My First Time

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A love story between a best friend and a new kid at school. Amanda has had a crush on her best friend for a long time. A new boy comes to school and Amanda and he starts becoming really good friends. Amanda later finds herself in a love triangle and she also finds herself having her first time ever with one of the boys. Amanda also finds herself in so drama because of the new boy. Read to find out what happens.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

The room’s dark, lights turned off, candles lit, soothing sexual music playing. Fingers running up and down my body making me get goosebumps and making me feel butterflies in my stomach. Soft, soothing lips touching mine, our body coming together like a nice rhythm. Him whispering in my ear saying “Your mine and only mine”.

“Miss. Amanda? Miss. Amanda? Hello? Earth to Amanda?” huh? “Miss Amanda stop daydreaming and pay attention in class,” says Mrs. Cline. My names Amanda and I'm a junior in Cleaveson High School and still a virgin, I know sad right? I've always wanted to know what it feels like to lose my virginity.
And I don't know how people in my school are losing it, I'm guessing it because were in high school and people are just horny all the time I'm guessing. But yeah, right now I'm in chemistry and in my class, there is a cute junior named Willy. Willy is also my best friend, I and him have been friends since kindergarten.
Willy is about 5'9 black hair, a muscular body, a great sense of style, everything about him is just perfect, his cute smile, and his side profile. Oh my lord he's just perfect and his personality is just great, he volunteers to help people, he's a very kind person and he's very funny.
I've had a crush on Willy since 5th grade and I never had had the guts to tell him. Willy is athletic and he's always telling me to go to his games, which I do obviously. I and Willy have always got each other backs and we have gone through everything together, through thick and thin.

He was there when my parents divorced, I was there for him when his mom died and he was left with his abusive father. After his mom died he was left with his dad, his dad was an alcoholic and he would beat Willy every day until I told Willy to tell his mom's sister. Later on, he told her, and later on, his aunt won custody over him and his father was put in jail for abuse of a minor.

When my parents divorced Willy was there for me, he was my shoulder to cry on. My mother was the one who won custody over me, she would always bring home a different guy every night, and if she didn't she wouldn't come home at all. And when she wouldn't come home I would have to stay with my little sister, Jackie.

She still does this up to this day, she really has never been there for me. She missed out on my 5th-grade graduation and my 8th-grade graduation. I remember I started to cry because I saw that everyone's parents were coming to congratulate and hug their kid and I was the only one that didn't get that. But Willy was the one there for me and Willy's mom was too.

Willy's mom was a very kind woman, Willy was just like her always putting others before themselves. Willy always told me how he always looked up to her. She passed away when we were in 6th grade, Willy wasn't the same anymore, he stopped eating and stopped being himself.

I made Willy go to counseling were slowly he was becoming himself again, but there was a part of him not there, so I did everything that I could, I took him to our favorite places. The skating ring and our favorite place under a tree at the park, I took him there every day after school, I would try everything that I could to make him happy. And it worked he was happy again.

Finally, Chemistys is over next class Cooking, I have this class with Willy. Right now I see Willy with his girlfriend, Stephanie Ross, the Prettiest girl in the whole school. Stephanie was my best friend also but she turned on me when we were in 8th grade. She started to make fun of me saying things like that I have divorced parents and that I'm ugly or nobody will ever like me.

She only said those things when she was around her friends, she never would say it when Willy was around, she liked Willy. She knew that I liked him in 5th grade, but she also liked him. So she got with him and they have been dating for about 5 months now. Willy always tells me how he thinks she's the one for him and that she's so perfect.

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