Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 4

Rhea's POV:

I turn around and find one sparkling blue eye, lean but muscular body, tall, dark brown hair person leaning against the compartment door.

Just next to his brown hair and chocolate brown eyes is a handsome boy munching chips. I raised my eyebrow at both of them.

“I think you should move that luggage away.” blue eyes instructed me.

“Woah! The baby is out already. Why the hell didn't I hear screams from a lady? Isn’t that baby looking quite old for one day old?” brown eyes asked this time.

I was about to duck to pick up specks and luggage when one more boy appeared; he has black eyes and black hairs, quite intimidating aura but still handsome.

He was the one who helped me from those creepy guys. He examined my glasses and smirked at me. Yup! They are just for fooling people; he caught us red-handed.

I moved my luggage from the door, placed it under the coach, and took specks from him. Bella was so angry at me.

She doesn’t like our makeover thing. She was not even looking at me. I just removed all the straps and placed her on my lap.

Alex was observing all of them. The polite girl, hazel eyes and mahogany hair boy, blue eyes boy were looking at us like we were aliens; the remaining two were either enjoying our situation or ignoring it.

“Come on baby! Don’t give us a hard time. Please honey, once we reach our destination, you will get what you want.” I finally got enough of Bella’s antiques.

She was hungry and not cooperating. Alex finally took her on his lap and spoke something in her ear.

I didn’t get any words but maybe he had told her the truth because there is no other way she would have cooperated with us.

“Is she your daughter?” the girl asked.

“Yes,” Alex answered her. He knows I get angry when someone gets into my matters.

“Why were those guys chasing you?” hazel eyes asked this time; I think his name is Ryan.

“My sister got knocked up by her boyfriend. He left her when he found out that she was expecting. He now wants both of them. He is a gangster. He had hidden it from her earlier.” Alex lied smoothly.

“You surely don’t look like a baby's mother?” one who helped me asked this time.

“I don’t even look like a kidnapper also, but you all surely take me as the one” I snapped at him. Alex kicked me. He surely has more knowledge about social behavior.

Why some people are nosy is beyond me. Bella holds out a hand for that Ryan guy and he smiled at her

and asked me, “Do you mind if I took her for a minute or two?” I was about to deny it but Bella was so excited to get to know him. I handed him, my baby girl.

The girl with those boys is a beautiful one. She is more tomboy type. She was shivering and her clothes were also damp I guess.

Suddenly she stood up and was about to walk out when she fell on the floor of the train. Alex was quick to hold her neck; we saved her head from getting hit on the train floor. She was in pain.

“Get me a yellow pouch from my bag, water bottle, napkin, or hanky,” I yelled at Alex. One of those boys picked her up and placed her on the seat. I quickly removed my hoodie and covered her.

After 5-6 mins, she opened her eyes. I retrieved fresh clothes from my bag and placed them on Alex's arm along with a yellow pouch.

“Escort the lady to change those clothes,” I instructed him and searched Bella’s handbag for medicine.

“Is she all right?” Ryan asked me.

“I think she has a fever and maybe..” I cut myself in mid-sentence.

“Maybe what?” That blue-eyed boy snapped at me.

“Ethan, behave yourself. Xavier has followed Ava, we will find out soon.” Ryan guy said.

“Why are you yelling at me Ryan, ask her; she is the one who is playing a guessing game at this moment.” Ethan snapped at Ryan.

“Ian stop munching those chips; go and find out what happened to Ava?” Ethan screamed at the boy who had brown eyes.

So Ava, Ethan, Ryan, Xavier, and Ian are their names. Ryan is a shy, hazel eye and mahogany-haired boy.

Xavier is the one who has helped me and has black eyes & hairs; that girl’s name is Ava, one with brown eyes and munching chips is Ian, and Ethan with blue eyes yelling at me.

“Are you going to answer me? Maybe what?” Ethan snapped at me after 2-3 mins.

“Maybe she got her periods.” Alex completed my sentence. He entered the compartment with her wet clothes and placed them in a bag.

“I think she had skipped her lunch also, we need to feed her before medicine,” Alex informed me.

“Holy shit! For the love of god Ava, have some mercy on guys. Why are you doing this to him? What would Ian do, if you look this much beautiful?

That guy is already all over the place to keep away your admirer. Look at him. He is even blushing.” Ryan spoke as soon as Ava entered the compartment.

That Ian guy was indeed blushing. I know I am not a very experienced person but there are indeed sparks between Ian & Ava.

She is a rare piece of beauty. The dress is surly even not doing any justice to her beauty.

Bella waved her hand and said,” Bee Bee.” Everyone turned at her.

“She said you are looking beautiful,” Alex replied to their unuttered question. He pulled 2 Tiffin boxes from the bag and handed them to them with 2 juice bottles.

“You should eat first. I will hand you medicine after.” I told her and got Bella to feed.

I have to coax her for feeding. After our small eating session, I was ignoring their presence.

Alex and I were looking out of the window; while Bella was mostly talking to Ryan and Ava. She was feeling better after eating.

Suddenly Ian entered the compartment and said, "Code Red guys.” I didn’t even know when he went out of the compartment. And what the hell is code red?

Ava took Bella from me and hid her in my hoodie which she was wearing. Xavier takes Alex and hides him under a seating coach between two bags and a seat beside Ava.

I was so shocked by their sudden actions that I hadn’t realized that my back was pressed against the wall of the train and Ethan’s face was just inches away from mine.

He had placed one hand on my waist and one on my neck. I just froze in my place for a minute or two with wide eyes. I was about to yell at him when Xavier kicked me and made a universal gesture of shushing.

As much as I appreciate their help, I hate it when somebody touches me without my permission.

I was glaring at him and that asshole surely enjoyed that touching session.

Someone opened the door of the compartment and Ethan placed his forehead on mine.

“Did you guys see a girl with 2 kids?” a rough voice boomed in the compartment.

“Yes, I saw a girl with 2 kids but she got down at the last station,” Ian said.

“That bitch! She is going to pay for all this.” That man said and walked out from the compartment.

As soon as Ian closed the door I pushed away Ethan and kneel for Alex.

“Come, sweetie! I got you.” I pulled him in for a hug. Alex was so scared not because of those creepy guys but he knows how angry I got when some unknown person touched me.

“Did he kiss you?” he asked, horrified.

“No! Thank God, No! It was just to hide me.” I answered him.

It was a hell of difficult to control my temper; I closed my eyes and started counting from 100 to 1. I know it never helped me but I should not get into a fight with someone to save me.

I don’t know from where that red hair girl who was kissing everyone gets into a compartment and yelled at me,

“Don’t even dare to touch him again. You can’t win him with one stupid kiss. He is mine”

“Get him and walk out of the compartment. NOW!” I yelled at that girl.

I was already having trouble with my increasing fury and that bitch thought I was interested in that player.

There are already enough problems queued in my life; I seriously don’t want to add another one.

“See! Don’t get him wrong. We all panicked; we couldn’t find another way. That was the only way to hide you. Trust me! There were no wrong intentions and he surely did not kiss you.” Xavier said. I just nodded at him.

“It’s ok! We can understand.” Alex ensured him.

He placed Bella in my arms and made me sit on the couch. No one was speaking for a while. Bella was also looking at everyone in turns. I think everyone got a hint that I am too furious to talk. Thankfully, they didn't try to get along in the remaining journey.

“Next station would be the last station. We have to take the metro to Bellwood. Do you think you can manage Ava or would we think of another way?” Ethan the player said.

Suddenly Alex stood up, removed his glasses and contacts, took fresh clothes, and walked out to change.

Everybody was looking at him in shock. “He has OCD,” I answered their unuttered question.

He walked into the compartment and tried to help me to remove all those makeover things. If we need Bella’s cooperation; we should listen to her.

We cannot go to Bellwood with these makeover things; it surely scared the shit out of my parents. Alex took a wet wipe and cleaned the color of my flicks whereas I removed contacts. I pulled my hair in a ponytail and wore a new jacket. Bella got all happy.

“You must be happy now, aren’t you?” I asked Bella who was in Ava’s lap.

“How should I return these clothes to you?” Ava asked.

“No need to return them, keep them as a thank you gift from us for your generous help. In the future, if you have any problems; please feel free to contact us. We will do whatever we can.” I told her and wrote down a phone number.

“Just tell them the Green eye girl had given you this number.” I handed her my number. Everybody was looking at me with wide eyes and shocked expressions except Ethan the player. Well, I can’t exactly get the emotion in his eyes.

We were at the train station when Xavier asked me, “See girl! It’s already 8 at night. Please tell us where you want to go, we will drop you. At least think about kids, it is not safe.”

“It is so nice of you man, I appreciate your help. But I can’t get you in trouble. I will find my way. Thanks for all the help.” I answered him politely.

“It was you who helped us. We just covered you not much. At least give us a chance to properly thank you for what you have done for our friend.” Ryan asked. I just smiled at him and bid goodbye.

I just hope we would not meet them in Bellwood or anywhere in this world. They were not bad people but I am not good company.

“Where should we go now?” Alex asked.

We took a bus to Bellwood. Alex was so quiet for a long time so I asked him, “What happened to you?”

“That boy didn’t kiss you, right? I mean you were mad and he was overwhelmed.” Alex told me

“I don’t have any idea about him, but I was mad because he was touching me without my permission,” I told him.

Every one of them touched me the whole journey and weirdly I had not recoiled from any of them. That was another first. I quickly brushed those thoughts and focused on my goal.

Even though I had taken the bus to Bellwood; I got down at a random stop and took a taxi to the hospital where my mother works.

Yes! I am the daughter of Dr. Helen Black & Mr. Matthew Black. My dad is also in some business but I never knew as I never asked him.

In that entire journey, my arm was troubling me but I ignored it successfully. I think maybe some stitches had also opened. But who cares??? Pain is something that I can get along with easily; after all those past experiences pain was the only constant thing in my life.

When we got to the hospital, I was already started to feel lightheaded but for some time I fought to keep my consciousness.

“I want to meet Dr. Helen Black urgently,” I said to the receptionist.

“Dr. Black is busy at the moment; you have to wait for half an hour.” That lady said to me.

“See miss, it’s urgent. I am hurt and I need to see a doctor.” I told her.

“I can arrange another doctor for you. Dr. Helen Black doesn’t handle some normal OPD cases.” That lady said sarcastically.

“I don’t need a third person to tell me about my mother's skill set. Get me, my mother, now or you will be fired. You are talking to the owner of this hospital. Do I need to use my authorities here?” I yelled at her.

In that fight session, I could barely even see the eyes of that lady. I must have lost some blood. I can’t even keep my eyes open.

Out of nowhere one voice boomed “What the hell is going on here?” I turned and looked at the person.

From the voice, I can surely say that it was my mother’s voice. Black dots started to cloud my vision and I can’t see anyone now.

With all the power I had, I just uttered one sentence, “Mumma, I am here.” And darkness consumed me. In that state also my last thoughts were about the safety of Bella & Alex. I hope my mother will find them.


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