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“The class is dismissed” The teacher announced to the class as she wrapped up her lecture. Everyone frantically gather their belongings and shuffle their way out of the classroom. I collect my textbooks that are scattered on my desk, disposing them in my caramel shoulder bag. I leap out of my chair. I began my way down the seminar to meet up with my friend, Cassandra. The frustration on her face tells me she did not enjoy today’s lecture.

“God, my head is exploding. How can I from all these notes?” She complained. I couldn’t help but give out a light chuckle, slightly amused at her complaints. Nothing ever does get to her, which is why I am mostly helping her out. Much to my dismay, she is always trying to avoid studying and forcing me to go partying with her to which I always refuse to. If not that, she is busy texting her latest BOYFRIEND cooing lightly at their smooth talks.

Off course, most of the messages are about her model-like body and looks. Her hair is blonde and regularly straight to show the entire world how smooth and healthy her hair is with her sultry blue eyes outlined with black eyeliner, it’s not a surprise she attracts attention. Cass and I met at freshman orientation, we just clicked instantly and we’d been friends ever since. We are like soul sisters, even though we’re completely different

“If you want, I can help you and try to explain today’s lesson. But it is strictly studying. No texting or forcing me to go to your wild adventures” I say

“Fine” Cass said rolling her eyes. God this girl will never change.

“Hey” A familiar feminine voice suddenly snaps, making all heads turn to look at her. But everybody already knew who she was. I see Sofia walking towards us with Jordan and Chloe following behind her. Her head held high as she glares at everyone around her. See, people fear these women. Obviously, Sofia’s queen bee, and the other two are followers. She rules this college. Typical queen bee. She’s mean and she slept with all the popular guys.

Head cheerleader. Long blonde hair, perfectly curled. Blue eyes. And always wearing clothes that are two sizes too small. Perfectly done makeup. Not too much, not too little. She stops in front of me, giving me a once over. Her eyes judging my outfit. Then a smirk forms on her face before she bursts into laughter, pulling me in for a hug. Friends with the devil. I don’t even know how that happened. One would think she’d hurt me, but she hasn’t. Sofia puts a front up for everybody else to see. But she treats me surprisingly well.

“Ready to go?“ Sofia asks, her sentence directed towards but her eyes on Cass. She doesn’t like her all that much. Cass looks at me.

“Bye G. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Cass says

“Bye,” She hugs me before turning around and walking away. Sofia took my hand leading me to her car, got in shutting the door. She started the engine and drove away to her house. I placed my head against the window and watched the view outside as the car moved.

“Are you okay ?” Sofia inquires.

“Uh, nothing just tired that’s all,” I said softly after that the drive was filled with silence. I continued to stare out of the window. After twenty minutes on the road I started to notice lack of civilization making me realize that we were out of the town. She drove until I noticed a big house on the right and it seemed like it was the only house in this area. My jaw almost dropped when we got nearer to the place. It was more like a mansion than a house. Sofia pressed the pass-code of the gate and it slowly opened revealing a large driveway. She parked her car and turned off the engine. She got out of the car and I did as well. This place was really huge. I couldn’t stop admiring the architecture.

“Are you coming ?” She asks, taking me out of my trance

“Yeah,” I reply running towards her. When I stepped inside, it was even crazier than the outside. It was huge and filled with expensive furniture.

“It’s a nice place you have here. Do you live here alone?” I ask her

“Something like that,” She says. She took my hand guiding me upstairs to her room. The room I was standing on right now did justice compared to the whole mansion. It was generously large, the walls covered with pink and off-white wallpapers, the furniture did collaborate with the gloomy- light theme. The bed was king size and pushed against the wall with a leather ottoman at the foot. At the opposite of the wall of the bed, there was a TV mounted to the wall, it was huge too. On my right, a sliding door leads to the balcony.

“You want anything? Tea, coffee, cold drink?" She offers

“No, I am good. Thanks for asking”

“Why don’t you start working. I will freshen up and join you shortly,” She suggests

“Okay ” She gave me a small smile which I returned happily. She then disappeared inside the bathroom. I took out my laptop and started working on the assignment. Twenty minutes later Sofia joined me too. For the next four hours, we both were busy with the assignment. Surprisingly Sofia was focused on their work which I was not expecting for her. Don’t get me wrong but Sofia kind of acts likes a spoil daddy’s princess though she is extremely nice to me. For some reason, I find it quite odd, to be honest.

“I think I should go now, it getting pretty late,” I told her.

“Why don’t you have dinner here?” She suggests

“I would love to but I can’t. It’s already getting late and I don’t think I will find any cab if I get any more late than this” I politely decline trying not to upset her.

“Look Grace you won’t find any cab out here. If you haven’t noticed. We live out of the town and getting a cab out here is almost impossible. So let’s have dinner and I will drop you off.” She was right. I guess I don’t have many options now. I nodded my head, she started squealing, jumping up and down. I let out a chuckle at her childish behavior.

“Let’s go,” She says. I followed her over to the spiral stair casing that led up to the ground floor and to the end of a hall before she paused in front of a door to open it. The door slowly opened before we stepped inside. My eyes settle on the man who’s already seated on the chair, his attention seemed to be more devoted to the screen of his phone.

His whole complexion radiated dominance and control. I could feel the power radiating off him. And not to mention, he’s breathtaking. Flawless black hair slicked back to perfection. His gorgeous bluish-grey orbs that stood out in his gigantic muscled body, that almost ripping the clothes he’s wearing right now. His whole body covered with tattoos, god they are like a fine work of art. He was very well put together with a perfectly fitted suit, no tie, and the top button left open. I could see peaks of tattoos on his chest.

He is beautiful. He is the kind of beautiful that makes you lose your train of thought. The kind that you would remember and think about the rest of your life. In a whole he was captivating, but nonetheless alarming, everything about this man screams danger and something tells you he’s not safe to be around.

Suddenly, his eyes drifted to me and I wish they hadn’t. His eyes were taking me in, staring at me evaluating. His eyes grazing over me as if he had found something valuable, something he had no intention of letting go of. His eyes were still focused on me not bothered with anything else around us. I shift under his intense gaze as I feel blood rush on my cheeks. His mouth twists in mischief a deep hollow on his cheek appears making him look even more handsome.

“Leo I see you are already here. And by the way, meet my friend Grace. Grace this is Leonardo, my Brother.” She introduces us. For some reason, she seemed extra cheerful now.

“H-Hello sir” I mentally cringe at how stupid I sound but I put on a feeble smile so that I won’t look rude. He just gave me a curd nod. Rude much! but I didn’t miss the way his lips slightly curled upward. Sofia sat down and I did the same. Looking down at my fingers, I began to fiddle with the little loose string that dangled from my shirt. The maid started to bring food in dishes.

I had dinner in absolute silence while Leo and Sofia were making small conversations every now and then something in a foreign language which I assume was Italian maybe. I didn’t get a bit they were saying. Throughout the entire ordeal, I feel Leo's heated gaze burning on me.

As much as I wanted to enjoy the delicious food in front of me I can’t because of the uncomfortable glances from him that was making me uneasy. The way he was looking at me bothered me, he was gawking at me in a strange way. It did not matter the number of times I looked up meeting his gaze, he continued to watch me, not being discouraged. Overall the whole dinner was the most awkward thing I had ever experienced.

After dinner, Leo insisted on driving me home even though I tried refusing as much as I could but one stern look from him had me mutely sitting down in the passenger side of his car. I gave him the direction to my house and he started driving. Silence fell upon us. He didn’t say anything and neither did I. I look out of the window and see the buildings passing by me in a blur.

Twenty minutes later we reached my house. Before I can open the car door, he instantly grabs my hand in a tight grip before he violently pulls me towards him. I watch him in confusion. He unexpectedly cups my face and leans further in until our faces were inches away.

“Enjoy the time you have left” His deep raspy voice rang through my ears. I find myself blinking repeatedly, to be sure that I heard him correctly. But before I could ask what does he mean, he presses his lips over my own. His kiss is searing and sends heat through me, settling in the pit of my stomach.

Still frozen in shock, Leo squeezed my boobs and I gasped at the sensation course through my veins giving him enough access to plunge his tongue inside my throat. He gripped my neck and waist and pulled me closer to him to have a better access in exploring my mouth. His tongue skillfully explored every corner of my mouth.

I was totally taken aback unable to understand what is happening. My shocked sense came back as I immediately begin to struggle against him, placing my hands against his chest, but its no use. He didn’t budge instead flushed my body more into him. He’s much stronger than me.

After what felt like hours, he drew away from the kiss, his eyes bright with lust as he gazes over me in arousal. I’m shaking in terror as he brushes his thumb over my swollen lips, his hand squeezing my breast. I struggle once again, but I can tell it only arouses him more.

Finally, he unlocked the car door. Taking that as my cue, I ran out and hurried to my house. Once my door closed and locked as an extra protection, I tried to get myself to settle down. pressing my back against the door, I let out long slow breaths. I was still shocked by what just happened. How can he kiss me like that out of a blue? And that too he stole my first kiss. But one thing I was sure of was I need to stay away from Leo. Something about him screamed he was not to be messed with.




It’s been two weeks since the incident. I shivered at the thought as Leo’s words rang through my head ‘Enjoy the time you have left’ as they have done for the past two weeks. I shook my head as if I was physically trying to get the thoughts out of my brain, I felt as if it was all I was thinking about recently I can barely step outside now without being paranoid that someone was watching me. The last two weeks have been a blur honestly.

“G?” Cass called me as she clicked her fingers in front of my face snapping me back to reality as I stared out the window.

“Mmh” I mumbled turning my head to look at her only to see her eyebrows were furrowed and wrinkles were and wrinkles had appeared on her forehead.

“Are you alright? You zoned out a little there”

“I'm fine”

“Don’t lie to me” She demands not buying my lie.

“It’s just usual. Nothing new” I say trying to brush it off.

“G, You know I’ll always be here for you, right?”

“Of course I know. Really it isn’t a big deal. I just don’t want to talk about it” I say trying to dismiss the topic

“Alright. I just don’t want you to keep it all to yourself. You can tell me if you need anything okay ?” She said. This is one of the best things about Cass. She would understand when I didn’t want to talk. I simply nod my head giving her a small smile which she returns.

“Actually Henry is looking for you ” My boss Henry I really dislike him if I’m being honest. I sigh before walking over to him. He pulls me to the side, away from everyone, and does what he always does.

“I notice you came in late today. It always delights me” He exclaimed

“I’m sorry, I-I didn’t sleep well” I apologized

“Giving excuses won’t get you anywhere. You know what you need to do to keep your job” He replies looking straight at me. I watch as his eyes traveled down from my face to chest and I instantly knew where the hunger look in his eyes going. The longer he stared at me the more uncomfortable I felt.

“I..It won’t h-happen again s-sir” I shutter out. He harshly grabs my hips and then reaching over to my butt. He squeezes it out.

“You look delicious, one of these days I’ll fuck you so hard” He purrs, in my ear. I cringe at the thought. Considering he’s fifty-two and married I hate him doing this. He always touches me inappropriately but I have no choice, I can't live without this job. I hope I can have the guts to stand up to him one day. I hate being helpless. I hate men. All they do is objectify women and use them as toys for pleasure.

Never has a man treated me nicely. Not even my own father. As Henry let’s go of me, I rush outside tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t help but cry. After cry for few minutes, I manage to calm myself down. The rest of the shift dragged by dully. Soon enough it was 1 AM. The meaning shift was over. Today is Wednesday it was a bit creepy at night but I seemed to manage.

It was pitch black outside, the street lamps produced a dim light, the street illuminated the light with a grey beam. I pull my arms around me and sighed as I began making my way down the street. I continued walking, a few blocks later, beaming headlights shone from behind me. I turned to see a sleek black car pull up in front of me. The windows were tinted and I could see my reflection in the glass. I took a step back at the close proximity of the car and frowned as the passenger window slide down giving me a sight of the owner behind the wheel.

“Leo...” His name involuntarily slipped from my mouth. My breath hitched and my eyes wide opened when I saw him. I breathed in and out but air wouldn’t enter my lungs. Starved for air, my heart raced at tremendous speeds and my lungs shallowly rose and fell in time. I stood there for what felt like an eternity but was actually only a few minutes. Each second submerged in fear made a permanent mark on my heart and a vivid imagination made me wonder whether it was just my mind playing tricks or reality.

I closed my eyes shut, wishing with all my might that this is just a fragment of my imagination. That he is not really in front of me. I take a deep breath in an effort to calming my frantic heart and slowly open my eyes. I gasp and involuntarily take a step back when I take in his furious appearance.

His face red with suppressed rage and his rigid form exudes an animosity that was like acid- burning, slicing, and potent. His handsome features looked more attractive and dangerous in the moonlight. This is not my imagination. He is definitely here!

“What are you doing here, especially at this time of the night?” He breaks the silence, his voice so calm yet equally dangerous. His lethal stare felt painful and piercing as if his glare was tearing my heart apart with a blinding teal light. I took another step back as survival instinct kicks in.

“Don’t you dare move a fucking inch further, or you won’t like the consequences” He challenged staring directly into my fearful eyes. I immediately freeze when his booming voice echoes through the vacant streets.

“I asked you a question and I expect a fucking answer...What the hell are you doing here?”

“I-I” I shutter.

“ANSWER ME GODDAMMIT “He let out an exaggerated sigh as he sees the tears drips down my eyes. He closes his eyes and ran his hand through his hair as if fighting some inner battle with himself. When he re-opened his eyes, they were much calmer and he seems to be in much more control.

“Get in the car,” He said, his voice oozing with arrogance. He motions towards the black car parked a few feet away from me.

“What?” I asked him confused

“I. Said. Get. In. The. Car. Woman,” He growled, enunciating each word slowly and deliberately. He flexed his shoulder muscles, prepared to carry out his threat. My trembling chin made it impossible for me to say anything without a stutter.

“Now, Grace or God help me... ” He snaps


“Do you have any idea who I am? what I could do to you right now and right here?” He seethes through greeted teeth, his eyes cold and lifeless as he stared at me. My spine immediately stiffened. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be scare of him any more than I already am but here I am.

When few moments passed and I hadn’t made any move towards the car. He let out a growl that was so animistic and carnal that my spine immediately pickles with fear and every cell in my body went on high alert. He grumbles incoherently before he swiftly opens the door to his car and comes to an abrupt halt, in front of me. He roughly picked me up and toss over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“Put me down please” My little fists connect with his back as I struggle to get free, but it was pointless, his hold was like iron... Strong... Cold. He paid no mind to my fidgeting and fighting. Before I can blink he slams me on my back on top of the car hood. He roughly shoves my legs apart and grabs my breast.

“I suggest you stop fighting if you don’t want me to hurt you ” He growls. I can’t speak. I’m trying to fight off his hands. He grabs my waist slamming me back against the hood.

“Please...I’m sorry”

I quacked my body trembling thinking all the awful things he could do to me. I scream as he drags me to the car, opens the passenger door, and throws me into the car and. I was buckled securely, he moves back and closes the door before striding to the driver’s side. He opens the door and gracefully plop himself onto the diver seat. Starting the ignition the engine soars to life. He eases the car into the street and starts driving.

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