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I came back to my sense when the morning sun rays hit on my eyes. I woke up with a heavy headache. My throat was dry. My upper body feeling a burning sensation whereas my lower body was aching especially the area between my legs. I got up and looked around and the realization hits me like a truck. The blood on the bed-sheet and between my legs brought all the memories of last night back.

I remember how Leo raped me like a ferocious animal. How I was awoken in the middle of the night for rounds after rounds of poundings. He tore me apart not just my body but my soul too. Tears well up in my eyes and a loud sob wrecked from me. My whole life has changed in an instant all because I caught his eyes. I tried to get off the bed but the twinge between my legs made me unable to stand up on my legs.

Finally, I stood up and made my way to the mirror. I cried more brutally when I saw my body full of violet bite marks and nail scratches. I could see how ruined I was. I couldn’t think in my worst nightmare that my first time would be so cruel and unfortunate. I slumped down on the floor I cried hysterically. After crying my heart out, I finally gathered myself from the floor and stood up. My stomach twists and I squeeze my eyes shut as a wave of nausea washes over me.

I immediately ran to the washroom and vomited my stomach out in the toilet. After puking my guts out I stood up and pressed the flush rinsed my mouth and splashed some water on my face. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My fiery brown locks were sticking everywhere. the tip of my nose was pink and my eyes were swollen.

I didn’t know what to think or what to feel. He took everything I had. He took my first kiss, he took my innocence but most importantly of all, he took my freedom. I felt caged. He took my vitality. I closed my eyes and tried to forget the awful memories in my head. Would that be my life now?

No, it wouldn’t I refused to live such a life. I cannot let myself down now. I cannot lose hope. It not an option. I have to act smart and come up with a strategy to escape this hell. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom. The front door swing opens revealing Leo. I froze on my spot. His beautiful bluish-grey orbs bored into mine that made me want to squirm.

He leaned into the frame of the door with his hands deep into his pants pocket. The upper buttons of his shirt were open giving a peek of his smooth skin. He was observing my dazed and frightened expression. The look on his face was unreadable. This man is unpredictable and horrifying. I never knew something so beautiful could be this dangerous.

“Why are you crying?” He questioned with his voice that elicits fear deep into my soul, cutting through the silence that was slowly killing me. Panic rose inside me as memories came rushing to me, I try hard to push them back while at the same time I try to blink away tears. I open my mouth searching for words to say, my mind comes up blank as he approaches me.

Tears spring into my vision and my heartbeats rapidly in my chest. I felt the room getting darker and smaller. My lungs felt constricted and I couldn’t breathe properly. Finally, tears spill out of my eyes and I gasp for breath as my stomach starts to hurt. A cry of pain ripped from my lips and stars dot my vision. The last thing I see is Leo sprinting to my side with a worry etched on his features before I watched the ground approaching fast and darkness consume me.





I woke up feeling pain in every part of my body like every inch of me was beaten up or something. Especially my lower right side. I see an older woman sitting right next to my bed. She was holding my hand and checking my pulse. Behind her stood Leo, his hands were in his pants pockets and he was wearing a fitted shirt. If I hadn’t known his reality I would have appreciated his beauty but with my experiences with him, I don’t think that will ever be possible. He looked at me with a blank expression. He very well knows that he is responsible for my current situation but there is not a hint of remorse or guilt. What kind of a monster is he?

Without a word, both the doctor and Evan walked out of the room closing the door behind. After they, the room fell into a very uncomfortable silence. Too silent if you ask me. My train of thoughts got interrupted as the door swings open and Leo walks in with a tray in his hand. I scoot away from him. He places the tray on the nightstand and sits on the edge of the bed beside me. He hands me a glass of water.

“Drink! You’re dehydrated,” I grab the glass with shaky hands, taking a small sip. I can’t help but wonder if he’s being so patient because he feels bad.

“How are you feeling?” He questioned. I look at him, I open my mouth to respond but I struggle to get the words out. Tears spring into my vision and a loud sob wrecked through my body.

“You...Ra...” I can’t even finish my sentence. I can’t. Each time I close my eyes. I feel all those horrible things he did to me. Leo was watching me with a straight face. He still hadn’t said anything.

“You are mine Grace. That means you are mine to kiss, mine to fuck, and even mine to hurt. Understood?” I shake my head in disbelief. I gathered a little courage I had left and spoke.

“No... But you hurt me I don’t under...“A cry of pain is ripped from my lips and stars dot my vision when he strikes me across my face. He hits me so hard. I feel my head jerks to the side and my hair is flipped into my face. I can’t focus on anything, as the world spins and my consciousness sputters. I immediately reach up to hold my cheek trying to staunch the pain. But he quickly grabs my hand pulling me close to his face.

“Who do you think you talking with? Carry on with your tone and I will slice your tongue out. Don’t mistake my patience for my weakness. Grace. You don’t talk to me like that. Not now, Not ever. Do you understand?” He snaps his accent thick and filled with venom. His tone causes a knot to form in my stomach. Goosebumps cover my arms and my hands start trembling.

“Yes,” A hush whisper emits from my lips nodding my head like a dog.

“Yes what?” He probe with raging eyes.

“Yes I understand” I murmur, my eyes closes as I cry softly. He finally let go of my hand and I held it to my chest smoothing the pain.

“Stop crying and fucking eat before I give you an actual reason to cry” He growls. I immediately grab the fork, poking at my food, and putting a small pit into my mouth. He sits there waiting until I finish my food. Leo let out an irritated noise before he stood and walk inside the bathroom. I heard the sound of water running.

After a few minutes, I heard his footsteps coming closer. Leo suddenly scooped me into his arms making me squealed in surprise. He started walking towards the in bathroom. We reached inside the bathroom and he put me down slowly on my feet.

“Strip” Leo simply orders me.

“Wh..What?” I froze, completely caught off guard. I hesitate at first but one stern look from him, daring me to defy him and I had no option but to do as told. My dress was off in a matter of seconds, leaving me bare. Leo turned off the water and told me to get in.

Hesitantly I stepped in the bathtub and begun lowering myself in the warm water until my body was submerged in the water. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him getting undressed and walking over to the bathtub. Leo stepped in the bathtub. He lowered himself slowly until he too was submerged in the water. Without saying a word, Leo gave me a harsh tug and pulled me over him, my head landing on his chest. Taking hold of the shower pipe. Leo let the warm water cascade over us.

He moved his hand down to my area and slightly touched it. I jumped and sat up. He pulled me to him and told me to relax. I had no option so eventually, I relaxed and lied on his chest again and let him wash me. I felt his friend on my lower back. I tried to move up but he wasn’t having it.

“I think I’m clean enough now” I nervously said. When Leo turned of the shower, I sighed a relief. He got up. As he was standing his manhood was directly in my face. My eyes went wide. Chuckling, he got out of the tub. Leo walked over to the counter and grabbed a towel then put it around his waist. He grabbed the other towel and walked over to me. I got up and got out of the tube and he wrapped the towel around me. Leading the way, we walked out of the restroom and into the closet and got dressed.

He picked me up and carried me to the bed. Leo then pulled the covers back, put me down, and pulled the covers over my body. Then, he proceeded to get in on the other side of the bed. Leo’s warm muscular arms reached for my waist and scoop me in his arms, pressing my back from against his chest. My body tensed.

“Relax, I just want to hold you” Leo murmur against my hair feeling my tense muscles, inhaling my scent as he squeezed me in his arms and pull me closer. Having no option other then to obey. I allowed myself to fall into deep slumber, but before I was fully asleep I felt someone place a soft kiss on my head.




I groggily rub my eyes, the shower alerting me he is up. It’s been a couple of days since he took my virginity, I was no longer a virgin and I was still in this prison. I had no one to talk about what transpired to Leonardo and me because it wasn’t just sex. He’s hit me several times and there was nothing I could do about it. Who was going to help me? Though I rarely saw him these days. Leo is always in his office or at work.

Leo was a mad man. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a man as ruthless as him. The bathroom door opens breaking my train of thoughts. I look over my shoulder. Evan walked out of the bathroom and walks straight into the closet.

Within a few minutes walks into the bedroom wearing a black tuxedo and his hair messy and wet. He flicker his head towards me feeling my eyes on him. I quickly look away feeling slightly embarrassed as he caught me ogling him. A gasp escaped my mouth when Leo grabs me by the waist pulling me to his clothed chest.

“I have some business that I need to take care of. I’ll allow you to go to the backyard, the kitchen, and only the library. You got that?” He informs.

“Yes,” I say not wanting to make him angry. I flinched when I see his hand coming close to my face. He smirked and move my hair out of my face.

“Be good my little flower,” With that I felt his lips on mine, his tongue prob my lips for a way in. His hands moved from my waist to my buttocks and squeezed. I gave an involuntary gasp and his tongue entered my mouth, giving him the chance away from the kiss. And he left.

I drew in a deep breath and was about to walk inside the bathroom when I noticed something on my nightstand. It was Leo’s phone. Maybe I should call the police, Leo is going to most likely kill me and this could be my last chance Without a second thought I grabbed the phone.

Before I had the chance to turn on the device the door opened. I quickly put the phone behind my back as I watch Leo enter the room. He stopped as soon as his eyes landed on me and leaned against the now-closed door rubbing a hand over his neatly trimmed chin. Those blueish-grey orbs studied me as I tried my best not to squirm under his penetrating gaze. He gestured for me to come closer. I hesitated but walked to him.

“Hand it over,” He says and I bit my lips nervously.

“Hand what over?” I asked playing dumb. He smiled. Before I had the chance to back away his hand connected to my cheek sending me straight to the floor. I placed my hand on my now burning cheek as I stared at him in shock. I felt my eyes water from the pain. Leo’s hand wrapped around my small neck pulling me up from the floor.

“Let’s try this again” I felt my heart pounding in my chest.

“Hand it over” Without hesitation, I placed the cell phone into Leo’s outstretched hand. He shoved me away and put the phone in his pocket.

“Don’t fuck with me Grace, I will not hesitate to kill you. If you want to continue living don’t ever try some shit like that again” He growls

“Sorry ” I apologized. Shaking his head he walked out of the room. My anxiety was getting the best of me. I sat on the bed, I was becoming overwhelmed. I’ve been treated badly all my life but this treatment. Nothing beats this treatment.

Things haven’t gotten better at all. It has been weeks since I have been locked up in his mansion. I have been doing only three things
Shower &,

It’s too hard to believe what my life has turned into. I was a good student and a good person throughout my life. I had never hurt anyone. Then why is my life treating me like this? Now I am nothing except a thing to be possessed.

And then there are things that he does to me. From the past days whenever I wake up either I am moaning or I am being fucked. He is a maniac when it comes to sex. He fucked me every hour of day and night.

I don’t know how much stamina does he have because it’s me who always gets tired and pass out. He enjoys every minute of it and I hate it. My body seems to defy me. Now I am just a puppet to him. He is pulling the strings and he wants me to dance. I am at his mercy which makes me feel horrible and shameful.

I was startled when I heard the door slam open. I turned and saw Leo. He walks in. The devil’s attention then focused on me. My hands shook as I stole a glance and immediately regretted it. His iced eyes were staring at me emotionless. My heart rate involuntary speeds up as he gets closer to me. He makes me so nervous. He’s been abnormally calm with me lately but I can’t shake the feeling that it is nothing more than an act.

“Come,” Leo says I force myself to move towards him. Every time I get close to him, I begin to shake from fear. And now isn’t any different. I hear a deep chuckle as Leo places a hand out to me. With a shaky hand, I place mine on top of his. He starts dragging me downstairs making me stumble behind him several times. I know where we’re going. He always takes me to the dining hall to eat. It’s the one place I’m allowed to go to other than my room. We make it to the dining hall.

But to my surprise, I see a man and a woman already seated. My breath hitch in my throat as I feel every muscles in my body tense. Both their gazes fall upon me and I stopped abruptly. I struggle to collect my thoughts. I look pass them nervously and the man was more likely grinning mischievously.

“Come on baby” Leo pulls out a chair for me and I take my seat.

“Thank you ” Without any response he takes a seat beside me.

“Damn, you were right, brother he is exquisite,” So he is Leo’s brother. I must say he is as beautiful as Leo is. I think good looks run in his family and not to mention the woman beside his brother is stunning as well. They actually looked good together.

“I see now what made you finally decide to take a personal bitch” Leo’s brother says. I grimace in disgust and I feel my face burning in discomfort they were shamelessly talking about me like I’m not sitting right in front of him. I really wanted to tell them to stop talking about me like that but instead I continue pretending to be oblivious to their conversation.

“Lorenzo” I didn’t miss the warning in his tone. Lorenzo raises both hands in surrender letting out an evil chuckle, a teasing grin lingering on his face while Leo throws dagger at his direction.

“Whoa brother I was just kidding,” Lorenzo says letting out another chuckle. Leo doesn’t say anything. Now I’m in the room with two devils who happened to be brothers. There’s is no telling how evil this one is. Breaking the eye contact with Leo, Lorenzo’s gaze shifts towards my direction.
I stiffened.
He winks and I quickly drop my gaze on my lap nervously avoiding to make any eye contact with him.

“Anyways,we still have some business to take care of” Lorenzo said lazily as he sigh through his nostril. I quirked a brow.

“Grace-Eat,” Leo says and I begin nibbling at the food in front of me pretending to eat as I listen to their conversation that they were making.

“The girl you handpicked and killed during auction night was Governor’s daughter” Lorenzo grumbles as he run his finger on the sharp edge of the table knife he was holding, examining it with his narrowed eyes. Leo’s face was still blank and unamused it seemed like he knew who he picked. Lorenzo continued.

“He is threatening to leak our information to the FBI,” Lorenzo click his tongue, darting his gaze back up and I immediately look away.

The corners of Leo’s lip turned upwards and a wicked smile began gracing his lips.“Oh, I see. Get Hector on the phone. Tell him to kidnap The Governor and his wife, rad their house if any information they have of us. Leave nothing untouched and when they are done burn the whole place down.” Leo commands nonchalantly as he lean on his seat and cross his arms.

I feel the the blood on my face drain thinking about the fate of the poor family. He’s so calm like he’s just talking about the weather, it seems so easy for him to take someone’s life. How cruel can these people be? I feel goosebumps rise wondering how many individuals have they killed that talking about it is very calm for them. I don’t want to listen anymore and block them out, not wanting to think of gruesome thoughts.

Halfway through the breakfast, a sound of heels clicking echoed in the room. I look up towards the door from where the sound was coming from. An extremely gorgeous brunette entered the dining room walking towards us, in high stilettos and a very tight dress that accentuates her body perfectly. She’s tall and lean and her breasts aren’t too large her shiny brown hair falling down her shoulder in waves. She seems extremely excited to be in Leo’s presence. To my surprise, she walked up to Leo and kissed him before taking the seat beside him. My eyes narrowed and my face slightly twist in confusion. Did he kidnap her too like me? Then why does she looks happy? Her blue eyes then landed on me.

“So you are the infamous girl everyone’s been talking about. Well, I must admit you are like drop-dead gorgeous as I have heard” She says and I look at her confused. She seems to sense my emotion.

“My bad I forgot to introduce myself. I am Elena...Elena Castillo, Leo’s wife”

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