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Chapter 8

Jake's POV

Panic. Fear. Anger. Pain.
All different feelings were rushing through my veins. I didn't know what to do next so I laid there, still trying to process what happened.

"Jake!" I hear them shout out my name.
They keep shaking me, waiting for me to respond but I just wasn't ready to. I wasn't ready to see the pain and fear in their eyes.

But one statement from Vivian drew me out of the little fantasy I tried to create, "Get an ambulance Josie. Emilia, anybody, call 911, call the police please!"

No no no, they can't do that. It'll only make matters worse. A warning as threatening as this is probably from the Scorpions. The tattoo on the neck of my shooter definitely confirms this. The last thing you could do is involving the police in such cases. You might not make it out alive to see them getting jailed. That's if they even get caught.

I opened my eyes to see Josie hovering over me with tears in her eyes.
"Don't call the police or even an ambulance. I'm fine." I manage to say.

"Jake, are you crazy? I'm calling for help right now." Vivian says.
"Do you expect us to leave you hear to die or something dude?" Owen asks.

"None of you should call anyone, you hear me!" I say with all the energy I could gather as I slam my hand on the floor, ignoring the pain that was currently draining the life out of me.

"It won't solve anything." I say a little calmer this time.
"But Jake..." I hold my hand up for her to stop.

"Please, I'm fine." I assure all of them and turn back to Josie who's still in shock.
I manage to stand up from the floor with one palm wrapped around my arm, trying to reduce the bleeding.

"I'll...I'll go get the first aid box, we have one at the back." Josie says with a shaky voice.

"Dylan, can you please take Vivian home?" I ask him.
"Jake..." Vivian tries to argue.

"Vivian, it's getting later by the minute. I really don't want my dad to start getting worried. Please, just listen to me. And don't tell him anything about this. Just tell him I'm crashing at a friend's place for the night."

She nods her head gently and I look towards Emilia who is still standing on the same spot in silence.

"So you won't be going home, where will you stay?" Owen asks.

"I've found the first aid box." Josie announces, interrupting our conversation and also saving me from Owen's question.

She walks towards me and helps me sit down at a nearby table.

A phone starts to ring, echoing round the room.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why it's so loud. It''s my dad I have to go now." Emilia says with sniffs in between. She's so emotional geez.

"Do you have a ride Em? I can drop you off. If... if you don't mind though." I hear Owen say nervously.

"I don't think I'd drive if I had my car anyway, so sure...let's go." Emilia replies.

She walks over to give Josie a hug as she says goodbye to the others before leaving with Owen.

"Jake, you'll be fine right?" Vivian asks with concern.
"I'll be okay, just get home safe." I tell her.

She walks towards Josie to say goodnight to her.
"Josie, please take care of him for me okay?" Vivian says as she sobs quietly.

"Yeah. He'll be okay." Josie tells her, sounding like she's convincing herself more than Viv.

I hold my arm tightly as the pain hits me hard.
"Take her home Dylan, thanks." I say softly, as I feel my energy leaving me gradually.

He nods his head as they both walk out, leaving me and Josie alone. At last...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Just a few more seconds." Josie says, with her eyes focused on my arm as she tries to get the bullet out.

How does she even know how to do this? I continue to stare at her eyes, her full lips and her long dark brown hair that my hands just want to get lost in. Even though that can never happen, a man can only dream right? If she finds out the truth, she'll definitely hate me forever.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" I hear her voice which pulls me out of my thoughts.

"Was I? Oh well I'm just surprised at how you're able to do this."

"Oh, hold still. I think I finally got it." She says, ignoring my words.

A loud groan escapes my mouth as I feel a sharp pain in my arm. Is this a taste of hell?!

"It's out. Sorry." Her deeply concerned eyes turn towards mine and for a few seconds we both stare at each other. I forget about all the pain and just look at how beautiful she is...

"Okay, um.." She says, turning away to grab something from the first aid box.

She cleans up the blood before covering the wound up with a bandage.

"Thanks, how did you do that by the way? Where'd you learn how to draw a bullet out of the human body?" I ask her, wondering how she was able to dress my wound.

She leans on the table, looking deeply at the floor as I stare at her waiting for a response.

"Well, if you end up with a psychopath as a father, you'll have to learn how to take care of yourself one way or the other." She says in a very low tune, almost impossible for me to hear.

Did I just make her remember something awful?! I shouldn't have asked. Sigh.

"Hey, I'm sorry I brought back memories of him." I say softly as I take one of her hands in mine.

"It's okay, you didn't know. And it's not like I've had a bullet penetrate through my skin, just a few pieces of glass." She says, with a sad look on her face.

Another moment of silence passes by with our eyes locked and our hands together, until she decides to break it asking the one question I couldn't answer.

"Who were those Jake?"
"Who?" I ask, trying to act oblivious as I take some seconds to think of something to say.

"The guys in black, the ones that almost killed you."

"Oh, well. I really don't know." I say, unable to come up with anything.

She removes her hand from mine and gives me a glare. What? Can't I not know them.

"Um, well... I'm kinda involved in some shit, and I really don't wanna talk about it okay." I say avoiding her eyes.

She looks at me for a second and I wonder what she's thinking about.

"Okay, it's fine if you don't wanna talk about it. But please it isn't anything illegal right?" She finally says.

"Nope, just life threatening."
"I think all life threatening things are illegal."

"Well, I don't think so. Taking a risk can be life threatening, but it isn't illegal."
She simply shrugs in response.

"So... why do you still have my hoodie on?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

"Oh..well..." She avoids my eyes as she looks down on the hoodie with a smile, probably to hide that blush that I'm still seeing.

"Well, I felt a little cold earlier and I guess it feels comfortable. Don't worry I'll return it tomorrow, not stealing it. And don't even think of saying it looks good on me, cause I'm giving you back."

We both laugh at her last words.

"Wasn't even planning on saying anything." I would have maybe, but the hoodie could be of danger to her and I couldn't let that happen.

She starts to clear the table and packs up the first aid box.

"Well, I think we should get going now. It's late already." She says.

"Alright." I feel tired anyway.

"Okay, I'll go return this and clear out our table before we go."
"Anything I can do to help?" I ask, even though I feel so weak to even move my arm right now.

"Yes, yes there is." She replies with a smile.

What? I wasn't expecting her to actually say yes... I look at her with a grumpy face.

"Just sit down on the chair and don't do anything." She chuckles.

"Okay nurse." She chuckles again, before turning her back on me, leaving for the inner room.

I manage to stand up from the seat on my own, baring the inflicting pain in my arm.

"So, where are you gonna stay for the night?" She asks on coming back.

"Well, about that yeah... Can I crash at yours?" I ask.

She opens her mouth and then closes it again, as her eyes remain in mine, definitely in shock.

"Um, okay...sure, sure you can." She finally answers.

"Okay then."

We both stand there looking at each other. Her eyes, they're hazel like Skylar's but she's far more beautiful.
For a moment I forget about everything and reach for her cheeks, as I take a step closer to her.

I move closer till there's less than an inch between us. I bend my head down towards her, my eyes focused on her full lips as she closes her eyes and then...

"Because I'm happy, clap along if you feel like room without a roof..."

The sound of her phone ringing stops us from going any further.

Would I have really kissed her?

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