The Difference of a Letter - Friends of Brooklyn #1

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Jamie is an introvert. She hates going outside, she hates too many people, and she hates speaking to people's faces. In her free time, she writes, but everything goes down as she makes a teensy tiny mistake. She hit a wrong letter.

Drama / Romance
Anna Pearl
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Author's Note

Hello, all! First of all, thank you for reading this and I'm terribly sorry for any typos you may find. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where the typos are if you find any so that I can fix them for future readers, but above all, enjoy your reading! I'd love to hear what you thought in the comments.

I wanted to note that the story was originally set with email formatting, but in order to submit it on Inkitt, I had to take away the email formatting. I'd appreciate it if I didn't get any comments saying it looks weird unless there's actually something wrong (such as a double space).

Second (or third) of all, this story is already completed and I'm just editing it whenever I have the time and motivation to. Any reviews or recommendations on your walls would be amazing, but don't feel obligated to do so because I will take it as a sign that you loved my book enough to do so. If you liked it enough, I already have book 2 in the works. I'm holding off on putting it all up here until I see some interest in book one, though, so I'd appreciate your speaking up if you're interested.

And lastly, there are parts of the story about things that I would not advise doing in real life. One of them is emailing a complete stranger and continuing a conversation with them and telling them personal details, and the other is the slight suicidal parts near the end. I apologize for the spoiler, but I also needed to address this seeing as though I didn't want it to encourage anyone towards that kind of behavior. Suicide is not the way out of problems. Please do not succumb to those urges.

Thank you for reading and understanding!

- Anna Pearl

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