My Sorrows

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Amanda is a young vibrant girl, who grew up in deep Maduna Village area, KZN, in South Africa. She was a happy soul until one night happened which changed her life to a point of no return forever, resulting in her losing herself and making worst choices in life. Let her take you to her not so smooth journey to self discovery.

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"The two girls who were reported missing by their families last week at KwaMbonambi were found near uTugela river, raped and murdered with missing parts of their bodies. It's really sad what's happening in that area, this is the fourth group of girls who've been found murdered, including other three who are still missing, the minister of poli..."
"Switch that thing off, Amanda." Maria, her mother said as she walked in with a laundry beam. Amanda turned to look at her and then took the remote and switched off the tv. Maria sighed. "I know you miss your sister, we all do, and you know your father and his police friends are doing everything they can to get her back, and other girls too." Amanda looked at her mother with teary eyes, just the thought of her sister's absence made her sad. Andile, her older sister who was full of life, cheeky and bubbly. But one day, she went to school and never came back.
"It's been three months and a week and two days, yet the police aren't saying anything. What if she's one of those girls who've been found d..."
"Don't!" Maria paused her. She sighed and leaned back on the couch and stared at the blank tv. Maria walked away to the kitchen.
"Manda." A huge smile creeped on her face as she felt tiny soft hands touching her cheeks from the back.
"Zonke, come around." She giggled as she went around the couch and stood in front of her. "How was school?" Zonke huffed, she laughed. She knew how much Zonke disliked school, and she knew her answer.
"It was boring!" Amanda laughed more. "And your Life Science teacher was asking about you." She said bending to untie her shoe laces.
"Oops!" Amanda said, remembering she had said she'd help her with the precious paper's revision as they were already writing their third term exams. It was undeniable that Amanda was the smartest in her grade 10th class. She was always the top student, no second to anyone. Amanda looked at Zonke as she ran to the main door, oh, it was Zwide, their father, he packed her into his arms as she giggled. Amanda laughed softly at how her little sister was acting like a baby. She was a 13-year-old, doing grade 8.
"Manda." He said looking at her with a smile. Amanda smiled.
"Daddy." She stood up.
"It's good that i found both my superstars at home, i brought you something.." he said fiddling on the plastic in his hand. He took out a tiny vest and gave it Zonke, screamed and took it, stripping herself off, revealing her flat chest as she hadn't started developing titties. She put it on and it fitted her perfectly. Zwide took out something else and gave it to Amanda, she accepted it with a smile and stretched it, it was a dress, pink short dress. Her smile faded, this wasn't her style, she always wore clothes that barely showed skin. This was Andile's style. She was more of a doll, with love of make up and all.
"Won't you go and try it on?" Maria asked, coming from the kitchen, wiping her hands with a dish cloth. Amanda turned to her.
"Isn't it a little small for me?" Amanda asked, looking at her. Maria shook her head.
"Your father knows what looks good on his angels, go and try it on." Amanda nodded as she walked away to her room with a smile.
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