to get here. When will she find out what we are going to do?" Mike asked.

"So you don't trust me? " Aaron Black asked him from behind. Mike cursed mentally. He knew that Aaron Black doesn't like it if somebody points out mistakes in his plan.

"It's not like that, Aaron. I-" but he was cut in the middle of the statement.

"Patrick Scott… Patrick… How many times do I have to remind you both." Aaron scolded him.

"To be frank, no matter whether we tell her or not. I know she is going to find out soon who we are?" Mike snapped looking at Will.

"How could you say that?" Aaron asked mockingly.

"You will find out soon… when you will get to know her. It's not easy to fool her." Mike said.

Mike out of all people was sure that Rhea would get suspicious about them. He had witnessed it in a cafe. But he can't explain it to them.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Any update?" Will asked hopefully to his trusted man Liam.

"The house… " He said pointing finger at Black’s house," is guarded by 50+ members. No one can click pictures of it within a 10 miles radius.

Miss Black had the best men following her siblings when they were at school. And those trees are hiding the view of their garden. 20 snipers are placed around the house who kill first and ask later.

On top of that, Mr. King and Mr. Brown had also planted their security team around the house as Master Matthew Black is out of town. I just could get a picture of Miss. Bella. " Liam said and showed a hard copy of Bella's picture.

Will literally snatched it from Liam's hand. Bella was sleeping peacefully in Robert's arms while he was grocery shopping. Ryan was standing there with bags.

He passed it to Mike and leaned back in his chair. It's been more than 3 days but he didn't get a single glimpse of anyone from the Bla ack family.

They deliberately purchased a house opposite to their house so they could at least see them. But it looks like their plan is going to fail.

"Why is there so much security around the house? or Rather who hired these many men? " Rose asked.

"Mr. Jones said that it was ordered from Miss Black. Somebody tried to threaten Master Rishab Black. "

"What? Who??" Aaron yelled.

"We tried to trace them and found them dead. Master Victor Black had a contract with that security where Mr. Jones's sons work. Shoot on the spot the person who tried to harm Master Rishi or Miss Black." Liam informed him.

"What about Alex and Bella? " Rose asked worriedly.

"No idea ma'am. But when I checked about them. All paperwork had been signed by Master Matthew or Lady Helen even when they were in Berkeley." Liam stated.

"So no new update… What are we doing here if we can't even see our babies? It's been 4 days since I haven't seen any of my grandchildren. " Rose grumbled. It was a cue to Liam that he should leave them alone.

"I told all of you already, we are not going to approach them first. And if anyone asked, tell them we had shifted here 10-12 days ago." Aaron Black instructed all of them.

Rose looked at the empty balcony of the house opposite to them. She was waiting to see Rhea Black there. She only had seen her in pictures. She was so eager to meet her first grandkid, who is not a kid anymore. She is an adult.

All her life she had heard from others that no one in the world can compare to her beauty and intelligence. She had seen that sparkling glint even in the eyes of Mr. Jones when he spoke about Rhea. That proud expression was n as if she was his daughter.

She was intrigued to see a girl who made Aaron Blaco break his promise and her only son to vanish from the face of the earth.


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