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Another week had passed since my conversation with Emma. She stayed with me for two days before she had to leave for some work. Once again I was alone and so far there is no sign of Leo. Don’t get me wrong I am more than happy that he hasn’t here. It's just that I am just worried he may show up anytime.

On the other hand, the boredom began to eat me, I had no one to talk to or take my mind off things. I am alone. I tried watching popular shows and movies on television but that would only hold my interest for a few minutes. It wasn’t something I could do all day. With nothing to do, I became a prisoner of on my own mind. Being surrounded by nothing but four walls all day is enough to make anyone go insane.

Today’s morning was like any other. I was alone at the breakfast. I cut out a piece from my pancake, put it into my mouth and chewed. I couldn’t seem to taste anything. Maybe because I ate without joy. I simply ate to fill my stomach. Each moment I chewed, I couldn’t help but glance around and slowly, it dawned on me at how lonely I’d gotten. Is this really going to be my life?

The thought of never leaving this prison terrifies me. I was free out in the world and now my freedom has completely been taken away from me by a murderer being held against my will away from the world I once knew. If I thought I had a shitty life before. My life has completely taken a dark turn.

Life was always very unexpected for me. It never gave me what I wanted. Growing up I always felt like I was born orphan. Its not my parent were no more, I had parents but what does love means I never knew. Since childhood I yearned for their love. But I was unseen to them. My whole life I was alone, Longed for the love of my family. But I was just burden to them since the day I born.

On the other hand I wonder if anyone at work has noticed my disappearance yet. I can only hope Cass has filed a missing report and cops are searching for me. I sign, as another hopeless though dwells into my mind making my heart fall down to stomach.
How will anyone know where to even look for me? I don’t even know where I am. For God's sake, I’m held captive by a murderer. There’s no way he would be stupid to have me near the city.

“More juice madam?” The maid questioned bringing me out of trans as she took hold of the jug in an attempt to pour me another. I shook my head at her request.

“I’m okay” She nodded to my statement. Before she could walk out I stopped her .

“Do you know were the library is?”

“Yes Miss. It’s upstairs in the second floor right turn and fifth door right at the corner.” She gave me the directions. I mummer a thank you before I stood and walk towards the library. I aimlessly maneuver the house following the direction maid told me and soon got in the library after countless turns. Once I was inside. My eyes were bulging out and mouth hung open. I stood in the middle of the library room. Every inch of the walls were occupied with glazing wooden shelves and in those, from top to bottom were various books with colorful covers. I was purely awestruck. This was how heaven looked to a bookie like me. I am going to spend a lot of time here I can say!

Rest of the day I drown myself in the book. Mary brought both my lunch and dinner in the library. After spending hours inside the library I finally decided to call it a night. My body felt sore by sitting in the same position for so long. Placing down the book I was reading I stood and stretched my sore muscle. I walked out of the library and made my way to my room.

When I reached my attic I was able to lay down on the mattress and somewhat relaxed my body. I took out the bag of pills and popped one in my mouth. I stripped, to my bra and underwear and drifted off the sleep.




I was in a heavy sleep and groaned in confusion as I felt big hands kneed my bottom, My eyes sprang open in response and I reared up in surprise, but a hand pushed me right back down holding me on my place.

“It’s me” I knew the voice, but it didn’t calm me down. Leo keep his eyes on mine, locking me in place His hands slithered up to my back kissing my curve and biting it lightly. He planted kisses along my back and across my bottom. He spread my cheeks and buried his face in-between them. He licked and kissed over my slit. Dragging his tongue along my pussy. I closed my eyes and tires to bring myself further and further away from what was happening.

He pushed a finger in from behind and wiggled it around before finding that spot that made me involuntary twitched, he spread my legs apart to get in deeper, when he was done with the foreplay. He placed himself at my hole and pushed him in, he went slow as he leaned his body down, placing his full weight on top of me.

Leo pulled my face towards him, he wanted to watch me as he invaded my area. Leo stared at me as he continue to pound on me _going deeper with each thrust inside, my eyes remain closed, my eyebrows furrowed and my mouth opened slightly with soft moan escaping.

“Open your eyes baby” I didn’t at first but he thrust into a deeper into me, making my eyes flew open.

“That’s right, look at me. Do you feel it? Do you feel what you do to me? How hard you make me, I could stay in you all night, god you’re so fucking wet” He pulled out abruptly leaning down to slurp my juices, he moaned to himself as he latched into my pearl and sucked. The more he sucked the more juices dripped from my opening. He pulled away and whipped his chin, he thrust back in.

I yelped, he was too much, his length was too much for me. I tired to push him off me to let some length out of me but he only held my arms down and rock harder. Leo latching onto my neck and sucks on it leaving new live bites to my flesh while my legs spread open for him to continue to pound. He turn my face towards his and kissed me breathless. I tried to turn away but his body weight made it extremely hard for.

“Don’t turn away, enjoy this baby. You love this, you love how I please your body, I can feel it. You getting wetter” He placed a hand on my lower back and pounded deeper into me, hard and rough I cried out. You could hear the sound of his body slapping against mine and the sound of my wet pussy filled the air. He moaned in pleasure. Leo gave me a few more hard pumps before he came inside of me and collapsed on top of me. He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply, sucking on my tongue and bottom lips.

"I’m not done, baby”




I just want it to stop. My body is screaming in pain. There is a foreign being above me and I am nailed to a metal bed. He’s been burning my flesh, and slicing me up, and breaking my bones. Time is non existent. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know why this is happening. All I know, is pain.

I let out another blood curling scream as he stabs a machete through my thigh twisting it hard and severing my bones from each other. I’m throwing my head side to side, begging someone. Anyone, anything to help me. But no one hears my call. No one answers.

I snapped my eyes opened. I was breathing heavily. My entire body was covered with sweat. I was shaking uncontrollably. Holding my chest, I sat up trying to calm myself. “Just a dream, just a dream,” I chanted over and over again to myself. My heart was hammering inside my chest and I could not blame it, that was one of the most horrible nightmares. I’d ever had believe me, I’d had many. Nightmare became the frequent visitor that keeps me awake throughout the night. A wave of dizziness washed over me and it was then I noticed how weak I was. I licked my dry lips and held my face with both hands.

My eyes slowly scan my surrounding, the sun had began to creep in. It was probably around seven in the morning and I lay there wide awake. I looked over at Leo side, only to find I was alone in the bed. The sheets were cold indicating he was gone for a long time. He must have left early for his meetings. Pulling myself slowly, I slip off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and proceed to take a quick shower. I washed for a good hour before reluctantly leaving the hot shower.

After I clean up, I wrapped towel around myself and quickly went to the closet. I put on the longest dress I could find, it was loose with long sleeves and stopped right above my knees. I didn’t want jeans on, I was still very sore. Although I wanted to stay in my room all day I knew this would only make Leo mad. Once I was done I thew my hair up into a ponytail. Slowly I made my way down the hall and down the stairs and entered the dinning hall.

I stop dead in my tracks when I saw Elena already seated at the table. She was dressed up in a very tight skirt and a spaghetti strap shirt. My heart began to beat rapidly suddenly feeling uneasy. I look down and hesitantly took a seat across from her.

“Good morning ” She greets me

“M-Morning” I look over at Elena and greet her. Elena didn’t looked bothered at all. To be honest I was a little taken back knowing she was okay around me. I didn’t see a hint of anger, or disgust on her face. After all I’m her husband’s mistress. I look down at my twiddling fingers. This is so awkward.

“It’s okay, Grace you don’t need to be uncomfortable around me” She says catching me of guard. She pauses for a moment before continuing ” You are not the first girl who came in his life and you’ll be not the last.”

"No.. I am very sorry but it was not in my hand. I never wanted to be here, but he won’t let me leave. I don’t know what to do anymore” My voice broke at the end and my eyes turn misty. A sob escaped my throat before slowly tears started rolling down my cheeks.

“Relax Grace everything will be alright. I know it sounds harsh but he’ll get bored with you in no time and send you on your way ” She assures me giving me a smile. A lump was formed in my throat and I was finding it difficult to speak. I wiped my tears and nodded my head hoping she is right.

"Okay" I said, not knowing what else to say. I can't describe how uncomfortable I am right now. We both didn’t try to make conversation after that which I was grateful. When Mary came out with food. I sent her a thankful smile before I grabbed a sandwich and devoured it.

We were eating the breakfast when the front door burst opened , both Leo and Lorenzo walked inside. Leo looked strikingly handsome, his looks should have been a crime itself. He gave me his signature sly smile and walked towards me, leaning he captured my mouth with a hot long kiss. I was taken by surprised and gripped his forearms trying to get out of his grip but he pressed me closer, sticking his tongue deeper down my throat.

Leo finally pulled away and gave me a small peck before turning towards to his wife but his gaze returned to me almost immediately. I didn’t miss the hint of emotion flickered in her eyes before the mask she she has so expertly erected resumes. I dropped my eyes on my lap as needles of guilt embedded themselves in my heart. Elena loved Leo and she was trying to stay strong and behave like she was okay with everything happening but not in real she was not okay but behind her eyes were fill with sadness and distress.

Though I have only interacted properly with her today but she genuinely seemed nice. She has been nothing but sweet with me despite the fact her husband was sleeping with me. I knew that it wasn't my fault but I couldn't shake the guilt that weighed heavy in my throat.

“Morning baby” She greeted him with a cheerful look, feeling tension that slowly rising. Leo didn’t even took an effort to acknowledge her, his eyes never leaving mine, it didn't seem as if he cared much for her. Lorenzo chuckled at this for god knows why? I stay glancing at Leo then at Elena not knowing what to do. The tension was cut off when Leo phone rang. Grumbling under his breath, Leo reached out his suit pocket to grab his phone. He glanced at it before answering it. Leo runs his hands through his hair as he paced around the room, cursing his head off in Italian. His dark predator eyes were wild crazed and angry. He raked his hand through his hand.

“Fuck if the file goes in Derek’s hand we will be in a deep shit.“Lorenzo exclaims, running his fingers through his dark hair. He looked a bit worried.

“There is no way he can get that file, I am sure someone inside from us gave him the information” Elena replied she look much more worried then Lorenzo. I just eat my food quietly listening to their conversation.

“Leo I think Elena is right. Someone from us has betrayed us” Enzo says agreeing with Elena .

“This is not the time to talk about it. Our hackers are not able to hack his system. Fucking useless, I will slit each and every one of their throat once this is over." Finally Leo speaks, his tone hard and mouth set in a determined line and his eyes glittered dangerously. Despite his calm posture I didn’t miss the rage in his eyes. He is angry. Actually he is furious and it terrifies me.

“L-Leo” I whisper softly afraid he will lash at me.

“Not now Grace” He says without sparing me a glance.

“Ummmm... if.. You want I can hack .. his computer for you” All three head snap towards me. They stared at me as if I have grown two horns on my head. I don’t even know why am I offering him any help despite all the horrible thing he has done to me.

“You what?” Leo asked

“I can hack his computer” I says with a slight hesitation.

“This isn’t a time for your joke Grace” Irritation laced in her word. I was a little taken by her tone.

“I am not joking. If you don’t trust me it’s fine but at least let me try”

“Have you ever hacked any system on a professional level?” Enzo questions

I slightly blush embarrassed “Yes”

“How will you do that?” Leo ask. I bit the inside of my cheek and scratch below my ear. I don’t know why I was feeling like I was been interviewed.

“I can get root access to their network by creating a back door. I just have to find an unused account which will help me gain access to their network. Once I find the account I’ll remove it and re-install it under the same name. In this way, my identity will remain anonymous. And I can fluctuate IP address so they won’t know where the account is being accessed.” I explain the whole procedure to them which they listen very carefully though I know they didn’t get anything.

Leo called Mary and orders her to bring his laptop from his office. In no time she returned with it. Leo hands me his laptop and grabs the seat beside me while Enzo stand behind us observing everything. I start tying while they were watching me. I am sure they obviously didn’t know what I was doing and I don’t blame them. Those commands are above anyone’s head who doesn’t have knowledge about it. After few minutes of searching I was actual able to find the data luckily.

“You were right, he indeed stole your data. What do you want me to do?”

“Delete it” Leo says. Without wasting any time I delete the whole file. “Done. Now there’s no single file that’s left”

“Done? Just like that?” Enzo ask. He seemed surprised and quiet impressed. I felt nervous, blush crept through my cheeks. I nod my head confirming everything was done.

“And one more thing, I simultaneously ran a security check and I found out that someone broke into the system passing firewall. None of your men betrayed you. It’s like the guy hired some extremely professional hackers to crack the firewall and it’s not easy for random hackers to do so. It need high skill,”

“You hacked our system too?” Leo raise his eyebrows. I bit my lips now feeling scared.

“You said you will kill... I mean ... sorry ” A moment of silence stretch between us. I peeked nervously at Leo, who was staring intensely at me. I was anticipating a smack on my face but he catches me of guard when all of sudden I felt his lips on mine.

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