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I laid on the bed panting, my body covered with sweat and my neck and chest are full of hickeys. Leo flop down beside me. I didn’t fight him off like I used to in my earlier days. Scared that he might hurt me. I witnessed enough killings and didn’t want to provoked his dark side. Leo wrapped his arms around my waist, my head nestled on top of his chest as his hand caressed my hair ever so softly.

It’s only been two days since he killed that man and I notice how Leo didn’t seem not a bit remorseful and continued with things like it was a normal day. It’s terrifying how he can be so evil, yet so caring when he wants to be.

After a moment of silence I detach my forehead from his chest and craned my head up to look at him. His eyes were close, hiding his beautiful orbs behind his lids. Unwilling my eyes scanned the rest of his face. His features were out of this world, never have I met anyone so handsome. His face is free of any stress. Like he doesn’t have a care in the world. He is in a strangely good mood today. I don’t know what to expect from this man. I fear every second in his presence. He changes moods so fast, going from loving to hurting in an instant.

“Leo” He hummed his eyes still closed as he pulled me to him, drawing me in closer then we already were.

“How long you and Elena have been married” I asked softly, letting my curiosity guide me. His eyes flickered opened and I was able to look into the unique orbs. He looked surprised as if he wasn't expecting me to ask that

“Four years” He answered

“Why do you do this with me when you have a Elena?” I know I was pushing my luck, but I wanted to know.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s going to be upset.” I said

“Does it look like I give a fuck if she’s upset or not?” He feigned a nonchalant attitude and I frowned.

“She loves you...why treat your wife that way knowing how she feels about you. Do you not care at all that she feels deeply for you?”

“This is how it works Grace, our marriage is just a business deal. She knows how this work. So, don’t stress that pretty little head of yours” He admits with no same

“But it’s wrong” I pause for a moment before continuing “Someday you will have kids and what about them? Do you think they will approve their father having affair with other women” I mumbled in a barely audible tone.

Leo raised a brow, catching on to me. “Kid?” His blueish-grey orbs holding me captive.

“Y-Yeah ... Kids”

“Elena can’t have kids” He utter nonchalantly. He didn't bother elaborating any further.

“W-What do y-you mean my she can’t-t have-e kids?” I asked with horrified expression on my face

“Her body is not fit enough to give birth. She was pregnant before but every-time she had miscarriage,” There was no remorse... no feeling

“That’s awful I’m so sorry” I trail off, not knowing what else to say. I felt my heart broke for her as sadness was spreading all over my body. A strange emotion flickered in his brown eyes but it was gone before I could decipher it. Leo shook his head almost to himself. His hand lightly grazed my cheek, and he stroked it ever so softly. “You’re different” He ran his big hand along my face admiring me before leaning in and placing a kiss on the tip of my nose. I wanted to ask more questions but I refrain myself, not wanting to cross my boundaries and make Leo angry.

Once again silence laced itself around us. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence though. Soon I felt my eyelids closing wearily. A yawn escape my lips and my vision blurs. A deep chuckle rumbles from his chest, finding it funny “Sleep... You look tired” I nod almost Immediately. Indeed Leo had worn me out. I closed my eyes and dozed off to sleep.




The past week went by in blur since my conversation with Leo. I find myself alone and miserable again. The past week Leo was working more then ever. I hardly saw Leo though I didn't mind it at all. Once again it beginning to get very restless in the mansion. I could see that men were more uptight then usual

I made my way at the balcony and slid the clear brittle glass door open. A whoosh of warm breeze swept across my face, sending tingles down my spine and made my hair flew behind my shoulder, taking a step forward. I peered over the railing of the balcony and close my eyes briefly forgetting all my problems for a moment. I lean my neck back as I stare at the beautiful view of the peaceful sky.


I turn to find Leo standing by the door. He was wearing a black well-tailored business suit, his hair unusually messily combed back with few locks covering his forehead. I could see the huge bag under his eyes, from working too hard but he still looks good. Leo walks towards me until he was towering over me with his tall height. I couldn’t match his intense gaze and I cast my gaze downwards.

His presence was unnerving me with his dominant aura and his masculine scent. He places his finger under my chin rose my face to meet his gaze. His eyes are like empty depths daring me to look anywhere. He leans into me hovering his lips over mine before finally placing his lips over mine

“I heard you haven’t had your dinner” He asks with concern wrapping his arms around my waistline.

“I was waiting for you” I mumbled in a barely audible tone. He assessed my face with his calculative eyes

“You shouldn’t wait for me” He says smiling as he raise one of his hand up to my face, causing me to flinch out of fear, afraid that he will hit me or something. As I flinched away from him, he started to chuckle. The sound of his chuckle was enough to make me shake like a wet dog

“Calm down Love” He cooed as he runs his fingers along my jawline and places a soft kiss on my forehead. I can’t utter other than staring. Swallowing the nervous lump in my throat, I take a deep breath easing my tense muscle.

“I’ll just freshen up and we can go have dinner”

"Okay" I gave him a small smile. He disappeared inside the bathroom, stripping off his suit jacket and throwing it on the bed on his way. I heard the door shut and soon the sound of water running. I made myself comfortable on the couch.

It had already been more that fifteen minutes and I was still waiting for Leo to come out of the bathroom. Finally after few more minutes, Leo appeared from the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His chest was a little wet, so was his hair. Leo walked inside the closet and came out wearing low-hanging sweat pant and a plain black T-shirt.

“Let’s go ” With that we both walked out of the room and I followed Leo down the hallway. As soon as I stepped foot into the dinning, a familiar voice called out to my attention.

“Grace” At the mention of my name I looked at my friend in surprise. It’s been so long since the last time I saw her, which was when I first met Leo. My heart leaps at the sight of her. A big smile was plastered onto Sofia’s face. Getting up from her seat she walked towards me and I did the same making my way towards her. Without saying anything Leo turned around, pulled out a chair, sliding onto it.

“I missed you” Sofia squealed excited before she engulfed me into a tight hug and a feeble smile appeared on my lips.

“I missed you too” I replied, completely honest. It really was nice to see her again. When I take a good look at her, I realized that she’s more tanned than before. And still beautiful as ever

“I am so happy you are dating my brother” Sofia added excitedly, making my eyes go wide in total bewilderment. Her eyes were gleaming with happiness as she capped her hands like a child who had just received candy. I frowned, an uneasy feeling rising up with me. What on earth was she talking about? I am not his girlfriend.

“No..I- I....” Before I could press it further I was cut off by Lorenzo “You two know each other?”

“Yes she is my best friend” Sofia exclaimed. As those words left Sofia’s mouth, Lorenzo bark a laugh, shaking his head. For some reason finding it really funny. God knows why this guy laugh so much and to the things which doesn’t seemed at all funny. This man is super wired.

Invariably, I settle myself on the chair and Sofia toss herself into the seat beside me. There were plates of linguine and ravioli and spaghetti spread out on the table along with bread-sticks and a few chocolate covered cannolis.

“Oh I didn’t knew you both are friends” Elena spoke.

“Do you have any problem with that?” Sofia snarl, giving her a dirty look.

“I was just asking Sofia ...Relax” Elena spoke trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

“You don’t tell me what to do, when you can’t even give a heirs to the family. You are just a disgrace for a woman. I don’t understand why Leo has still kept you” Sofia’s words were laced with enough venom to turn Elena a shade of green. Disbelief crosses my face

“I don’t know... what wrong I have ever done, for you hate me so much?” Elena says upset. I feel an atom of pity for her.

“I know what are you... So, don’t even try to give me that shit trying to act all innocent. It's all just a façade” The way Sofia was talking with Elena, it actually seemed like she really hated her.

“Sofia that rude... She is your sister-in-law” I said slightly scolding her when nobody tried to stop Sofia. It was really uncomfortable hearing Sofia insult Elena like that

“Not for long” Sofia said with an attitude.
What does she mean by not for long?
I wanted to argue with her but I knew she won’t budge and it would only make thing worse, so instead I stayed silent. I looked back at Elena throwing her an apologetic look, to while she gave me a sad small. The silence lasted a little longer. Strange tension hung in the air. Oh god this family is so messed up




I was fast asleep when I heard footsteps making my eyes shot up. I bit back a scream as I see a man in front of me wearing a creepy clown mask. He held a big cooking knife in his hand. As he advance towards me I couldn’t stop myself from moving backwards away from. Before I could blink he was on top of me .

“Bye bye” He said in a dark and twisted voice before he swing his knife up and plunge it on my chest. I let out a ear piercing scream

“Grace! Grace!” A familiar, masculine urged. I jolted awake as I felt arms shaking me. My eyes snapped open and I move back on the bed.

“No, no don’t hurt me!” I yelled as I kept backing until my back hit the headboard. I was panting and there was sweat dripping from my forehead. A hand pulled me to a chest and stroked my hair gently while comforting me.

“You are okay baby. It’s just a dream” A familiar soothing voice said. Once I heard Leo’s voice my heart seemed to calmed down. His cologne surrounded me and I breathed it in deeply. I was scared and I fought the urge to cry.

“Shh.. It’s okay” He whispered softly “Go to sleep” I lay in his arms and after some time my heartbeat eventually returned to a steady rhythm.

“Good girl” He cooed as he tighten his arm around my trembling figure and stroked my back. I fell my eyes become heavy as I fell asleep once more.




In the morning I woke up noticing that Leo wasn’t around, he must have left early for his meeting. I took bath and changed into a yellow sundress, I slipped into my sandals and made my way out of the room in search for Sofia. I have to confront her I am sure she will help be get out of here. Luckily, I found her in the living room. Sofia sitting there, watching TV. Sofia eyes flickered towards me feeling my presence, her eyes brightened and a huge smile form on her lips which I mirrored.

“Morning Grace” She greeted cheerfully

“Good morning ”

"I was actually searching for you. I need to talk to you about something important”

“Is everything alright?” Her voice laced with concern. I flop down next to her.

I hesitate a little before I spoke “I don’t know how to say this but the thing is... you have misunderstood everything, I don’t have any relation with Leo instead he is the one who has held me captive against my wish. He even butchered two men in front of me and on top of that he is married. Please just do something and get me out of here, I can’t stay here. I am so scared” I begged desperately. There was a long silence. I waited Sofia to say something but she stayed silent staring at me. I guess she must shocked. I mean which sister wants to hear her brother is a criminal

“I know it’s a lot to take in and you have every reason not to trust me. But please... please trust me this once, I am telling the truth. Leo is very dangerous, he almost killed me once before.”

“I trust you Grace” Sofia finally spoke.

“You do?” I asked her almost not believing it

“Yes Grace I don’t have any reason no to trust you ....To be honest with you I already knew my brother forced you to be here and I also knew we were going have this talk eventually. But the thing is I don’t want you to leave Leo”

“W-What do...do you mean?” I shuttered dumbfounded, surprised by her words. I wasn’t sure if my ears had heard correctly for I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. I thought she would help me, keep me sane. Tell me that I just need to hand in there and I’ll get home eventually. This was not at all what I wanted to hear. I need someone to tell me otherwise.

“Look Grace I know things shouldn’t have happened the way it did, but now since my brother likes you, all you have to do is give in and I promise you will love it here” Sofia says assuredly, leaving me here with mouth agape. I was completely baffled.

“No” I whisper “No!” I say a litter louder. “You don’t understand I can’t stay here! I don’t belong here” My voice broke at the end. The feeling of hopeless soon sinks in as I have now lost every hope. I knew there is no escape from him. But being his mistress was another level of crushing. It was a blow to my dignity and integrity. My eyes turned misty before tears started rolling down my cheeks.

“What’s going on here?” A familiar voice so suddenly booms through the eerie silence, switching Sofia’s attention toward the entrance of the mansion. My heart beats twice as I know whom the voice belongs to. My whole body feel in the deep cavity of stillness. Silence washes over us

I slowly turn my head and glanced at his direction in reluctant. Evan was leaning against the door frame all calm and composed. His eyes were glued on Sofia. As if feeling my gaze on him, he tore his eyes from Sofia and drifted in my direction. His beautiful bluish- grey eyes found mine. He narrows his eyes as he looks at my condition. My nervousness heightened and I lowered my gaze towards the ground, not being able to hold eye contact with for long.

“Grace” As soon as my name falls from his lips my knees go weak. Mustering the strength I peeked nervously at Leo, whose eyes were still fixed on me staring intensely taking in my expression with his calculative eyes awaiting an answer.

“I am waiting” His voice is deceptively calm. His face blank and I can tell he’s irritated. I could feel my palms sweaty.

“I..I” I trail off after my worst attempt to speak as I struggle to get the words out. It’s as if my turned useless and I am incapable of speech. I didn’t know how to reply this. I couldn’t tell him the truth that would put me into more trouble. The seriousness of the situation slowly sinked in pooling my stomach with dread.

"Make me say it third time and I will make sure you will regret it” He ordered, irritation and anger prominent on his face. When I didn’t answer him

I tried to say something but my tongue got twisted. His intense gaze was shaking me from the core. I can’t even find my voice now, my lips trembling. Panic explode within me. Pure crippling fear rockets throughout my body

“Our grace here want me to help her escape and when I refused to help, she started showing tantrums” I can’t believe, she actually told Leo. This was the last thing I was expecting Sofia to do. Both anger and betrayal were cursing through my veins. I had never prayed to be swallowed by the ground so my in my entire life

His jaw tightens, and I can feel his eyes burning in rage before he snaps his head back to me. His handsome, chiseled face contorted with ferocious anger. His whole demeanor was screaming danger and trouble. That dark look in his eyes, paralyzed me in fear as he glared at me. My heart felt like it’s gonna leap out of my chest. I just want to run and run and hide into a place he could never get me. The atmosphere was intensely tense and the room was eerily silent.

“You want to leave me?”

I shake my head muttering a small no. I watch him take a step menacing steps towards me, making me whimper and involuntarily take a steps away from him. Before I could take any more step further, he grabbed my elbow in a tight grip and violently pulls me towards him. I gasped horrified.

He was so close to me that I would have to crane my neck to see his face but I can’t. I keep my gaze focused on his chest. His cologne smell provoking a terror in me. I tried to yank my hand out of Leo’s steel grip but he only tightened his grip, in a bruising hold making me wince in pain.

“Leo you are hurting me” I choked on a sob, crying out in pain as I struggle against his strong grip but he was too strong for me

“You want to leave so bad, come on then,” His voice is too calm for this to end well. My heart began to pound, I felt my heartbeat in my throat. Cold sweat running down my back.

I gulp and decided to choose my next word wisely “No-o I don't. I..I want to stay w-with you-u” I mutter furiously shaking my head as I lied straight through my teeth but it didn’t matter as long as he believed me ... Right?

“No?” He let out a sadistic chuckle. My response doesn't seem to satisfy him one bit. His eyes filled with darkness that ran a mile long, he isn’t human. He is a demon living in a man’s body.

“Please” I swallowed hard and dug my nails in my palm. I always lost against his power. In fact, I never stood a change against in the first place. A shallow breath escaped my trembling form just thinking what will he do with me. I try to get a grip and act rational even though he’s radiating anger and towering over me, doing his best to intimidate me

“Don’t fucking beg. You knew what you were doing.” He gritted out. The thickened atmosphere in the room was slowly suffocating me. I felt as if he was getting more mad by the second

“YOU WANT TO LEAVE SO I’LL HELP YOU” He growls, the lethal undertone of his voice consumed in a darkness that frightens me. He scoops me in his arms, carrying me upstairs and I have no idea where he is taking me. He suddenly a opens door which leads to a balcony .

“W-What are you doing?” I shutter. I need answers, the suspense is killing me. But he didn’t even acknowledge me. It didn’t bother Leo, he ignored my struggles and went on with what he was doing__ with a straight face.

“You wanted to leave so badly, here’s the way you’ll leave” He tilts my body towards the edge of the railing, my heart beats is in my ears.

“W-What...” I look up at him, my blood runs cold, my heart stops and I forgot to breath when I realize what he is up-to.

“The only way you can leave me is to jump from here” He shrugs, hoisting me higher in his arms

“No, no, no. I don’t want to leave!” I sob terrified begging again and again but he ignored me. It’s as if my screams only fuel him more. My lips are trembling from fear. My hands are trying their best to grip the railing as I try to hold myself from failing.

"Leo what are you doing" Sofia says. Fear evident into her voice. He ignored here. His fierce gaze still on me.

"Ple..Please__" Before I can beg further Leo threw me off the balcony. My eyes widen and my scream fills the air as my body fall straight down to the cobbled ground. My jerk finally landing on the ground hitting my head on the process with a thump sound.

The pain was unbearable black spots appeared in my vision. I feel warm liquid flowing from the side of my head and down my face, mixing with tears, stinging my eyes. I suddenly feel numb. I slowly look up to see Sofia hovering over me and she looks pale as she sees the blood gushing from the side of my head. She drops down on her knees.

Sofia scooped me up in her arms and leaned her forehead on mine, bringing me closer “Grace please don’t close your eyes please...I’m sorry-” I can see Sofia mouth moving but I can’t hear her anymore and my vision is becoming a blur due to blood loss. I look at her one last time as I slip into the darkness.

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