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"Entangled in the things of the past, running away certainly didn't set me free." -Josephine Allen. I'm Josie Allen, a teenage girl who ran away from foster care after being physically, mentally and emotionally broken by my psychopath foster father, who blames me for everything that ever went wrong in his life. Turns out running away didn't save me, but led to a senior year of drama, pain, emotional roller coasters and revealed secrets. Trying to set yourself free from the things that have held you down, leaves you with no choice but to make tough decisions that just end up hurting the ones you love. When your past suddenly decides to take a toll on you without warning, you'd be surprised at what you might discover. THREE LIVES. THREE PASTS. ONE STORY.

Choco X Vanille
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Hey there! Thank you for giving this book a try and we hope you find it just as interesting as we do.

This is our first book and it's a re-making of a drama we wrote while we were kids. We decided to spice it up a bit, making a LOT of changes and we've finally decided to give you a chance to read it.

Dive into a world full of humor, adventure, drama, secrets and a little bit of romance.

We decided not to have pictures of the characters because it limits your imagination. Instead, picture each character as anyone you like; if she's mean you could see her as a witch.

That's the best part of reading fictions, the movie lies in your imagination. We can't wait for you to start reading so just go already. Enjoy the ride!
Your future favorite writers,
Choco X Vanille.
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