Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 3

Rhea's POV:

Life never fails to surprise me; every opportunity is the last thing my life needs. There should be a book on my life named ‘living in hell’. I am not exaggerating.

You need a fucking distraction when you are in a hell of pain with two kids alongside and driving. Ohh! Did you miss the drama at Pa’s house? No wonder you are not getting what I am talking about.

As soon as I reached home, weird noises were coming from the house. I mean, I got that there was a conflict between them but noises which were coming from home had nothing to do with the situation. I picked up the baseball bat from the corner; Pa must have forgotten to put things in the right place.

I entered the house without making any noise. Everything scattered on the floor. I quickly hide behind the chair that was near the door and called the first person in my mind;

“Hello, Smith! Listen I am at Alex’s home and someone broke into the house. Come quickly.” I didn’t even give him a chance to say hello or ok. I directly cut the call.

I searched the entire ground floor before going upstairs. I found a man standing at the door of my bedroom. His back was facing me. I quickly hit him with that baseball bat. He fell on the floor clutching the back of his head. In that process, he accidentally knocked that bat out of my hand.

I kicked him on his stomach and entered the room. There were 3 other masked men in a room. Well, 4 actually but I just hit that 4th one.

One masked man had Bella, the 2nd one was getting beaten by Alex and Mrs. Williams. And the 3rd one had eyes on me.

No need to be surprised here. Mrs. Williams is our neighbor. The old Williams couple has lived here since they got married. They do have children but they hardly visit them.

For them, my Ma is their daughter and Pa is their son-in-law. This woman wants to know every single thing about Alex. He is her favorite.

Mrs. Williams can be fierce if she wants. The only thing that could get her attention is juicy gossip. But creepy men must not know that thing.

That 3rd one scanned me from head to toe and smirked at me.
He lazily strolled towards me. I rolled my shoulders and took a fighting stance.

"Oh, darling! You are too delicate to fight" he said with lustful eyes.

He was about to touch my cheek but I caught his hand, punched him, and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine.
He fell on the floor in pain.

"Enough" The one who had Bella yelled at us.

"If any of you move then I will kill this little one." He said in a threatening tone.

"What do you want? " I asked him.
He looked at me and smirked.

"At this moment, I want you. Rather I am returning that money to that person and keeping you by myself for the rest of my life. " He said huskily. And I felt disgusted.

OK! Did he forget why he is here? Or am I imagining things? I mean, is he fucking serious right now?

"Leave the baby and walk out. I won't call the police. And I will even pay triple the original amount to you." I gave him my offer.

"I will give you anything and everything you want, just come with me, darling. I promise you, I will treat you like a Queen. And don't worry. I am not giving you to that old asshole." He said.

I laughed so hard at his offer.

"Do you have any idea with whom you are talking?" I asked him.

Only if he knew… I am born to be a Queen of this world.

The main question is shouldn’t he be thinking about how to escape or not get killed? And what makes him so sure that I would go with him?

"Don't test my patience, Love. Just walk with me. I swear I will do anything for you." He said with serious expressions.

"One more word and I am going to kill your man," Alex said, keeping a pocket knife on his throat.

"Go ahead. I don't care. Please Love. I-" I cut him before he completed his sentence.

"I am not in the mood for a bargain. Just tell me the amount and fuck off. " I said, giving him my threatening glare.

"If I won't get you then no one else will get you. I will kill you. So, be a good girl and come with me. This is my last warning. " He yelled at me.

"Di... Watch out…" Alex yelled.

Both of those men whom I had hit before had recovered from the pain and attacked me together.

I dodge the vase which the 3rd one threw at me but got hit by a baseball bat on my left arm. I pulled the bat from his hand and hit him again. This time he got unconscious.

I turned at 3rd one and gave him a solid hit on his back and legs.

The one who had Bella was admiring my work as a proud fanboy. That man surely needed to get a lecture from my Pa about how to be focused on a goal.

Alex and Mrs. Williams were kicking that 2nd guy's ass.

At the same time, Bella puck on her kidnapper. I quickly ran and caught her when he threw her on Bed.

"You little bitch" He screamed at Bella and threw a knife at us. I covered her with myself and rolled out of bed. I dodge the knife but Some pieces of the Vase got stuck in my arms Bella was giggling and enjoying.

Mrs. Williams walked towards him and hit his head on the wall but it didn't affect him even a bit. And at the same time, Smith entered the room.

That guy jumped from the window leaving his 3 members behind. Then a police van pulled into our driveway.

Mrs. William took the charge of explaining the situation while I was feeding Bella on my lap.

“Please tell me, they didn’t hurt you, Alex,” I asked him.

“They were here for you. They were ogling at your pictures and saying dirty things. Sorry, Di! I could not protect Bella.” He started to cry while hugging me.

“Hey! You fought fiercely my boy. Why are you crying? We both are ok, my young man. Cheer up. I am so proud of you for the way you handled the situation.” I tried to console him. In all our exchanges, we forget that all people were staring at us.

Somebody cleared his throat to get our attention. “We want your statements and did anyone get hurt?”

“I will take all of us to the hospital. Can we give you a statement afterward? I don’t think my brother is in the mood to talk.” I asked them.

“It’s ok Di. I am all right. I will give them the information. You just don’t move that hand, I think you have broken your arm.” Alex said and went to give his statement.

After all that chaos, officers took us to hospital where I got cast on my left arm with some scratches here & there, some stitches also I guess and Bella had charmed all doctors.

This girl is enjoying all the attention she is getting. Sometimes I do wonder why I am socially so awkward while all others in my family are so outward; well except Alex.

One girl did try to get along with Alex, but he just dodged her questions. Smith was at Pa’s home.

When I reached Pa's home again, Smith & Lily were there with a suitcase packed with clothes and food in another bag. He took Alex and Bella in the garage with all luggage while Lily was confronting me.

“They were here for you Rhea. You can’t stay in Berkley now. I packed all the essential things; you are driving to Bellwood to your Mumma & papa.

Victor & Mili went out of town for 2 days. They had called us this afternoon. Someone is keeping an eye on you. We want you safe in any condition.

You get all the details in this note. Keep yourself safe. Don’t worry about us. We all will visit you soon.” Lily quickly instructed me in a low voice.

We walked to the garage. “Read notes and follow instructions. You have all the essential things. Don’t need to call us or anyone else. Switch off your phone.” Smith said and hugged me. Lily also said goodbye to all three of us.

“What is going on? Can somebody please tell me? Why is everyone treating me like a child?” Alex said annoyingly.

“Everyone is worried they were there for me. So we are going to Bellwood. All details are in this note about traveling. Would you read it for me?” I said calmly while driving.

I don’t know why but every abnormal or tense situation either makes me either calm or weird. This one made me too focused. All the gears in my head started to turn and try to sort the situation in all different possible ways.

Alex started to read “Rhea! Honey, you must have gotten a hint that you are being a spy. I have given you extra clothes to change your appearance.

There are chances that you might be getting followed. Just follow instincts. There is a new phone in your bag; you are going to use it from now onwards.

Do not contact at home or offices. I had fed a number on it. Message me once you reach. Keep your eyes & ears open.

We exactly could not track what is happening so technically you have to find your way out from this trouble. Trust yourself; I know you can do it.” Alex finished reading and scowled at it.

“I thought they had given us a route to follow to our destination,” He said mostly to himself.

“No plan is going to work out. We are being followed Alex. We have to make a plan on our way. How much luggage exactly do we have?” I inquired further.

“One big trolley bag, my bag, bag for our makeover, Bella’s, and one with food.” He answered.

“Do you have my sling bag?” I asked him. He showed me my bag.

“Take some cash from it. We might need to part our ways. Alex listened to me very carefully. You have to do whatever it takes to keep you both safe.

Don’t involve yourself in the situation if someone caught me. Get Bella and run away. Remember that Bella is your priority, not me.” I said too calmly.

“I think we should stick together. I am not taking a different route as it is not me who is on the radar of those guys; I should be there to protect you. Be positive for once Di! Let’s figure out a plan to reach home.” He said stubbornly.

No doubt my Ma always gets frustrated with both of us. She always said that the whole Black & Snow family is at one side and you both at one side; still you would overpower all of us in stubbornness. I sometimes wonder how she can put up with both of us so easily.

“I think we should follow the longest route. We will drive halfway and for the remaining half, we will take the train. What do you think?” I asked him.

“Don’t you think we would be safer in the car?” he asked me.

“I think we would be safer in public transport. It would surely take a long time but we could also use some help; and with Bella around, we would get that help easily.” I tried to reason with him.

“If we would not stop, what percentage of chances are there to reach safely at our destination with this car?” he inquired further.

“10-20% even on a short route. 2 vehicles are following us now; maybe there would be more waiting ahead. We could use all the help we get along the road Alex and with this vehicle we would not be going to get that.

They can kill us with 1 stupid accident or even cornered us. Think smartly, man!” I explained further.

“You are not getting my point Di! How would we dodge them? Do you think they would be that stupid? Once we are out of this car, we are vulnerable. They could easily catch us.” He placed his view.

In the smallest matter like how much detergent you should use for washing clothes is also more debatable with Alex; so you can surely get my situation at this time when I am trying to prove what is a more suitable way for us.

At last, we decided to dodge them at traffic signals, get a taxi and go straight to the train station; get on the first train we found then sort our way to reach home.

It’s not a smart plan but in this situation, we are only figuring out which could work with minimum risk. Sure thing that this plan also has ‘n’ number of loopholes but sometimes stupid plans with effective execution can make wonders.

This plan is not something they should be expecting from us right? Alex suggested hiring a different car or taking a lift but those are not going to keep them off our tails.

We can’t risk someone else’s safety. I don’t know how but Bella was behaving like a good girl; not that I am complaining about it, it’s just her maturity that always surprises me.

While discussing the plan, we decided on our makeovers. As much as I hate that thing, I hope that will help us to escape from this creepy situation.

After Bella got into sleep, Alex tried for his makeover and mine also. I don’t have much, just Alex decided to color my hair flicks, put on contacts and specks.

He did change his shirt, hoodie, shoes, and last but not least sunglasses. Holy God! I never knew my brother looks damn handsome.

I even complimented him for which he grumbled under his breath like I surely need to learn on what occasion I should compliment.

Is it my fault people look handsome in quite an imperfect time? Ok, let’s not think about that.

After a 2 and half hour drive, we managed to dodge them at a traffic signal. I parked my car at some pay and parking places, took a taxi, and went to the bus stop.

Yeah! I changed plans last minute. I traveled 2 stations back to catch the train. I mean it’s not normal, right? So we might be able to dodge them for quite some time.

At the train station, Alex and I got separated; even though he was not in favor of my decision but followed instructions anyway.

He was seated 4 rows ahead of me with an old couple who could be considered as his grandparents waiting for the train. I plopped down near a bunch of high school or college students as I couldn’t figure it out.

You must be wondering about Bella, I strapped her under my hoodie. Thank god! Travelling makes her tired.

She was sleeping inside a hoodie. I strapped her in a way that would make me look like a pregnant girl.

Don’t count that thing as a talent; I just messed up something in a strapping thing that made it look like that. I should get the Nobel Prize for making disasters. No wonder Ma never made me strap in her.

People were looking weirdly at me. I guess because of the huge baby bump. One of those college girls who had red hair was trying to humiliate me and calling me dirty names.

If there would be another occasion I surely had made her realize her mistake, but that thing will help to less suspect me. So I keep my mouth shut. Not that it matters to me, but she was the one who was snogging the face of every male she could get.

The girl next to me asked politely, "Do I need help? When is the due date? For which I answer her shortly and politely.

Keeping Alex away from me made me anxious, but it was best for him. Even though I tried, some of those creepy guys still got on the station before the train.

I was getting tenser as they were getting nearer to me. One of the guys from the back row came and sat down next to me, quite close for my liking.

When one of the men tried to lift my hoodie, he got all angry and said,” Get off your hand from my girl! I don’t like it when someone touches her. Can’t you see that she is about to pop any time?” Now I am more scared of him than those creepy guys.

Coincidentally, the train arrived at the same time and I got saved from both of them. I quickly grabbed my luggage and started to walk towards the train.

He swiftly took the luggage from me and helped me to get on the train. I snatched my things from him and walked to search for my brother.

It took so much time for me to search for Alex, till then the train was off from the station. I was hoping that none of those creepy guys had entered the train.

Alex was in the same compartment with that girl and some guy. As soon as he saw me, he jumped into my arms.

I heard a few gasps, but at that moment I was not in any mood to give any shit to them. Even though Alex puts a strong and calm face at the front, I know how horrified he must be feeling. I just picked him up and rubbed his back.

“Woah! Easy there miss! We don’t have qualified doctors if you got in labor pain.” The same guy said I guess.

As good a girl as she is, Bella chose that time to squeal in happiness. Alex pulled down the zipper and we both kissed her on the head.

“It seems like we have a kidnapper here.” This time someone else spoke. Alex was about to retort when Bella started to scold him in her gibberish language.

“Ok Love! Calm down, he was just joking. He is not saying anything wrong to us.” Alex tried to convince her.

But Bella is a hell of annoying. Well not only because of that boy but also when she saw my red flicks, contact lenses eyes, and specks. She pulled those glasses and threw them on the train floor.

This girl is so obsessive about my green eyes. She looked at them in so much admiration. I think that must be her favorite color. Someone just coughs to get our attention.

Please god! Not those creepy guys.


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