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Chapter 11

Josie's POV

I still can't believe Jake deceived me into coming here. Screw those pretty blue eyes of his!

I look around and see people drinking while a crowd surrounding them shouts, "chug chug chug!" Some sucking each other's faces off, some dancing with sweat all over them and then there's me sitting down already tired of this place.

"Hey Josie. Not drinking anything?" Em asks.
Oh yeah I had to drag all my friends here too. If I had to come, so did they; except Vivian though, she reallyyy doesn't like Skylar. But it turns out the others are pretty much having fun here. Lucky them.

"Nah, I'm good. Where are Owen and Dylan? Haven't seen them anywhere around here."
"Last I saw Dylan, he was making out with some girl." She says sadly, taking a sit beside me.

"Oh wow. I'm so sorry Em." I say giving her a hug, which she returns.
"Yeah it's okay. I wasn't really definite about my feelings anyway. I'm fine yeah." She says, letting go of me.

"Well are you sure you're okay Em?" I don't want her to stay here if she doesn't.
"Yeah I'm good. I'll get over it. We're at a party anyway, what better way to let go of my indefinite, not so sure crush?" She says with a small chuckle.

"Yeah, okay then. Let's go dance?" I stand up, stretching out my hand for her to take.

She simply smiles and takes my hand, as we join the sweaty dancers on the floor.

"So, where's Jake?" Em asks as we both dance.

"Skylar dragged him away saying she needed some help reaching something. He said he'll be back soon though."

"That girl is so desperate." Em says rolling her eyes.
"I know right." We both laugh over the clingy Skylar Green.

After a few minutes of dancing and getting Em to cheer up, I take a break to use the restroom.

"Excuse me...passing through....sorry....oh get a room you two."
After struggling through crowds, I finally make it to the bathroom.

On coming out, I see a drunk Owen on the floor mumbling some words.

"Heyyyy it's you Josiee! What are youuu doing in here?" He asks in his drunken state.

"Owen, come on. You said you won't get drunk!"

"I am not drunk." He says as he struggles to get up but fails.

Great! Now I'm stuck babysitting him. Last time I left drunk Owen alone, he caused a fire at the party. Yep, an actual fire. So no way am I losing sight of him this time.

"Come on Owen, let's get you out of here." I hear him mumble some words I couldn't even understand.

I finally manage to get him seated on a couch.
"Josieee could you get me another drink...I'm thirsty." Owen asks.
"No. You've had enough."

"But Josie, please. Just one. I promise."
"And I said no!" I reply him firmly.

I turn away from him to look around for any sign of Jake but he's nowhere to be found. I see Emilia laughing with some guy in the kitchen. I'm glad she's having fun. Where's that Dylan anyway?

"Hey you." A familiar voice says from behind me.
"Don't hey me! You practically left me here since." I tell Jake as he takes a sit on the table in front of me.

"Yeah I'm sorry about that. I promised my dad I'll hang with her. She complained at the last dinner we had at my house that I've been avoiding her so...yeah." He explains.

"Oh, well I'm stuck watching Owen anyway."
"Really? So um where is he right now?" Jake asks.

"He's right..." I turn to my side and Owen is no where to be found.

"Oh my days! Where the heck did he go? He was just here a second ago." I start panicking cause I know how stupid Owen gets when he's drunk.

"Calm down Josie. I'm sure he's around here somewhere." Jake says touching my thigh.

"It's really not okay Jake. You don't know how he gets when he's drunk. He can set this house on fire."

"Yup, you heard right. So I gotta go find him before he does that or worse." I stand up quickly to start looking for that big headed guy.

"Hey I'll help. Text me when you find him alright. I think it's time we get out of here." Jake says.
"Yeah, got that right. Alright go start looking. Text me if you find him too." I tell him before walking away quickly in search of Owen.

"Hello Josie." I hear a high pitched voice say.

I turn to my right to see the person who decided to throw a party on a school night.

"This was your best choice of clothing for a party?" She asks looking at me from top to bottom like I'm the one dressed like a slut.

"As much as I'd like to throw insults at you, I have more important things to worry about than if you'll excuse me I'll be on my way."

"Whatever loser. I have to find my Jake anyway, he's probably wondering where I am. Byeee." She says before walking away.

Her Jake? The one that's trying to avoid her. I'll just leave her to continue in her desperation anyway.

After a few more minutes, I finally see Owen from afar talking with Emilia. Thank goodness cause I'm already tired of searching.

"I have to tell you something Em. I've been wanting to for a long time.." I hear Owen say on getting to them.

Wait, what the hell does he plan on saying?

"Oh, what's that?" Em asks.
"Um I really like..." Owen says before I cut him off from doing something stupid.
"Your hair." I complete his sentence for him.

Em looks at me confused as I cover Owen's mouth with my hand.

"What?" Emilia asks.
"He really likes your hair that's all. So yeah we gotta go before it gets really late."

Owen keeps struggling to get my hand off his face but I make sure it stays there. I can't let him confess his feelings when he's drunk. That's why I'm his bestest friend ever.

"Oh um okay? Do you have a ride? Or I can drop you guys off." Em offers.

"Oh no thanks. We're good."

"Hey guys." Dylan emerges from behind placing his hand on Emilia's shoulder.

She flinches a little at his touch and takes a step away from him. I guess she still feels a bit uncomfortable. I would too, if it was me. I really want to stay with her but I have this guy on my arm to deal with.

"Well, if you say so. Be sure to call me when you get home. I have to go now, bye guys." She says to me, not really acknowledging Dylan.

"What's up with her? She seems a bit off." Dylan asks.
"I don't know. Maybe she's just tired or something. I also have to get going right now, I have to take care of this mess." I say, the mess referring to the drunken Owen on my arm.

"Oh yeah.." He laughs at Owen before continuing, "...good luck with that. Sorry I can't help, came here with a cab."

"Oh it's fine. Jake's gonna drop us off." I tell him, still trying to maintain my balance with Owen on me.

"Okay so... that leaves only me here?"
"Pretty much. Can you help me get Owen outside?" His weight is starting to kill me.

"Sure." He says before giving me a hand.

On getting outside, I bring out my phone from my pocket to text Jake and let him know I've found Owen.

Josie: Found him! Where are you?
His reply came in less than a second.
Jake: Look up:)

I raise my head up and see Jake from afar, resting on his car. We smile at each other and then I feel my phone vibrate again.

Jake: I saw Dylan dragging Owen's ass outside and you walking behind, so I just came here to wait.

I raise my head up again to throw him a smile in response before me and Dylan walk over to his car, with Owen resting on our shoulders mumbling a bunch words. The only thing I've been hearing him say is Emilia, Em, Emmy. Is he so into her?

"Thank you so much Dylan." I tell him when we finally get Owen's ass into the back seat.

"You're welcome." Dylan says.

After settling myself on the passenger's seat, Jake starts the car as I wave goodbye to Dylan.

"Bye Dylan."
"See you at school dude." Jake says to Dylan.
"Yeah." Dylan says before leaving, as Jake starts to reverse the car.

I look over my shoulder and see Owen finally fast asleep after giving me so much trouble.

The drive to my apartment is quiet, not awkward-quiet this time, but actually good. On certain instances we just turn to each other and smile before looking at the road again.

We turn to look at each other again and this time, the sound of his phone ringing drags us out of our staring contest.

I look at his phone and the caller ID popped up on the screen as "D Boss."

He looks over at it but doesn't answer it. I notice a frown starts to appear on his face and his hold on the steering wheel tightens. Who's D Boss that's making him act like this?

"Aren't you gonna answer that?" I ask him, wondering why he's ignoring his phone.

"No, not now." He says bluntly, not sparing me a glance.
"Oh okay." I reply shortly, not wanting to push it any further. It's clearly none of my business, right? Yeah, right.

He pulls over in front of my apartment which I hadn't noticed we've gotten to.

Before leaving, he helps me get Owen inside and settles him on the couch.

"Jake!" I call him as he's about to exit the door. He stops at the door but doesn't even turn to face me.

"Thanks for the ride." I say to his back.
"Sure, you're welcome." He says plainly, before walking out and leaving the door to shut itself, causing a loud noise.

Well, that's unusual, no stupid remarks or annoying smirk. Just that? Is he mad at me or something? Something's definitely off with him. Sigh.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jake's POV

28 missed calls from D Boss.
As expected I guess. I simply toss the phone and it lands on the passenger's seat. Wouldn't care if it broke anyway.

Not ready to speak to him or anyone else, I start the engine immediately and zoom off in speed.

I know I fucked up again. I couldn't bring myself to do it, I couldn't hurt her. She's just too innocent.

A car suddenly pulls over right in front of me, rudely interrupting my thoughts. I hit the brakes as fast as I can, causing the tyre to make a screechy sound. Who the hell is this?!

Someone dressed in black comes out of the car in slow motion. What's going on here? Who the hell is this wasting my time?!

A tall guy who's about my height, emerges and starts walking towards my car. I still couldn't see who the guy was but then he approached a street light that illuminated his face. Josh? Freaking Josh!

I got out of my car his anger, ready to give the bastard a punch in the face.

Which I definitely do, unfailingly.

"Fuck!" He shouts in pain and makes an effort to retaliate until someone calls his name, making him stop half way and causing me to flinch a little.

It was a voice I would always recognize, Damian!

He got out of the car walking slowly towards Josh and said to him,
"You shouldn't punch him you know..."

Before either one of us could say anything, he finishes his statement with a punch coming out of know where but heading straight at my face.

"... I should." My nose starts to bleed and I check to see if it's broken again. Thankfully it's not, I hope I don't have to get a surgery just because of this dude.

He punches me again and then the third time, causing me to fall flat on the hard ground. I couldn't retaliate. That's the last thing I could think of doing.

"You just couldn't do the fucking job huh?" He yells in my face.
"Just fucking toss some shit it in her drink and bring her the fuck to me. Is that so fucking hard mehn?! Is it?" He shouts loudly, before spitting on the ground meters away from me.

He squats down beside me before saying, "This is your last chance Junior."

Yeah, I also had another "last chance" few months ago before screwing up his plans. And yet here I am, still alive. He needs me more. The fucked up dude just can't admit it.

"Fuck this shit up and I'll fucking kill you, for real this time Junior, for real. I have a substitute prepared, just in case." He whispers into my ear before standing up and walking back into his car with his substitute-Josh, following after him like a puppet.

"You know what, fuck you, I'm don't with this shit." I shout at him. Where the hell did I get the courage to say that? Wherever it came from, it mustn't leave now. I've already started something I'm not sure I can finish...

"What the hell did you say?" He asks, turning back to face me.
"I said I'm done. You fucking deaf? I'm done with you." I shouted back at him, even with my blood dripping face.

"Ohhh... I get it now." He says before laughing out loud.

"You know who lives in the room by the balcony at the third house on Tolly Street? Cause I do." He says, as he lights a cigarette and takes a dose of it.

Vivian! Oh no...what have I done?

"A beautiful dark-skinned girl, waiting to be touched. I'm sure you wouldn't want your uncle to question why his daughter's body is at his door step. Because you of all people know I can make that happen Junior."

"Don't you dare lay a finger on her you fucking son of a bitch!" I shout at him, ignoring the pain all over my face.

"That's depends on your next move Jake Alfresco." He says, throwing me a smirk before walking back into his car and zooming off.

I walk quickly towards my car and throw a punch on the door with all the strength I could muster, ignoring the pain and my bloody knuckles.



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