Queen of Bad Luck

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Chapter - 7

Ethan’s POV :

We were running towards the platform where we parted from her when we saw Xav & Ry walking in our direction.

“Where is she?” I asked Xav.
“She left. She denied our help. What's the matter E? Why do you look worried and scared?” Xavier asked me.

“She has hurt Xav. She is bleeding, see.” I said and opened my jacket to show him.
“Shit! Not again.” Ryan mumbled and ran in the exit direction.
“Ava & Ian search platform, I will search for a taxi stand-” Xavier was instructing them but I didn’t stop for more.

I ran out from the platform. I searched everywhere near shops, cafes but could not locate her. We even asked people if they saw a girl with two kids but nobody seemed to notice her.

How on the earth people could not notice a girl that is too beautiful like her is beyond me. I mean she is eye-catching even without any makeup and all.
Those kids were also insanely good-looking men. What’s wrong with the people?

“Did you find her?” I asked them. I was last to return on the platform.
“No. She seems to vanish in thin air just like that. Maybe someone is waiting for her outside.” Ava said.

“I doubt that. She was alone for sure.” Xavier said firmly.
“What is wrong Ry?” Ava asked.
“She is in trouble Ava. She is not safe outside. What if those creepy guys from the train were waiting outside? What if they got her?” Ryan mumbled the last part.

I just choked on my breath after hearing that.
“Wait a minute, she gave you a number right? Just call and inform the person. Maybe they can locate her.” Xavier said to Ava.
“What number? When did she give you?” I asked them.
“When you were busy checking her out,” Ian mumbled in my ear and I glared at him.

“Hello, This phone number was given to us by some green-eyed girl. She told us that we can call you if we need help.” Ava spoke over the phone.
“OK.” With that, she cut the call.
“What?” I yelled at her.
“You haven’t even said anything, why did you cut the call?” I asked further.

“The lady told me to wait outside the café, she will send someone. I should talk to that person. Let’s go.” She said,

“But you didn’t give her our location,” I argued further.

“I don’t know E. The lady directly cut the call. I doubt she even heard my OK.” Ava yelled back.

Ian rubbed her back and asked both of us to keep quiet and wait till the help came.
To be honest, as time passed, I started to freak out for her. I am getting more tense minute by minute.

“Excuse me! Did you call for help?” A man in a black suit asked us.

“Who sent you?” Ian pulled Ava to his back and asked him in a business tone.

The man signaled us to follow him. We followed him to his car which was parked on a deserted road. He pulled out a phone, dialed a number, and put it on speaker.

“They are listening,” he said as soon as somebody picked up a call.

“Who gave you this number?” A woman asked this time.

“A girl with green eyes who had two kids with her. Please listen, ma'am, she is hurt and she needs help.” Ryan told him.

“Don’t worry about her. This man will take you home safely. Please let him drop you at home. It’s not safe for you. ” that woman from the other side said and cut the call.

“Oh come on! Not again.” Xavier got angry now.

”Listen man. She is hurt and she is the one who needs help, not us. Please try to understand. We are fine. She has been followed by some men. ” Ava spoke this time.

“I know ma’am but you don’t worry about her. She is a trained fighter. Trust me on this; she will reach safely to the destination.” The man in the black suit said confidently.

“Are you seeing this? This is her blood, you can imagine now how much hurt she is; besides there are kids with her. They were being followed by some guys. I think they got her.” I said to him in a serious tone. He remained silent.

“Please sir, I need to get you home safely. If ma’am found out then I will be fired.” He requested us to get inside the car.

Xavier nodded at us and got into the passenger seat.

“Where should I drop you?” He asked.

“Bellwood,” Ian answered.

“What makes you so sure that she is safe?” Xavier asked that man after some time.

“We know her sir. Don’t worry.” He said in a monotone.

“She is hurt and alone at this time with kids. She is being followed by gangsters. Do you know how severe the situation is?” Ryan added sternly.

“She got this.” Man said.

“Are you kidding us right now? How dumb are you? How could you be so calm?” I screamed at him.

“How much time did you spend with her? For even one minute, did you find her scared?” he asked us.

We looked at each other.
In all time we didn’t even see a single line of worry on her face. Except for annoyance and anger towards me, she hasn’t reacted at all.

“That’s what I thought. Don’t worry She will be fine. But I do have a favor to ask you.” He looked at Xavier. Xav nodded at him.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this. It is not like anyone is going to believe this. But you surely can return the favor for her help, right?” The man has a hopeful expression on his face.

“If nothing happened to her then we will not inform the police. But we want proof of her safety and wellness; kids included.” Xavier said deadpanned.

The man didn’t utter a word after that. I was feeling restless.

“Sir please change your t-shirt. I don’t think your family should see that.” He said as soon as he stopped at the destination.

We gave him the wrong address as we did not trust him.

“I will give you this shirt once we get your proof,” I said to him,

“Please sir, you owe her more than one favor. It is for her safety and security.” He was so calm & confident and that scared me a lot more than I am admitting to myself. He gave me a shirt to change.

“I can drop you at home. I mean no harm to you. You can trust me.” He added lastly.

“We can take care of each other. Thanks!” I told him.

“Thank you for helping her.” He said with a small smile and left us.

We dropped Ian & Ava at their home. Xavier and Ryan are staying with me tonight.

“Do you think she is all right?” I asked Xavier.

I am so worried about her. I don’t know why but the mere thought of anything that happened to her gave me a weird type of feeling.

I have seen so many accidents and bad incidents before this but I was never scared or worried for someone. I wonder why she is making me worried.

“She is all right E. That man seems to know her personally.” Xavier said.

“Do you think we will see her again?” I asked him.

“I don’t think so. Do you want to meet her?” he looked at me.

“I don’t know,” I answered him.

“E, you know that she was just a stranger who happened to be on the same train. We don’t know her name. We will not see her again. She is safe, that's what matters, right?” Xavier said in a consulting tone.

“What if she is not safe? What if she got into another trouble? What if something happened to her?” I asked him.

“E, did you fall for her?” Ryan asked out of the blue.

“What? Where does that come from?” Did I ask him?

“Nothing,” Xavier said. We didn’t talk after that. Ry, Xav, and I were laying on a bed in my bedroom. I didn’t want to be alone tonight.

It’s been two days since that train incident. All I could do is think about her. Whenever I close my eyes, I see those beautiful, mesmerizing green eyes.
I am scared to close my eyes now. Was she a witch or something?
I can't even think straight nowadays. I just don’t know what is wrong with me?

“Would you like some coffee?” Paul asked me. He had 2 coffee mugs in his hand. I need caffeine to keep up working so I nodded at him.

“Umm... You look tired. Is everything alright with you? Should I call Ryan or Xavier?” Paul asked me tentatively.

He knows that I hate it if he pokes his nose in my business. I just shake my head at him.

“Can I join you?” he asked me.

I was sitting on the roof outside my window. I nodded at him.

For the first time in my life, I wanted to feel that bond which she shared with that boy.

Paul joined me on the roof.
We sipped coffee silently. I didn’t know he could make good coffee.

“Nice coffee” I commented.

“You hate that much sugar in your coffee. You are just too tired to notice it. Something is bothering you.” He stated it.

“What makes you think that?” I asked him.

“You just look lost and worried. You are not sleeping and eating properly. When Xavier entered half an hour ago into your room, he was looking worried, tired, and slightly disturbed.

I never saw him and you away from each other. Everybody knows that if anything happens to any of you it directly affects the other one of you.” He told me.

“Xav was disturbed. Shit! Was he hurt somewhere? I hope he didn't get into a fight again. Give me a phone, I have to call him.” I barked at Paul.

“He is in the drawing-room with mum and dad but you freshen up a little before going down. You are looking like you are mourning for the love of your life.” He said and walked away from me.

As soon as I walked out from the walk-in closet, I saw Ryan, Ian, and Xavier fighting over coke.

“We have a stock of coke guys,” I told them.

“Your phone was ringing,” Xavier said, snatching coke from Ian. I went out to bring more coke and received a call.

The call was from some girl, Hailey, for a party. I denied her.

“We are going to a club.” Ian howled as soon as I entered the room.

“Where is Ava?” I asked them.

“She is on a mission called 'Avoid Ian' .” Ryan snickered at Ian.

“What did you do this time?” I asked him.

“Nothing. Your friend is crazy!” Ian answered with a scowl.

We went to Club after some time but it was quite dull.

“You aren’t snogging any girl today, why?” Ryan asked me.

“Not in a mood. Is Xav all right?” I asked him.

“You are not all right E and that is affecting all of us. Ian hasn’t seen Ava since that night. What happened to you E? Please speak up. We can’t help you otherwise.” Ryan looked concerned about me.

“I don’t know man. All I could think about was her. I am scared Ry, I am serious. If I close my eyes her face flashes all the time.
I am scared for her also and scared of her also.

She had messed up my mind. I am feeling restless all the time. I just could not erase her through my mind man. I feel like a shitty person.” I babbled all things.

“If we somehow found out that she is safe and sound, will you feel better?” Ian was searching for something on my face.

“Maybe,” I answered truthfully.

“E? Is this the first time you are feeling like this?” Ian asked further.

“Yeah. I also can’t believe a girl that to a stranger messed up with my peace of mind. Was she some psychic or witch? I don’t believe in that shit but taking into consideration my condition. I am behaving like a weird man.” I babbled again.
What is wrong with me?

“Shut up E.” Xavier glared at me.

“Just go and snog some chick.” He instructed me.

I was on the dance floor with Ian. First time in my life I hated all the attention I got.
“I feel suffocated. Let’s leave.” I said to them and walked out without waiting for their answer.

“Let’s go to eat something.” Ian dragged us to some restaurant.

“What would you like to have sir?” A waitress purred at me. I got blanked for a moment then I looked at Ryan for clues.

He said something to her but as usual, my brain was not cooperating with me.

“What’s the wrong man? You didn’t flirt back with her?” Ian asked.

“I didn’t know she was flirting with me or Ry.” I tried to save myself.

Ry & Xav were looking at each other as if they were having secret talks through their eyes. How the hell do they do that?

“E, she is coming. Look at her and flirt back.” Xav again ordered me.

What is wrong with him? He never liked me being a playboy. Even though he knew I turned into a playboy to take revenge on a girl who tried to hurt him.

Still, like a good boy, I turned to look at her. She is fair, curvy, and blond with blue eyes and if I am not wrong, ready for a one-night stand also. But suddenly I am repulsed by every girl.

“Do I turn into gay?” I asked Xavier and Ian just slammed his head on the table.

“E, just eat your dinner,” Ryan said glaring at me.

“You are staying, right?” I asked them.

“No E. But don’t worry, you will sleep tonight.” Xavier handed me a glass of water to drink. Sleep slowly started to engulf me.

The adorable small green eye babies were playing in a house.
“I swear they both took after their father.” I heard a female voice.
“Get them dressed. We are getting late. Xavier will kill us.” The same voice rang in the house.
“Dad! Your wife is so annoying. I want my wife. ” a boy said to me, pouting.
“Don’t you dare to say a word about my wife? She is the most beautiful thing in the world." I answered him.
“What is going on?” She entered and I froze. She is a hoodie girl. Am I married to a hoodie girl? When?

I jolted up in bed. Sun is shining brightly in the sky. I looked at the clock. It’s 9 am. Thank God! I am single and it was a nightmare. I walked over to the window to get fresh, cool air and clear my head from that shitty dream.

But luck seems to have against me; As I opened a window and looked out. I froze in my place.

There she was again! Seating on a bed crossed leg. A boy was tying her hair and smiling at her lovingly. I know that boy. He is my neighbor, Rishab Black.

Wait a minute! She is my neighbor. How? When? Am I still dreaming? He took the baby from bed and they all walked out of the room. What the heck is she doing in Black’s house?

Third person's POV:

"Do you think it was right? What have we done with Rhea? Not telling her about our mission and running away from home like a criminal. " Mili asked her husband.

"I don't know about right or wrong but one day she has to face her past. It is better that we send her to Bellwood. She is in safe hands. Eventually she has to return to her house. That is where Rhea truly belongs. " Victor added sternly.

He was tired of fighting with Mili over this topic. As much as he loved his niece, he wanted her to be strong for her future. And this was the only way he could think of. They are on a dangerous mission and he didn't take a moment to say goodbye to his niece whom he loved a lot. He was already feeling guilty and his wife was not helping at all by bringing up that same subject again and again.

"She hasn't been on her own after that second kidnapping incident. Not to mention about her nightmares, Victor.
Helen doesn't know about it. How would she feel when find out about Rhea's night time condition? She is her mother and we had been lying to her for more than 10 years."

"I know Mili, but it was Rhea's choice not ours. And even if Helen got mad with us, we will convince her. Don't worry about her.

Besides Alex and Bella are with Rhea. She is not alone.

And if you are worried about Alex and Bella then don't. I know my brother will love and protect them. I have full faith in him."

Victor was sure that his kids would get love from their uncle and aunt even if they died in this mission. After all Matthew was the best brother anyone could ever have.

"I am only worried about Rhea, not about the kids. I think Rhea still feels guilty about that incident." Mili added hesitantly

"For God sake Mili! She was just 5 year old at that time. It was not her fault. How many times do I have to tell you that?" Victor barked at his wife.

"But she never thought like that. I know it was not her fault. But nobody can convince Rhea otherwise. She is still there from where all of this started. 13 years ago, those people just didn't take her happiness but her will to live a life also." Mili yelled at her husband with teary eyes.

No matter how much Victor was trying to console Mili, she can't erase the incident that happened a few nights ago.

When Rhea was clutching her throat with both of her hands while having a nightmare, pain was clearly visible on her face. She was trying hard to fill her lungs with air. And a teary paled face. That was the first time she saw her pale… palest pale.

Only she knew how much it took from her not to break into tears in front of Rhea that night.


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