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Chapter 10

Josie's POV

I walk through East High's entrance doors and suddenly realize everyone's attention is directed at me.

"Since when did I become the centre of attention?" I say, not directing my question to anyone in particular, as I walk to my locker.

"Since when you decided to play ball with East High's perv." Owen replies from no where, placing his arm across my shoulder.

"When did you get..."
"When you were busy admiring the floor and talking to yourself."

Suddenly, he engulfed me in a tight hug.

"Let go of me Owen." I say to him blankly.

"Good to know my lessons paid off, even though you lost in the end. You should be thanking me you know."

"Bla bla bla... Where are the rest?"?I ask, pushing him off me.

"Haven't seen Jake or Vivian around but Emilia is in the Library and Dylan's with the principal..."

"What?" I ask interrupting him.

"Calm down, nothing bad happened. Mr Maquil just said he wanted to have a word with him."

"Oh, alright."

I turn around to open my locker but my eyes catch Josh's, who throws a wink at me. I don't think Owen noticed that if not...

"What was that about?" Of course he did, here comes the questions.

"What really happened at the park anyway?" Another question asked.

"How'd the whole school get to know?" I ask back, ignoring his two questions.

"Josie, we live in the 21st century. There's something called social media you know. Like a platform where people uploa....."

I step on his foot harshly to get him to shut up, "I know!"

"Ouch! I was just answering your question. Geez. Now answer mine." He says, bending slightly to dust his shoes.

I roll my eyes before replying, "He shot a ball to my face when I was about to leave the park. I decided to ignore him until he called me Jake's sex toy. Then I..."

"He called you what?! That..."

"Owen, it's fine.. you didn't even let me finish, you should know I won't let him go that easily." I cut him off and try to prevent him from going to pick a fight with that idiot again.

"So, I shot it right back at him straight in the face and that was how the game began. And... " I was contemplating if I should tell him the Jake part. I don't think I want to get him involved. Yeah, no I shouldn't.

"And... " he says, gesturing for me to continue.

"And you probably watched the rest online." I quickly add.

"You wanted to say something." He says suspiciously.
"And I just did, you probably watched the rest online. That's all." I say with a shrug.

Luckily, the first bell rings, saving me from any further interrogation.

"See you at lunch Owen and don't break someone's nose, if not I'll break yours. You know I learnt from the best."

"Yeah you did." He says with a smirk before leaving for class.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Emilia, are you and Dylan a thing?" I ask out of the blue in the middle of our conversation.

She suddenly chokes on her meal with a little blush creeping up on her face afterwards.

Vivian chuckles at Em's reaction.

"No, we're not. Were just friends."
"You guys look more than just friends to me though. You like him don't you?" I ask her teasingly.

"I bet she does, even if it's a little crush." Vivian adds.

"Well, um maybe. I don't know." She says, avoiding my eyes.

Poor Owen. I was really shipping for them. But what would be their ship name? Owia? Emen? Emwen?

"Why'd you ask, is it really that obvious? Oh my days, am I being clingy or desperate?" Emilia asks, directing her question to me.

"No, you're not Em. I just asked cause you both seem to be getting along a lot. You're not clingy alright?"

She nods in response with a little cute smile appearing on her face.

"Where are the guys by the way?"

"Jake's at his usual lunch table and I'm sure Skylar's there also, being desperate as always. Dylan and Owen, well no where to be found." Vivian responds before going back to her meal.

I look around and see Jake with some of the guys from soccer and Skylar hanging with them also.

"Hello ladies!" Dylan exclaims taking his seat, while Owen throws his hand straight into my bowl, grabbing almost half of my fries.

"Glutton. You're gonna pay for that."

"You know I won't darling." Yeah, sadly he won't.

"So, what are you guys up to?" Dylan asks.
"Eating lunch, as you can clearly see." Vivian replies bluntly.

His familiar cologne fills my nostrils as I feel him settling right beside me, placing his tray on the table. Heh, take that Skylar.

"So, what brings Jake Alfresco to our little Pentagon?" Owen asks.

"Pentagon?" The four of us say in unison.
"Well look, there's five of us and a pentagon has five sides.."

His explanation earns sighs and glares from the members of our pentagonal squad. He's so corny.

Not saying anything, I turn my attention back to Jake.

"So, why are you here? I'm not complaining or rather we aren't complaining, it's just unusual I guess. Or are you running from Skylar again? Don't make her come here."

"Please, I've had enough of her Jake." Vivian says.
"I still think she's kinda hot." Dylan says.
"Yeah a hot nightmare." Em adds, causing a sound of laughter at the table.

"So?" I ask Jake, still waiting for his reply.

"Well yes, that and..I maybe decided to make your pentagon an hexagon." Jake replies, earning a laugh from Owen alone, while the rest of us just stare.

"Skylar and her minions practically took over our table, flirting with the guys. I had to escape. She probably hasn't noticed I'm gone yet."

"And you aren't interested?" I ask him.

"Nahh, I'll pass for now." He says casually. I feel a certain relief on hearing that.

"How did she even become so popular immediately she got into the school? How long has it even been?" Emilia asks.

"Well, she's won some beauty pageants, her parents are rich with lots of connections and all that. Oh and Mr Maquil, the principal, is her uncle surprisingly." Vivian replies.

"Wow, how'd you find all that out?" Dylan asks.

"She's been coming over to Jake's for dinner on Sundays and won't stop blabbing. I don't know why your dad keeps inviting that family." She says the last part looking at Jake.

He simply gives her a shrug in response. School isn't enough for her to flirt? She just has to go to his house too.

"Well, good for her. I guess all that money and fame really defines her." I say.

"But she's hottt!" Dylan blurts out.

"Yes I know that." A pitched voice says from behind Owen, catching our attention.

"Fuck, did she hear me?" Dylan mutters under his breath.

At least she lasted about five minutes without touching all over him.

She walks over to Jake and places her hand on his shoulder.

"Jakie, party at my place by Friday night. Don't miss it. And hey, guy who knows I'm totally hot, you're invited." She said the last part throwing her hair back and giving Dylan a wink.

She looks at the rest of us before continuing, "your um friends can tag along if they want. Oh and please dress like you're actually going to a party and not a funeral."

She said the word friends like it was a disease and looked straight at me as she said that last statement. This bitch is definitely getting on my bad side.

"Skylar, you can leave now." Jake finally says after noticing the tension in the air.

"Jakie..." She says with her doll like voice, touching his cheek.

"I'll be there yeah. Bye. See you around. We're kinda in the middle of something yeah.."

She leans into him whispering something into his ear, which I heard,
"You must be there, I literally can't wait."

She finally left our little pentagon, or now hexagon, giving us room to breathe.

"Josie, can I talk to you for a sec?" Jake asks immediately after Skylar's exit.

"Oh, um sure." I have my own questions for him after all.

"Is everything alright?" Vivian asks her cousin, noticing the tune of worry in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm good. We'll be right back." Jake tells her, before dragging me out of the cafeteria.

What's wrong with him?

"Geez let go of me. Your arm's strong enough to drag people now?"

"Josie, I need you to tell me something and be honest alright?"

"I'll try..." What's this about? I'm getting worried myself.

"What happened at the park between you and Josh yesterday evening? Did he say something about me?"

"He kissed me." I say with my arms crossed.

"What?!" He shouts, attracting a few stares in our direction.

I laugh for a minute as he stands there with a puzzled look.

"I'm kidding. Why on earth would I kiss that disgusting prick." I say, which calms his mood. Was he jealous?

"Stop joking around Josie. What happened?" He says with a serious look.

"Hey I have my own questions too, so calm down."

"I asked first." Ignoring his statement, I go ahead to ask mine.

"Do you know he has a tattoo that looks exactly like the one your hoodie?"

His eyes widen for a second there before he looks away.

"Are you in some group or something? Is that why you're so protective of your special gang uniform?" I say the last part of my statement with air quotes.

He sighs and ruffles his hair, still not saying anything.

"Answer me Jake. You friends with that perv?"

"We're not friends, that's all I can say Josie. You just have to trust me." He finally replies.

"He told me to stay away from you Jake. What's all that about?"

"He said that?"
"Yeah, any reason why he'd say that?" I ask.

"He told you that but you're still here, talking to me." He says with a low tone.

"Well yeah.."
"Just trust me Josie. I won't hurt you or anything. Take my words over his?" He says, looking deeply into my eyes.

It's all about trust these days, isn't it? Sigh.

"Fine...but you better explain all this soon."

What else was I suppose to say? I actually trust him more than Josh.

"Yeah, I will.. So are you coming to Skylar's party?" He asks, completely changing the subject.

"As long as there's a Skylar, I'm out." I say bluntly.

"Don't leave me there with her.."

"Oh Dylan will definitely wanna go, you can take him." I suggest.

"But he's not you..." He says with a really low voice, reducing the space between us.

Oh no, the goosebumps are coming.

"...will you go over with me?" He asks with a desperate tone, his hands stroking my hair.

This guy could literally be the death of me.


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