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Once upon a time… Who are we kidding? This is not a fairytale. It’s a story of a young girl that went through hell. Hell that was created by people who were supposed to be her family. Who’s the young girl? Her name is Lia or at least that’s what she was led to believe. And this is the story of how her life changed. WARNING!!! Contains mentions and depictions of physical and sexual abuse, rape and violence.

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Chapter 1

Hello my sweet readers! 💗💗💗

The first chapter of the newest part of the Ghost series is UP! I will try to update as often as possible, but if I can't, please be patient with me.

I hope you enjoy my newest creation 😘

Lots of love!!!


The day starts normally, nothing gives Lia any clues on what is going to happen. She wakes up at five in the morning as always, makes breakfast for her parents per her mother’s order and then cleans the whole house before finally taking a cold shower and rushing to school.

Every single day looks the same way.

So why today should be any different?

Today, Lia’s parents are going to take her on a road trip. The first one ever!

Lia couldn’t be more excited. It’s very rare that her parents do something nice for her, so she wants to remember this experience forever.

If only she knew this would the beginning of her nightmare…

Alexander packs a bag, getting only a bunch of essentials since he’s going to get new stuff anyway, then quickly takes the baggage to the car, using Lia’s absence to get everything ready.

It’s time to get the plan in motion. Sandra was right, it’s time to leave. They can’t keep staying here and Lia is only holding them back.

They have to leave her.

The question is: where? They don’t have any family that would take Lia in, they don’t have any friends that would be willing to take the kid. Maybe for a day or two, but not for this long.

Because he and Sandra don’t plan on coming back.


Having a kid was a mistake.

Alexander never thought that asking Anna to not abort their child would cause so much trouble. For the first two or three years it was pure bliss. Amelia, or rather Lia, as Alexander liked to call her, loved spending time with her daddy. She was so cuddly and affectionate and her smile literally brightened up the room she was in. Alexander loved being with his baby.

And the best thing was that she was extremely calm kid. She always slept the full night, letting her father get rest like a normal person. Alexander heard from more than one person that having a kid means countless sleepless nights, crying and whining and god knows what else, but little Amelia was literally an angel when she was a baby.

Even when she was teething or feeling sick, she still managed to be a cheerful baby. There was no hysteria, no panicking, no whining, no wailing over nothing. And the moment she took her first steps was the best thing ever. The way Lia stumbled adorably in her cute footie as she tried to walk towards him, giving him a toothless cheerful grin that just screamed happiness was amazing. It was such a heartwarming moment when she finally managed to stay upright and take a step forward and cutely stumbled into her daddy’s arms. She was so happy when she succeeded that she couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the day. She giggled happily every time she successfully took a step, every time her dad praised her, every time he as much as smiled at her.

But soon that euphoria died off and the real life started, along with expenses. Taking Lia to kindergarten, picking her up, then admitting her to school, getting her things for class, clothes, shoes, books and so on was a nightmare. The whole joy of being a father disappeared into thin air. No matter how sweet of a child Lia was, being a father wasn’t easy.

Now Lia is just a burden, a never ending investment.

Sandra was right.

They should’ve left Lia years ago.

Lia almost runs back home after her classes, excited to go on the trip with her dad. It’s been so long since she saw him smile at her, since she heard a nice word from him…

Usually the only human interaction she gets at home is with her mom and it’s mostly Sandra ordering her around or scolding her for messing something up, even if she didn’t do anything wrong.

Lia always felt that her mom doesn’t really like her. She always manages to find something to pick at, whether it’s about the dishes not being clean enough, the amount of water Lia uses when she showers, the taste of the food or even how much Lia eats.

The little girl has to keep close watch on how much she eats in front of her mother to avoid getting hit with a cane. Sandra keeps one specifically to punish the child. And she doesn’t exactly hold back when she hits Lia. The poor girl can barely sit for the next few days after her punishment, but her mother thinks nothing of it. She always uses the same argument: ‘you deserved it, next time do your job right’.

Lia hesitates before opening the front door of the house, actually apprehensive of her parents’ reaction. What if her mom decides that something was done wrong and doesn’t let Lia go on the trip? What if her dad chooses not to go? What if Lia actually messed something up due to being too excited about the road trip?

There are so many possibilities…

Hopefully everything will be alright.

Only it isn’t.

The whole time Lia and her parents stay in the car Sandra picks on Lia for the smallest stuff, even the way she sits in her seat. Because of her constant nagging, Lia is too terrified to even ask where they’re going.

They all drive for many hours before finally reaching some big city that Lia has never seen before.

Lia wonders over the huge buildings and the amount of people and cars around as they drive through the streets of Chicago. She’s never been in a place this busy!

The only thing stopping little Lia from gasping in amazement is the fear of her mom’s reaction. Sandra would definitely berate her for being too loud in the car.

Lia quietly marvels over the sights through the window as Alexander drives somewhere. This is the best trip ever! This city is so beautiful and diverse, and busy, and loud and so full of life! The people are so different from one another, there are so many fascinating places that they could visit! Lia catches sight of a diner, a bar, a restaurant, two gyms, a coffee shop and even a gift shop. Maybe dad will let her go there to buy something. Of course, it would have to be inexpensive, since their financial situation is not the best as Lia’s dad put it, but maybe he’ll allow her to at least see what’s in the shop.

It’s her birthday tomorrow.

“We’re going to make a quick stop.” Alexander announces then turns into a small alley, where he parks the car but doesn’t turn it off. “Lia, why don’t you wait on that bench for us? We have something to do.” He glances at his daughter through the rear-view mirror.

Lia doesn’t show her disappointment about the trip ending this early, too scared of making her parents angry, and simply agrees.

Alexander and Sandra watch as Lia gets out of the car and goes to the bench by a bar called ‘Dollhouse’, where she sits down and patiently waits.

“Let’s go.” Sandra says quickly, throwing a panicked glance at Lia. “Before she comes back.”

“We can’t just leave her here!” Alexander exclaims.

“Do you have a better idea?!” Sandra sneers. “We can’t take her with us! I don’t want one more day with that kid!”

“But this is just… wrong.”

“I don’t care! I want her gone!”

Alexander sighs heavily and puts the car in gear before speeding away, keeping his eyes straight on the road to avoid looking at Lia. The farther he is from his daughter, the heavier his chest feels.

He just abandoned his only child.

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