Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 5

Ethan’s POV:

It was a great day at the theme park or at least for me it was great. There were so many hot chicks and a much more pleasant view if you ask me.

For Ian, wherever there is food and Ava the place will be best for him. For Xavier and Ryan, just enjoy our company.

Ryan surely had a book with him but he and Xav went for a walk when I was making out with Linda.

She thinks that she is my girlfriend but I don’t do relationship things. It’s just not me. I never get girls with fake promises and labels.

It was always clear from my side that after our little fun, we would part away. I don’t like to get attached to anyone.

Ava, Ian, Ryan, and Xavier were the only people I am close with. I was never close to my family either. My parents shifted to Bellwood one and a half years ago so that they could spend time with me.

My brother Paul was always with them whereas Kate and I always lived with grandparents or school dormitories.

They both were working and best at their professions. To give us luxurious life, they worked hard but in that process, they drifted apart from us.

I for one could never understand how siblings have the strongest bond? I never had one. I surely was on good terms with Kate but not with Paul. I never understand him. We could hardly talk with him.

He rather talks with Ryan than me. I am surely never interested in their conversation. Ava & Xavier have a good bond with their siblings. They are quite protective of them.

Ryan is a single child and good with everyone in his and our families. Ian never talks about family so no comments in his matters.

“Guys, that was quite a good time with you. I am glad you took me as a group member but then again everyone loves and wants Linda.” Linda said, fluttering her eyelashes to Ryan.

He just ignored her. Our Ryan is an example of a pure gentleman. He is a kind of One woman man. He gets attention for his handsome looks but he always keeps his distance from girls. Except for Ava, he never talks with other girls.

“Ryan is not going to snog you, just back off. Besides Ethan daily snogging at least one girl that doesn’t mean we add every girl in the group.” Xavier snapped at Linda.

Xavier can hardly hold a conversation with anyone besides us. He has a temper issue but if anyone troubles Ryan and Ava, he just turns into hulk mode.

It’s just the way he is. I never saw Xavier being comfortable around any girl. He hates brainless people. Anyway, I surely don’t like anyone who makes him angry.

“Linda, I told you that we were just going to have fun till we were in the theme park. Outside that, we don’t know each other. Just get out.” I added sternly. She got up and sat in another boy’s lap.

Xavier chuckled at her action. “Somebody please tell this girl that Ethan Clark will need some badass girl to make him jealous. Someone who will always keep him on toes”, Ryan said.

“Those types of girls don’t exist.” I snickered at Ryan.
“I agree that you have some charm but one day there will be someone who will not fall for this; that day you will understand how it feels,” Ian muttered under breath.

Ava is giving him a hard time. Everybody knows that they both have a thing for each other but god knows why Ava started to distance herself from him. Ryan rubbed his back in comfort.

“Get a new girl Ian. There are enough fish in the sea.” Xavier deliberately said in a high voice. As soon as he spoke, Ava stiffened.

“Ian, Leave it mate. That Sarah girl was asking for your phone number, should I give her your number?” I asked him. I saw Ava clenched her jaw.

Ian was sitting behind her and we were sitting next to him in order Ryan, me, and Xavier.

“Ethan man, why are you asking? Just set a date with that Sarah girl. Ian, you should wear that new white button-down shirt on a date. She will be ready to marry you within a week, mark my word.” Ryan said with a serious expression.
Ava turned and glared at us. She is so possessive of him but doesn’t accept it.

We were trying to figure out a problem between them when suddenly a heavily pregnant girl with lots of luggage sat near Ava.

We all get alarmed by her entry. She looks quite young to be pregnant.

“Who the hell knocks up a girl and leaves her?” Ian mumbled angrily. Ian is a feminist and he hates it when somebody does anything wrong with women.

“Something is fishy” Ryan looked at Xavier. They have some silent conversations through their eyes. I just hate it when they both do that.

“She is a huge man,” I exclaimed accidentally.

“Maybe she is carrying twins. She looks tired.” Xavier said under his breath.

If you asked me she looked highly wired. As if on the little sound she will jump out of bone. Maybe she is in trouble but her voice is quite calm and magical when she answers Ava.

I think because of pregnancy she looks highly wired; maybe her due date is near.

I was contemplating asking her if she needed any help when Xavier stood up and sat beside her. He threw his arm around her shoulder and yelled at the man who was about to lift her hoodie cap,” Get off your hand from my girl! I don’t like it when someone touches her. Can’t you see that she is about to pop any time?”

I was more shocked than that weird guy and hoodie girl. Trust Xavier on scaring someone. Just on cue, the train arrived.
The Hoodie girl can’t even get on her feet by herself. Ava and Xavier helped her on getting on the train. She just snatched her luggage from Xavier and turned away from us.

Ava and Ryan are in another compartment while Xavier, Ian, and I are in their adjacent compartment. They had one 7-8-year-old boy with them in their compartment.

He is quite handsome for his age. He was searching for someone with a worried expression. I hope he hadn’t lost someone in the crowd that would be devastating.

I was about to ask him when Ava shook her head at me. Ryan signed me to take Ian away for a moment so that he could ask Ava what is wrong with her.

We were entering our compartment when we saw her again. We looked at each other and decided to follow her. She entered Ava's compartment. I was just behind her; as soon as she entered, she dropped the luggage on the train floor and caught that handsome young boy effortlessly in her arms.

“Woah! Easy there miss! We don’t have qualified doctors if you get in labor pain.” Ian exclaimed to her.

The boy looked like he was about to cry but he blinked back his tears. She was rubbing his back and saying to him that she got him continuously.

Ian was looking at them in awe. This is the first! I never saw this expression on his face except for Ava off course.

Suddenly someone squalled in happiness. That boy pulled down the zip of her hoodie and there it was! A small baby poorly and wrongly strapped inside it. She must have strapped the baby for the first time.

“It seems like we have a kidnapper here.” I snapped at them. They both were kissing the forehead of that baby.
Xavier was smiling at their exchange and that made me shut my mouth.

It’s been months since he had smiled genuinely. That baby looked at me and started to yell gibberish.
“She is so cute,” Ian mumbled. How on the earth does he know that the baby is she and not he?

I looked at him questioningly. He pointed to the pink bow on her head.

“Ok Love! Calm down, he was just joking. He is not saying anything wrong to us.” The boy cooed at her. But the baby was a hell of annoyed at me and that hoodie girl.

She pulled out glasses from her face and threw them on the train floor.

The baby girl was searching for something in that hoodie girl but the disappointment was visible on her face.

I wanted to see what that baby was searching on that girl’s face; I coughed to get her attention and said, “I think you should move that luggage away.”

She turned around to answer me but what I saw was not what I was expecting. A small glowing face with red flicks covered the left side of the face, plump kissable lips, eyes with kohl, and a penetrating gaze turned towards us. She had blue eyes with some unfathomable emotions. 'Wowww….' somebody said in my head but I couldn't care less.

Technically she glared at me or us but my eyes were locked on her face. She is gorgeous, unique, and perfect. I actually could not take my eyes off her.
She had a mysterious aura around her. She suddenly turns around from us. I don’t like it when she ignores us.

For her, it was like only three of them were in the compartment; all of us were blurred. It is when Ryan elbowed me in the ribs that I noticed that we settled ourselves in this compartment.

Xavier was seated beside her calmly as if they both were friends for ages. To see Xavier that comfortable around a girl was shocking.

The baby was giving a hard time to her and the boy was consoling that baby. The girl was dressed like a biker and had an oversized hoodie to cover her. Even that oversized hoodie can't hide her beauty.

I was intrigued by their silent exchange. The baby was annoyed at the girl, talking with Ryan in her gibberish language while scratching on Xavier’s forearm.

“Is she your daughter?” Ava asked. I am glad that Ava struck up a conversation. But the girl clenched her jaw as soon as she heard that question.

“Yes,” the boy answered.
“Why were those guys chasing you?” Ryan asked further.

“My sister got knocked up by her boyfriend. He left her when he found out that she was expecting. He now wants both of them. He is a gangster. He had hidden it from her earlier.” The boy told us. I didn’t like that answer.

“You surely don’t look like a baby's mother” Xavier stated this time.
“I don’t even look like a kidnapper also, but you all surely take me as the one” she snapped at him and the boy kicked her.

That’s when I noticed the baby doesn’t look like her. The baby is quite adorable but they don’t look like mother and daughter. Did she kidnap the baby?

The baby is smart for her age. She rubbed the hoodie girl's arm to calm her down when she snapped at Xavier. That's unexpected.

What shocked me most was the understanding and bonding between those three. They could read each other’s silence perfectly; that includes that near about 2-year-old baby also.

“Do you mind if I take her for a minute or two?” Ryan asked her. She looked at him as if he asked for her both kidneys, liver, and lungs at once.

The baby happily holds out a hand in Ryan’s direction. The girl reluctantly gave her baby to Ryan and glaring all the time at both of them when the baby was chatting happily with Ryan. He is going to be a great dad one day.

Ava stood up from her place and was about to walk out from the compartment when she fainted. The hoodie girl and boy have quite fast reflexes; they caught her head before hitting it to the train floor.

Xavier placed her on their couch while the girl pulled out a hoodie from her and wrapped it around Ava. She gave Ava extra clothes to change and was searching for something in her bag.

Even though Xavier went with Ava and that boy, we were worried about her. It is quite unusual for Ava to faint. She was unconscious for about 8-10 mins or maybe more.

“Is she all right?” Ryan asked her.
“I think she has a fever and maybe…” She cut herself in mid-sentence.

In that one moment, thousands of dangerous thoughts run through my mind. Ian’s breath was caught in his throat.
If anything happened to her; we would be unable to control Ian. His face was as white as a ghost.

“Maybe what?” I snapped at her.
“Ethan, behave yourself. Xavier has followed Ava, we will find out soon.” Ryan said to me.

“Why are you yelling at me Ryan, ask her; she is the one who is playing a guessing game at this moment.” I snapped at Ryan.

“Ian stop munching those chips; go and find out what happened to Ava?” I screamed at Ian who was standing there like a statue.
I should not have screamed at him but I was scared for Ian. I punched him in his chest and he released his breath.
He was looking everywhere like a lost puppy.

Please god! Keep her safe. I was mentally begging to god that gives us time till we can make it to the hospital.

“Are you going to answer me? Maybe what?” I snapped at myself after some time.
“Maybe she got her periods.” The boy answered again. Isn’t he too small to know about period stuff?
“I think she had skipped her lunch also, we need to feed her before medicine.” The boy informed her.

Ava walked into the compartment with brand new clothes or should I say brand new girly clothes.
We all knew that Ava looks beautiful in anything and everything but seeing her in those clothes was different.

The hoodie girl looked at Ian and smirked at his reaction. I must say she looks pretty badass with that expression. They gave us food and juice.

I was shocked that Ian hadn't asked about the chef who made sandwiches but then again his eyes were on Ava so sandwiches remained ignorant.

She avoided us after the eating session. Ian and I went out so we could clear our brains.

“Are you all right Ethan?” Ian asked.
“Yes. What makes you think otherwise?” I asked Ian.
“You look lost, man. You have been behaving weirdly since we got on the train.” Ian said and I shrugged and walked away from him.

The scene in the compartment hasn’t changed since we left. Only the baby was looking at Xavier’s tattoos with more interest.

After some time Ian bragged into the compartment and yelled, “Code red guys.”

Xav and Ava hide both kids but the hoodie girl was confused with Ian’s sudden appearance as if she didn’t know when he left the compartment.

I pulled her from her seat and caged her between the train wall and me. Ryan and Ian stood in such a way as if they were giving us privacy while we were making out.

When I turned to look at her, she was frozen in her place, looking at me with wide eyes. She has a good height and quite a perfect body also.

I registered that one hand is on her small waist and one hand on the back of her cold neck.

She stood there like a statue who was scowling out of boredom or anger. As she was looking up at me, her hair flicks slide down from her face to ear. She looks even prettier when she has that shocked expression.

When she registered my hand on her waist, she was about to punch when Xavier stopped her. Suddenly the Compartment door was opened by someone and I placed my forehead on her.

She stopped her breathing, clenched her jaw, and fisted her hand on my chest as if she was going to kill everyone here. My heart was banging on the rib cage.

All I could do was stare at her, which was quite unusual for me. Those anger-filled eyes had some kind of pull. You just can't tear your gaze from her. I didn’t even get a word from the conversation going on in the compartment. I was blanked.

Somebody pulled me away from her, that’s when I noticed that I also had held my breath.

All my senses suddenly stopped working and cooperating with me. I only registered after some time when Ian, Linda, and I were standing at the door of the train.

“Get out and don’t dare to contact him again” Ian’s statement pulled me back out of blankness.

“What happened?” I asked him.

He just looked at me and said, “Ethan… Really?? How would I know?? This is all happening because you snogged that chick. Come let’s go to our compartment.”
What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Ian took me to another compartment so we won’t face her. Everybody saw that she was angry with me but I did that to save her.

I am not denying that I like her in my arms but they don’t need to know that.

“What the hell was Linda doing there?” I asked Ian.
He blinked at me and asked, “What were the last & first words you heard in all the chaos?”
I had to think for some time before I answered “code red & get out Linda” I said tentatively.
He just nodded at that and changed the topic.

After one hour or so I went to check on Ava and asked her, “Next station would be the last station. We have to take the metro to Bellwood. Do you think you can manage Ava or would we think of another way?”

Suddenly the boy stood up, removed his glasses and contacts, took fresh clothes, and walked out from the compartment.
Everybody was looking at him with a questioning gaze. “He has OCD.” Hoodie girl answered without looking at us.
How the hell did she know what we were thinking?

The boy walk-in into the compartment with what we called his real appearance. He has grey eyes and if I may add he looks quite handsome with his original look. He tried to help the hoodie girl with her face.

After a minute or so, when he turned around to see the baby, we could see her face. She has emerald green eyes which are indeed more beautiful than blue ones, and long brown hair which she tied in a ponytail this time. The baby girl was on cloud nine after seeing her changed appearance here.

Ava said something to her but I could not catch it. All I was looking at were those three strangers, who were looking related to each other. I think maybe they are siblings with a strong bond; honestly speaking I envy their bond.

“What is wrong with your t-shirt E?” Ian scowled at me. We were walking to the metro station Ava, Ian, and I. Xav & Ry went to help the hoodie girl and kids.

I looked down at my white t-shirt which was red to the right side. “Are you hurt E?” Ava asked with a horrified expression.

“No. I am not. I just changed my t-shirt on the platform before boarding the last train. I haven’t even eaten something with tomato ketchup. What could that be?” I got annoyed.

I just moved my jacket to get a clear view; there it was the mark of half of someone's handprint on my chest.

“Shit!! She is hurt” Ian & I screamed at the same time. We just stared at each other for a moment or two before turning around and started to run in the direction where we left them. I hope Xavier and Ryan are still with her.

Somewhere in the world :

A man in a black suit entered the meeting room with a pale face.
"What??" an old man barked at him.
"Rhea Black got attacked."

The old man with grey eyes looked at that man and slapped him hard on the face.

"Find those people and kill them. And make sure this news doesn't get out of this room." That old man yelled at that person. He hurriedly ran away from the room before he got shot.

"Double up Rhea's security. Not even air should pass towards her without our permission." He barked orders to someone on the phone.

"I will not let anything happen to you this time. You are all that we have. " He said looking at the picture on his table. A certain 5-year-old green-eyed girl was smiling at the camera. That was the last time this old man saw her smiling.

All People in the meeting room have the same thought: 'how can this old man save a girl who doesn't want to be saved?'
But all of them wisely kept their mouths shut.
No one wants to face an angry and hungry lion.


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