Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 24

Rhea's POV:

When you will get this letter we will be long gone from home. I know you must be angry and anxious. I didn't tell you. All that because I know you would have convinced us not to go on this mission.

I am still not going to tell you where we are going? What's the mission? You don't need to know that.

But I want you to understand that this is what I wanted to do. I choose to go on this mission. This was indeed necessary more than you expected.

This money (1 million dollars) belongs to you and you only. Don't spend it on Alex or Bella. I know you spend all your money on them. I want you to enjoy your college life, Rhea. I want you to live a little bit. Life is too short to always be stressed.

Don't open 2 other envelopes. You know what that means.

I love you all so much… Tell Rishi, he is my favorite boy. Tell Alex, don't take his Ma and Pa's love for granted. Tell Bella, I ordered her to obey you.

I have taken a piece of you with me. I am not alone. And Yes! We will be safe. Don't stress over us. I promise I won't fight with you Pa on the roads. We will take care of each other. And Yes! I know you are missing us both.

PS: Sorry for not saying proper goodbye… But you know… I just can't…

Your Ma & Pa…

It took me more than a week to open this letter. I knew I didn't have it in me to read their goodbye letter. I wish I was there to stop them. I am starting to freak out internally as I can't find where they are?

I should have known better than tracing them. They know how to go underground. All I can do is hope they are safe.

"So you find it," Rishi asked me.

"Did you know about it?"

"I saw it when you were in the hospital. But it was for you. I had my doubts when I received some handsome amount in my bank." Rishi informed me.

"They must be fine Di! Otherwise, Papa would have not returned yesterday."

"They are back? When?" I was surprised.

"You just dozed off in a chair near Ava's bed. So Papa didn't let us wake you up. "

"Is he alright?"

"Everyone is fine except you. Only if you -" I cut him off, "I am fine Rishi. Don't worry about me. Go and get ready. I will drop you at school."

I was on my way back when I noticed that the house opposite to us is not empty anymore. They had a small wooden cabin built in their garden.

I stopped my car right there. An old man was watering plants that were on both sides of the stairs of the front porch. His back was facing me. But from his body posture, I can see he still works out.

A tall guy was pacing on the porch with a book in his hand. He has shoulder-length red hairs which are tied in half ponytail fashion. He had a sandwich in one hand.

I think he has specs also. For some strange reason, I felt like I had seen him somewhere. But I brushed off that thought.

The house looks quite lively. But that boy had a mask on his half face. Is he an idiot?

"Who are they?" I asked Seth.

"They are Scotts. Mr. Patrick Scott has a hardware store near our office. Mrs. Scott works as a part-time interior designer. They have 2 grandchildren. Both of them are admitted to your college.

His son and daughter-in-law are dead so they are legal guardians of those two. Mrs. Scott is not allowing her grandchildren to move out. They had a huge fight over that two days ago." Seth gave a detailed update.

He knows how his boss is! I like this thing about him.

"Anything suspicious? " I asked him

"That wooden cabin belongs to one family. I did some background research and found out that they gave it to a poor family and a homeless adult. They work with Scott's. They also moved here with them."

It felt a little strange hearing that.

"Keep an eye on them," I instructed and started my car.

"What took you so long?" Mumma asked me.

"Nothing." I was not sure what to say about Scott's to my mother.

"We got to know about Ava's situation. Did you place those cameras in the house without Mrs. Wright's consent?" Mumma asked me.

"I was going to ask Ava to Move in here with Theo. But Seth said that's not possible. She is her legal guardian and Ava hasn't turned 18 yet." I replied.

"So I decided to reveal her true face. I don't think I have done something wrong. " I answered calmly.

"All I am saying is that you should have discussed it with us," Mumma said.

"You can't reveal your plan to everyone otherwise chances of its success gets lower. "

I just don't understand what is wrong with her? Why is she behaving strangely all of sudden?

Then my eyes landed on Mr. Jones.

"So you told my mother that I am impulsive, immature. I can't make decisions. Is that so? I want to help her. What I did was for her sake. And you are here to criticize me." I exploded on Mr. Jones.

"I haven't said anything to Ma'am. It's your friends who were praising you for your courage, Miss Black. " Mr. Jones tried to tell me to keep calm through his hand gestures.

"OK enough. Come here. Mr. Jones has some information on that case." Papa said and invited me and Mumma me to join him.

"I already know. I have something to do. I will be out." I said. Took a box that was supposed to be my mother's lunch box and headed to the door.

"You are not going anywhere alone," Mumma said sternly.

"I am asking Kate to join me," I said and walked out.

And half-heartedly I asked Kate to join me to visit the hospital. As I don't want to create more problems for myself.

"Why are we going there? " Kate asked once we settled in the car and started to drive towards the hospital.

I was going there to find files related to Ava's birth certificate and her mother's case.

"Lisa's mother is hospitalized. So I thought to give her some home-cooked lunch."

"Cool… I can't believe it. I can meet him again." Kate said with dreamy eyes.

"Who? " I asked to keep myself busy in conversation.

"My boyfriend. Who else? Wait… I text him." Kate said and took out her phone.

"Or you can surprise him with a bunch of flowers. You know… something special… " I suggested.

Not that I was experienced or interested. I just wanted to calm myself down. I have to inform Seth.

"That's a good idea. There is a flower shop on the way. Would you please pull over there for a minute or two? " Kate gave me the same expression as Bella. And I agreed.

"So… Your boyfriend studies medical school or something? " I asked to keep my mind occupied.

"Oh! He has already graduated. He is a doctor there. Dr. Brown." She said blushing.

That idiot is Kate's boyfriend? I can't believe it… What's wrong with Kate? She would get anyone.

'Look who is speaking… You have a huge knowledge of dating, right?' My mind mocked me.

"Oh… That's great! Why don't you touch up your makeup? You are going to surprise him after all. " I quickly changed the subject before I said my thoughts aloud.

"That's a great idea." She said,

I pull over so she can get flowers. Seth informed me that he is following me.

"You go and surprise your Boyfriend. I will catch up with you later." I said to Kate.

"We need to take a fire exit. All the records are on the top floor. I will stop recording for 10 secs when we get in and out. So no one will get suspicious. " Seth explained to me as soon as Kate left.

"OK. Keep it simple. Take a file with us now. Then replace it with a copy when you come to drop Mumma here. Are we clear?" I asked him.

It seems like Seth is lucky today. We found out 2 files about Ava within 10 mins.

"You know what you have to do with files. I will meet Lisa’s mother, take Kate, and then will head back home. You can go now." I said and didn't wait for his reply.
I decided to get Kate first and then meet Lisa’s mother so I would have proof with me.

I was passing by the staff room when I saw a girl with eyes closed, sitting in the corner. She was holding her stomach. She is maybe 4-5 years old but quite skinny for her age.

I got in and she quickly threw what was in her hand in the corner. I couldn't see what it was?

"Hey! Don't be scared. Do you want something to eat?" I asked her which was shocking to me also. She didn't say anything, nor did take a look at me. She ducked her head low and mumbled something which I couldn't hear.

But I had that urge to feed her so I took 1 sandwich and a small cupcake from the lunch box and put it on a table.

I quickly get out of the room in the hope that she will take the food. All my instincts were screaming at me to take her in my arms. I was so confused by my motherly instincts for her. I only have those for Bella. Not even for Alex.

I pushed those thoughts in the back of my mind and tried to search for Kate.

I found her in front of one half-open door. But she was not herself.

I peek into the room and find Dr. Brown stripping down a lady.

I looked at Kate. She was pale and too shocked to move. I cursed mentally at myself for putting her in this situation.

I shook her by holding her shoulder. She looked at me with tear-filled eyes. Those bunch of red roses fell from her hand in that process.

That caught the attention of both of them.

"Don't you have manners? " That lady yelled at us.

"This hospital ward. Not your bedroom. " I yelled back at her.

"And you Dr. Brown. How could you cheat with your girlfriend?" I screamed at him.

Those who were around us started to gather around. Both of them quickly covered themselves.

One lady doctor had the same expression as Kate. I knew he was cheating on her also.

"I am his girlfriend, not anyone else. Stop with lies." That woman yelled at me.

"If I were you, I would have broken his jaw for cheating on me," I said looking at Kate. But she was too shocked to react.

Out of nowhere Lisa came and pulled both of us out of there.

She took us to her mother's room. She made Kate sit on a chair and offered her a glass of water. But Kate refused to take it.

I looked hopefully towards Lisa so she would do something. This was my first time in situations like this.

God! It's so much easier to kill someone than to comfort someone. I took a quick look at Lisa's mother's reports. She was sitting there with her arm around Kate. She didn't say anything to her.

In 5 minutes, Seth got into the room. She signed him something and he understood.

Trust me! I was so relieved to have both of them around me.

He pulled Kate from a chair and asked me to follow.

"I know you don't like it but just keep your arm around her. She needs someone." Seth said in a low voice to me.

I sat back with her while Seth drove us back home.

That was one hell of a drive for me. She was still not reacting and I was getting paranoid with each passing second.

Seth helped me to get her out of the car. My mother was about to shout at me for my behavior when I pointed out Kate's state to her.

My father quickly took Kate out of my arms and made her sit on the couch.

I think they were still discussing Ava's case.

"What happened?" Mumma asked me.

I turned around to Seth and ordered him, "Go get Ava downstairs."

I quickly ran towards the kitchen window. And yelled looking at the opposite one. "Paul… Xavier, Ryan, Ian… "

But Ethan came and yelled back at me, "This is my house, not Xavier's. "

"Come fast… Your sister… something happened to her… " I said and ran into the living room where Mr. King, Mr. Brown, my parents, Smith and Lily were looking worriedly at Kate.

Tears were flowing down from her eyes but she was still looking shocked.

"What happened?" Xavier asked.

But I didn't know how to tell them. I didn't know whether she wanted to tell anyone or not.

"What happened, Kate? " Ava said, putting an arm around her. Ethan quickly took the other side.

Kate looked around then she looked at me and asked, "Was… was all that true?" She asked me.

I nodded to her.

"Please tell me it was your prank. I will forgive you. You don't even have to say sorry to me." Kate pleaded with me.

I got on my knees in front of her and hugged her.

"I wish it was just a prank, Kate. But it wasn't. I am sorry to say but what you saw… we saw was all true." I said slowly so she could process those words.

"I do want to comfort you but not with lies. It was what it is… " I said looking into her eyes.

She puts her head on my shoulder and hides her face in my chest. And within a moment she screamed so loudly that I had to shut my eyes.

She started to sob loudly. Everybody was watching us. Seth gestured to me to hold her close.

"Are you going to tell us what happened?" Ethan yelled at me.

"She saw Dr. Brown putting his penis in someone else's vagina. " words got out of my mouth before I could stop them.

I quickly put my hand over my mouth. And Kate started to scream again. Ava tried to get Kate in her arms but Kate was not ready to leave me.

Seth glared at me and said, "Dr. Brown was cheating on her and 2 other doctors."

I couldn't hear after that because of Kate's screaming and sobbing. Not that I wanted to hear.

I was just focusing on keeping myself in the present and not losing myself in the past.

It was hard for me not to push her out of my arms. I don't like to be hugged. And Kate was clinging to me. I don't understand what to do. So I tried to focus on my breathing and not Kate.

Because I know, if I lose my calm then I will push her away from me. And at this moment she is not ready for another rejection.

Finally, after some time Ethan pulled her in his arms and I took a reliving breath.

"Come on Di… " Rishi pulled me out of there and took me to his room.

"Go get shower… " He instructed me.

After 15 mins standing in a cold shower and washing my body for 5-6times, I got out of the shower.

"Are you ok?" Alex asked, looking into my eyes.

"I was feeling claustrophobic… " I mumbled.

"I know… You don't like being held… come… Sit on the floor and close your eyes… Meditate for some time… you will feel good… " He instructed me.

I obliged instantly. I still could not get those screams out of my head. I had to get those things out of my head so I can work properly.

When I opened my eyes my father was sitting in front of me. I didn't know how much time it was meditating.

"Come… Let's have coffee… " Papa took me to my balcony.

"How are you feeling now?" Papa asked me.

"Pathetic and helpless," I answered.

"I forgot you don't like to be hugged. I should have pulled out sooner"

"You know? " I was shocked beyond words.

"You never liked being hugged since you were a baby. Not from unfamiliar people at least… Besides, you get affected by anyone's pain quite easily. " Dad said as a matter of fact.

"I couldn't do anything papa… First time in my life I didn't know what to do… I am such a pathetic person who put her through this..." I laughed without humor.

"There was nothing for you to do. You have done great, Rhea. It's her battle. Only she can fight it. I am here to tell you how proud I am of you!

You were there with her when you didn't know what to do. That's a good thing. Sometimes you don't have to find solutions for problems. You just have to face them. And you helped her with that. " Dad patted my back.

"You know Rhea… That's what friends do for us. To be there for us. I know you don't like to be associated with someone. But see… There are situations where you don't know what to do… that's when friends come into the picture.

I am not going to torture you with my lecture. I am here to request that you give that chance to them." He said, pointing a finger at our garden where boys and Ava were sitting with Kate.

"It's ok to try and fail than never trying it. One friend is all you need to spend your life. Think about it." he said and walked away from me.

I looked down at them. Kate was in Ian's arms and Ava was making her drink juice. Rishi was standing with Paul. Xavier, Ethan, and Ryan were looking at Kate from a distance.

They were happy with their world. Why would they want me? They don't even need me… There isn't even a place where I can fit in.

It's not like I never wanted to have a friend Papa… Your daughter is the 'QUEEN OF BAD LUCK '. I just don't want to ruin someone's world because of me.

I wish there was a place somewhere in the world where I could fit in. Somewhere I would not create chaos. Somewhere I would find solace. Somewhere I would find a will to live my life…

Only if I wasn't the Queen of bad luck….


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