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I look back at him and he’s emotionless. He drove like a mad man with his hand gripping my thigh. I was sure there were going to be bruises on it. I have no idea where he is taking me. My vision was blurred by my unending tears to see where we were going. Myriads of emotion filled my heart. I stared out through the window, there was dark all around. The car was moving on a desolated path. There were trees on the either side.

“Wh..ere,” I cleared my throat to sound a bit confident. He just simply ignores me.

“Whe..re ar..e we goo..ing?” I try again.

“You will know,” I frowned

“No, I want to..I want to, know now,” I held my head high trying to show him I am not afraid of him. He snap his head towards me. Those stunning eyes flashed with fury; I wasn’t sure whether to be terrified or to surrender myself to the magic held within the bluish-grey iris

Silence befalls us again as a burning question is left in my mind. Half an hour later, the car finally stopped and when I looked outside the window we were at an old abandoned warehouse. It was located on the outskirts of the city almost in the middle of a jungle. I was baffle seeing that bleak and desolated building. My heart rapidly increased that I could hear it. My nerves were on high alert. Anything can happen to me and no one will even listen to my screams. This man already looks so dangerous and he might be here to tape me.

Opening his side of the door, he got out and turned around moving towards my door coming to an abrupt halt, in front of me. I scooted towards the other end. He yanks the door open and wrenches me out by arm with his painfully firm hold. The closed the door behind, he drags me down the driveway and towards the stoop of the warehouse.

“Leo...It hurts ... please” He ignores my plea and continues dragging me forward until we are standing in front of the door. He dragged me inside, we kept on walking further and further down the hall. Leo pushed a door and revealed a staircase going down. To a basement perhaps. My eyes widen and the sudden fear settling in the pit of my stomach was unlike anything. Why is he taking me in the basement? Is he planning to kill me or something? So many horrid thoughts raced in my head all at once and all the possibility that can happened to me right now. A feeling of bad vibes resurfacing in my gut.

I keep telling myself, reassuring my hasty mind to calm my paranoid self. He dragged me down the stairs and further into a room. I was too focused on not tripping and keeping up with his long, fast steps that I didn’t pay any heed to my surroundings. He stopped and released my wrist. I looked up and let out a gasp when I see the scene unfold before me.

There, right in the center of the room, Henry sat strapped down onto the chair. His face... Bloodied and bruised was beaten to a pulp. He was almost unrecognizable. Panic seized me shriveled up innards, realizing what kind of situation I was in. I began to shiver and mewl under my breath and felt myself on the cusp of screaming.

I gulp nervously, trying to steady my unsteady breathing. Leo took off his coat, he started rolling up his sleeves. My eyes wandered and notice that his men were standing at each corner, all well equipped with dangerous weapons and exit I looked at. Against the wall, there was a table with tools on it and the main one that caught my attention was the chainsaw. I gulped.

“Baby, go over to the table and fetch me the chainsaw,” He orders me.


“Don’t make me repeat myself. I said go get the chainsaw Grace” Having no option I did as told, I took hold of the chainsaw it was heavy but I was able to manage, I handed it off to him. He jerked the chainsaw string a few times before it roared to life. I was full-on crying. I am not a fool I knew, what was coming. My whole body was trembling as I looked at Leo who was grinning. This was not normal.

“Why are you crying? Are you crying for this man?” He questioned

“N-N-No” I shutter denying it.

“You should be scared he did all this to himself. This fucker has the guts to touch you. Touch what’s mine.” He snaps his head towards Henry, who looked scared out of his mind, begging and pleading for mercy. I watched as Leo sawed Henry’s body piece by piece, screams filled the air.

Leo finally ended him as he cut his head off, that’s when I started screaming and backing away. Henry’s head rolled on the ground and Leo looked satisfied. I stood there frozen in place. There was just so much blood. I took a step back seeing the puddle of blood had reached my feet. I was in such a state of shock I tripped over myself landing on my ass.
I think I’m going to be sick...............

Leo came over towards me kneeling down beside me. I could see his lips moving but I can barely hear anything due to the deafening sound of the erratic beating of my heart. I was still shock at what just took place. Henry was dead. Poor Henry...Although his intention were not the best but Leo had no right to take his life. No one had the right to take another’s life.

I’m going to burn in hell for this! I couldn’t help but blame myself.
The guilt was eating me alive, if weren’t for me, then right now he would be still alive.

Leo had killed him without any hesitation. My body was having a hard time processing the event that had occurred few minutes ago. He snapped his fingers in my face forcing my eyes to meet his cold ones. They reflected nothing but annoyance. Did he feel no remorse? He stood up easily towering over me. I hugged myself wanting to run and hide from his deadly gaze

“Please let me...” Before I could finish my sentence he ripped me from the floor with a bruising grip. Trapping me against the wall with his body. His hands next to each side of my head against the wall. The aggressive action, quickly turned into an intimate one. As our bodies press close together, he leans in to rest his forehead on mine, our noses brushing past each other’s.

“Never,” He says giving me no place for an argument. There is no escaping this madness. He tilted his head so our lips were inches apart causing me to freeze in my stop. I scream while struggling to free myself from his grip continuously pounding my small fist against his chest pushing him away with every ounce of my strength but he didn’t even move a muscle.

“Enough” He snap, venom dripping on his threatening tone. I found myself obeying and immediately stop fighting back when I hear the authority in his icy voice.

I felt my eyes become heavy. My heart started racing, palms started sweating and I felt light headed. The last thing I remembered was his rage-filled dark eyes before my eyes closed and darkness enveloped me.




Everything around me was complete darkness. The sound my own heartbeat was drumming in my ear. Everything was still and then I was falling at an impossible rate. I groan, my body felt so sore. I slowly open my heavy eyelids. The first thing I noticed was light. Harsh piercing blinding light. I tried a few times before the surrounding adjustment to my eyes I slowly peer around the room as I took in the interior. The hair on back of my neck stood as terror shot through my entire body as realization struck me and past events replayed once in my head. I tried to move but my movements were restricted.

I panicked, even more, when I saw my legs and hands were tied up with ropes. I was lying down on the floor at the corner of the room that caused every part of my body to ache even more. I didn’t know how long I had been locked up here. Tears began welling up in my eyes shaking my head tremendously as I whisper incoherent words to myself refusing to believe everything happening right now.

“Someone help me” I scream hoping someone will hear and help me as I violently trash around ignoring my burning flesh. I was screaming for I don’t know how long . Defeated I stopped realizing no one is goanna come.

I take better look around the place, the room was decorated in midnight blue, black, white, and gold. The combination seems bizarre but it somehow worked out amazingly in the end. The floor is adorned in dark brown hardboard with a thick fluffy white rug place underneath the bed the walls were painted in a few shades lighter than the color of the floor and the wall behind the bed was decorated with a cushioned panel and mirror work running on either side of it.

A small chandelier hangs over the white bed which was covered in a white fluffy bedspread with few brown and beige small pillows. Other than the bed with nightstands on either side of it, there is only a dressing table beside a long mirror and two leather chairs. Everything in the room seemed so expensive and luxurious.

Heavy footsteps nearing alert my sense all the sudden and my eyes burst open in wide alert my frantic eyes gaze towards the door. I stare at the door nervously and I feel my end nearing as the constant thudding was getting closer.

The door flung open welcoming a new presence. With racing heartbeat and unsteady breathing I gather all the courage in me and craning my neck to look up only to see a man standing at the doorstep with his muscular glory. The room was big enough but suddenly looked smaller from his presence. The man looked too familiar. I knew him but I didn’t want to accept the harsh reality. When my eyes met his dark ones, an odd chill ran down my spine. My nightmare was standing right in front of me.

Leo stood there, his eyes traveled from my head to toe. The way that he was staring at me with those gaze like he was undressing me with his eyes. The though make me uncomfortable and even I’m wearing clothes I feel naked under his intense gaze. A devilish smirk played on his lips as he walked closer to me and sat on the chair beside me, towering over my small frame. His eyes were scary yet so striking that made me tremble in my place.

Suddenly the room temperature seems to to drop. There was a terrifying silence in the room. He didn’t say anything. His eyes were fixed on me. He didn’t look anywhere as if his eyes were only meant to look at my brown orbs. I tried to read his eyes but I saw nothing. They were cold and unable of holding any emotions in them. His eyes didn’t move at all as his scrutinizing eyes kept piercing through my soul. His dark orbs took all my breath away from me.

“Leo,” Was all I manage to say. His grin arrogantly before leaning closer to me. A gasp left my parted lips which his face was inches away from mine, which made me extremely nervous, afraid of what he’s going to do to me as scenery of horrid scenarios flash in front of me. I could smell his strong cologne that made my heart beat even faster.

The close proximity was scary yet so warming. His mint fresh breath fanning against my skin and I could smell his sweet scented extremely expensive cologne. His lips touched my ear as he licked my earlobe. I shuffle away, crawling back but the wall behind me stopped me from my movement. A deep throaty chuckle resonated in the room, the sound almost dark and twisted giving more rise to my irregular breaths. He was finding it funny.

“You are only mine Grace,” He growled demandingly, my name rolling of his tongue so smoothly. His pupils dilated as his stars obsessively at me, the dark promise was clear in his eyes. Promise to claim me. His demeanor scared me to the core. I made sure to press my body into the wall trying to be as far away as possible.

“I-I’m not yours,” The word came out of my mouth as a whisper, before I could hold back. But that didn’t go unheard by the devil. All of a sudden, his whole demeanor changed. His pupils dilated, his jaw clenched and his eyes now looked monstrous. My breath hitched and my throat clogged seeing outrageous appearance. I gulped nervously.

His one hand was gripping my jaw, nearly breaking it and the other hand went back to my head as he fist my hair in a tight grip. Pulling me even closer to him. I groan in pain as I could feel his fingers digging into the back of my skull causing me a slight headache. I pinched my eyes close in anguish as tears poured out of my eyes. I sealed my mouth shut, trying to hold the cry.

“You need to control your mouth you little one. Your mouth will be the death of you,” He huskily whispered close to my ear, his breath tickling my neck. His voice was calm yet daring. My heartbeat fastened. His grip on my hair tightened as his fingers dig in my skin painfully and tears began to gather in the corner of my eyes. I couldn’t hold back and whimpered in pain due to the immense pain he was causing on my honey brown locks. He jerked my head back so that he was staring directly into my eyes.

“I’m sorry please leave me” I croaked as I looked helplessly towards him. He gave my hair a harsh tug before pushing my face away from him. I fell back on the floor as tears kept rolling down my cheeks. He fixed his suit before leaning forward, his elbows rested on his knees. His piercing gaze watching my trembling body laying down as satisfaction was clear on his face. His devilish smirk never leaving his beautiful face, he cleared his throat to gain the attention of my trembling one.

“What..at do you...u want from me?” I knew I couldn’t fight him. I would call my death was sitting right in front of me ready to take my soul away from my body any time soon.

“I want you to be the first thing I touch in one morning and the last thing I taste at night. I want your damn glossy pink pussy lips to carve for my attention. Only mine,” He whispered in my ear, his hot minty breath tickling my skin as he licked my earlobe. I don’t know how to respond. So I don’t. The feeling of hopelessness sink in.

I closed my eyes and blinked back my tears. He looked so calm but by the craziness in his eyes I knew otherwise. We stare at each other, no words spoken for a brief moment before his phone rang as he took his phone out of his pocket. He checks the caller before answering it.

“I am coming. Everything should be ready,” He curtly replied before cutting the call. He kneel down in front of my helpless body. His gaze was fixed on my face. His hand went down and tugged some strands behind my ear. This time his touch felt soft yet I was quick to flinch away thinking he is going to slap me. His jaw tightened at my action.

“Don’t try anything funny babe, or you’ll get punished” He looks at me sternly.

“O-Okay” I said softly. Satisfied with my answer, Leo placed a kiss on my forehead before he stood up and smoothed his clothing . He turned around and walked out of the door, locking it behind. I stared at his retreating image until he disappeared from sight, leaving me helpless in the corner of the room alone.




After trying to untie me for hours I finally accepted the fact that I was not going anywhere soon. I tried my best to stay calm but it was hard when the most ruthless and dangerous criminal there is, is holding you captive. He is going to kill me for sure. I’m not goanna survive here much longer. Million of frightening thoughts circled my brain like a shark. I knew I had to get out here...But how?

I felt a liquid rubbing against my wrist. I looked down and saw my blood dripping from my hands. After a while, I felt my tiredness washing over me and I fell asleep.




I was just woken up by bright sunlight. The door opened and Leo walked in. He had blood on his hands and was cleaning them with a towel. I felt fear washing over me once again. I looked down.

“Grace” I heard him say. “Grace looks at me “I refuse to look at him.” You know when you don’t obey me I want to kill you. But the thing is I...I wouldn’t kill you,” He says grabbing my chin tightly he craned it so I can look up at him.

“Hate me all you want Grace, it just makes it more fun for me to break you... and once you do you will be forever thankful that I held back in not killing your entire family just so I can have you...” He muttered, his eyes flashing dangerously. My eyes widen at his words while they began to water. This sick an was going to kill my family? For what? All because he found some girl who actually doesn’t want him?

“No you-u won’t-t” I felt my eyes tearing up. I also tried to hide it. He walked towards me and bent down so he could see my face up close. He took a few strands of hair from my face and smiled that you had a say when it comes

“Oh Grace.... you are so fucking cute thinking that you had a say when it comes to your life. But the reality of it all... Princess... is that you don’t . You were mine from the second I saw you, like you are mine now and like you will always be... MINE! I bring pain and I will kill if I have too, you already witnessed that... so there is no extent or limit to what I can do .... I. GET. WHAT. I. WANT.. and you princess are no exception.” He said in a voice that left no room for discussion.

“What? No words?” He grinned. I hate him. Threatening my family like that. He really is the worst man on earth.

“Pl...Pl. Please do ..don’t hurt them..,” I pleaded, my begged eyes glued to his cold one as I look for mercy.

“Behave and I won’t,” He said kissing my forehead. I wanted to throw up. I couldn’t feel my hands anymore.

“I’ll do as you say just... Please promise me you won’t hurt them,” I plead.

“I don’t make promises sweetheart,” My head fell down. I give up. There’s no fighting this. There’s no complaining. There’s no arguing; not if I want the people around me to stay alive. I felt him touching my hand. Then the rope loosened. I looked up and saw him untying me. My wrists were covered in blood and the purple shade.

“You’ve been tied up long enough. But as soon as you try anything, I won’t hesitate to tie you up again,” He threatens. I just nodded. My mind was tired, I was tired. I felt him stroking my thigh and I flinched.

“Easy,” He said and his grip got stronger. I wanted so desperately to pull away. But all I could think about was what he would do. He untied them, then looked at me. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. Leo then walked out closing the door behind him.

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