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*SUMMARY OF THE STORY* Emma Williams has been hidden from the secret that she is not the daughter of Agatha and Francis Williams, she loves them with all her heart She couldn’t ask for better parents . She doesn’t know what she is . Agatha and Francis Williams are closest to her biological parents who were the alpha and Luna of one of the most powerful pack . She was forced to move to Texas abruptly just before months of 18th birthday . Read the story to find out more..... Elijah Anderson is a tribrid (wolf, witch, vampire) only one of his kind and apparently the alpha of the strongest pack Night walker pack. He was a great alpha who cares about his pack though with the arrogant attitude. He was starting to think he would not find his mate until........... \\Hello everyone , (Though I have no idea if anyone would read it), It is my first time writing a story so please let me know if you have any advices. Does not mean I would tolerate rude and obnoxious comments .please support me .will post at all times I’m available Thank you\\

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Emma’s pov

“Why do I have to go to Texas out of the blue” Emma question her parents

How could I leave my only loved ones and leave to some place , why are they sending me off abruptly.
Why does it seem like they are hiding something . Not now but from my childhood they have been hiding something, i was well aware of that , I asked them many times but they simply brushed me off.

“You have to leave! You’ll know eventually i cannot say you anything” agatha replies

“Baby you know we love you right this is for your own good , you have to go”Francis adds

“Then why can’t you come with me , I’ll definitely go if you two come with me to Texas” she says

They would come right , they are my parents , if they send me they would definitely miss their child
They did not have any kids after me , they are my only friends , of course not leaving my best friend Amelia here .

“No we can’t come with you , why can’t you understand we have been trying to make you understand from last one hour . you have to go or else we have to send you forcefully ” Francis says with his anger ticking off

She was shocked her parents never forced her or spoke angrily towards her ,they were always so sweet and loving towards her.

“How can you force your own daughter to leave you” she says angrily and sprints toward her room with tears in her eyes .

Why do they suddenly want me to go there, they are not giving me any reason . First I have to cool down and I have to say this to Amelia and ask her if she is going convince my parents from me not leaving. My parents have always been loving towards her and they would listen to her and she would calm them when they are angry.

She picks her phone and call her .

“Hey come to my house ASAP I have to speak to you”she speaks hurriedly

“Hey hey slow down tell me what happened” she replies

“You come here ASAP!!!” she says and cuts the call
After some time Amelia comes to her thinking why was her friend calling her with such urgency

“What happened why did you ask ask me to come so fast , what’s the matter” she says sulking in the sofa

“Dad and mom wants me to go to Texas all of a sudden and they are not telling me the reason I have to go and I do not want to go there and you too know that I have my 18 th birthday the coming month so I want you to convince them from me leaving to Texas” she says without taking any breath.

Amelia did not understand anything . she cannot understand why her parents who were so protective of her, not sending her out alone and making sure that she was with me or our friends when she goes outside wants to suddenly sent her away . She was in her own thought she did see her friend sitting there and still complaining to her. Emma was her best friend she was the only one who was with her during her worst times and she always stuck around her to make sure she was okay she was ready to do anything for Amelia. So she decided that at any cost she would not leave her alone. She decided to talk to her parents

“Okay , don’t worry I will convince your parents and try to stop them” she said with a small smile

“Thank you so much Amy I do not know what would I do without you”

She knows that her friend will help her convincing her parents so she told her to go and talk to them. she agreed and went to talk to her parents

After an hour

Amelia was shocked to hear that agatha and Francis were not the biological parents of Emma and Emma was a werewolf . She was rather surprised than shock when she found out that those mythical creature were real and and she was surprised to know that Emma herself does not know what she is . She was first scared to go to Emma what would she say to her . She promised them that she would not say the truth until she goes to Texas . They told me she had to go before her 18th birthday and on her
18th birthday she would shift into a wolf. But somehow I convinced her parents that I would go with Emma to Texas , they first refused but I convinced them . She went to room Emma was in forming her words what wants to and hoping at least she going with her was a better option.

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