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“My bad I forgot to introduce myself. I am Elena... Elena Castillo, Leo’s wife” My mouth was agape and my eyes widen trying to register what she just said. I was baffled. Wife? I remain in frozen state unable to respond. I look up at Leo and waited for him to say something. His face was blank and suddenly he looked bored.

“You have w-wife?” I finally found my voice and spoke out shaky and small. Leo leaned back in his seat and eyes me out causing me to shift nervously under his penetrating gaze.

“Yes” He utter nonchalantly. There was no hesitation or any guilt. My entire world collapsed at the news I desperately hoped I would never hear, but unfortunately as always life has a sick twisted way of destroying me a bit more.

My mind was clouded and crammed with hundreds of emotions. All in all WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?. A deafening silence echoed through the room. I Look at Elena, she didn’t seem angry or hurt. It was too much for me to handle.

“I have to get out of here” I murmur more to myself. The sound of the chairs cramping echoed in the big silent room as I abruptly stood up. I walk towards the front door. I had almost grabbed the doorknob when I felt a hand wrapped itself around my elbow and roughly spun me around. Leo stood there with jaw clenched, the veins in his throat were bulging. And then his eyes, those eyes were burning with anger. I tried to rip out of Leo’s grip but he only tightened around me into a bruising hold, he tugged me harshly pulling me right up against him.

“Please.. J.. Just let me... Go. I just want to... Leave...” I begged him politely trying not to set him off.

“You want to leave me love?” He asked as he cocked his perfect brow. He was dangerously calm, his voice was monotone but the menace still laced on his tone, his eyes were cold that it gave me chills.

“Y-Yes” I replied shakily .

“Yes?” His eyes swirled with dangerous glint in them.

“Y-Yes” I was not expecting when Leo threw his head back and barked out a dark humorless, ghostly laughter that was filled darkness his hand on his forehead. There was no warmth in it. It sounded empty and shallow.
Only these four feelings were running inside me right now and I instantly regret saying it. His laughter dried up and his expression turned back serious.

“Now why the fuck would I let you go? Huh? Baby?” Leo ask mockingly, snickering. Leo clenched his jaw. I was noticing each and every move of his while my body kept trebling. My legs wobbly and my chin quivered. Suddenly, his finger threaded through my locks as he grabbed a fistful of hair and yank my hair back and jerk my head forward causing me to cry out in pain. It felt like my hair was tearing out my scout. I tried to grab his hand but Leo held my hair in a strong grip. He pushed our bodies knocking over everything on the table. He slams my body on top. I groaned out in pain.

“Leo...Please ...Just let me go ...” I sniffle meekly, fear vibrating inside my chest as my body tremble.

“Shut up! Stop being ungrateful bitch” I was sure I was going to have a heart failure from his harsh voice, silencing me as my whimper and swallow back sobs.

“You should learn to listen by now and obey me!” He shout at me, his saucer eyes glaring at me. Letting go my hair he yanked me up from the table but kept a firm crushing grip on the back of my neck. Not leaving an inch of space between us he tuck his tongue out and lick the side of my face before biting my cheek. My eyes were now, puffy, tears rolling down my face breathing all heavily.

“Baby, look at the mess you’re about to create, simply because you wanna fucking leave me” His gripped tighten when I let out a sobbing sound.

“Stop fucking crying” He snapped slamming my head into the table.

“Stop please” I let out a cry as my voice barely above a whisper.

“This is what you get. You wanted to leave me right?” He slammed my head against the table a few more times before getting in my face again. I sobbed even harder couldn’t stop my crying. My eyesight was filled with tears and blood that were tricking from my forehead.

“You fucked up baby, you wanna fucking leave me, ME GRACE?” I shook my head rapidly back and forth and started to step back. Leo wasn’t so plead with the show he made it to me in one full stride, he backhanded me across the face making me slump down to the ground. He was now breathing hard and dragged me by the hair towards and flopped me on there.

“Don’t fucking move” The knife that he grabbed from the coven was now gliding down my stomach in a caressing movement. Leo tore my top. I suddenly felt a sharp pain slash across my stomach causing me to cry out in pain as the warm sensation of blood ooze out from the wound.
He cut me.

“You want to leave me right?” He questioned nonchalantly. I shook my head sobbing. My scream of agony resonated off the walls of the room when he slash the knife against my skin slicing it once again with more pressure. I never felt so much pain until now.

“Screaming isn’t an answer my heart” He said smiling, loving the pain in my face. He kept carving going over it again and again. He wanted to make sure that even if it faded he wanted it to still look fresh. Leo grin triumphantly and retreat the knife back as he finished carving my skin with his initials.
He smile in content, staring at his art on my skin, a masterpiece.

“You look beautiful baby” Leo murmur lovingly.

“LEO PLEAASSEE STOPP pleaaassee” I was panting going in and out of consciousness.

“Fuck no, wake the fuck up. I’m not fucking done with you. I got so many games baby so many daddy can’t wait to play.” Leo got off me and grabbed the bottle of gin. Pouring it on my freshly new cuts, I screamed and try to crawl away but he held me down and rubbed the liquor in. Pleased with his newly created work he downed the rest of the Gin.

“Please let me go. I’m sorry” I pleaded crying.

“Let you go? Don’t be dramatic My baby, the fun has just begun” He didn’t stop there he grabbed some salt and rubbed them into my wounds. I didn’t know if I could take the pain. I started to once again fall in and out of consciousness. Leo cocked back and slap the shit out of my face making my head snap to the side.

“Don’t fall asleep now, you need to stay awake for the finishing touche. You should be fucking lucky baby that I want you in my life. I need you with me. I feel as if you are taking advantage of that. Don’t worry I got something for you” He picked me up and dropped me on the cold hard floor with a thud.

“Leo PLEASE PLEASE, I’m sorry” I begged gripping the front of his pants for mercy. He smacked my hands away and gave me a bone chilling grin.

“You won’t ever think of leaving me now baby, after this quick adjustment you will forever depend on me” Crouching down to her level showing his straight and white teeth he gritted out

“Start crawling” He orders

“No... please...” I could barely utter any word and Leo didn’t seems still satisfied.

“You don’t wanna run when I now tell you to run, huh?” He grabbed me by the hair making me stand up and walked me to the brick wall. Throwing me against the side of my body and he kept repeating the motion till I was on a fetal position barely moving and breathing.




I open my eyes, blinking them to adjust to the new found light . I looked down at the IV in my arm, groaning in pain and laid my muscles where aching severely. I jogged my memory trying to remember what happened, my eyes instantly watered and a sob wrecked through my body.

“You finally woke up after two months and the first thing you do is cry?” I sucked in a breath and turned towards the direction that the cold and distant voice was coming from. I find him across the room sitting on the couch with his leg wide open. His beautiful blueish- grey eyes were watching me, inspecting me.

How long has he been sitting here, watching me like a creep?

He gracefully lifted his body off the couch and he stroll towards me crossing his leg over the other. Panic started setting in causing the cardiac monitor to beep loudly. I was finding it really difficult to breathe and I could feel my throat closing in on me.

Nurses flew trying to tend me but Leo sent them a look and they slowly walked out, closing the door behind them. He turned to look at me, my body was shaking uncontrollably I couldn’t look him in the eye. From the corner of my eyes I see him lift his hand and brush against my cheek as he tucked a piece of strand of my brown hair behind my ear making me cower.

I gulped
“I'm glad you woke up” He mutter under his breath. I suddenly felt a gentle pressure on my chin as he slowly lift it up to meet his dark orbs.

“Keep your eyes on me” He command in a deep voice and I found myself nodding my head making him smile. I gulped feeling intimidated, my gaze faltering but I maintain eye contact afraid that if I look away he’ll punish me. I feel tears on my eyes at how afraid I am and traumatize from Leo’s punishment.

“SHshsh baby I won’t hurt you ” he cooed, tracing his finger sensually on the side of my neck but his eyes remain on my face, flicking between my eyes and my lips. I whimper. He smile, brushing my cheek with his thumb.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you” Scooping down giving me feathery kiss on my lips. He took a seat near me and crossed his legs, seeming to be in a deep thought as his eyes ranked over my body.

“Seems like you have healed quiet nicely,” He said coolly. Leo studied my face for a couples of seconds before taking over my lips with a possessive kiss. He pulled back, licking his lips.“You mean so much to me I can’t even put it in words. But you keep fucking with me and you life span will be cut before your time. Fuck with me and I’ll fuck with you and next time you will lose your feet.” He spats

“I’m sorry ” I apologize having no option. This man scares me to my core.

“It’s okay baby. But if you try to leave me again, I would do everything in his power to make sure your death is long and excruciating. There is no running from me. But I think you have learned you lesson now. You won’t try to leave me again right baby?”

“I won’t” I stutter out in a meek voice, making Leo smile widely at my response. There is no way I will even think about escaping after what he did to me. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps all over my body. His gummy smile not making him less intimidating as his eyes held threat saying as his eyes held threat saying ‘I’ll kill you if you run away.’

“You should rest up, you just woke up from the coma after two months.” I nodded, making Leo smile at me lovingly like he just didn’t threaten me. I sucked in my breath and recoil from his touch when Leo suddenly lean forward and plant a peck on my forehead and he stoop up. He gave me one glance before turning on his back and walking to the door. I watch as he turn the knob but before he opens the door he look over his shoulder. I fidget my fingers uncomfortably as our eyes met.

“I expect you to be a good girl while I’m away, can you baby?” It was not a question it was a demand but his voice was gentle yet cold.

“Yes Leo” I force out the word mumbling under my breath. He smile and opens the door, walking out and closing it behind him. I heave out the breath that I was holding and place a hand on my chest that was beating uncontrollably.





A week has passed and I was healing perfectly the doctors prescribed my medication .This past week Leo had come to visit me everyday. He would sit in the chair cross the room and stare at me intensely and sometimes, he would sit next to me playing with my hair. Sometimes he would shower my face with light feathery kisses trying to soothe me. He didn’t care if I would flinch or cry in his presence. He would ignore my scared form and held me close to him in an unwanted affection. I hate this... I hated how he was so hot and cold. I hated how he could hurt me then be all gentle and pretend to care. He was confusing and a hard man to figure out.

It was time for my release and Leo was there holding my medication in one hand and holding the other out for to grab. I took his hand hesitantly. He dragged me to his car and got in shutting the door, the engine roaring to life and zoomed out of the gates. The journey was silent and I just spent my time looking outside the window watching the passing trees. Later, I felt my eyes getting heavy but then wide awake when the car came to stop.




Eight days,
Eight days has passed since I got discharged from the hospital. Leo had to leave on a business trip right after he dropped me in the mansion. He was in a terrible mood since I had just got home. According to him, he didn’t get to spend the time with me. I thought I would get some type of freedom when he left, but Leo left two bodyguard out of my room who would hawk on me every second of the day which was very uncomfortable.

“Grace” The mention of my name snaps me out of my reverie. I glance over my shoulder to the source of the voice and I recognize her immediately. It’s the woman from the other day. She was with Lorenzo. A smile etched on her face as holds her hands up in surrender.

“It’s alright. I’m not goanna hurt you,” She say. I take note of her accent.

“Who are you ?” I ask. She slowly holds her handout. A smile on her lips.

“My name is Esmeralda. Esmeralda Castillo. But you call me Emma” I stare at her hand intensely not having trust on her. Even though she looked nice, she was all over Lorenzo with love and affection. I saw it. I don’t trust her. When she realized I had no plan taking her hand, she lowers it slowly. The smile on her face still there.

“If you don't mind me asking but how did you end up with someone like Leo?” She asks. She’s genuinely curious. I grow recall the horrible turn of events that led me to the monster.

“He forced me” I replied her without any hesitation.

“Look, Grace I know it difficult and you don’t want to be here . Please don’t do anything stupid, you haven’t seen what I’ve seen . What these people are capable of” I take the note of horror in her eyes. “I do. I’ve seen it. What you saw was only a fraction of the power they radiate. I’m telling you this as a friend. The one you’re with, Leonardo. He is very dangerous. For everyone’s sake, please don’t piss him off.” She pleads me.

“But why does he want me I don’t understand when he already has a wife” I ask her hoping she has the answer for me. This question has stuck me ever since I found about Elena.

“I will be honest with you. In our world we only meet people, whose soul are rotten and you have an aura which screams innocence, and not to mention you are breath taking. When I first saw you I couldn’t even look away. Everything about you is so attractive. I don’t even blame Leo being so obsessed with you” She explains.

“But I don’t want to be here” I admitted. My voice broke at the end and eyes turned misty before a sob escaped my throat. I couldn’t contain my tears anymore as tears started rolling down my cheeks. Esmeralda walked to me before completely taking me by surprise when she engulfed me in her embrace.

“Shh! sweetheart everything will be alright. I know he will be over with you in no time. It always happens.” She cools me. I drew away from her and stare at her.

“Can’t you help me?” I ramble out. My bottom lip quiver as I said in a hushed voice, eyes brimming with unshed tears as I look at her in hopefully eyes.

“I would have if I could” She said, her tone apologetic.

“Please” I beg, my voice breaking as I look at him in anticipation as she keep quiet and just shook at me , my heart beating against my chest frantically. She remain quiet.

“Please I want to go home” I plead grabbing her hand and hold it in between my clasp hands.

“I wish I could but I can’t, Like you I am helpless too” Emma sigh, her eyes avoiding mine. I couldn’t help but sob again, unable to from a word and just cry as my hand drop on my side limply.

“Please Grace trust me he will get bored with you soon. Castillo men cannot stay with one woman for too long. So have faith till then and please just don’t try to escape, it’s for your own good” She said in a sympathetic voice as she gently rubbed my shoulders in order to soothe me. She looked genuinely concerned for me. I could see in her but she was is as powerless as I am

“You sure he will let me go?” I ask her hoping she is correct and Leo will get over with me soon. There is no way I want to be here with him.

“Yes I am sure” She said softly encouraging me. Lifting my head I look at her with my bloodshot eyes. I quickly wipe my tears with the back of my hand and took a couple of deep breaths, trying to get my breathing back to normal.

“Why are you being nice with me ?” I question genuinely curious. She let out a chuckle.

“Why will I not be nice. You haven’t don’t anything wrong to me. Have you?” She ask and I shake my head. She let’s out another chuckle which I return this time with a smile. I feel awfully judging her with even knowing her properly.

“Let’s go downstairs. I bet you must be bored inside” She offers.

“Can I ?”

“Ya sweetheart. You can” She says with a smile.

“What about the guards outside?”

" You don’t worry about them” She assures me.


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