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Hours went by but nobody came. I placed up and down the room, searched through cabinets, thinking I could find something. All efforts ended up in vain. I can’t believe I got mixed up with a criminal. Maybe if I obey him then nothing bad will happen. But what if he wants me to do something I’m not prepared for? Can I say no? Wild thoughts shrouded my mind.

Suddenly, the front door opened making me jump on my feet. An old women entered. She was carrying a dress on her hand.

“Who are you ?” I blurted

She gave me a warm smile, one that instantly made me feel at ease with her “I’m Mary. I’m the head maid here” She said as she puts the dress gracefully on the bed.

“Master has asked for you downstairs for breakfast. You need to clean up mam,” After a brief seconds she continued. "There’s a shower with all your necessities” She said, pointing in the direction of the room’s en-suite and left the room.

I dangle my legs to the side of the bed before I standing up and moving straight towards the en- suite Mary had pointed earlier. I investigated the bathroom and was not surprised to the luxury. I closed and lock the door. Once I had tackled the task of undressing. I made my way to the shower and turned it on. After scrubbing most of my body and hair, I dried myself. The towel was ridiculously soft.

I opened a cabinet and found a first-aid kit. I found a gel that can help cool down the wounds. After applying it to the purple spot, I took out a bandage and started rolling it over the bad areas.

Once I was satisfied with my work, I reentered the bedroom and grab the outfit which was laying on the bed. It was a slim black dress with long sleeves.

I was a little surprised when the dress fitted perfectly on my body. Not long after I was done the bedroom door swing opened and Mary once again walked in.

“Are you ready Miss?“ Mary asked.

“Yes,” I called back before walking out. Reluctantly, I followed her silently, my steps falling close behind her. This was no normal house, this was a mansion. A well-guarded mansion. Guard stood armed on almost every corner. I secretly scan the area I pass by; mentally memorizing it and sketching a map in my head. It’ll come in handy at the time of escape because one day or another I am getting out of here.

That’s for sure. As we move down the stairs and into another room, I can’t help but notice how much wealth I am surrounded. I may have grown up with my family’s wealth but this is ridiculously rich from the paintings and art pieces that hang on the wall to the small decoration pieces, everything looks antique and priceless.

We entered the dining room and instantly awe-struck by the beauty of it. It was a grand space, to say the least. The huge mahogany table took up the most of the vast space the dark, romantic room offered, left without a table cloth and daring guests to ruin the perfectly varnished shine with their unworthy fingerprints. Two golden chandeliers commanded attention from the center of the table. I held my breath as I saw Leo. He was so engrossed in his phone, his thumbs were tapping rapidly on the screen. He flickered his head up when he felt my presence in the room.

Leo curls a finger and beckon me to him “Come here,” His thick and deep voice, coated with his thick accent. My feet moved on their own making their way towards him but cautiously stands few feet away from him. Immediately his eyes turn dark. He pulls me flush against his body. His breath softly tickled my skin causing the hair on my neck to stand to attention. A deep chuckle rumbles from his chest.

“You look stunning,” My cheeks went hot at his affectionate compliment.

“T-Thank you” I shuttered. He let out another breathy chuckle sending shivers down my body.

“Let’s eat,” He says. He even pulls out plush looking dining chair for me and waits for me to follow his order. I tilted my head up towards him, his eyes found mine which was daring me to protest. I wasn’t dumb enough to defy him and give him a reason to snap knowing he’s dangerous and capable of killing me. The thought of this man killing me brought back my anxiety. I don’t want to do anything smart that will get me into trouble, not until I find my way out of here.

My feet quickly move on their own making their way past him towards the table and I settled on one of the open chair. He walks around and has a seat across from me. The maids soon came out and placed the food in front of us. He gazes at me for a couple of seconds before taking a swig of his drink.

My mind was an override and my emotions were everywhere. I was scared of the man in front of me and glad that he’s not sitting any near me. But that didn’t change the fact that I’m still watchful, afraid that he would suddenly snap and plunge a knife in my chest. I stare down at the food that I barely touched with a blank expression. The food smelled delicious and mouthwatering but I had no appetite.

“Why are you not eating?” Leo questioned noticing my hesitation to eat. His cold thick deep voice cutting through the silence. I craned my head up to look at him, his eyes were glued on me.

“I’m not hungry,” I whisper softly afraid I would set him off. He takes one last swig of his drink before getting up from his seat. All the alarm went off in my, fear elicits deep into my soul. Goosebumps covered my arms and my hands were trembling when he started walking towards me. With every step he took, my heart picked its speed and I was trying to ready myself for the worst. I had to restrain myself from running. I tried mentally calming myself down by continuously breathing in and out slowly.

A shiver ran down my spine as he takes one last step forward bringing us dangerously close. The smell of his cologne filled my nostrils. He plops down on the table in front of me with one leg lazily hanging off the table. The room was pin-drop silent. He was observing my dazed and frightened expression. His eyes roamed all over my body. I could clearly see the lust in them.

I felt somewhat flustered under his piercing stare. His lips curled up at the edge and his eyes held a pinch of mischievous glint and amusement. His fingers reach out for a strawberry, he brings it to his lips, taking a bite, those bluish-grey orbs study mine as he never stops making eye contact. My eyes followed his every section like a hawk afraid if I look away he would pounce on me. My breath hitched when he leans forward, never once breaking my gaze as he threads his fingers through my hair, pulling hard. His lips hover over mine. My eyes immediately shut on their own.

“Open your mouth,” He murmurs. I hesitate at first but nevertheless, I do as told. He pushes the strawberry in my mouth with his tongue, sucking on my bottom lip. I felt embarrassed but didn’t protest letting him do what he was doing. He finally pulls back, I could feel him staring even though my eyes were still closed. My breath hitched getting caught in my throat as I open my eyes and stare at him.

His eyes were pitch black, looking completely feral. The tension was cut short when his cellphone suddenly buzzes in his pocket signaling an incoming text. Breaking our gaze, he looked at the screen, his jaw clenches tightly. He looks back at me breaking his gaze from the screen.

“Make sure you eat, I am sure you don’t want others to get hurt because of you ” Obviously, I frantically nodded because in this situation I would have said yes to anything. Lowering himself down Leo captured my lips in a small kiss full of tenderness before stepping back and headed to the door.

A couple of minutes after Leo left, I was done with my breakfast. Mary walks into the dining area to clear the plates.

“Are you done eating Miss?”

“Oh, yeah I can take care of my plate,” I say standing and grabbing my plate.

“Oh, on Miss I can take care of it,” She insists.

“Okay, well thank you then," I said giving her a smile. She returns the smile taking the plate from me. I leave the dining room and head up the stairs to the room I woke up in.

The rest of the day passed by pretty much incident-free for which I am incredibly thankful. Mary had brought my lunch and dinner to my room. It was quite boring for me to sit doing nothing since I was always engrossed either in college or my job. I really miss Cassandra. I had no idea what she was doing right now and how she was reacting since I vanished in the thin air. My whole life has changed in an instant. All because I caught his eyes.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. I let my mind wander to what my life was before. I completed my high school and moved away, leaving that town behind me. The people. The whispers. The cruelty. I moved on for the better. I had only been living in this city for the past few months in the hopes to start over again.

It was already 9: 45 and there was no trace of Leo. I had absolutely no idea when he is going to return. A yawn escaped my lips and my vision blurs. So I decided to take a shower before I call it a night.

Closing the bathroom door behind me, I began shedding my clothes. Once the temperature of the water was of my liking, I stepped under the spray. The sensation of the steamy water soothed my sore muscles which felt good. After I was clean as I can be, I dried myself with a towel.

I walked out wearing the bathrobe and a pair of bathroom slippers. I stopped dead in my tracks, not expecting to see Leo was sitting on the bed. He was already wearing casual cloth. His eyes were glued to his phone. So I assumed he didn’t notice me walking in.

Feeling my presence, his eyes drift up to me and our eyes meet. My heart beats against my chest as his dark hooded eyes greedily took my appearance, darkening when he stared at my bare leg and the lace detailing near my chest.

He gradually arises from the bed. He slowly takes menacing steps towards me. I stood rigid, I haven’t the slightest clue what he’s thinking. His face is completely black with emotion. There isn’t an ounce of emotion on his face. It’s like he’s a statue, carved and sent from heaven itself. His dark eyes not once looking away from me. His gaze was becoming unsettling. My heart rate involuntary speeds up as he gets closer to me. Crushing fear grapples at my nerves. Silence engulfed the atmosphere.

I drop my stare on the floor from his intimidating figure when he’s centimeter apart, standing right in front of me towering over my smaller body. I was pulled into a hard chest by the strong arms wrapped around my waist. His hands secured around my waist as he snuggled his head in the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply.

“Look at me baby” He demand, his tone was calm yet threatening and he was squeezing my shoulders with slight pressure. I quickly look at him with eyes hooded in fright and gulped when his cold eyes met mine. He was so tall that I was reaching his broad chest. I could feel his packs against my robe covered body. The close proximity of his body to mine is deafening.

“Hmmm...You smell so good piccolo,” He purrs

“Leo, P-Please leave me, I-I want to get dressed,” I said trying to getaway.

“Shhh! Tesoro clothes are the first thing that needs to get rid of,” He exclaimed. His dark eyes clouded with lust and desire. I was completely caught off guard when he kissed me all of a sudden as his grip on my waist tightens. His tongue exploring each and every corner of my mouth leaving me breathless.

I didn’t want to be here. His hands were now wandering all over my body, leaving no part of me untouched. My haze clear up when Leo was about to untie the knot of my robe. I tried to push him away.

“What are you doing ?” I panic. His face expression quickly change into furious and I gulped nervously. Suddenly he grabs my hair and tugs it painfully as I yelp in pain. I feel my eyes well with tears and I can’t help the sob that racks my entire body.

“I believe I’m a fair man. Grace...We can do this easy way or the hard way. Either way, I will be buried inside that virgin pussy tonight” His threatens. His face was hard and cold. I can’t speak. Fear coils deep within my belly, clawing it’s way up my throat as I know what is coming. My mouth feels paralyzed due to fear. Each passing second induces a new fear in me. He increases the force in my hair. His nails digging on my scalp. I wince at the seating pain that shot forcefully through my skull.

“I am waiting Grace don’t make me repeat myself. It will only make it worse for you” He growls

“No,” I said,

His anger intensified listening to me as his face twisted into a scowl. His eyes never looked colder. He let out a throaty humorless chuckle. To say that I was scared would be an understatement, I was terrorized by the behavior of this man. He was staring at me with anger. His eyes were not allowing me to look away. I was standing there trembling, looking into his fierce eyes. I try to get a grip and act rationally even though he’s radiating anger and towering over me, doing his best to intimidate me.

“I will have you tonight and there isn’t shit that you can do to stop me from taking you tonight,” His serious expression which promised me that he will keep his words. He was going to fulfill his lust, his sinful desire tonight. His tone causes a knot to form in my stomach. I cast my eyes downwards unable to hold his gaze.


“I gave you the choice to sleep with me willing. But you declined it me now I’ll have to take you against your will, I will fuck you and I’m goanna fuck you so damn hard that you will learn the consequences of saying no to me,” He scooped me in his arms taking me towards the bed. Without warning he flung me on the huge bed with force making me feel dizzy. I raise my head up to see him removing his Tee-shirt and track pants, he was only in his expensive boxers right now.

Petrified I attempted crawl back looking around, hoping to find any escape from his torture but my hopes shatter when he caught my ankle and yanked me underneath him making me scream as he hover on top of me not even a second and pin me down with his body. He’s far away from gentle, he was fuming in fury, anger swirling in the iris of hid bluish- grey eyes as he look down at me furiously. I struggle underneath him trashing around like a frantic woman while screeching “Help! Someone help me! Please! I need help!”

“Shut up!” He growl slapping me across the face that shut me up instantly. I gasp as I feel a burning sensation spread on the right portion of my face and I can’t help but cry.

“So beautiful” He moaned as his lips connect with my exposed neck and pressing soft kisses. Leo pressed his lower against my crotch that I could feel his obvious bulge through the thin fabric making me gulped. He grunt lowly, slightly pulling away to look at me, his eyes flickering down my lips as he stare hungrily at them.

Without warning, Leo close the remaining gap between us two as he lean his face towards me capturing my dry lips in his. It was a forced not-so-gentle kiss. He untied my robe and threw it on the floor, tearing it off my body. I was all out there. Open and bare for his lustful eyes to feast on. Cold wind hits my flesh and Goosebumps formed my skin. My nipples pebbled.

He pulled back a little and gaze over my body as he took in my features staring at my body in admiration “Fuck! You are so fucking beautiful.” He growls. His iris darken in lust. Instinct crowed my mind and I quickly wrapped my hands around my breast and pussy.

“Don’t make me angry than I already am. Remember one thing Grace you are mine now, my property and you can never refuse me.” He growls and I don’t need to be told twice before I let go of my dignity. He grabs my breast in one hand squeeze it hard and it took everything in me to control the urge to wrap my hands around myself. I close my eyes in shame and pain when I feel his mouth on my breast he lick it then bit it while his other hand grabbed my other breast squeezing it. He repeats the same with the other. I feel so humiliated.

He kissed between my breast and then my flat belly further going down. I tried to kick him but to my utter horror, he grabs both my thighs and separated them. He looks at my naked vagina with his eyes dark in lust and illicit desire. He then looks at me and smirked. My thighs tried to close up. He put his hand on my knees to stop my action and went down on my knees.

He dips his head between my thighs and started kissing my inner thigh, caressing my legs. And then attack my moist center. With the first swipe of his tongue I cried out arching my back. His tongue ran back and forth, I was breathing faster and harder. I tried to move away but Leo held me by my hips and ran his tongue harder over my clit. I was breathless as I clutched a handful of sheets as I felt something building in my abdomen.

But soon my moan turned into a painful scream as he brutally shoves his two fingers inside me. His mouth left my vagina but he continued to move his fingers in and out of me hard and fast. I screamed in pain as he tries to shove another finger, I am already so full down there and it hurts bad, and now another finger.

“Let it go. Cum kitten,” I let all the pressure go and I felt shocked throughout my body. I felt a tingling sensation in my stomach. Leo stood up removed his briefs, standing there in his glory. My breath caught my throat as my eyes widen like a saucers as I took every inch of his throbbing member. It was very long and thick with precum oozing to the tip. I ignore the pain and crawl backward. Leo let out a chuckle seeing me scared.

“Leo please don’t...You don’t have to do this”

“Oh, but trust me I have to...” Leo grabs my leg and drags me down underneath him. He spread my legs wide to accommodate his size and positioned himself between. He grabs his dick and starts rub the tip to my moist center as a lubricant. The action elicits sudden tremor to my body.

“Leo please” Without waiting any second impaled me onto his extremely large penis inside me. The pain I felt was indescribable, I was sure I was going to tear and he was not even halfway in. It stung so badly. But nothing could have prepare for when Leo thrust fully into me tearing through every restraint in the process. A sharp pain rips through my body. I cried out in agony, the pain... oh god the pain.

“Stop please it hurts,” I begged

“Fuck...You are squeezing the hell out of me” He complains. I felt a warm liquid between my legs. Blood...I closed my eyes in horror. My body felt as if I was ripped apart.

“Good! That you are a virgin or else I would have to kill the fucker when I was done with you” Leo ignored my painful cries , thrusting viciously into me never letting me adjust to his enormous size. Hard and fast. He set a punishing pace and fucked me raw. Leo didn’t relent, he cursed as he took ruthlessly with each harsh thrust. My throat started throbbing with all the screaming and my body filled with agony. I closed my eyes waiting for the assault to end. But he only increased his pace becoming more rough and ruthless.

“DON’T ” Thrust “YOU” Thrust “DARE” Thrust “CLOSE” Thrust “YOUR” Thrust “EYES” Thrust” The bed rocked with his stamina. The grunts and flesh slapping echoed the room. He pressed my breasts and sucked on my flesh. I could feel my walls tightening around his massive dick as he kept pounding in me. He ignored me as I kept on crying and wailing in pain begging him to have mercy on me.

“Open your eyes , baby. Let me see those beautiful eyes when I come in you for the first time,” He coos gently. I pathetically pry my eyes open, His eyes stared into my watery ones without an ounce of remorse.

“Look at those beautiful eyes” He murmurs. His eyes didn’t leave mine as Leo’s hips snapped back and forth for few more minutes before he finally stilled as he releases spurts of hot liquid inside me. He allowed himself to slowly fuck his cum into my trembling body as he captured my mouth in an almost romantic kiss.

Just as I thought his assault ended, Leo flipped me on my stomach my hands behind my back. He used his knees to spread my legs, grabbing my ass roughly he position himself and plunge his cock deep inside me.

After that, he kept assaulting me in different places positions yet with the same cruelty, pounding in and out of me like a madman. He kept filling me. I cum countless times. He didn’t let me sleep the entire night but even then it wasn’t enough for him. The last thing I remember was warm lips touching my forehead before I slowly fall into a deep slumber.

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