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Chapter 12

~Josie's POV~

"Well, your CV is quite okay I guess, for a high school student that is.." My interviewer said with his deep voice, while adjusting his giant-framed glasses on his nose bridge.

Okay is a good thing right? At least he didn't say bad.

"but," He added.
There's always a but. A but that can shatter all the good remarks. Sigh.

I sit upright on my seat, waiting patiently for him to speak.

"...we need a college graduate or at least a college student. That's an important requirement for this job. If you were a high school graduate I might have considered giving you another job here, but sadly you're not." He said before taking off his glasses and placing it on the table between us.

I already knew that was gonna be said but a little part of me still hoped for the otherwise— that this was gonna be an exception.

Maybe he still had something to say in my favour. But unfortunately, that was it, I couldn't get the job.

"Okay sir." I stood up to take my leave before his voice made me stop halfway towards the door.

"I'll give you a call if there's any vacancy you can fit in in any company I know. You are smart, industries need people like you. I'm sorry I don't have any position to offer you here."

"Thank you anyway, I'll really appreciate that." I said to him, before walking out of his office, shutting the door behind me.

"What a long day wasted." I say to myself.

It's test week at school and today's paper really drained me far more than I expected. And then I had to leave the school immediately to attend the interview which turned out to be a waste of time.

After taking a bus back to my neighborhood, I continue the journey home under the terribly hot sun with a groaning stomach. I didn't have anything to eat during lunch because I didn't have the appetite then.

But right now I'm regretting because my stomach keeps making funny noises which I don't think I can take any longer.

I decide to stop by at a the Cafe Em and I often go to, to get something to eat. I hardly go there cause it's a bit expensive for me sometimes but I'm really craving their food right now.

After all, there's really no point waiting till I get home cause there's nothing to eat there since I haven't been grocery shopping lately. Spent all my free time job-searching instead.

I walk down the not too lonely street to get to one of my favorite Cafes. It suddenly feels like I'm being followed. I turn around swiftly but nothing seems suspicious. Maybe I'm beginning to imagine things. My poor tummy is really starving.

I continue walking and try to stay alert of my surroundings, looking both sides every five seconds. I turn around again but still, no one. Just people like me walking down the street, minding their own business.

"No one is following you Josie. You're fine." I said to myself, trying to remain calm.

I look ahead and see the Cafe two buildings away. Finally!

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry." I mistakenly bump into someone thereby making me trip. But rather than the expected pain I was waiting for, I feel a hand grab me, preventing me from falling.

"Thank y..." I tried saying to him when I regained my balance, but he already walked off without sparing me a second glance.

I didn't even see his face. Who wears a hoodie under this hot sun anyway?

That's suspicious. A voice in my head tells me.

"No bad thoughts Josie. He was just a regular guy." I reassure myself before walking into the Cafe.

~Emilia's POV~

I've put in so much effort and still, this is what I get?

I storm out of the classroom with my script in hand, boldly written on it is a giant D minus staring right at me.

My God I hate tests so much. It's usually just the earth's way of reminding me my hard work never pays off. Or maybe school isn't just my thing? I really need to get my grades up this year.

Maybe a tutor might help. I really shouldn't give in just yet. Sigh.

Emilia, you can, don't give up! My inner voice whispers to me.

"Hey Em!"
Well that's definitely not my inner voice.

The last thing I need is a conversation with someone, anyone. I just wanna go home and be alone but with some ice-cream maybe.

I turn around only to see Dylan. The image of him making out with that girl comes flooding back into my mind.

"Hey Dylan. Yeah I'm fine, you know I haven't seen you for a while now, not that I'm avoiding you or anything, cause why would I be? Right. I wish I could stay and talk but I can't yeah. I've got this thing I gotta do, yeah so bye." I ramble words that I myself don't really understand before turning swiftly and walking away as fast as I can.

On getting to my car, I let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding. I rest my head down on the steering wheel for some time before starting the car.

It's not that I hate him right? Yeah I don't. I just need a little time away from him for now.

I could really use a drink right now, ugh should I go? Yep I'm going to Starlight bar. Just a drink or two maybe.

I turn up the music playing on the radio, enjoy the feeling of the breeze on my skin and let go of all my worries as I drive down to Starlight Bar.

It took a while for me to come out of my car after parking it. I just felt too lazy to stand.

I got out of the car and began walking lazily into the bar. Starlight was one of those bars that never really checked your ID, especially during the day. So this was sorta my relaxing place where I could be away from people I know at least; I've never seen any of my friends here, they probably think it's a lame and quiet bar. Which is true, but that's what I love about it.

And right now I needed an escape, seeing that today's test completely drained the light out of me.

"Hey Strawberry, been a while." Scott says after I take a seat in front of him.
He still calls me that anytime I come here because the first time I found this place I was dressed in a strawberry costume—for Halloween.

"Isn't that meant to be a good thing Scott? You know I only come here when I'm stressed." I say to the good looking face in front of me. Scott is hot, no arguments there but we've always been just friends since I started coming here.

"But then I won't get to see my little Berry's face. So get stressed more often." He says, giving my cheek a squeeze before grabbing a glass from behind.

I blush a little before asking him for my usual.

The next few minutes go by with me having about 3 drinks and chitchatting with Scott.

"I'll be right back Berry." He says with a smirk before leaving.

I haven't even thought about anything serious since I got here, Scott is really a charmer.

But now he's gone, leaving me with my drowning thoughts. I move my cup in circles before taking a sip out of my drink, trying to think about everything I have in mind.

My test, my grades are dropping and there's Dylan, that's not really a problem but my heart chooses to take it as one.

My dad, I really miss him. These days he's been distant, still lying about the mystery Bacon lady. If he was really dating her he'd talk about her all the time or sometimes at least. Sigh.

It's just been argument after argument. He's the one keeping things from me anyway. It just feels like the person I call dad is no longer my Dad.

The door of the bar opens with some tough gang looking guys coming in.

Most of them dressed in all black outfits. They walk over to the far end of the restaurant before taking a seat at a table.

I realize I've been staring at them longer than normal and decide to take my attention off them but the next person walking in right behind the others catches my attention again, leaving me completely shocked.

Is that my father?!

~Josie's POV~

Immediately, I entered into the Cafe I ordered some French fries, chicken and a milkshake. I know this place is far from home but I love coming here at any chance I get, everything here is literally from heaven.

"Mmm." I moan a bit too loudly on tasting my fries, which attracts a few stares towards me.

After a few seconds their eyes go back to their own tables but one pair of eyes remain fixed on mine. They look somewhat familiar, is that Hunter?

Before I could conclude on whether it is, he starts walking towards my table.

I flinch at the sound of the name. He still called me that most times, before we got separated.

"I kind of go by just Josie now." I say with a smile, earning a chuckle from him.

"I can't believe it's really you, still in love with fries as always I see."

"Definitely, always and forever." We both chuckle before he takes a sit in front of me.

"So, glasses huh? We definitely have a lot of catching up to do hun." My childhood best friend says to me.

"We do. So how are you here? I thought the family that adopted you lived in Seattle?" I ask him, staring at his face.

I can't believe Hunter is this hot now! He looks just like Beck from the tv show Victorious. I really want to feel his long black hair right now. Is that weird?

"Well yeah, I lived there for a while. But we just moved here recently. I just arrived here last night actually but my parents and sister were already here a couple weeks earlier." He says before passing his fingers through his gorgeous hair.

"Oh wow you have a sister? How's she like?"

"Well she's..." The sound of my phone ringing interrupts our conversation.

"Oh sorry, hold on a sec." I tell him before answering a call from Emilia.

"How long will it take you to get to Starlight bar right now?" I hear Em say over the phone. Her voice a little bit shaky.

"What? What are you even doing there Em? Are you okay? " I ask her.

"I might be, if you get here. Please Josie" She says.

"I'll be there in like five minutes. Luckily, I'm somewhere close." I tell her.

"Okay, I'll be waiting." She says, before hanging up.

"Hunter, I'm sorry I have to leave now. That was my friend Emilia and she really needs me now." I tell him, even though I really want to continue our conversation.

"Oh, well that sucks. It's alright.We'll catch up later then?" He asks with a smile.

"Yeah, definitely."
"Do you have a ride though?"

"Umm, no not really." I tell him.

"Well let's go then. Starlight bar right? It's not far from here." He says, standing up from his seat.

"Listening to my conversation?"
"Well you weren't exactly being quiet about it." He says and we both laugh over it, reducing the tension rising in me.

I hope Em's okay.

We walk to his car parked outside, not too far from the Cafe. He opens the door for me before going over to the driver's side.

The five minutes drive to Starlight involves me finishing my milkshake, me and Hunter exchanging numbers and laughing about old times before he drops me off.

I never really thought I'd see him again. I literally cried when he got adopted and had to leave foster care. Back then I had a huge crush on him but never really told him. And now, with him being all top-notch gorgeous and in college, I don't even know.

I wave at him once more before going into the bar to see what Em had to ruin our reunion for.


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