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Chapter 1

Amandas pov

"Today is the day i will tell my mom the news.. I know it will be hard, but i have to, there is no way I'll do it alone, i need her with me. Sooo, i will make sure she is in a good mood to tell her." I said while talking on the phone with my best friend Luna... " Look, if she won't accept it, what will you do?" Luna said. "I mean, there's nothing i can do about it now.. she just has to accept it. And I'm moving in with the baby daddy.. Okey i have to go, wish me luck!".. I was walking down the stairs as i heard mom talking on the phone "Look Mike, i know it's hard to wrap around your head, but i really have to talk to her about it.. Ok.. Ok i get it, see you soon." Oh no, she knows, she knooows, what do i do ? "Hi, what's up your mind ? You look upset." she looked at me with this weird look, ohh she definitely knows.. "Umm, mom, can we talk, it's kind of important.. " she looked at me, face pale with a weak smile. "What is it?" i took a long breath and finally said it. "Mom, I'm pregnant, and I'm keeping the baby." she looked at me like i was crazy.. "Amanda! What the hell ?" she screamed at me and i panicked. "Mom, it's fine, I'm moving out too, so you don't have to worry about it, it will be fine." i smiled at her.. "You are 16 years old Amanda, what were you thinking? And moving out?? No, absolutely not. " and at this point i didn't know what to say. "You are not keeping the baby, end of story." i ran out the door crying, a complete mess.. I just wish she understood that i am able to raise a baby, how hard could it be ?...
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