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Life Has always its own Plans. It never works according to us, one moment everything seems perfect and the next moment everything turns into disaster. I had my life in control everything was planned and thing were going as I wanted. And then Leo came and turned my whole life up-side down. I always had small dreams, I never wish for anything big because little things matter to me. It really does.

It’s been couple of days since the whole hacking incident. Leo was so proud of me that I could literally see his eyes twinkling with pride. He even had asked how did I know hacking. I had lied straight through my teeth bit it didn’t matter as long as he believed it. It was quiet shocking when he actually believed my lame excuse.
One being a fact that Leo is extremely smart and,
Another reason me being very bad at lying.

My mundane life continues. Eat, sleep and sex. The mansion was more quieter than usual.... a lot more dull and lifeless. Once again I had nothing to do and no one to talk with. Boredom was getting best of me. It was painful to stay having nothing to do. I would spend most of the time in library but that didn’t hold my interest for long. I made a mentally note to ask Leo if I could continue with my studies.

One regular morning Leo was fixing his tie, when my feet started moving towards him. Before I could stopped myself my hand reached out towards his hand and took his tie from him.

“This color isn’t matching let me bring another one” I said softly afraid I would set him off. But he didn’t say anything. He only watched me every move move in amusement. I went inside the wardrobe and picked a suitable tie. I returned and stood in front of him. I wrapped his tie around his neck with his eyes fixed on me all the time. I didn’t dare to look up directly towards his storming blueish- grey eyes. No matter how much time I spend with this man, his intense stare makes me shiver every time.

When I was done I took few-steps backward. A moment of silence stretch between us. I peeked nervously at Leo, who was staring intensely at me.

“You are so fucking beautiful. Maybe I should hide you from the world... keep you locked you here. That way no man will ever set eyes on you.” His voice hoarse and his pupils dilated as Leo stare obsessively at me. Turning to the side, I tried to hide from his intensity behind the curtain of my hair, as fear rush through my system and with my heart racing furiously in my chest.

I don’t know how to respond to that should I say thank you? Leo took me by surprise when he leaned down and eliminated the distance between us by placing his lips on mine and kissed me like an animal. He took my breath away. He kissed me with all his dominance, possessiveness, hunger. Both his hands now on my waist tightening around me. After what felt like forever he finally pulled back, I could feel him staring even though my eyes were still closed.

“I have to head out and quickly take care of something. I will be back later on” He said. Nodding absentmindedly, I flicker my eyes up to meet his gaze. I was trying hard to catch my breath. He gave me a light pecked my lips and left the room closing the door behind him.




It was noon and I was at the garden planting new plants since I had nothing to do. The garden was very beautiful but I think more flowers should be present because they surely will enhance the beauty of the garden. I was all dirty because of gardening but I didn’t mind. I love being close to nature. I love to feel warmth of sun on my skin. A pair of strong arms wrap around my waist, pulling me out of my thoughts. I yelped loudly when my back collide with a strong muscles. A familiar, masculine smell of his cologne, fills my nostrils, I knew who was it. His lips left feathery kisses down my neck before he placed his chin on my shoulder. I stood stiff in his arms, feeling my heart speed up due to the close proximity.

“Relax I just want to hold you” He murmur against my hair feeling my tense muscles. I can’t stop myself. I shudder. His voice is like silk. Smooth and sensuous.

“All stress went away by the feeling of you in my arms” He whispered huskily before he turned me around. My chest collided with his. I was taken by a surprise when all of sudden I felt his lips on mine. He kissed me roughly. I was startled by his kiss but slowly I closed my eyes and get a hold onto his shirt collar. As soon as he left my lips, I was gasping for air. He left me breathless. He placed his forehead against mine and pulled me closer. Just then I realized my dress was still dirty from the gardening. I gasped.

“Your suit will get dirty” My voice meekly said in fear. I tried to pull myself away but he only growled and pulled me even closer.

“Do you think I really care about my suit?” He asked while narrowing his eyes in me. I gulped down in fear of him getting angry. I took a deep breath and said with a shaky smile.

“Welcome home” His features softened immediately and he hugged me tightly.

“Home indeed” He whispered. A strange emotion flickered in his brown eyes but it was gone before I could decipher it.

“Lets get clean shall we?” He said landing a kiss on my forehead, “And then we will have lunch together” I let out a small smile nodding my head in agreement.




After we both showered I came downstairs. Leo followed shortly. The maids served us lunch- including baked potatoes, macaroni with cheese and grilled chicken with vegetables. Leo and I ate our lunch in silence. After we were done with the lunch, I cleared my throat loud enough to catch his attention. He looked up at me through his thick lashes “Is there something you need, Grace?”

“Actually I wanted to ask if I could continue my studies.” I asked softly afraid of rejection.


“Why?” I asked him softly trying to contain my anger

“Because I said so” He exclaimed it nonchalantly.

“But why can’t I continue my studies. Please I have really work hard for it” I tried once again hopping he would reconsider his decision though deep down I knew Leo isn’t the one who changes his decision easily or consider others feeling.

“I don’t see the need for you to continue your studies. I can provide for you. Just name it I will bring the world down on your feet.”


“Let me make you something clear Grace, my word are the law and people obey them. I have already told you my decision, it’s not goanna change. So, save both of our time and shut your mouth if you don’t want to piss me off” The playful and alluring façade was long gone and instead the serious expression took over.

“Have I done something wrong?”

“Since when do I need a reason” I shook my head. He was so mean. I did absolutely nothing to him to be treated like this. What is wrong with him? Standing I began making my way back to my room.

“Sit down” I ignored his calling and continued walk up the stairs and to my room as fast as I could. I went to shut the door behind me but was surprised when Leo had followed me. He slammed the door shut and painfully grabbed my jaw making my lips pucker.

“Did I fucking dismiss you?” I tired to nudge him away but he only tightened his grip

“Let go of me”

“Answer the fucking question” His voice is dangerously steady and calm. I felt my heart speed up


“No? So why the fuck did you turn away from me?” Watching his jaw clench, a muscle ticking under his left eye, I realized just how angry Leo was. He was barely restraining himself from reaching over and wringing my neck. I had seriously made him angry.

“I’m sorry” A whisper emits from my lips. I just wanted him to leave. He was scaring me.

“You’re sorry? For what?” He probe with raging eyes.

“For turning away from you” I murmur

“And do you leave without me dismissing you?“I shook my head . what was the big commotion anyways?

“No” I managed to whisper.

“Let’s make this clear because I know you kind of slow up there. You don’t have any say here, you do as I say. I don’t give a flying fuck for how you feel because I own you!” His voice dark and heavy with words that left no room for discussion or objections.

“I’m sorry” I quickly utter another apology while looking into his eyes “I won’t do it again,” I continue. His face was so close to mine. I wanted to turn away but his hold on my jaw was preventing from doing so. Finally after what seemed Like hour, he let go of me. I watched as he shook his head trying to get himself together.

Without waiting another moment he walked out of the room, leaving me to stare at his retreating back. I didn’t leave the confinements of my room for the entire day. I didn’t want to face him. So instead I stayed cooped up in sanctuary of my room.




The next morning I was surprised to find Leo at the bed since I don’t remember him coming to the room. I lay staring at his sleeping form, he looks so peaceful and calm. The muscles of his face were relaxed and without a hint of evilness oozing from him. He just looks peaceful, if that’s even possible for him. His chest and back rises and falls and his words come back to me. I can’t help but look at his thick black eyebrows, black messy hair and the tattoos that accompanies his back.

He’s laying on his stomach, his head in my direction. His eyelashes touch his cheekbones and lips slightly parted, breathing softly. Looking at him makes me feel helpless, sad and every bad thing that I’ve ever felt which is a lot. He’s ruthless and cold. I’m the complete opposite. I felt him stir and his hold on my hand loosed I slowly took my hand out of his grasp.

I sigh pulling myself slowly from the bed so I don’t wake him. I slip off and quietly stroll inside the bathroom. Closing the door behind me and I proceed to take a quick shower. After I clean up, I grab a clean towel and wrap it around me. When I step back into the room, Leo was nowhere to be seen. I went through my closet and picked of the clothes that I was going to wear.

I chose blue color skinny jeans with a lavender color top. I combed my hair and tied it. Then I made my way downstairs. I freeze in my track when I was Leo sitting on the couch along with Enzo and Elena. No one had noticed my presence yet. But to my confusion they were not alone, there was a badly beaten up man laying on the floor. Blood sputtered all over his face, his whole body was covered with cuts and bruises.

The man who was laying on the floor stared at Leo horrified. All the blood drained out of his system as his body visibly shakes when his eyes met with Leo’s. Leo’s eyes stared at him with such vicious fierceness that the trembling man moved back in shock. Leo’s posture strong and dominant full of authority and power oozing out of him. Leo was sitting calmly that not a single creature could predict what he’s thinking but one thing was sure. His eyes held promise of death. His presence was screaming of the deadly vows.

“F-forgive m-me Boss I-I d-did...Ah!” The man screeched out in pain, spluttering blood out of his mouth because of the harsh punch on his jaw. My chest contracted in terror.

“Did I tell you to speak?” Leo hissed maliciously

“Who are you working for?” Leo snickered this time, letting go of the trembling man’s hair. Instead of answering simply, the man kept asking forgiveness. Leo shook his head in a circular motion giving him a deranged look.

“Lorenzo” Leo yelled. An evil smile crawls over Enzo face showing his perfectly white canines. He is totally sick “Wife Victoria James. Son Andrew James. Address block C, building X. Wife Number-”

“PLEASE” The trembling man screeched his eyes were bloodshot. “L-Leave my f-family alone! I-I’ll t-tell you e-everything”

Lorenzo smirks as Leo remained emotionless “Derek. He p-payed me money to k-keep tabs on you” He immediately spilled out. The tension in the room spiked immediately. Fear displaying in my face as the man’s facial expression grew from horrifying to extremely terrifying when Leo stood up went towards a table and picked up a machete. My soul almost left my body. My stomach twists and I feel sick as I know what is coming.

“Leo” I spoke almost immediately knowing very well about the rage building inside this man. Leo tore his gaze from the terrified man to looks at me. I inhaled sharply the moment his gaze found mine. My body visibly stiffened. His eyes are lethal almost making me lose my composure.

“Please don’t... You don’t have to do this” My eyes pleading him not to do anything. A glare from him was enough as his eyes spoke volumes of vengeance. After all he’s no other than Leonardo Castillo the name of death himself. I was on the verge of crying. He is looking at me daring me to say anything more. I couldn’t hold eye contact with him for long. I quickly utter an apology and bow down my head slightly.

Finally Leo tore his gaze from me and returned back to the frightened man, who now was tiring to crawl away from Leo but fail badly as he looks so weak even to move a muscle. He had a look of horror etched into his face as he keeps begging for mercy. I watched as Leo sawed the man’s body piece by piece. Cries of agony of that man filled the air but there were shut silence when Leo beheaded that man with his machete.

A scream of horrified pierce through the silent room as I cover my mouth with my shaking hand in shock. The deep red color of blood splattered the floor. I gag at the horrendous sight. My knees starts to buckle. By the end of my screaming, I was breathing heavily, my chest rising back and forth. I suddenly lost strength in my legs and tumbled on the floor with a thud.

He again butchered a man without any hesitation. I squeeze my eyes shut as a wave of nausea washes over me. I feel my blood turn to ice. Fear grips me hard. The Devils attention then focused on me. His icy eyes looked at me. My heart rate involuntarily speeds up as he dropped the machete and made his way towards me. I’m frozen in fear. I don’t know what to do. I can’t move. I can’t breathe. I can only watch as death comes near me.

Hysteria burned through me as he stood in-front of me, hovering at my sprawled figure on the floor. Leo’s ice hands grip my arm as he hoisted me up. His face was dotted with blood and hands to match as well. He reached out to me and cupped my check, smearing it with blood. I winced at the contact. He was standing so close. His piercing gaze stared at my scared form. I felt his hot breath lingering on my skin, my hairs stood on their edge. My eyes shut on their own

“Look at me” He says. I try to.I really do but my body is paralyzed. I’m too frightened.

“Come on” His voice is getting impatient. I pathetically pry my eyes open, reluctantly met Leo’s emotionless gaze. He stared at me without a single ounce of affinity. I wasn’t aware that I’d been crying until I felt a warm hand gently wipe my tears away “Stop crying you look pathetic, crying over some man that doesn’t mean anything to you, it a waste of your precious tears”

“Ple...please don’t kill me” I shutter. Suddenly, I heard a chuckle from behind us which for sure belongs to Enzo for some reason this guy chuckles a lot.

“Don’t give me reason then I won’t” He utter, his voice is dangerously steady and calm. I cast my eyes downwards, jumping when I felt an iron grip on my wrists, that almost cut my blood circulation. I started tugging my wrist out of his grip but he’s way too strong. I scream as he starts dragging me.

“Leo you are hurting me, please let go” I plead in hysterics, clawing on his hand around my wrist as I try to pull it free. He paid heed to my fidgeting and fighting. My pleas and cries fell on deaf ears. He ignore me and forcefully drag me up the stairway while I stumble behind him leading us to the bedroom. He’s way too strong and only tug me harshly forward.

“Faster!” He bellowed impatiently. I notice that we were nearing to the bedroom. I started to trash around like a frantic mad woman and I began to hyperventilate.

“Enough” He snap, venom dripping on his threatening tone. I found myself obeying and immediately stop fighting back when. Leo flung the door open and dragged me inside. He didn’t stop and further dragged me inside the bathroom. Quickly, with great efficiency, he stripped me, leaving me standing naked before him. and then himself and turned on the shower. I shuffle away from him until, my back was pressed against the wall.

“Come here” He says nonchalantly. My body was rooted to the ground. I couldn't muster enough energy to move an inch, let alone walk towards him. How can I? How can I walk towards Leo when He seems like he'd kill me the moment I'm in his grasp.

“Fucking come here now I’m fucking tired and you’re not fucking helping” Leo snaps, irritation prominent on his face. My tears were falling continuously and I shook my head tremendously. When he realized I was not going to move. He looked at me like he was about to kill me any second.

He halted me by grabbing my waist pressing his body against mine. Out of reflex my hand came up to shove Leo away in a pitiful attempt to put some distance between us. Effortlessly, he caught both my wrists in one of his hand and pinned them above my head. As a last resort, I went to kick his leg but Leo picked me up, forcing me to wrap my legs around him. His hand secured around me. Before I can think he grabbed my face and capturing my mouth with a hot long kiss. He pressed me closer, sticking his tongue deeper down my throat. After what felt like hour he finally pulled away and gave me a small peck.

“Say you’re mine” He growls against my bare skin, setting it on fire. I tried to fight him but he grabs on my neck slamming me back against the shower wall. A surprise squeak out of my mouth. His eyes glowered in excitement, I could feel his wide awake member on my stomach. Leo left soft kisses across, my jaw and collarbone and sucked on the side of my neck.

His warm mouth latches to my soft pink flesh. His tongue drawing circle circle around my erect nipple while he cupped the other. I shuddered in response as the sensation becomes unbearable.

"Fucking perfect tits" He switched his mouth to my other, unattended breast and gives the same attention.

“Fucking say it” He snaps. Leo pinched my clit and slip two fingers to my folds and began to pump. My body jolts. I sob and open my mouth “I-I am yo-yours” The words sounded bitter as it rolled off my tongue.

“Yes you are” He sinfully whisper to the shell of my ear. Before I can blink he rammed his entire length inside me making me scream.

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