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I opened my eyes to the sunlight beaming through the window. I was alone in the bed, the sheets were cold indicating he was gone for a long time.
Did he even sleep?

My thoughts flickered to yesterday’s event. Leo was rough- and that was an understatement. He was brutally rough and overbearing, he fucked me into oblivion. He gave me both pleasure and pain until my body was limp and I barely had the strength to keep my eyes open. The whole night I keep on begging him to let go but he didn’t listen- he never listens. I should have known, begging would never let me anywhere with Leo. He is a monster, he wouldn’t get better; he would never show mercy. I wouldn’t be surprise if I am already pregnant.

Leo is cruel, he will destroy anything in his path without blinking because that’s the mindset that’s been embedded in him from his life growing up. He doesn’t understand sympathy or compassion. And I don’t know if anyone could ever change him.

On the other hand I can’t help but blame myself. I was foolish to think I could disrespect him and get a way with it. Fighting against him had proven to be nothing but useless and painful. He was the one in power not me.

But now I have learned my lesson. Yesterday Leo had shattered every single hope of freedom. His words are law indeed. I would do whatever he command as long as he didn’t hurt me anymore. Never in my entire life I had been mistreated to this level. Every part of my body knows, Leo’s punishments they were gruesome. He scared me beyond words.

I have accepted that fact I was his at least till he wants me to be. It is my sick reality. I don’t know what to expect, or what to feel . But I do know is that I am completely at his mercy. He made me feel vulnerable -under his control.

A part of me still fail to understand.... Why Leo wanted me? What he saw in me that made it impossible for him to stay away? Why he was so content on having me here? Is it because of my looks. Yes I know I am beautiful. How will I not know when I have grown up hearing it over and over. I have always been praised for my looks. But to me my beauty is just a curse. People only saw me for my looks and never saw passed me.

Letting out a sigh, I forced the dreadful thoughts to the back of my mind. This is not the time to think any of this. My only focused now should be not getting in trouble.

I went to get off the bed but wince from the pain, which is still lingering from his assault. I feel extremely sore. I feel as if my body wouldn’t be able to move in days. I feel so exhausted.

I slowly and carefully climbed down and paddle towards the bathroom. Closing the bathroom door behind me, I began shedding my clothes. I made my way to the shower and turned it on. Once the temperature of the water was of my liking, I stepped under the spray. The water cascaded down my back and soothed my sore muscles, it takes my mind of the things happening in my life.

After taking a quick shower, I wore a red dress and pulled my hair into a messy ponytail. Slipping into my slippers and made my way downstairs. As soon as I stepped a foot into the dinning , I was greeted with the sight of Leo and Elena. Leo was dressed In formal, dark suit he looked enthralling.
Why are monsters so beautiful?
He’s a cruel and terrifying beast hiding under the guise of a beautiful creature.

I slowly move on my feet and plopped down on one of the open chair across them. I almost feel out of my seat when Leo gaze turned to me. I quickly avert my eyes, and pretended to act oblivious. I did not want to be afraid of Leo but I couldn’t help it, he had successfully sown the seeds of terror in my heart and mind. This man has hurt me the worst way possible and I can never feel safe around him.

I could feel Leo’s eyes drilling holes into my head. My breathing was slowly starting to pick up from his intensity stare. I can’t describe how uncomfortable, I am right now. Ignoring his uncomfortable stares, I helped myself with two chicken sandwiches along with a glass of orange juice.

“Your sure you are going to have those” Elena said as she grabbed her steaming coffee cup and brought it against her mouth.

“Ya ...Why?” I asked confused.

“I mean there’s so much calories” I looked at her plate, she was having salad like always. Does she even eat anything else then salads?

“I am already very thin.... If I start counting calories in my every meal. I’m afraid I’ll vanish one day. And even if I want to, I don’t think I can, I am a foodie person” I replied with a nervous laugh.

“You are so lucky, you don’t have to diet nor I have seen you exercising still you are in shape. I guess not all of us lucky”

“You should eat, if you like eating you know” I don’t understand girls these days. They go to extremes to be slim. Actresses and models are fine, their livelihood depend on it, but for general public I don’t think you have to starve.

“God no... I don’t want to look ugly and fat” Ugly and Fat? I wanted to put some sense inside her thick skull but decided against it. There is no use arguing with a fool. So, instead of replying her I grabbed my sandwich and took a bit. I tried to swallow when my throat constricting with pain, causing an involuntary whimper to slip past my lips. My throat burns as if I drank a glass of acid. I gently rubbed my neck to ease the pain. God it looks like Leo has done some damage with my nerves.

My attention was brought to Leo when a series of curse escape his mouth. He picked up a pretty looking glass and filled it with crystal clear water. I took the water from him and brought it to my lips and quickly guzzle down the cool liquid, the water soothes my dry throat.

“More?” Leo asked. I shook my head and put the now empty glass on the table.

“This wouldn’t had happen if you hadn’t open you big mouth. Just have something soupy, till you throat feels better” Off course, he would accuse me and why is he was looking at me the way a mother would look at a troublesome child.

After the little drama we all went back to our meal. Thankfully, the breakfast went without any further drama. Giving a brief look to Leo, I stood up and prepared myself to leave.

“Grace?” I stopped right on my track and whip my head towards him. Leo was silent for few seconds. “Pack my cloths. I have to leave for Italy”
He is going to Italy? And he is telling this wonderful news now? What wrong with him?

“Grace” His features twisted in that of irritation. I realized I haven’t replied him.

“Oh, I’m-m sorry-y. I’ll pack it-t right away. A-Anyways for how ma-many days are y-you going?” I paused “I’ll have t-to pack a-accordingly” I further added trying not to show my excitement.

“A week” At least I can have a week of peace. I wordlessly nodded my head.

“Go” I quickly flee to my room and started to stuff the suitcase with clothes. Within few minutes, I was done packing the suitcase and zipped it shut. Few minutes after I was done packing, there came a sudden knock on the door.

“Yes come in” Seconds later a blond man enter the room. He was holding a new black suit that looked identical to the one Leo was wearing earlier.

“Miss” He bowed his head.

“Is there anything that I can help you with” I ask politely

“I have brought the suit which sir had ordered and also to get his suit case”

“There” I said pointing the suitcase laying on the bed “And leave the suit on the bed” He placed the suit on the bed and grabbed the suitcase and quickly exist the room

Not a minute later Leo enter the room. I couldn’t help peeked a glance at Leo. His presence was unnerving me with his dominant aura and his masculine scent. He peels off his suit jacket and flings it over the couch as I sit up on the bed and watch him.

“Has my suit arrived?” Leo asked as he loosens the tie around his neck, unbuttoning the first few buttons on his shirt


“Go bring me my underwear” I did as he told. When I re entered Leo was just standing on his brief.

“Here” I said giving him his underwear. He did waste any second strip his underwear leaving him naked as the day he was born.

I immediately drop my gaze. “Wh-What are y-you d-doing?” I stammered, feeling an odd mixture of embarrassment and nervousness. I feel blood rush on my cheeks. I had to force myself to remain calm and tried my best not to appear to flustered.

“Stop acting like you haven’t seen my dick. I fuck you daily.” I can feel my cheeks further burning from his vulgar use of language. He was right. It not like I haven’t seen him naked before, but he doesn’t have to be so blunt. This man have no semblance of shame.

His hand caresses my cheek lightly before he grabs my chin forcing my gaze to meet his own. I was so lost in my though I hadn’t realize he was already dress. As always he was looking breathtaking. He always look magnificent no matter whatever he was dressed in.

He drew his face closer, his eyes boring into mine, searching for something unknown to me. I froze right to the spot, neither able to speak nor move. He was close, much too close for my comfort. His hot breath and intoxicating smell sent shivers down my spine

“Your cheeks, they’ve exceptionally gotten redder...What’s going on in your mind?” Red? On realization. I placed a hand on my cheek, Lowering my eyes away from his. I can’t believe I am blushing at this momen.t
Seriously Grace, get a grip!

“What? No” The words tumble out too fast and reveal their absurdity. But my denial seems to amuse him only because he laughed. A booming victory laugh that took me surprise because I never though a man like Leo could laugh. Leo barely smile let alone laugh, and if he did smile, then it was a smile that promised pain and death.

“Such a liar. A very alluring one, I would say” He said as his laughter subside.

“I-I ... That.. I’m not... Uh, mm... lying” I could barely understand my own words

“What am I going to do with you?” He whispers to himself that I almost didn’t hear it.

Then his eyes drifts from my face to my throat. Suddenly his emotion switched, the playful and alluring façade is gone and instead a slight look of concern flashes across his eyes, but disappears quickly.

Leo drew in an exasperated breath “Why do you provoke me?” He said gently rubbing my neck where the imprints of his grasp from yesterday. I don’t know what to say, I’m not even sure he wants a response. So, instead of answering him, I stayed quiet.

“Don’t make me fuck up Grace. You’ve become an important person in my life. I can give you so many things if you just do as I say and not fuck with me. I don’t bluff, remember those ass beatings I gave you before.”

“I-I’m sorry-y” I barely let out. Needing to say anything. “I w-won’t do it again” I continue while looking straight into his eyes.

“Hm” He let out a hum of acknowledgement while wrapping one arm around me, drawing me in closer. Unexpectedly, he bent forward and pressed his lips against mine, gently kissing me. The action caught me off guard, because he is never gentle. But gentle or not, he terrified me and I couldn’t calm down while he was here.

His tongue parted my lips and entered swiftly, expertly exploring every inch of my mouth with a hint of aggression like he wanted to eat me alive. His lips peppering open mouthed kisses along side of jaw and the junction between my neck and ear... finding the spot he knows all too well.

The buzz in his pocket signaling an in coming text. Grumbling under his breath, Leo reached into his suit pocket to grab his phone. Pressing another tender kiss on my lips, he let me go “I must leave now, I’ll be back in a week.” Leo said sliding his phone back inside his pocket.

“O-Okay” I forced a smile, trying to mask my fear from my face.

The minute he was out of site my shoulders slumped down and I was finally able to breathe easier. Since Leo had kept me awake whole night. I decided to take a nap. I walk into the closet and change into my pajamas .




I was awaken by a loud sound. I immediately shot up into a sitting position
What was that sound? Something doesn’t seem right. My inner voice is pestering me to go downstairs just to check, if everything’s okay. Maybe someone’s in trouble and need my help. So, I decided to check out the reason behind the loud sound.

Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I climbed down. Wrapping my arms around myself, I walked out of the room. There was no one in sight...It was very strange because whenever Leo is gone, he always leave a few of his man behind to keep an eye on me, just incase I decided to misbehave. I couldn’t help wander, where everybody was . A rush of negative emotion flooding through my being.

I hadn’t hardly took ten steps outside the room when loud bangs came from downstairs. It sounded more like an explosion. It takes me a moment but I recognize the sound.
Gunshots. Multiple gunshots

My sense immediately went on high alert. Oh my God what’s going on? Next thing I knew my leg were involuntarily carrying me down stairs. I know it was extremely stupid of me but I couldn’t stop myself and before I know I had already reach the hall. My step came to the halt as I take in the horrifically violent scene unfolding before me.

Dead bodies were lying on the floor blood oozing out from them. There was just so much blood. I had to step back when the puddle of blood had reached my feet. I squeeze my eyes shut as a wave of nausea washes over me.
I think I am going to so sick....

But despite the horror infront of me I don’t cry out neither do I scream. Fear stole my ability to scream. To think. My whole body freezes and my mind was no more working at all. It was blank- completely blank. I was certain I was going to pass out

Suddenly, heavy footsteps filled the quiet atmosphere, alert my sense all of a sudden. My chest tightened, I started panicking as footsteps came closer. I feel my end nearing as the constant thudding was getting closer. Just as I found a corner to hide in, I quickly slide myself in and place a hand over to my mouth preventing making any short of noise

“Find her” came out a strong male voice. Her? Are they talking about me?

“She must be upstairs” Another voice said.

“We don’t have much time” The first voice said.

“Find her or else the King will have our throat” Said a third voice.

King? Who is king and why are they here? Oh god I am sure they are here to kill me. What am I goanna do now? For how long can I stay here hiding? It only a matter of time and they will find me and kill me. I had almost lost all the hope when an idea popped inside my brain. I am sure I can find phone from this dead bodies. I can use it to call the cops. Yes everything goes right I can be safe not from this people but also from Leo.

I think luck was on my side this time because, I heard their heavy footsteps fading until all was silent once again. I stood in that exact spot for a minute or so making sure they are actually gone before I came out of my hiding place. My steps were slow and measured. My heart was thumping so loud I could feel it on my throat a. I crouch down in front of a man’s corpse. Don’t be scared Grace, this is for your safety

My trembling fingers slipped inside his pocket. My middle finger immediately came in contact with the icy metal, pulling it from his pants. My eyes lit up at the sight of phone. But my happiness didn’t last long when I saw his phone had a passcode.

I started to draw random pattern trying my luck. When a rough hand harshly grabbed my wrist, forcing me a scream to slip past my lips. The phone smashed to the floor, shattering most of the screen. My body was yanked into a hard chest and a large hand covered my mouth, cutting off my cries. “Got you” A deep voice rang through my ear.

I scratched and tugged at is arms, attempting to free myself, but it was futile. “Stop squirming, it’ll only be harder on yourself.” My idiotic self couldn’t process the danger behind his words as I continued trashing against his hold.

“Stop moving or I’ll fuck you right here right now” His voice was harsher, frightened me. My hysterical shrieks and kicks stopped as terror left me frozen.

“You are going to be a good girl right?” He said in disgustingly sweet voice. Every cell in my body wanted to fight back but I knew I can’t overpower him. I have no strength, none. I nodded my head in surrender, sniffling a few times.

“Good, you choose the safer option. It’s simple do as you’re old and I won’t have any reason to punish you.” He cooes in a affectionate way but if you listened closely, it was a cold warning.

Finally, he released his hand from my mouth “Please, Let me go. I won’t tell anyone what happened” My eyes stung from the effort of containing the pools brimming at my waterline.

“Let you go? But, why would I do that” He taunted darkly, a hint of amusement laced in his voice. He covered my eyes with a piece of cloth, preventing me from seeing anything .Then he grabs ahold of my arm twisting it behind my back and quickly tied my wrists with rope hard enough that I knew it would leave marks on my skin.

“Look you are being such a good girl.” He compliments, as if that would make me feel better.

I was just thing how can I get out of this situation when I feel his lips on my neck “What-t are y-you do-doing?” He ignores it though as he begins sucking.

“Please.... don’t” I whisper. My voice is shaking as I am.

“You know, if you comply with me, you might be able to enjoy this” He whispered, into my ear before biting my earlobe teasingly. I could feel the hard erection straining against his pants. I couldn’t stop the startled gasp coming from my lips. He chuckled darkly, the sound rumbles through his chest.

“Stop!” And to my absolute horror, he grabs my hand place it on his hard crotch. He groan under his breath. He then places a light kiss on my temple before sliding down the straps of my very thin top down my shoulders. He rests his head against the crook of my neck and inhale. I could feel his breathing becoming raspier as he nibbles along my collarbone and his grip around my waist gets tighter.

“Stop” He paid no heed to my obvious discomfort and continued on without the slightest care,. Just when I though it couldn’t get worst the this he grids his hard cock against my ass.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU DOING?” Another voice bloom, making my captors assault stop. I can’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

“Are you crazy? Do you have any idea, you would have been dead by now, if any one else had seen you”

“Fuck! I just lost control.... She is just so fucking beautiful” The man holding me says.

“This shit is goanna get you killed someday... But are you sure? It’s her” The other man says

“Yes I am sure” The man holding me replied.

“Put her in the back seat” Oh my god, Where are they talking me? I can’t let them take be anywhere. So, I started struggling against him.

“I thought we were on an agreement” He said with a chuckle but this time I was not going to listen, so I continued trashing but my efforts were futile as he simply lifted me over his shoulder, easily carrying me to the car.

He placed me on the backseat and fastened my seatbelt. “For your own good, don’t try anything” He whispered. I just nodded. The car started and we were on the road. I can hear conversations in the front seat but I can’t piece together the words.

I tried to untying me but it rope were to tight “Stop struggling. It’s not goanna work.” I froze for few seconds then gave up. He was right it’s no use. Even though my mind and heart were screaming at me to do something, to save myself in anyway that I could. But there was nothing I could do.

On the other hand, I still have no idea... Why they kidnapped me? Where they were taking me? What are they goanna do with me? The fear of not knowing what was going to happen to me ran amuck in my mind. I fear for the worst. The uncertainty is enough to make anyone feel like they’re going crazy. It felt like it was a punishment for some unforgivable sin I had committed in my life time. Everything was going against my will. I just sat their silently, soaking in my own misery

The car finally came to halt, after what felt like forever. I heard them getting out of the car. Few seconds later the door next to me opened. I was grabbed by my arm and pulled out of the car. He started dragging me. The ground was uneven. We must be outside the city. After almost walking for five minutes we finally stop.

In a matter of second my blindfold was off. Now I could see both my captors. One of them was tanned skin was covered in tattoos. His hair, a deep chestnut brown, was styled to perfection and piercing were set in places. And the other was maybe around thirty or more, had amber eyes, dark hair and fair skin tone. They both are built and muscular. I won’t lie they look pretty attractive.

The way that they was staring at me with those gaze like he was undressing me with their eyes. Even though I’m wearing clothes I feel naked under his intense gaze.

What do they want from me? Was I here for their entertainment? To rape and take advantage of? My stomach churned at the thought. No, no, no maybe it’s money. If it’s money I can give them money and we won’t have a problem here

“If you want money I can give you but please let me go” I say as I try to stabilize my voice because it’s on the edge of spluttering. They only laugh; a chillingly sinister laugh.

“Oh no babe girl, we don’t need money but if you have something else to offer we might consider it.” He says. A sinister smile crept onto his face showing his perfectly white canine. The dark hair one walked towards to me and stops right in front of me. He lifts his hand to touch me and I flinch, causing him to laugh.

“Relax, I just want to untie you” I just nodded. I felt him touching my hand. Then the rope loosened. I immediately bring my bruised hand on my chest and gently rub it. He grabbed my arms and pushed me inside the door and closed the door behind him. I hear the faint click of the door being locked.

“What are you doing?! Let me out!” I yell as I bang on the door but I only heard them chuckle at my attempts. Tears streamed down my cheeks as my knees buckled under my weight. I slid down against the wall, moisture leaking from my eyes.

“Why me?” My voice cracks and my vision quickly blurs from the tears. I cover my mouth with my hands to suppress the sobs from coming out too loudly.

“Why do things like this always happen to me? What have I done to receive such a cruel fate?” My chin trembles as my sobs become louder. I was scared, resigned but most of all hopeless and it was too much for me to handle.

I cried till I had no tears felt. I was so exhausted both physically and mentally. I was already dealing with Leo and now this. Problems never seemed to end in my life. I had no idea what tomorrow is goanna bring. I decided not to torture myself think about this over and over. I need energy to deal with whatever is coming tomorrow for that I have to get rest.

Gathering myself from the floor, I stood up and walked to the bed before laying down. I pulled my knees to my chest, hugging them. I feel asleep surprisingly quickly, having been overwhelmed by today’s event.




The next day I awoke by streaks of sunlight penetrate the window. I open my eyes and shut it quickly because of the harsh piercing blinding sunrays. I sit up, place my back on against the bedpost, and rub on my temples as the headache that’s starting to form. My head felt like it weighed tons.

“I see you’re awake”

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