Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 6

Rhea's POV :

My eyelids were feeling heavy; it felt like somebody had sucked all energy from me. Somewhere in the background, there is a beeping sound.
It was kind of irritating; I want to tell someone to stop that beeping alarm but I don’t have the energy to do that.

Am I dead? If yes, I hope Alex and Bella have been found by my Mumma. I should have told her that I love her and all of them. But I didn't get a chance.

It is so unfair that she stuck with a kid like me who never told her anything; never shared any happiness or sorrow in my life.

It was not like only I had suffered in that trauma, she also lost someone that time. But she is still putting up with a stubborn child who is pushing her away from herself.

She had all the rights to love me or blame me but she never utters a single word.

I just hope Alex and Bella would give her that love which I never did. I suddenly started to feel tired; I think I am losing myself in darkness again.

I am thirsty. I want water but I can’t open my mouth. I can’t move from my place. I think I was crying as I could feel the wetness in the corner of my eyes.

I am desperate to see my mother. The last time I was in the hospital, she was on the verge of death. I had promised her that I won’t leave her; I always kept my promises.

She will lose her mind if I don't wake up early. 'For god's sake Rhea Black! Use some power and move before your mother loses her patience.' I was trying hard but couldn't even move my fingers.

That fucking beeping alarm thing is still not shut down by anyone. I am going to break that beeping thing first after I open my eyes.

There is weight on my stomach. Am I kidnapped or something? I mean I should have woken up early. It is not like I was seriously injured right? Did I miss something?

I think I was talking to myself the whole time. Is it normal? If I ever woke up, I would ask this question to my mother. She is a doctor so she must know that.

Am I dreaming? I don’t think so. Plain black dreams are not my thing. What the hell is going on? I hope Alex is feeding Bella from time to time and she is not giving hard time to anyone.

I am kind of hungry also. I hope Mumma has cooked something. I feel someone’s lips on my forehead. They are warm and soft. I hope they are my mother's lips. I started to feel numb again.

“When will she wake up? I am scared now. She never took that much time.” Alex said that I guess.

“She will wake up when she is ready.” Somebody said.

“Rhea Di! Please wake up. I can’t put Bella to sleep. She is missing you Di! ” Alex said again. I can’t hear anything after that. I think I am not dead yet.

I opened my eyes and faced the white ceiling and pale blue room. Somebody is standing near my head. “Water please” I tried to utter some words.

“Hi, how are you feeling? I am your nurse today. I will get a doctor. Can I help you with something?” that lady said. “Water” is all I could say.

A handsome man in his mid or late 20's entered the room; “Hi! I am Dr. Brown, how are you feeling?” he asked me with a pleasant smile. I want to answer but I can’t as my throat is dry and aching.

I searched the whole room; no one was there. I started to get panicked; where the hell is Alex & Bella?

“Relax young lady! Could you talk?” he asked me with worried eyes. I point towards the side table which contains a water bottle.

He nodded and asked the lady in blue uniform to give me water. I gulped down a whole glass of water. Dr. Brown chuckled at me.

“More water please,” I said to that lady and turn to Dr. Brown and said to him,

“Can I meet Dr. Helen Black? It’s urgent.”

“I need to run some basic tests on you. Please cooperate. I will get Dr. Black soon.”

I was about to argue but he gave me a nonsense look, so I held my tongue. My mother would be devastated if she found out I argued with her colleague.
After facing all his torture for 20-30 mins; I had enough of him.

“Where is Dr. Helen Black? I want to meet her urgently. I had my siblings with me, where are they now? How many days I was out? And please give me some sprinkling water, I am thirsty.” I babbled everything.

“You were out for two days. Your sprinkling water is on its way. Can I ask you, how did you get injured?” Dr. Brown asked me.

“I will answer your question in front of Dr. Helen Black. Call her. Now!” I said calmly.

“She is in the operation theatre. I am afraid I can’t call her now!” He mocked me.

“Call her husband then or hand me the phone I will call him. His name is Matthew Black.” I said to him curtly.

“May I ask why you are so desperate to meet Black’s?” Dr. Brown asked him.

“Because you are talking to Dr. Helen Black’s daughter. Can I get to talk with my mother now? I am worried about her and my siblings. Is this the way you all treat patients?” I screamed at him.

“Rhea!” My papa entered the room. “Your daughter has a serious temper issue, Mr. Black.” That idiot doctor mocked me again.

“Oh!! You have no idea what I am capable of; just let me get out of this bed, you will get the answer to all your doubts.” I mocked him in return.

“Enough Rhea! Behave yourself.” My father scolded me mildly and kissed my forehead. “How are you my princess?” my Papa asked me worriedly.

“Where are the kids' Papa? Is Alex all right? Did Bella give you a hard time? Is my mother mad at me?” I asked him in return.
“We thought we lost you again.” It is all my father could utter before getting me in a warm hug.

“Dr. Brown please get my discharge paper ready. I want to head back to my home.” I instructed the man who was looking at us in amusement.

“I thought it was a doctor's call; I am afraid I can’t discharge you.” He replied to me curtly.

“I was doing you a favor. It’s ok; you have decided your fate. All the best!” I answered the confused doctor.

He doesn’t know my mother well. I am getting grounded soon and he is getting fired.

I passed out on her, she must be angry and a hell of worried. It is not a pretty sight to watch my mother in that condition; she is an active volcano now.

My father informed me that Alex and Bella are at home and not in good condition. My mother hadn’t slept for 2 nights. My brother just went home so that my father could visit.

Dr. Brown was as interested in our family discussion as he had not moved from his place.

“Rhea Snow Black, you are grounded for a month.” My mother’s voice boomed in the room before she entered.

“Mumma, I can explain.” I tried to console her but all my words died in my throat when I saw my mother’s state.

As my father said, she hadn’t slept, eat anything in two days. Her eyes are bloodshot and swallowed. She was trembling in anger or fear of losing me. I just dropped my head in shame. I put her through all of this again. I am not a good daughter.

“I am sorry Mumma” I give my best puppy dog face I could in this condition.
“Leave us alone” My mother ordered everyone. I think I am going to get an earful again. She just checked all my injuries while crying. She was so angry with me that she was not even looking at me.

“Say something” I mumbled to her.

“If you ever put me through all of this torture again, I will not forgive you.” She said and walked out of the room. I can get it now from where Bella got that annoying behavior thing. She and Mumma both are drama queens.

That same lady entered the room. “Can I ask you something?” I asked her and she nodded at me.

“When I was out, did I cry or scream?” She looked at me with a horrified expression.

“I will take that as a yes. Did Dr. Black witness that situation?” I inquired further.

“You cried a lot but didn’t scream and Dr. Black also cried with you. Is it true that you are her daughter?” she asked me.

“Yes. I just inherited her lips and chin in features and her short temper & stubbornness in nature.” I explained to her.

She nodded in understanding. “You are one beautiful girl Miss Black… I mean just goddess. ” She said to me, I just nodded at her.

As I had expected my mother got me discharged soon after I woke up. That idiot Dr. Brown said to me that he will meet me soon. I am so sure that I don’t want to meet him again. I was in the car with my parents.

My mother is still not talking to me and my father. Because he is the one who set free his daughter and she just got in trouble every week. So it is our punishment. My poor father is going to sleep on the couch I guess.

We have a big house here, I have never seen that though. They all came to Berkley always so I never visit Bellwood.

Bellwood is my hell, more precisely personal hell. 'Welcome to hell my queen ' Someone's voice rang in my ear. Well, it's the same voice I hear in my nightmares.

Rishi, my little brother who is not so little now as he is 13 years old opened the door.

“Thank god you woke up Rhea! I was so so so scared” he gets me in a bone-crushing hug at the doorstep.

“Let me in first. I got stitches, Man! please be careful.” I yelled at him. Alex ran down the stairs, hugged me, and started to cry.

I know how much he must have gone through when I was unconscious. He is just a little boy after all. I made him worried as well.

'Good going Black.,' My soul taunts me. But at this moment I just don't care about it.

“Sorry Baby! I put you through all of this. I am extremely sorry I was not there for you.” I said to him as he was crying in the crook of my neck.

“I thought I lost you. Why didn’t you tell me that your stitches got open and you were bleeding? You know how much blood you have lost.” He was crying and talking.

Rishi brought Bella to me. She was also looking so tired. She also yelled at me and cried a lot. I think it's a cry day. Everyone was crying except me.

I was the reason for their tears. But I promised myself that I will not put them through all of this ever in my life, especially my mother.

She was already about to lose me twice in the past and this was my third time. It was unfair of me to make her suffer so much.

“I am starving,” I said out of the blue when everyone was sitting on the floor defense and crying. It’s kind of stupid but in my defense, I know they were also hungry.

“Get showered all of you, I will cook” Rishi ordered us, and ta walked down to the kitchen.

My mother accompanied me to shower as I can’t wash my hair by myself. After giving an awesome bath to Bella & me, my mother went to shower. Alex was drying my hair with a dryer and I was feeding Bella with one working hand.

“Did she eat at all while I was absent?” I asked him. “Rishi tried a lot but she was not at all cooperating. We had to bring her to the hospital so that she would see you and eat. She was not sleeping soundly.” Alex informed me.

“So no one including you, Bella, and Rishi had eaten anything, right?” I asked him.

“Rishi made me eat sandwiches that night and whenever we visited you. Ma forced us to eat something then allowed us to visit. Ma & Pa tried to feed Bella also but she is so stubborn. Ma and you both are empty stomachs now. ” he said to me.

Rishi entered the room and tied my hair in a ponytail.

“Should I take this as you get a girl in life who taught you this?” I asked Rishi.

“I already have two sisters so I have to learn these things. And no, I don’t have a girlfriend, I hadn't forgotten grandpa's rules.” He explained and I smiled at my idiot brother.

We all walked out of the room to the dinner table. “Umm... I just want to say sorry to all of you. You all have suffered a lot in the last two days because of me.” I said to all.

“I want both of you, Alex & Rhea, to explain to me what happened that day. But after dinner. Now dig in! “Mumma exclaimed.

All men in our family really can cook well. This chicken soup & bread rolls are yummy. After dinner, Alex told all those incidents at home with some modifications, of course.

Well, we can't tell them that they were kidnappers so we told them that that was a robbery attempt. He did leave some details like all those sneaky comments of those creepy guys about me and the group of friends we met on the train.

“I am glad you all came home. I want all three of you to shift here permanently. We were lonely without you.” My father said,

“We are moving permanently here Pa. Thank you for asking,” Alex answered directly without consulting me. It is so unlikely of him. I think I am missing some details here. I have to find out.

“Umm... I was wondering if I could... I crash in here in your room for a night?” Rishi asked nervously.

Whenever he visited Berkley, we all siblings gathered in one of the rooms at Ninny’s place and spent all night together.

My father and uncle don’t have this kind of relationship. They can barely speak to each other. They do love each other a lot but never said that aloud. But my mother and aunt made sure that we will grow up as 4 siblings, not cousins.

“Sure. Any time buddy.” I answered him. He got a big comforter and pillow from the walk-in closet.

“OK! Now, Alex will tell me the whole story about your escape without leaving single details. I know both of you are hiding something. I will fill in for you in about 2 days.” He said to me,

Alex explained all things in detail. He just didn’t know the name of that friend group but it was not important. Rishi got all angry after hearing those things.

It took a lot from Alex and me to calm him down. We just put Bella in his arms as I can’t use both of my arms now.

“So now it’s you both who are going to explain to me what happened after I passed out,” I said to them, They started to tell me a story.

“When you said ‘Mumma, I am here and passed out on us; Bella was in your arms. But thankfully Seth had reached there. He took Bella out of your arms.

Your hoodie was soaked in blood. Ma was all in her doctor mode.

He did make me call home so that Pa can be here with me. But I don't know where he went from there. Some Chief. Brown gave you blood. Some different doctor had been appointed for your treatment.

Rishi came to the hospital with Pa. When Pa saw you at the hospital bed he passed out on the spot. He thought you were dead. Rishi & Bella were with him and I was with Ma.

She was so shocked. I had to hold her in my arms so that she would react. ‘She had promised me that she won’t leave me. She is not going to break it.

She will come back to us, Alex. She must come back to us. She can’t do this to me. I just got her. She can’t leave me like this.’ Ma was all ranting this till they got you all stitch up and cast your hand again.

The doctor was shocked that you came without passing out at once. I swear to god and all family members for making him believe. You know what, that doctor was creepy.” Alex was talking to me while Rishi went down with Bella to get ready her milk, my medicine, and some snacks.

“Ma sent us both with Pa. Chief. Brown dropped us here. Rishi and Ma were there with you in hospital for two nights. Pa & Ma were there all days. We will come to visit you if Bella doesn't cooperate.

Ma was all grumbling about you like 'she is so stubborn and gets fun out of seeing her mother suffer like this.' She was the one who suffered most.

She made herself busy with patients and operations. Everyone in the hospital got scared of her behavior. Pa had to convince them that it’s her way to cope with the situation.” Alex finished his rant. I turned to Rishi for more details.

“Mumma cried a lot the first night. Not because of your condition but because you were also crying. It pained her to see you suffered like that.

I think you were fighting for consciousness but due to blood loss, you took that much time. Not much happened in these two days except Dr. Brown was all entranced in your beauty and bravery.” Rishi winked at me.

“That one was an idiot. He didn’t even answer me about Alex and Bella.” I told him.
“He asked papa if you were their biological daughter?” Alex told me.

Why the hell does that idiot Dr. Brown have so much interest in me?

“Ok enough of it. Bella is sleeping soundly, Are we going to watch a movie or sleeping?” Rishi asked me.

“As you both didn’t get enough sleep in the past two days, we are going to sleep. We will have movie night tomorrow.” I answered him and they both groaned in annoyance.

My room has a huge bed, so all four of us sleep on the same bed; Alex and Bella in the middle and both of the older ones on two sides of the bed.

Rishi tucked Me, Alex, and Bella in bed and then joined us. As my hand was injured, he tucked Bella near him. After so many nights, I am going to have a peaceful sleep or I hope I will.

Somewhere in the world :

An old man was pacing back and forth in his study and his wife was glaring at him. He was trying hard to explain to her his perception of situations but he was failing in it miserably. After all, there are few people in his life to whom he can't convince at all. One of them is his wife.

"Please honey… try to understand it's for her safety… you know what happened 13 years ago with her… I was just looking out for her. Why can't you understand? It's my way to show her my concern."

"You just stop there right now… enough of this concern thing. If and when your brother Alexander and son Vincent will find out that you were stalking Rhea, you know hell will break loose. And not to forget about others." She said pointing at a particular picture.

"I am sure that Matthew and Helen would not mind." He muttered annoyingly.

"You know whom I am talking about… How are you going to explain this to them? This is not about her parents either. It's about her… Our princess… You know how she is! Did you forget what she had done when Mili was delivering Alex in a hospital? And above all these things, it's against family rules. Your brother just got on terms with you after all these years. Do you want to ruin it again?"

" I was just thinking about her… ok? I don't give a damn about anyone. She is our last hope. Most importantly, She is our granddaughter. I have every right to protect her with or without her consent. I don't care about right and wrong. I care about her and her only. "

"Sure. Go ahead with your stupid plan. But mark my word, She is the Rhea Ariana Neel Snow Black. The same one who was trained by our Beloved Son Vincent. She will find out about it sooner or later. So be ready to face consequences." His wife yelled at him.

There was a knock on the door, Mrs. Black went to answer it. The same man in a black suit was standing with his head down.

" Now what? "

"Master… Miss… Miss Black ordered us not to spy on her or follow her and she gave you a message." that man passed a folded note and ran away from there.

Grandfather Mr. Black A.

"Rhea Black is very much capable of handling her things so I suggest not meddling in my business. You should be more worried about your relationship with your brother and son. I am sure they wouldn't be pleased to hear about this little stunt you pulled out. Most importantly I don't want to drag Rishi into this mess. I want to keep him and Bella away from this lifestyle. "

Your's loving granddaughter,

Rhea A. Black.

PS: Next time I will shoot the guy without any delay.

His wife was giving him a look that said 'I told you.' Mr. Black slammed his hand in frustration. He muttered looking at the huge portrait on the wall. It was a picture of Rhea on her 16th birthday.

" Just because you are my granddaughter doesn't mean you use it against me. I never knew being a grandfather is much harder than being the King of this world. "

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